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Firstly, I adore the New Moon soundtrack, I think its perfect and has kept the right sort of genres I associate with the twilight saga, but my absolute favourite song at the moment (which is also on the New Moon soundtrack) is Friends, by Band of Skulls. It reminds me of my life and friends and is very relevant at the moment, especially when it says, “Wastin’ all my money, all my time” since I went a little crazy shopping online recently but got some gorgeous Twilight merchandise so I consider it money well spent πŸ™‚ I really hope it’s played when Bella and Jacob are fixing the bikes, there is a montage to show their growing friendship.
I’m really into the vampire genre at the moment, since Stephenie Meyer kinda got me hooked.

My favourite books are:
The House of Night Series
The Morganville Vampire Series
The Sookie Stackhouse Series (True Blood)
The Vampire Diaries
The Immortals Series

My favourite vampire movies (beside twilight πŸ™ ) are:
Bram Stokers Dracula (1992 edition)Dracula (classic)
Interview with a vampire
Van Helsing
The Lost Boys
Salem’s Lot
Cirque Du Freak / The Vampire’s Assistant
I am Legend (the monsters have vampire characteristics)

My favourite vampire tv shows are:
True Blood
Being Human (uk show)
Buff the vampire slayer

I would also looovveee to see The Vampire Diaries but its not showing in the uk yet (sigh)
Even though I love watching and reading Vampire themed things, I love twilight over all others and think that the twilight Vampires have the best characteristics – I would love to never sleep, I really need the time it would provide!
Would also like to mention I am not completely obsessed with vampires (just twilight) and not a goth or anything!!! Just plain and simple πŸ˜€

Also send big love to Kallie, Kassie and all the volunteers
oh and a MAJOR HUGE MASSIVE BIG THANK YOU to Kallie for reading my answer on the last podcast <3 some of my friends thought I was really dumb to be super excited about it, but the ones who I have converted to the pro-twilight way of life were really happy for me too πŸ™‚

Big hugs from England to all Twilight fans, you rock like thin trees in a storm

By: Bailey (Rosalie) Thu, 05 Nov 2009 08:03:20 +0000 First of all, I love you Kassie and Kallie πŸ™‚ yewr the best!
I think that my favorite song on the New Moon soundtrack is Satellite Heart by Anya Marina. I’m not 100% sure where in the movie it will be, but I think that in would have to be either a scene where Jacob is holding Bella and “holding her wounds together” or when Edward, Bella and Alice are having their visit with the Volturi.

As for my favorite vampire series, besides Twiight, I’d have to say the Vampire Diaries, just because it’s the only one that I’ve completely read. I’m starting to read the Vampire Academy and the True Blood series, and those are really good. I’ve just got so much school reading lately, but I’m doing my best, even though my mom is always yelling at me to stop reading. Oh well, its worth it. I think that no vampire series could surpass Twilight, but some do a pretty good job of trying to compare.\

Again, love the podcast. yewr awesome

Love, Bailey

By: Emma Thu, 05 Nov 2009 05:40:56 +0000 Hey grilles , I have to say that ur last podcast made me laugh so hard! I loved it! Well i have to say that I have not listen to the sound track yet only because I like to see where they put the music and then decide if I like it or not. But my favorite Vampire book series had to Vampire academy i have to say at the end of the third book when what happened with rose and everything I literally throw the book across the room. Which was not a good thing because i was in study hall at the time.
I just loved the way those vampires where written have to ask you this If Edward and one of the vampires form theses books or the Vampire diaries got in a fight who would win? I have to say Dimitri. I also wanted to ask you guy a question that was asked to me by some who just finished New moon for the first time. She asked me if Edward had any other gifts besides mind reading, what I said was no. But then she said” Could he do if from far away or try to anyway and when he is trying to could like the person who he is trying to read like hear his voice like with Bella in new moon?” This got me thinking was Bella really nuts or whatever it is she was. I want to know what you girls think. Thanks so much for everything you guys and your team at Tst do. Hope you are all doing great. Emma

By: Natalie Wed, 04 Nov 2009 11:47:15 +0000 Hey guys!

I love this album! There are so many songs i love, and very, very few i can’t listen to over and over. I adore Satelite Heart. It speaks so accurately in tone and words of how Bella feels without Edward. Violet hours is so upbeat and cool. Shooting the moon is brillant. But my very favourite at the moment is Friends by Band of Skulls. I feel the start of this song is darker , representing Bella’s desperation without Edward and the chorus brings light and fun which is what Jacob does for Bella in New Moon. Now Cassie, don’t get me wrong, i’m as strongly for Bella and Edward as you are and felt the same angst you did when reading New Moon with Jacob! And don’t get me started on the mixed emotions Bella ‘thought’ she had towards Jacob in Eclipse… But this song represents the happiness and distraction that Jacob provided Bella with when she was at her lowest point… without Edward!

