‘Twilight’ Fans Furious After Russell Brand Cuts Off Robert Pattinson At VMAs

Sep 8th, 2008 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Movie News

Larry Carroll has an article over at MTV about Twilight and the VMAs.

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13 Comments to “‘Twilight’ Fans Furious After Russell Brand Cuts Off Robert Pattinson At VMAs”

  1. Megan H. says:


  2. TwilightFan says:

    Really it was awful I felt bad for Rob !

  3. ya same, I mean also that was not a good call by the host person! LOL, hes lucky hes uninjured JK!
    Ya but its sad!

  4. Tina says:

    ugh, poor Rob!! That’s just plain rude to interrupt someone!
    Rudeness and all, the fandom may be taking this a little too hard, apparently there were more than 400 coments on the MTV site, the majority of which were anti-Russel Brand. I dunno… that guy seem’s a bit bonkers anyway, but still, interrupting Rob is soooo not cool.

  5. Hannah says:

    I think everyone is making way too much f a big deal out of this! Russell Brand is pretty big her in England an he’s well known for being extremely eccentric and a bit rude sometimes. Rob is British too so he’d understand. Frankly, i think we should be counting our lucky stars that all he did was cut him off!!

  6. Hannah says:

    Also someone in the article eluded to the fact that Robert Pattinson was more famous. This is probably true in the US, but the sad fact is that, this side of the pond, not many people know the name Robert Pattinson until they receive the prompt The-guy-who-plays-Cedric-in-Harry-Potter. Whereas, whether people like it or not, Russell Brand is a household name.

  7. Charlotte B. says:

    I love Russel Brand and think he is hilarious. What was even funnier was that no one in the audience laughed at any of his jokes! Me and my mum were rolling on the floor laughing. I know it was wrong for him to cut Rob off and he shouldnt have done it but every British person knows that Russell is very unpredictable and i think that people who are ranting about it should get over it. I mean, he was only going to say Paramore…

  8. Michy says:

    Yeah Russel Brand is funny but like the kind of funny u need to be drunk to understan. Rob was a good sport about it though but it sucked that he couldn’t say anything….oh well he doesn’t need to speak to be HOT!

  9. marisa says:

    I waited a long time just to hear Rob. And Russell made it impossible for him to talk. Will hear pleanty of his voice on Twilight. I just really wanted to hear his sexy British accent! Damn you Russell Brand!

  10. melissahope says:

    i thought i was the only one to notice that.
    yeah. it was really rude.
    haha! it’s the Battle of the British People!

  11. melissahope says:

    i really wanted to hear Rob say, “Paramore.”
    i loveee Paramore.

  12. samie says:

    i didnt get to see VMA awards…i had to work saddly…and i saw that twilight was there.. i heard they where just presenting something, so i didnt miss anything important…but then i heard about some guy interupting rob…then i looked for the video…and wow that guy was really rude…he said robs like didnt he!? poor rob…

  13. Lorefairy says:

    Ok… Thats kind of funny, but still annoying! LOL poor Rob! I don’t like that hose very much (hello… it was Robert Pattinson! Gosh!)

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