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By: Sinath Tue, 19 May 2009 21:50:34 +0000 Oui! Fluently here 🙂 I will try to translate Rob’s part as close as to what he really says in english. I had a hard time making up his answers because of the french voice dubbed over his. Everything is roughly translated. It starts with:

Host#1: You’re a londoner, meaning you probably have a favorite soccer team and i guess you’re not a Manchester fan?

Rob: Yes.

Host#1: Which team than?

Rob: Arsenal.

Lady host #1: We have to specify that Robert Pattinson, every where he goes its chaotic! Take for example yesterday, when he arrived at the airport and today on the Croissette, millions of fans gathered to see him. There are about 1000 fan websites dedicated about him. How do you cope with this fame? How do you handle the situation that surrounds you? You’re one of the main heroes of Twilight, of course.

Rob: I just kind of ignore it. I simple go blank and move forward. I try to focus on other things. Otherwise you don’t know who you are anymore. So i simply ignore it and move forward.

Host #1: Now we have here a first look at the poster of the second movie called New Moon. In this second installment, you’re playing a vampire again and you are almost done filming right?

Rob: Yes, I have four more days in Italy and after that it’s done.

Lady host #1: Can you reveal us one or two secrets about the second movie?

Rob: Well, i mean it’s a book already and if you read the book you would know. But i basically broke up with partner and she finds somebody else. I realize my mistake after.

Lady host #2: But you will be coming back right? Because she can hear your voice in her head. A lot of fans were worried because you’re character is not really present in the book.

Rob: Yes, well I mean it’s about to be close to the book but I’m not in it as much. The character has a lot of hallucinations and I come back kind of like a ghost.

Lady host #1: Did you ever think that the first movie would have such an impact and you playing the role of Edward Cullen? Did you ever think it will create such a phenomenal media wave?

Rob: No, not at all. It astonishes me everyday and I still haven’t really gotten used to it. It was just a small movie when I first sign for it. Everything was a surprise.

Host #1: It is so phenomenal that you had an alias when you where in Paris which is: Clive Handjob? (LOLL)

Rob: Yes, in Paris. I went under the name of Clive Handjob when I first arrived.

Host #2: Do you like your role [as Edward] or do you already want to turn the page? Have you ever thought of taking on different roles and playing in a different genre of movies than this one?

Rob: No, I mean I’ve always on it planned to be a trilogy and my main focus right now is that. I can work on some other projects in the future but as of now, I’m planning on doing the whole series.

Host#2: You also have a project on Salvador Dali, right? You playing Dali himself?

Rob: Yes, that came out last month. We actually talked about it too and it was [produce] before Twilight came out. But it’s interesting.

Host#1: Let’s now see a clip of the first movie Twilight.

Near the end of ‘Partie 3’, Lady host #1 puts on a plastic vampire fangs and asked Rob if she can have a kiss haha.

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