New, New Moon Cast Members…

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This week’s Question(s) of the Week is tough… because there are 2!

We want to know who is your favorite NEW, New Moon cast member?

We are also curious about what you think about The Host being made into a movie… And, who you would cast in it?

Leave your thoughts in the Comments Section below!

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58 Comments to “New, New Moon Cast Members…”

  1. Sarah Katherine Cullen says:

    Hey I’m numba one! Anyway, I’m not good with imagining actors and actresses playing parts of people I read about, so ignore that part of my answer. And I think that the Host movie will not be as big as twilight was, but I do think it will be pretty dang popular because Stephenie Meyer wrote it.

    And, my favorite new New Moon character is Michael Sheen, who is playing Aro. I like him because he plays Aro, and for some reason, it seems like he is the nicest of the Volturi, and the way he would talk to Edward was funny because he made Edward so dang mad, and it’s funny to play with a bipolar person’s temper.

  2. Sarah Katherine Cullen says:


    *****STAY SEXY, EDDY*****

  3. Rosalyn says:

    First I love all the new additions but the one I am looking forward to is Jane played by Dakota Fanning. I love the part when she says “This might hurt a little” When she says it’s so spooky that shivers run down my spine. I can’t wait to see it on the big screen. I never read the host but when I heard about it I was shocked! I think it’s going to be hard to cast and not do as well as the Twilight series but we will see.

  4. Amy says:

    My favourite new, New Moon character is… Kiowa Gordon as Embry.
    I guess we haven’t really seen him in the trailers and all that. But I think he looks like an Embry.
    Sorry if this bores you Kassie. πŸ˜›
    The Volturi also looks great.
    But yeah I really liked Kiowa. πŸ˜€

  5. Heather D says:

    1) My favorite New Moon cast member would be Dakota Fanning. Because, at first, i doubted her. Not her talent, but the fact that she is so widely known. But after seeing the photos and the trailers, I say, Dakota, I was wrong and you look amazing!

    2) The Host is one of my favorite books by Stephenie Meyer. Second only to the first Twilight book. I am, of course, thrilled that The Host will be a movie. However… the actress to play Melanie/Wanderer is going to have to be pretty talented to play both an inner character and an outer character. I’d prefer an unknown actress to play her. Just about every character goes through character growth and we will need to see that. Plus Ian better be hott! πŸ™‚

  6. Andrea the OC Twilighter says:

    Hey Kallie & Kassie!!!!

    If you are actually reading this on you podcast, YAY!!! I can’t believe you are reading my answer and I loooooove it!

    Okay…. to answer the first question, FEEL FREE TO DISAGREE, but I find MY NEW FAVORITE CHARACTER TO BE JACOB! Even though I am a totally on Team Edward, I picked him because in the first movie, the audience only caught a tiny glimpse of sweet, childish Jacob and now I’m excited to see the new and improved Jacob Black as a werewolf. And here is why…

    1. Please don’t think of me as too shallow, but we actually get to see the extra 30 lbs. of muscle Jacob gains after turning into a shape shifter, especially when he takes off his shirt and he is all wet in the rain. (if it is not too appropriate for the podcast, I just have a weak spot for very muscular arms, and it is so strong! it’s like 10 lbs. on each arm) And I’m so glad to all that hair chopped off!!!! I’m so into men with clean barber cuts. Haha.

    2. Looking at the emotional part of it, I am so interested and curious on how much Jacob’s personality can change from the pre-wolf Jacob and the werewolf Jacob and how his relationship with Bella quickly changes after he gets “sick”. He will have to try from being best buds with Bella to actually trying to win her heart. For that transformation to happen, besides the physical part, it will be very challenging for Taylor to make a sudden drastic change and I’m excited how he portrays this new dynamic character.
    Second question, I would absolutely be up for a Host movie, but I think it would take a group of extremely talented actors to treat one person, I’m talking about Mel and Wanda, as two different people. And especially for who ever plays Mel/Wanda, should be the most talented. Here is my cast list:

    Mel/Wanda: I truly have no clue because, just like Bella, I place myself as the character. But if I had to trust an actress to portray her, it would be be Reese Witherspoon. Ashley Greene could possibly take on the looks of Mel’s body.

    Jared: For some reason I always had thought of this rugged handsome look, so I thought of Barry Watson from Samantha Who and 7th heaven… but ten times more buff. I just used him for a face while reading the book. But Ryan Reynolds would be a tastier choice. haha.