Love your podcast… i have only recently found you guys and love, love, love your discussions! I have downoaded all your podcasts formt he very beginning and listen to you guys each night when i’m going to bed or driving my kids around in the car! Cheers girls, love listening to the Twi talks!

By: Victoria Mon, 02 Nov 2009 22:26:22 +0000 Ok so I think my favorite song on the soundtrack is Roslyn. I think it will tie in somewhere around the cliff dive scene. Idk Wild Guess.

I think my favorite vampire book other than the twilight saga would probably have to be the Vampire Beach series. Random I know.

By: Emma Mon, 02 Nov 2009 17:24:57 +0000 For the soundtrack,most of it isn’t music that I listen too normally, but neither was twilight. Once the movie came out most of the music will probably grow on me. I have always loved the killers, muse, and I like Ok Go’s song shooting the moon. As for other vamp stories twilight is one of the first one i have really gotten into, but lately i am pulling a kassie and watching the vampire diaries, but not reading the books! But i am wonding what kallie thinks of them, and i may read them later. It has a good story that is somewhat similar to twilight from what i have seen. Plus stephan and daman are really hot!

By: Mrs. Ariana Edward Cullen Mon, 02 Nov 2009 04:16:32 +0000 *Anya

By: Mrs. Ariana Edward Cullen Mon, 02 Nov 2009 04:14:36 +0000 Wellllll…….my favorite song on the New Moon soundtrack would definately have to be “Satellite Heart.” I love the melody and Ana Maria’s voice is so beautiful. Her voice is very different and unique and soft and I get llost in her song. The words of the “Satellite Heart” mtaches the story of NM so well.

For the second question:
to be honest, I don’t have another favorite vampire pop culture thingy. I have never really been into vampires. And that shows how much Twilight has captured my heart because I’ve never really been into vampires, but Twilight was so appealing because it’s something new. When my friend first told me about the series I was very iffy about it because of the word “vampire.” I mean, don’t get me wrong, I never hated vampires, it’s just that they didn’t really interest me. But I read about Twilight on Wikipedia and I had to get my hands on the books. I guess I’m more open to vampires now since Twilight, like I am more attentive when I here vampire, it has more of an importance and ring to it since I read the books. But I don’t have another favorite vampire thing besides Twilight.

By: Hanalee Mon, 02 Nov 2009 03:03:45 +0000 1. idk, I haven’t listened to it yet….
2. I have been obsessed with vampires for so long I have a list. The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova is absolutly BEAUTIFUL. You can see every place she describes perfectly in your mind and it’s AMAZING. Also, Dracula…b/c you can’t mess with the original. And lastly Vamped by David Sosnowski b/c it has to be the funniest book I have ever read.
As for movies…Shadow of the Vampire with John Malkovich is so weird but it is really interesting…UM…Interview with the Vampire gets me everytime and had HUGE parallels to New Moon! They have a Volturi in there basically and one of them only eats animals for a while.

<3 the podcasts and the accents!

By: Irunwithwolves Sun, 01 Nov 2009 21:44:31 +0000 A lot of people really love the Meadow. I agree that is a great song and Alexander Desplat will be great BUT it is not my favorite song. Pretty much all the songs make me feel quite dreary. I feel I need to lock myself in my room and feel gloomy just to listen to the soundtrack. My favorite song is Sattelite Heart. It is kinda gloomy but the Anya Marina’s voice is soo fresh that I want to listen to more of her songs. My least favorite song is Violet Hour. It says somthing like “Your lips are nettles, Your tongue is wine, Your body’s pine” It is a weird song and does not make any sense.

As for my favorite vampire series, I have actually been very interested in vampires all my life. Once I saw the commercial for Twilight, I became intensely interested because the TV-Spots centered around vampires. I picked up the books and of course we all know what happened next. The new vamp-books are(marked, Vampire Acedemy), I feel, copying the Twilight series. The covers are alike to the Twi-ones. So I do not read those. But I do like Vampire Culture. Of course, Rice is one of my favorite. There is also this very good book called The Historian. It was mentioned a couple weeks ago on another Twi-cast, but this is an extremely good book. I highly recomend it!

Jacob Black is the werewolf lovechild of Sirius Black and Remus Lupin!

