New Moon UK Release Date

Feb 2nd, 2009 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Movie News

Sugar Scope is having a contest of UK fans to win a signed Twilight poster!Β  They also report that New Moon will be released in the UK on November 27, only a week after the US premiere date!

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  1. the biggest twilight freak in the world says:

    thats awesome

  2. laura heath says:

    officialness makes me happy

  3. Sarah says:

    Thats awesome!!! But it seems a bit too soon as they havnt really cast anyone yet

  4. briony says:

    Just entered the competition

    Fingers crossed!!!!

    Exciting about New Moon… but the official date for Twilight changed a couple of times so I’m a bit sceptical about this.

  5. Gracie says:

    sarah- i think it was melissa rosenberg who said that all the principle casting was done and all the main players (the cullens and bella etc.) were already in vancouver getting set up and prepared to start shooting. it seems really early for that considering that ashley greene came out and said that the start date for filming was march 23rd. anywho, i just thought that i would pass that on.
    here is the article that i saw it in….,,20256259,00.html (it’s at the end of the 4th paragraph)

  6. Anisah says:

    I live in England and would just like to say thanks for the info but ur right, it does seem pretty soon… Oh well

  7. Twilight Fan UK(Cat) says:

    Im sooo excited lol i really cant wait!!!!! πŸ˜€ and ur rite it does seem abit soon and the twilight release date did change alot so i am abit uncertain but still its another reason to celebrate since i ave been off skool today cause it has snowed really hard where i live lol πŸ˜€

  8. Sarah says:

    Thank you Gracie, that actually does make sense to do that πŸ™‚

  9. Shteff says:

    *binks having entered it a while ago* o_o
    go sugar!

  10. twilight_obssed says:

    omg if new moon comes out on the 27th thats fantastic cus its my birthday on the 22nd and me and my m8s are obbesed with the twilight saga (as you can proably tell by name)

  11. twilightlovr says:

    I’m also a bit sceptical about this, because it could just be an internet rumor…
    but still, i really hope this is true, but ill probably cry in the theater

  12. twilightlovr says:

    oh yh and it snowed down here in the sunny south twilight fan uk


    …why am i talking about the weather?

  13. kathleen says:

    aww i was ttly hoping it would come out on december 19th in the uk like twilight did ’cause that’s my birthday and last year it was a wonderful birthday treat, seeing it in the cinema for the first time :’)

  14. nicole says:

    omg thats way too far away im pre booking asap lol i love it ive read all the books i love robert pattinson he is well fit xx

  15. webby 1010 says:

    woot i cant believe id watch these films lmao {blame my ex} but bloody hell they gd an im glad i did watch an to sson? its so far away i wannawatch it now!!!!! lmao im not the greatest fan not ead the books but from what i know this is gr8 to watch an i cant w8 i wanna see now haha lol these are probs some of best films that ave come out in years cus films do seem to be goin down drain =( so big yay to films that are gd like the twilight series BOOOOOOOOOOOO jacob u vilain XD an i def wanna see the 3rd an 4th!! go renesemee sry i may have spelt wrong Oo

  16. webby 1010 says:

    bella is gorgeous aswell lol robert cant have all fun Oo

  17. webby 1010 says:

    lol if only men were that nice but life is real XD an no1 is perfect haha

  18. Bella kristen pattinson says:

    I luv twilight so much but you know what i hated is JACOB!!!SHIT!HE’S ALWAYS IN THE SPOT DAMNIT!!!luk at the trailer of the new moon!bella was frick’n in love with him!SHOOOOOT!!!!

  19. kelly james says:

    aaaargh 2 long to wait lol

    its gonna b reli good i cant wait tho

  20. TASHA says:

    does anyone know when the red carpet premiere for new moon in london is causeits usually before public can see it.

  21. Toni says:

    OMG!!! I can’t wait for New Moon. Iv’e read all the books twice. nd i can’t wait to see the film. Robert Pattinson is absolutely GORGEOUS! I’m luving Jackson Rathbone and Kellan Lutz too.

  22. Beccy Lautner ;) says:

    I heard that too, but knowing my luck, will probably be pushed back Β¬_Β¬
    but yeah i heard that , hope its true but at the time thought very unlikely that it will be released here jst a mere week after the premiere date, bah i hate england :L Β¬_Β¬

    BeccyLautner x3

  23. I love ED says:

    oh my gosh i love twilight and i sware it woyuld be AWSOMELY AMAZING to meet any of the twilight cast especially edward or Bella Oh My GOSH I love twilight AHH

  24. TwilightObbsessed. says:

    Is This The Premier?
    I Thought It Was For The Cinema Date?!
    Someone Tell Me, I’m Dying Here.
    I Need To Go To That Premier.


