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Our super awesome friend Laura Heath was one of the lucky Twilighters to attend the Eternal Twilight Convention last weekend and she was kind enough to share her experience with us! Below is her report.

Friday we headed to the Park Inn to register, get our Passes and gift packs which had a Con tote bag, exclusive T-shirt, a red apple (ala the book cover), some badges, La Push Beach stick of rock, photo pack, Forks Police mug and weekend schedule.

Then the main hall for the opening ceremony and we got introduced to the guests for the weekend, screaming ensued as did flash photography. Because me and my cousin were gold pass holders we then moved onto the drinks reception with the guests; free wine and candy and we met Peter Facinelli and Kellan Lutz directly and also saw all the other guests as well as other gold pass attendees

Then the first party night started at 8.30 and it was a La Push Beach Party and this meant, shades, wellies, beach wear, rain macks and a variety of colours, lol. We kept going til about 12.30am but had an early start and so then went to bed to be fresh and bright for morning photo shoots.

Mostly the Gold and Silver passes had their photo shoots and most of our signings today so it was basically a balance of going between lines and have a look in the dealer’s room which had a variety of photos to get signed, hand made and custom twilight stuff like key chains, coasters, magnets etc, a jewelry stall, a mixed fandom stall with pretty things, postcards and film cells of movie promo stills and promo press shoots and a lovely lady talking about the Twilight tour in the States.

My photo with Kellan was great cause my shirt matched his outfit and he commented on this saying ‘Hey, we match; i like that!’ to which all i could muster up was ‘me too’. hahaha, Peter was very sweet as was Ashley. Justin and Christian seemed a little more shy compared to everyone else but with the amount of people there all craving their attention I would be the same!

At my signings I was lucky enough to get the Kellan slot done early as he had gotten through more people than they though,t but Justin was really chatty with each person meaning my signing got moved to the Sunday instead. Christian asked were I was from cause she thought my accent was American not from London to which I got embarrassed and had to explain that I tend to pick up other people’s accents when i hear them and wasn’t being rude and she laughed saying that she just meant there were so many other accents around she couldn’t tell, and to her credit there were people from all of Europe, America and even Australia so it’s easy to think I sounded different.

The talks in the afternoon were really interesting with loads of insider stories and info from the cast about Twilight and their other projects and lots of laughs, especially from Kellan as he seemed to be loving up the crowd’s attention and response to him. He rocked! Sadly, Peter wasn’t feeling well so his voice kept breaking and he was a tad sleepy from cold meds but wanted to stay for the whole time slot and made a ton of effort to answer everything he could. The cast sung the praises of all the cast and crew on the movie, to Stephenie for her writing and how they were fans of the books and why and their enjoyment at working with Catherine.

Then before we broke for the evening party there was an auction and to say the prices were out of my range is an understatement. There was a copy of Breaking Dawn signed by Stephenie Meyer that went for over £500! The best item was 2 sales of a slow dance with Peter at the Prom party which we all got to watch that night and though i couldn’t afford it, it didn’t stop me and everyone from being sooo envious of the girls who won. After the auction it was announced that the next event for twilight in the UK in October would be on sale exclusive to attentees of this event on the sunday morning before general release and that the first confirmed guest would be Billy Burke aka Bella’s dad Charlie Swan. YES! Plus because of the success of this event that the production company would be hopefully be working more closely with them. Even better news!

The Prom night was the best with the set was great with casino tables and games in the bar and in the entrance to the dance floor they had set up a stand that looked exactly like the one at the end of the movie where Bella and Edward have their final dance. so amazing. Kellan came to the bar for a while but was a bit mobbed so left early and Peter stayed after his slow dances and was witnessed by many including myself bopping to Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat it’


So slightly less early start we had breakfast and went down to get ticket for the October event and get our last items signed and got to have a nice chat with Justin Chon whom had caught Peter’s cold from the day before and in the Q & A later it sounded like Kellan was coughing a bit too. I asked Justin if this was the case and he was very animated about this being the case and so he signed my book saying ‘dammm you Peter’ lol. I felt bad he was ill so went out and bought some cough drops and passed them on to one of his Crew Attendants who thanked me. The afternoon talks were better than the day before (shockingly) as the girls chatted to each other as girls tend to do about funny stories, likes and dislikes and costumes bits etc and the boys played up to the fact that over 90% of the audience was female, haha. The final group panel was more a funny/random question type of session with questions like ‘what’s you strangest/most memorable dream?’ Peter and Kellan were the definite winners of that session as they were SO SO FUNNY and played off each other with such timing that only comes from true friendship.

The closing ceremony was short but sweet and made us all sad to have to leave as the organisers were all so humble at how much the fans worked with them and were a part of the event’s success The party in the evening was quite quiet and so we left at 11.30 because we were pretty tired from the rest of the weekend and so watched some True Blood on Becky’s laptop before going to bed.

Memorable moments from the Q & As

Peter: Prove It!!

Who’d play you in a movie? Peter: ‘The Peter Facinelli Story’ starring Tom Cruise as Peter Facinelli *laughs*
when talking about if it’s important to go to acting school the idea is compared to if you wanna be a dotor you don’t just wake up and go perform a surgery to which Peter adds ‘unless you’re Peter Facinelli’ this continues as a theme, lol.

When talking about the Jeep in the movie Kellan says his love for it and how as it got dirtier he loved it more to which an audience member shouts ‘I love that you love it dirty’. Classic British audience.

Ashley is looking forward to the Yellow Poshce in the next movie

Justin sang ‘Of Angels and Angles’ by ‘The Decemberists’ and said the worm line and La Push baby!