    Ian: I always pictured Kellan Lutz! That’s the most vivid character in my head. Doctor McSteamy from Grey’s Anatomy will do okay for the movie, too.

    Doc: I can only think of Doctor Taub from House.

    The Seeker: I picture as Terri Hatchet.

    Thanks for reading! I love the podcasts, they make my day when I have no one to vent to about Twilight!

    Much Love,

    Andrea, the OC Twilighter

  7. Heather D says:

    Sorry, one more thing, i forgot. When i read The Host, i could not get Mark Blucas out of my head as Ian. He’d even be a great Jared. He was in I Capture the Castle, Jane Austen Book Club. Usually I’m no good at fantasy casting, but he has always been in my mind for this movie.

  8. Amy says:

    Oh yeah i forgot to mention..
    I haven’t read the host so I can’t really elaborate on a cast list.
    I don’t know I just don’t think I’d like The Host.

  9. Valenstar says:

    First of all yeah assume away that I’m a girl because I am. (:
    Second of all thanks for reading my answer.
    And lastly, but not leastly I had kind of mixed feelings when I heard that The Host was going to be a movie. I loved the book and the movie never does the book justice. I’m scared they won’t show how good the book actually is if they make it into a movie. I also felt really excited that they were going to make it into a movie, because I’d like to see how they are going to take it on and how they interpret the book and everything.
    Love the podcast.

  10. Ashley says:

    my favorite new cast member would have to be Michael Sheen because i’ve seen most of his movies and he is extraordinarily talented. he can transform into anything from werewolves to playing real people that have made a difference in the past. i can’t wait to see his brilliant portrayal as Aro. i’m also very interested in seeing the rest of the Volturi. we haven’t really seen anything from Charlie Bewley, but from interviews it sounds like he really got into it and loved his part as Demetri.

    The Host is an amazing book and i hope they make the movie just as great.

  11. joelle-marie says:

    My favorite character has to be Boo Boo Stewart who plays Seth. He has this mischevious & silly demeanor that suits him perefectly as Seth. And he also LOOKS like a Seth!

    I think Chris Pine will be a good Jared physically. For Ian it’s strangely Taylor Lautner who I imagine. He has the body & the friendly guy sortof thing goining on. And he’ll finally be able to get the girl πŸ™‚

  12. Cameron says:

    1. My favorite new cast member is Tinsel Korey, not only because she is beautiful, but because in all of the interviews and things I’ve seen her in she is so sweet and humble. And she is the only one I’ve seen the most of anyway…

    2. The Host is my favorite book of all time!! It has so much more depth than Twilight, which I still LOVE! And I’ve even made a cast list for youtube lol. But here are my picks:

    Melanie – Jessica Beil
    Jared – Jared Padelecki
    Ian – Wentworth Miller
    Doc – Hugh Laurie
    Jamie – Nick Jonas-lol
    Jeb – Kris Kristofferson
    The Seeker – Jordana Brewster
    Sharon – Laura Prepon
    Maggie – Jane Alexander
    Wanda – Maggie Grace

  13. Cameron says:

    Kyle – Jensen Ackles

  14. Lila Mary Stacy Maher says:

    my favorite new moon charcter would have to be dakota fanning as jane because she is so flippin scary! if i was bella and saw this beautiful and frightening vampire in front of me i would rather kill myself than her take a bite of me……she looks exactly as i pictured jane and i can’t wait for dakota to turn from little fern in charlottes web to fierce and threatning jane!

    Love the podcast, you gals are my idols!!!!


  15. Stephanie says:

    My favorite new new moon cast character is Jane. I am not a Dakota Fanning fan and I was horrified when Dakota Fanning was picked for the part of Jane. I didn`t think she could capture the mean, sly, but peaceful part of Jane, but after the 2nd trailer came out, where there are little scenes of Jane and I knew she was best for the part. The look of her was perfect and the way she acted in those short scenes and I found that was just enough.