  25. Rachel says:

    does anyone know where i cn find the info on the premiere in london, i need to organise hotels and stuff coz i live so far away. when i go to london i wonder if the cinema knows when it is :/ anyways if anyone knows helpp please lol x

  26. lauren says:

    Does anyone know when the official Newmoon trailer will come out in the U.K becoz the other trailers are not the real ones . I can`t wait till newmoon comes out on the cinema`s IN THE U><K


  27. laura says:

    cant wait for new moon to come out in the UK
    dont care if it is too soon . . .why does tht matter?? lol
    anyway the date will prob change cuz it depends wen it is relesed in usa nd stuff but make it soon cant wait any longer =]=]
    love twilight book nd movie=]=]

  28. laura says:

    btw on the dvd in the UK it says new moon will be relesed in november 2009 it jst depends on the date they do in US
    anyway byee =]=]

  29. Ellen says:

    OMG that is my birthday YYAAAAYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so happy πŸ˜€

  30. sophie says:

    When Is The New Moon UK Premiere????

    I Hav To Go To It!!!!!!!


  31. amy says:

    oh thank god! i was so worried that we would ahve to wait a lot longer than the american fans, so at least we’ll only be a week behind πŸ™‚ i’m actually really looking forward to seeing what the new director comes up with for New Moon, and how his style differs from Catherine Harwick’s. I’, also so gald they’re keeping Taylor as Jacob Black, but i’ll always be a Team Edward girl πŸ˜€


  32. Holly says:

    OME – When is the premeire, anyone know!!!???

  33. claire says:

    hey dose any1 know wen the new moon premiere is in london wb xox

  34. Fotini says:

    Hello,I’m a big fan of twilight and I love the books very much.So my question is if someone know when is the premiere of new moon in London and if the cast of the movie is going to be there,for the premiere.I’m from Greece and it’s my dream to see all the cast from so close,so if someone know something I’d love to informe so please do it…..thank you

  35. Kirby-Terri a twilight lover and a TBF says:

    This is great news, im 13, and it comes out on my 14th birthday, 27 nov, and im obsessed i just cant stop reading the twilight saga ive read it like 4 times! Whoop Whoop! =]

  36. Kirby-Terri a twilight lover and a TBF says:

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa thats my birthday
    OMG OMG OMG sooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  37. Jade Nelson says:

    Thats only one day after my birthday. I can’t wait !!!!

  38. miss_OTD says:


    WHY CANT IT ALL ABE REAL??!?!??!????

    cant wait till novemberGIVE IT TOO MEEEEEEE NOOOOOOOOOW!!

  39. KT C says:

    My friend loves twilight and i had never heard of it till the other day when she brought it over i am now in love with the film, and i am starting to read all the books soon!!!! WOOOOO!!! i cannot wait till new moon i am so excited i want it now!!!!!!!! I have whatched the film 3 times in as many days!!!!!!!

  40. twilightster says:

    The premeire i dunno? plz tell me if u find out!!!
    The trailer is coming out on sunday 31st may @ da mtv movie awards. if u live in uk like me u can c the movie awards on monday 1st june

  41. Twilight_girl says:

    I cannot wait until New Moon comes out in the cinema! I also can’t wait till Midnight sun comes out….. But that’ll be ages!:(
    I will probably go see it with my cousin, she’s the person who got me obbsesed! Not really, I just took a peek of New Moon.

  42. Twilight_girl says:

    What the hell that clock is 8 hours behind Southampton

  43. happy girl says:

    this is the day of my birthday
    haloo happy days this is brilliant news people i am so excited

  44. LilmissTwilight says:

    OMG! i really cant wait for the film to be in the cinema! I’ve just seen the trailer and its hackin AWESON! its a must-see πŸ™‚ here is the youtube link to it

  45. Otenki says:

    Which is the exact release date. On the internet movie database the date is set in UK for the 20/11. So which date is the right one.
    Is the movie in France (release on 18/11) with subtitles? Does anyone know it. Pleeaaaaaaaaaase I would like to know it.

  46. Becky says:

    Yay. I’m sooooo excited πŸ™‚ Gonna book it strait away :L

    ive heard 3 diff dates wen it ment 2 b comin out:
    20th Nov
    27th Nov
    29th Nov
    aaaargh. I NEED TO KNOW!
    i like jacob
    but i’m def a edward girl.

  48. Fay says:

    go here to win tickets for the New Moon premiere

    Team Jacob AND Edward πŸ™‚

  49. Jo says:

    If new moon comes out 27th November, then thats the day before my birthday. What a fantastic birthday present that it isand what would make it complete would be to go to the london premier and meet Robert Pattinson co’s he is so hot. Team Edward all the way

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