Christian talking about her dogs and thoughts on shopping for a prom dress in the movie thinking she could pick her own only to end up having some chosen for her. lol.

Justin’s line about the worm was totally improvised

Kellan talked about the missing clip from the first tralier aka it’s wrong edward and how it was improve and doesn’t know exactly why it got cut but might be due to some stuff on the net and complaints online that it wasn’t directly from the book

Ashley is in the middle of setting up her new home and is just realising how much little stuff you miss having from home like being about to find stationary when you need it

ter deciding to stop half way down the audience and sit down and take a photo with a fan before joining kellan and justin on stage (just behind me!)

Kellan brought along 2 friends and they got the MC to ask him who were his two best friend’s

Kellan is currently listening to daddy gone by T.I. and Justin Timberlake which he laughed about as his friend’s called it Kellan’s song due to the amount of times he keeps playing it, Peter is listening to So what by Pink which Ashley thought was funny.

When asked if they were in a movie role as a gay character who they’d want to have playing their love interest Justin couldn’t think of anyone, Ashley and Christian agreed about Angelina Jolie, Anna Faris and a model whose name i forget, Peter said Brad Pitt and Kellan briefly lost his voice and then decided on a picture of James dean because then it was just a picture.

Laura from London xoxo

(If you have any questions for Laura about the weekend’s festivities, you can email me at and I will forward her your inquiries!)

You may remember that Laura sent us her report from the UK movie premiere back in December. You can see that here!

Thanks again, Laura!

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  1. Madison Team Edward says:


  2. YouCan'tBeSerious... says:

    That it sooooo Awesome. Why can’t I ever find these events? Gosh…Lucky Laura! I want to hug Kellan and Peter too! Heck, I’d hug Ashley too…if it meant being closer to Kellan. Hahahaha. Total Awesomeness and I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. Take Care.


  3. fally wally says:

    I wish i could go to one of those, it looks like so much fun!!!!

  4. Johanna says:

    Aw, that looks very cool. 🙂

  5. Bea says:

    i haven’t in read it yet because it was suuuuuch a coincisendce. because i’m just listening 2 the podcast Your Favourite Vampire and they mention this. lol!!!! i’ve only been listening 2 these for like 3 weeks but i’ve downloaded all of these and listened 2 all about from 5.

  6. Bea says:

    Sounds sooo much fun!!!!!!!!! i’m british but i currently live abroad in africa but if i’d known about tat i would be on the next plane outta here!!!!!!

  7. saharasplash says:

    hey, im from england and i went to that convention too! it was so amazing, and it was the best weekend ever. they also had a red chevy parked out front all day saturday so u could go and have your picture taken in it. at the auction, i got all the twilight saga in spanish, and they are all first edition (was worth the money!!) and it was really funny because they couldnt pronounce the names so i ended up having to translate in front of everyone (quite embvarassing!) on the saturday night, when i was at the prom party, me and the boyfriend decided to sit down towards the back away from the crowd, and it turns out that christian serratos’s mum came and sat down right next to us! we had a cool chat with her and shes so friendly. i had my picture done with alice, and i bought tonns of pictures (plus got my first edition hardback copy of twilight sighned)
    so yeah, it was the best, and ive already bought my tickets for the next one in october! oh, and to share with you all the craziest act of fan madness: i was loading the car up on the last day with our stuff, and saw peter outside having a smoke, and as i walked back he went in side again, and then i saw a group of girls go to where he was standing and PICK UP HIS CIGARETTE END! they thought it was amazing, whereas i thought it was just sad lol 🙂

  8. Shteff says:

    There isn’t anything…I can say o_o

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  10. Elizabeth says:

    Thats amazing. Im so jealous. She’s lucky.

  11. Jasmine says:


    Jazz (Team Cullen!)

  12. Cedar says:

    so LUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Emma-Leigh says:

    OMg I was one of the people who won the dance! Was sooooo gooood! I LOVE Peter Facinelli!

  14. laura h says:

    OMG Emma-Leigh I am so jealous but then again if i had bid I’d be SOOO broke. you are a rock star!

  15. laura heath says:

    the song is actually dead and gone by T.I. featuring Justin Timberlake that Kellan mentioned. My bad, whoops!

  16. Dorothy says:

    the next one is in England, Northampton, hopefully, Im lucky enough and can go!


  17. Vicky C says:

    I went to E.T too!
    For the gay lead question, didn’t Kellan say Rob?
    My favourite question..
    “What prop from the set would you take home if you could?
    Ashley- The yellow porshe!
    Kellan- ROB. I’d tie him up in my basement.”
    He kept saying Rob to /everything!/
    And Justin and Kellan’s fangirl scream impressions. HA.
    And finally.. Peter saying his “animal attack!” line was just brilliant!

  18. Hannah Maria says:

    The ‘Prove It’ thing was to do with Kellan, when he was talking about how he’d be a better Edward. It was me and my friends that shouted ‘Prove It’ when he said he’d kiss better.
    I loved Peter when he said ‘Animal Attack’ And Justins Singing.

  19. Natalie Penna says:

    To whoever said they liked the prop question – I was the one that asked it and I thought it was so cheesey but when I heard the answers I thought to myself OMG yes! Squealed a little but I loved their replies! Whoever asked the gay question was a legend!

  20. kirsty says:

    hey can someone please tell me if there is a convention in october and if so where and how do i get tickets thanks x

  21. tina concar says:

    when will there be a twilight convention in 2010 in england

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