  16. Lily Alice Cullen says:

    My favorite NEW New Moon cast member is Dakota Fanning because she has had so much experience as an actor and I think she is PERFECT for Jane. Also all of my family and friends say I look like her, so i was PRETTY EXCITED to see her join the Twilight Saga cast. I love the whole Volturi cast, except in the posters, for some reason I got Aro and Marcus mixed up. Christopher Heyerdahl looks like more of an Aro to me, because he looks older, creepier, and more like a ruler. I think that Michael Sheen looks like more of a Marcus. As for the Host question, I can not answer that, because, just like Kassie, I can NOT get into the book so I haven’t read it yet! Sorry!

    Love the podcast!
    -Lily Alice Cullen <3

  17. Christine May says:

    my favorite new cast members are alex meraz and dakota fanning. Alex Meraz, basiclly for the obvious reason, the is a gorgeous addition to the cast. Dakota fanning because she’s such an awesome actress, just seeing her deliver that one line at the end of the trailer, “this might hurt just a little” gives me chills lol.
    I absolutely loved the Host. Kassie how did you no like it?
    For Melanie- i keep thinking Nikki reed because i feel like she has the right hair and complection and an athletic looking body, but i also think camilla belle would be perfect for the part

    For Ian – I always think of kella lutz! lol

    I don’t know for everyone else
    i love the idea of Hugh Laurie for the doc though haha
    i love the podcast keep up the awesomeness <3

  18. Amber says:

    My favorite new NEW MOON character would have to be Alex Meraz!
    He makes a perfect Paul.
    I’m also really excited about the Host being made into a movie!
    I love the Book and I’m really happy for Stephenie Meyer she deserves everything she has worked for.
    I’d like to see Ashley Greene take on the role as Melanie.
    She just fits!
    Seriously Ashley could play anyone!
    When I read the book I always picture her as Melanie!
    Nikki Reed would also make a good Melanie!
    Ok if anyone looks like Nikki Reed and Ashley Greene put together PLEASE AUDITION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    <3 Amber

  19. wendsday says:

    love the guy who plays Jared!!!!!!!!!!

  20. lydz says:

    Okay, for the first question, my favorite new moon cast member is Jamie Campbell Bower, cuz I fell in love with his singing voice last year( I recommend anyone reading this to youtube Sweeney Todd Songs).
    casting for the host. . . . .hm. I don’t know who I would pick for melanie. her image has always been a bit hazy in my brain. she’s gotta be a crazy good actor though, cuz she’s going to be constantly switching from melanie’s personality, to wanda’s. Oh and I never liked the name wanda. . . it sounds like she works at a dentists office lolz. Just had to throw that in there πŸ™‚
    for Ian. hm, I know stephanie wants matt damon, but matt’s lack of neck isn’t good. no offense to matt damon, but ian kinda has to have a neck, I mean where else would he put his fake scar?
    for the seeker I’d kinda like to see Penelope Cruz, I think she’d be awesome at it.
    for poor walter, I keep picturing this actor from a british comedy called the vicar of dibley(very funny). he played jim. . .
    the only character I’m definite about is Jamie. They NEED paul dano. Now. πŸ™‚ luv jamie

    Luv the podcasts!!!! Can’t wait for the next one!

  21. My favorite New Moon character would have to be Jamie Campbell Bower aka Caius. I have seen him in his other roles(he is even playing Grindelwald!!!! *squeal*) and he is a very good actor. I remember seeing a interview with him, he is funny! I am a huge fangirl of his and excited to see him in New Moon. I think he will be awesome!!! So excited to see him.
    As for the Host I can not list cast members, because to put it bluntly The Host bored me!! But I will try and read it, to watch the movie.

    Jacob Black- Real Men Don’t Sparkle
    Edward Cullen- Real Men Don’t Imprint on MY Children
    Jacob-ooooo thats cold

  22. Carly "Renesmee" Cullen says:

    Hey Kallie and Kassie!!

    My favorite new New Moon character is Alex Meraz!!!! I love the pictures of him and watching interviews he has done. He seems to be complete opposite of his character, which I love. I really like all of the wolf pack, but he is my favorite.

    My favorite Volturi character is Cameron Bright. I think I am excited for him because I don’t know him very well and haven’t see anything else he has done. I feel like the Twilight Saga is bring a lot of unknown or indie actors into mainstream movies. I think this is good because after this movies the actors might be more able to pick and choose which movies they want to do.

    I sadly have not read The Host yet, so I do not have a cast list to dive you. It is on the top of my list to read, but I might not get to it very soon. I am currently trying to finish a book I have been reading for almost a month and I am going to reread New Moon before the movie comes out.