By: Lily Alice Cullen Sun, 01 Nov 2009 20:25:43 +0000 Hey Kallie and Kassie! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the soundtrack. My favorite song on the soundtrack….. I like a lot of them. I really like I Belong To You by Muse. I kind of think it will play when they are either flying to or from Italy because it says “I travel half the world to say I belong to you” I also really like Possibility, Satellite Heart, Meet me on the Equinox, and the song by Grizzly Bear that I forget the title of at the moment. I am not sure when they are going to play in the movie, but can’t wait to see. I am pretty disappointed that “the meadow” is probably replacing Bella’s Lullaby. I really liked Bella’s Lullaby and taught myself how to play it on the piano without any lessons. I don’t really like any other vampire book/series/tv show/movies other than twilight. I started to read the first Vampire Academy book but didn’t really like it. My friend wants me to watch Vampire Diaries but I’m not sure if I will like it. Anyways, love the podcast!

-Lily Alice Cullen!

By: Sabeth Sat, 31 Oct 2009 22:34:20 +0000 Hey Kallie & Kassie! I’ve listened to the soundtrack a few times now and I would probably have to say that Rosyln by Bon Iver & St. Vincent is my favorite. I was thinking this particular song could be used during the cliff scene but I could be way off. I wasn’t really terribly interested in vampires until Twilight but since then I have come across True Blood and absolutely love it!! I also use to watch Moonlight which was also great but it was canceled after only 16 episodes. Anyway, I just wanted to say I Iove your podcast and look forward to hearing more from you both soon! Thanks!!

By: Juliana Sat, 31 Oct 2009 18:46:27 +0000 Hi Kallie! Hi Kassie!
Thank you for reading my answer on last week’s podcast!
My favorite song from the soundtrack is Friends by Band of Skulls. I haven’t really thought about where it will tie in into the movie. Maybe the movie theater scene with Mike, Bella and Jacob?

And I don’t mean to be a total party pooper, but I don’t really like any other vampire books/tv show/movie. I watch the Vampire Diaries, but I am not a big fan. I just think Paul Wesley is HOT!

Happy Halloween!

By: Sarah Katherine Cullen Sat, 31 Oct 2009 15:36:07 +0000 Hey Kallie and Kassie, I’m soooo glad y’all are reading my response to the question.

My favorite song from the New Moon Soundtrack is “Friends” by Band of Skulls. I think they will play this song when it introduces Embry and Quil. It would be the perfect song because of the way it sounds, and because it talks about Jacob’s “friends”.

My favorite vampire show is The Vampire Diaries. I make sure that I can watch every episode of it.
My favorite vampire books besides Twilight is The Dangerous Girls series by R. L. Stine.
My favorite vampire movie besides Twilight is Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire’s Assisstant. It is sooooooo halarius.

By: Nat Anne Cullen Sat, 31 Oct 2009 06:16:23 +0000 My fav song on the soundtrack is “Meet Me on the Equinox” I don’t know why but the song sound just really really cool but sort of eerie you know? It’s just that sort of song that you just want to listen to for no reason whatsoever.
As for favorite vamp series besides Twilight Saga, I would have to say ummm it’s sort of a draw between Vampire Diaries and ‘The Southern Vampire Mysteries’. Both of them are really cool yeah because whilst Vampire Diaries is sort of like the Twilight Saga but with a few differences ‘The Southern Vampire Mysteries’ books are more your traditional vampire stories.
My friends think I’m insane for liking both of these and Twilight. But then again I’m sort of the only sane one.

(Sorry if it makes no sense because I’m listening to one of your podcast right now. It’s an old one the one about visiting the Volturi but before that I was listening to the Parental Units one from way back in week 8 and OMG you were right without even knowing it about Bella and Edward having Vampire kids. I was ROTFLMAO. (Roll on the floor laughing my ass off) when I heard that)

By: Alex Tea Sat, 31 Oct 2009 01:29:23 +0000 Hello girlies!
You guys are awesome!
Well, I would have to say that I have many favorite songs!!!! But, if I had to choose one, it would have to be White Demon Love Song by The Killers. However, I cannot place exactly where it would be in the movie. Therefore, I chose my second favorite song, Done All Wrong by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. I believe this song could be placed anytime throughout the movie before Bella gets to see Jacob for the first time after her break up with Edward because she believes that she did something wrong which leads to her ideology of the break up being her fault. Plus the song is very dead like and dark mellow which I can see them playing it a time when she has a vacant dead look on her face and not paying attention to anything around her, but barely going on through the day. In the song even though it says that you have done all wrong then you would live quite long, that could be interpreted in the sense that Bella would live long in pain and agony. I can also see this song being a transition of Bella throughout her day and Edward dealing with the breakup and what he looks like and what he is doing.