    I love the podcast and can’t wait for the next one to come!!! Thanks for adding to my obsession of Twilight!!!


  23. Corinne Cullen says:

    Hey Guys… have no idea who the new characters are you are talking about but i like them anyway…..
    And as for the Host… I don’t want to sound all well anti steph but i just couldn’t get into reading the Host but if they do make it into a movie i would be able to know what happens which would be really good, anyway Love you Guys XoXo

  24. Karen Kimbely Cullen or Lautner says:

    I luv The host it is ah-sum. I luv it alot. I must say I love twilight better though. My new favorite new moon character is Dakota Fanning. Playing Jane and I have some questions 4 u If Edward was right in front what would u do? Who is yor favorite new moon cast member? Do you like the host? If you had choose between jacob or edward who would it be and do you like my saying: edwards hawt roberts nawt. taylors hawt jacobs nawt. Say hi to rpatzz and tell him sorry and he is kinda cute! oh yes and i can’t wait to see the action and romance in new moon. Every day until new moon comes out I will go around yelling stuff in bull horn or without one and get more people interested!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Linzie says:

    Aww only New Moon…hmmm the guy that plays alec or alex i forgot…janes twin brother…he is kinda cute but mostly creepy it is truly amazing how they can change a cute guy and make them more creepy. i wasn’t really surprise that the host is becoming a movie…it wud be a “hit” since stephenie meyer wrote it and twilight fans love her books(just like me) the only person i think that shud be wanda in the end is Taylor Swift,,,,she was just in my mind when i was reading the host hehe…for the others i have noh idea…ill just flow with the crowd on this one hehe

  26. Lisa T from Germany :D says:

    my answer won’t be that long, but I hope you’ll read it
    I’m not that good at imagining special actors but I always pictured hayley from paramore as the perfect melanie, except her haircolour, of course. But everytime I think about it it’s her πŸ˜€
    I’m especially excited about the Volturi because the actors’ll have a hard job playing them.
    Love your show

  27. Katrina says:

    Hi Kallie & Kassie,

    I think this is the hardest question to answer and I almost wasn’t going to post this week but decided I would just cause I post every week so why not!! I can not possibly chose a favourite new New Moon cast member – I love them ALL!! From the brief glimpes we have seen in the trailers and screen shots I think the entire wolf pack (and entourage like Emily) and all the Volturi have been superbly cast. I feel that I need to see the movie before I could consider a favourite and even then I think it would be too difficult for me to decide between them!! Having said that I do love how the cast are starting to appear at conventions and we are getting to see and hear more from them – they all seem thrilled to be a part of the saga and excited for the fans to see the movie which makes me happy to hear!

    For The Host cast I again think this is especially hard – personally I hope none of the actors from Twilight do The Host, I know they are quite different stories but I don’t like too much crossover like that. Foe example if they were to make another Jodi Picoult book into a movie (as My Sisters Keeper) and cast Cameron Diaz in another role I wouldn’t like that so it’s nothing personal to the Twilight cast!! Anyway the only cast member that spung to my mind is an odd one – I thought of Alexis Bledel from Gilmore Girls as Mel/Wanda – I know Mel is described as tan and hazel eyes and Alexis doesn’t match that but I do think she has the capability to pull off the Mel/Wanda role well. My alternative is Shiri Appleby who is tanned and has brown eyes!! For Pet, whom Wanda inhabits at the end I like Emilie de Ravin and for Uncle Jeb I like the Dad from Arrested Development (Jeffrey Tambor). Anyway thats about it from me – as for who gets to play all the hot guy characters I’ll leave that to Kassie since she has such good taste!!

  28. Juliana says:

    1) I’m looking forward to seeing CHARLIE BEWLEY play DEMETRI. Even though Charlie looks nothing like the description of Demetri in the book, I think he’s super cute and hopefully will do a good job playing the talented tracker. He is a very important character in Breaking Dawn and I can’t wait for that either!
    2) The Host has been sitting on my book shelf for months now, unread.

  29. i absolutely love edward πŸ™‚
    he is so sweet and protective and loving and would do anything for bella! he is strong and talented and plays sports(aka baseball) . i hate jacob! loser go get a life!
    love, Mrs. Cullen
    p.s. Edwards better

  30. laCullensCantante says:

    Cameron Bright who plays Alec is so hot i’m in love with him he looks so good in those pics he just might give Edward a run for his money. Speaking of people giving Edward a run for his money i think this movie is going to turn me team swizz (And i’m usually a very strictly Team E kinda girl) but i’m reading New Moon again and i find myself not hating Jacob or yelling at him, its so strange. Its all Taylor Lautners fault if it wasn’t for his incredible hotness and his shirtlessness throughout the movie(YAY shirtless Taylor) Edward wouldn’t have to worry about losing my affection.

  31. princess katie says:

    from the very beginning, when i read new moon 3 years ago, i pictured jane as dakota. she fits the role so well and she’s such an experienced actress. dakota looks young and sweet, but she’s mature enough to pull off being a centuries-old vampire. i love that the twilight saga has tried to use fresh new faces instead of the top 10 hottest stars in hollywood, but i’m a little frustrated with some of the cheesiness of the twilight acting. dakota’s co-starred with some of the biggest names from robert de niro to tom cruise, so she has my respect as a great actress.

    now i’m trying remember how i originally pictured melanie…i sort of pictured a kelly clarkson kind of look where she’s pretty, but she has a bit of tomboy spunk. but i also kind of pictured a sophia bush/natalie portman kind of girl who’s simply gorgeous (no offense to kelly!). for jarred I pictured somebody hot like josh duhamel. i think ian should be a little more scruffy, but still very attractive so i’d pick ryan gosling.

  32. emm6a says:

    ilove love love love love the fact that they got a big time actress comming in as Jane dakota is a brilliant!!!!! actress and i LOVE her she has more expirence than all of the other actors combined!!!!!!! cant wait to se it!!!! keep podcasting luv ya
    PS taylor lautner isnt so bad!!!!!

  33. Jade & Charlie says:

    okay, big hi to Kallie and Kassie & all who volunteer at TST.
    Our favourite new New Moon character has to be BooBoo, mainly cos he has the most awesome name EVER!!!! Plus he is our age and soooo cute! Couldn’t think of a better Seth.
    Secondly, OMG THE HOST MOVIE!!!! its the best thing since twilight
    Our number one actress for melanie would be Nikki Reed. Just love her so much and she fits the description nicely.
    Jared is tricky, but our instant thought for Jared when reading the books was Jared Pakaleki from supernatural, if they roughed him up a bit πŸ™‚
    For Kyle, Cameron Bright (Alec, new moon) seems to have the Bad boy look down just right, though a tad too young
    Lastly, Ian must be Ian Somerhalder (Boone in Lost) Dark and handsome with deep blue eyes plus another the perfect name to match… Yum
    Thanks Guys, love the Podcast
    Jade and Charlie
    Twerds from England

  34. Dabney says:

    My favorite NEW New Moon cast member is definately Dakota Fanning. I’m even going to be Jane for Halloween! (Stil Team Volturi) And I think The Host being made into a movie is great! But I can’t think of ANYONE they could cast. I think it would have to go like Twilight and cast virtually unknown people. πŸ˜€

  35. Hanalee says:

    I absolutly ADORE Jamie Campbell Bower! He’s amazing! I loved him in Sweeny Todd, he had such a beautiful voice, but he played such a nice boy. I can’t wait to see him playing a mean old man! ha ha ha! He looks great too!

    And I’m really excited for The Host but from a filmmakers point of view it will be interesting to film with the caves and what not. Cast is hard to say….I see Jared as someone kind of rough like Hugh Jackman though πŸ™‚

  36. Charlie Heart says:

    First Time posting on here as listen to many podcast started from the begging but working my way up.. Only on (Week 41 premiere of the first movie so almost a year behind but I will catch up fast)

    1. The Newest cast member Im looking forward to seeing is Cameron Bright Who will be playing Alec Not only was he is he Super Sexy (for a 19 year old) but he was also My favorite Voturi Member and probly as one of the best power of all the Vampires being able to fight with out fighting. Bust most of all I want to see how he act with Dakota Fanning who will be playing Jane is Twin Sister and watching there relation ship and learn more about his character. Which will most likely get me ready for the next 2 movies.

    2. Sorry I can’t really Andrew this question Because I haven’t read the host and i listen to you guys at night and usually when you go to discuss the host i have already fallen a sleep an just Don’t listen because I’m so tired. However any book that you guys read/sugest and Stephie Myers write I’m sure will be a great movie just like with all movies there will be people who love it and people who hate it. but until i read it i cant really give my opine about it being made into a movie.