As for the liking other vamp books, I love the Sookie Stackhouse series!!!! True Blood is a really good show too! I would have to say, Interview with a Vampire by Anne Rice is an awesome novel too!!!! A classical deep thinking type of series! It is amazing and the idea of a vampire being the devil’s child is questioned throughout the novel, with the protagonist leaning towards vampires living a damned life.

Sorry if it seemed extremely long!!!!
These questions were good!
Thanks for reading my post!
Alex tea!

By: Hannah TEAM EDWARD Fri, 30 Oct 2009 18:43:49 +0000 Hello Kassie Hi Kallie (i hope i spelt that right, i wouldnt want to make you upset)
Before i start i have to say i LOVE your shows, awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

and also..where has all the singing gone??????????? D:

ok now to the answers

1. What song on the New Moon soundtrack is your favorite? Where do you think it will tie into the movie?
Oh my goodness my favie song is possibility by lykke li (what a weird name…but AWESOME) i love it because of the heart sound in the background…love it! i really feel like kassie at the moment, im singing the song whilst im typing this. I really think that this song will be the point AFTER the breakup, you know the bit where bella is curled up on the floor in the forest. If it isnt that part, i think i will cry.

2. What is your favorite vampire book/series/tv show/movie, besides The Twilight Saga? Why?
It will HAVE to be True blood, wanna know why? i have this theory PLEASE think about it….right
Twilight is like Harry Potter but with all the sexual tension
True Blood is like Twilght…but with all the sex! πŸ™‚
get it?

By: Elena Fri, 30 Oct 2009 15:43:37 +0000 Hey Kallie and Kassie! I love your podcast you guys rock!
For the first question, I would have to say my favorite song on the new moon soundtrack would have to be New Moon (The Meadow).The instrumentals are so beautiful and i think thaty his song will be able to fit in almost anywhere in the movie. But my favorite song that has lyrics would have to be Satelite Heart by Anya Marina. I think it’ll be able to fit in mostly into the middle part of the movie where Bella’s kind of moping around like a “satelite heart lost in the dark” and it the song really describes that part of the book really well.
For the second question, I haven’t really been interested in anything vampire since twilight and i havent had the time to read any of the other books that are out lately.
Thanks for podcasting you guys are awesome!

By: Carrie Fri, 30 Oct 2009 03:10:55 +0000 I haven’t acually heard the new moon soundtrack yet

My favorite would have to be the nightworld series, I love these books dont really have a reason other than im a sucker for romance books, and its kool because it has a mixture of creatures vampires, werewolves and witches, I love the way they are all tied together and I liked reading the history of how the made vamps/lamia came to be and junk like that

I have a suggestion for the music on one of your podcasts Paramores new cd Brand New Eyes has a really good song I just love called “Misguided Ghosts”

By: Carly "Renesmee" Cullen Fri, 30 Oct 2009 00:34:36 +0000 Hey Kallie and Kassie!!

I normally wait until after I see a movie to buy the soundtrack. I feel that I like the songs better after I know how they fit into the movie. I really debated with myself about pre-ordering the soundtrack or waiting until after I saw New Moon to get it. I did decide to pre-order it since I like the Twilight soundtrack so much, but I have mixed feelings about it. I am going to be cliche and say I like “Meet Me on the Equinox”, but after re-listening to it just now I like “All I Believe In” by The Magic Numbers & Amadou & Mariam and “Shooting the Moon” by Ok Go. I like “All I Believe In” because I see movement for a dance in my head. I am a dancer, so it happens with certain song and it happens to be one of the songs that it does. If I ever get around to choreographing anything, I will try to tape it and let you see it. I think I will like more of the music after I see the movie. I will be able to understand why the songs are on the soundtrack. I am not very happy that the music video of “Meet Me on the Equinox” is not the music video with clips from the movie.

I have not read any other vampire books, but I have watched a little of True Blood and Vampire Diaries. I wasn’t really feeling them. I just feel like companies are trying to get on the vampire bandwagon. I also feel like it is hard to make books into TV shows. I have watched other shows that are based on books and have found that they deviate from the original story to quickly. I think apart of the reason why I am not really a fan of True Blood or Vampire Diaries is because I like Stephanie Meyer’s vampires. The vampires in True Blood and Vampire Diaries are more like the traditional vampires. I do however think that Paul Wesley who plays Stefan Salvatore in Vampire Diaries isn’t bad to look at, but I don’t think it is enough to make me want to watch it.

Thanks for the podcast!! It has fueled my obsession more than is really needed. Can’t wait for the next on!!!