    Keep up the Great JOB


  37. Jade & Charlie says:

    Have to add that Lily Cole (british model) should play Wanda/Pet

  38. hi cuties! my favorite new moon cast member is Alex Meraz as paul! i’m really exited for all the shirtless scenes.( Kassie i hope your with me sister! ) And i’m exited for his transformaton scene. I think he will be

    Second, the host is good, but it started to slow down in the middle of the book. I hope they’ll fix that if thay do make a film. I would want to see the girl how was on Penelope as Mel/Wanda . I just lost her name, but she would be good.

    guess what me and my friends are going to be for Halloween. My friend rebekah is Edward, my friend Franki is jacob, ( shes not going to be shirtles! ) and I’m going to be Bella. Kassie shut up if you say something like ” bad idea” cause i won’t have it!
    thanks for reading my awnser love the podcast and you guys!

  39. bella says:

    hey kallie and kassie

    i agree with everyone about Dakota as Jane! i couldnt have imagined anyone else to play the role. See her in the movie Hide and Seek and anybody would agree with me!

    The host i cannot wait for! I love the book, its cool!

    love the podcast! keep it up!

  40. Miss.Heather says:

    I L.O.V.E Dakota Fanning as Jane. Seriously, when I first heard that she was gonna be Jane I was like no way she’ll never be able to pull it off, but all the pictures and the trailer have completely proved me wrong, and I’m so glad they chose her, I can’t think of anyone now that would suit that role better.

    About The Host.. well I haven’t actually read it :/ but I’m so glad the film is coming out because then I can watch it instead of reading it!!! It’s all good πŸ™‚ So yes I love the fact that its gonna be a movie, because I seriously just couldn’t get into it!

    Anyways, you guys are amazing, and dont give this up!! πŸ™‚

  41. Erika says:

    I love Kiowa Gordon as Embry Call!
    First off I have never saw him in any movies and I love new comers!
    SEcond off he is so HOTT with long hair!

  42. Mel says:

    I hate Dakota Fanning!
    She is a terrible actress!
    Elmo would have been a better Jane!

  43. Ashley says:

    I agree Mel!
    Who wwants to join our I HATE DAKOTA FANNING CLUB?!

  44. NolenSanders says:


  45. Totally Dakota Fanning she is the bomb i mean super cute. As Jane she totally has attitude and spills her hateraid all over people. I absolutly positutly love her make up and how dark it is. It’s supercute. I am so your #1 fan and don’t forget that Please.

  46. i ment to say she spills her hateraid all overthe cullens

  47. Carly "Renesmee" Cullen says:

    Hey Kallie and Kassie,

    I wanted to add to my previous comment #22 if you haven’t done the podcast yet. I just want to add that I love Alex Meraz even more after seeing the new clip. I think that he is really good at show the different sides of Paul. It also doesn’t hurt that they are all shirtless in the clip. I would love to know if Kristen ever actually hit on accident or on purpose. It would be great to know.

    Love the podcast!!!!


  48. indra says:

    hey callie and cassie! i think that my favourite new new moon cast member would be Dakota Fanning. She is such a great talented actress and she fits janes characteristics perfeclty. I think making the Host into a movie is a bit too much for me, personally. I think that she should just stick with twilight Saga being made into a movie and that the host will probably not be as popular as Twilight has been. I trhink that she is an amzing talented writer but maybe making all her books into movies isn’t such a good idea. love the podcast, you guys are so funny!!!! Keep up the good work!!

    indra. #1 twilight fan!

  49. bella (i know its weird) says:

    my answer to the first question is DA DA DA DA Dakoda Fanning/Jane, the funny part about it is that I don’t love her acting (like Edward LLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS Bella) so much but in the trailers I just Love her hair!

    My answer to the second question is that Madiline Zima would be sweet as Melanie or maybe Evan Rachel Wood

  50. Gina says:

    I have heard that “The Host” movie people are considering Brooke Davis from One Tree Hill (Don’t know her real name) but she is a great actress. She would be awesome, i think!

    Okay, I told myself I wasn’t going to mean, but I can’t help myself. My thought is , as long as Kristen Stewart is NOT in The Host film, I will love it! lol
    Sorry, Kristen fans, but just my opinion……………….

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