Comments on: Eclipse Is Finally Here! Movie Discussion Post Twilight Series Theories - Your Source for Twilight News and Speculations Sat, 19 May 2018 06:25:11 +0000 hourly 1 By: Megan Sun, 28 Jul 2013 02:23:12 +0000 Hey I want to know if you were thinking about writing a 5th book to be after breaking dawn to hear the story with bell and Edward and Renesmee And Jacob to read about her growing up.

By: Jessica Mon, 02 Aug 2010 23:32:50 +0000 Did u guys see when Jacob was naked or did u miss that I just wish they let us see more foliage 🙂 and when bella wanted to do edward I think he should have tooken her clothes off sexy or what??? Do u think edward should have gone with having xes with bella yes or no post a comment ?????? And text me at ultimate edward cullen fan site)!!!!

By: Nidal Sun, 01 Aug 2010 02:38:59 +0000 Twilight saga rockzzz…… Eclipse totally cooooool n the best movie i have seen! I am sure breaking dawn will be much more thrilling n cooooool……. For those who read the novel, have u read ‘The Short Second Life Of Bree Tanner’? Its also coool man…… Stephanie has done an amazing work, all the 6 books of twilight. I have done reading them all! U all shud read them

By: EMA Sat, 10 Jul 2010 07:42:42 +0000 I think the movie was awesome. I’ve seen it a few times. I now have high expectations for Breaking Dawn. I know it will be 2 movies. In my opinion they need to get a director that is not afraid of making a long movie, like the director of Titanic, or Lord of the Ring. Thoes movies were long! Summit has the money spend. I would follow even closer to the book and I know thoes who have read the books would love it. Side note: for some reason when I read breaking dawn I picture Danny Davito as the Lawyer, bella gets her counterfeit papers from, some one should suggest that to S.M.

By: DallasNewBorn Thu, 08 Jul 2010 20:43:40 +0000 I also noticed the all-new texan accent of Jasper. I’m not sure the actors read the whole series before taking on the role. They should! I have read in different articles that Robert P has not read Breaking Dawn yet!!? I really hope that’s not true.

I just finished reading the Short Second Life of BT, and NOW I get why so many people think her scenes were sooooo short. She should have been allowed to say a little more. But oh well… I wonder if there would be a movie about Bree… hmmmm. Marcela

By: sher Sun, 04 Jul 2010 11:46:50 +0000 Uh, it was great, but i wanted the scene where it was after she visited a banged up jacob, Bella broke down into tears. I dunno it just felt significant to me 😐

By: finlaye Sun, 04 Jul 2010 05:42:55 +0000 i rocks so much your right

By: finlaye Sun, 04 Jul 2010 05:42:20 +0000 eclipse rocks

By: christina V Fri, 02 Jul 2010 22:30:46 +0000 Overall I thought is was really good! The acting has gotten better on Kristen part. The scence where bella say yes to edward marriage was great. The kissing scence between jake and bella was good. But the snow scence look a little to fake, and the fighting scence between edward and victoria could have gone on a little bit more. oh! well.

By: Claire Fri, 02 Jul 2010 12:33:08 +0000 I loved the wolves. Maybe I’d have to see it again but Emily’s face didn’t look as scarred as it did in NM? I wish they’d shown Wolf Jake roll his eyes too – that always made me smile in the books.

As previous posters have mentioned, Bella was flat. The only time she showed a reasonable amount of emotion was when she had the talk with Charlie (which was a great scene, especially Charlie’s last words before chomping into his sandwich).

Overall, I liked it and, although I know it’s impossible to stick completely to the book, I liked that a few scenes had direct lines from Eclipse.

Sadly, my stepdaughter and I sat in front of two girls that chose to giggle and chat all the way through the movie. That ruined it for me. They got shushed a couple of times and eventually shut up. I understand it’s exciting and all but seriously? Shut upppppp!!!!

By: Vbeach Fri, 02 Jul 2010 12:26:34 +0000 When I walked out of the theatre, I thought “Now THAT was Eclipse”! They finally got it right. Makes me mad looking back on “Twilight”, all the missed possiblities. Anyway, this is like a 1995 Pride and Prejudice moment, where we got the book on film, and not an incomplete adaptation. David Slade nailed it.

I only had a few minor nit picks, like Bella in shirt sleeves outside the tent, the morning after she nearly freezies to death. That was really fake and took me out of the movie. I also didn’t like the bed scene – sure, we go the “leg hitch” but I would have loved to have seen it more like the book, not both walkiing into his room with a bed there.

What I loved : Jacob’s note! How cool was that, and all wrinkled, like she read it over and over. That was so great. I also loved the way Edward was filmed, and portrayed. Less tortured, better make up. Yeah, beautiful, too beautiful for Bella!

I could go on, but so many have posted my favorite scenes. I will be seeing this again. I saw it opening day, and there were A LOT more guys in the theatre than for New Moon..

By: Cristina N. Fri, 02 Jul 2010 02:41:43 +0000 I agree with Kim. I saw the movie last night and I was totally disappointed.

Eclipse is my favorite book and I read it many times and I know it is impossible to cover all the book in the movie, but I think some very important parts are missing, the beginning of the movie was confused, ” the scenes and the conversations were totally choppy”.
The movement in Eclipse is different from the others and most of the dialogs were lost, disconnected.

The action scenes were very good and I liked ” the proposal”, ” the conversation” with Charlie, and the newborns in Seattle: that’s what David Slade can do better, But the LOVE…. I was like: ” Where is the LOVE????”. It was there, but with no emotion, no intensity, no passion, kind of “flat” ! I didn’t like the love scenes because of the way they were filmed: the takes, the angles, the dialogs. Not even by the performance of the actors. I think David Slade could not take out the best of them in the love scenes.

The kiss between Jacob and Bella was “fast”, without emotion and without her vision of their future together…. In the book he is so sweet, they kiss many times: They kiss, they stop and he goes: “Bella you can do better than this” . Which means she is hesitating… she is confused ! They kiss again and then she finally give up and let herself feel what she feels, and there’s the last brief sweet kiss, where she does not want to let him go, because she realizes she loves him too. It is the most important part of the book when she finally knows what she feels for Jake. I liked most their “almost kiss” in New Moon, much more passionate, they hesitated, look each each in the eye,( I felt butterflies in my stomach!) In Eclipse I was like: “This is it ????”

The tent scene…well in the book Edward is very irritated with Jake and with himself because he cannot give Bella the heat she needs, but in the movie Robert is not, he is nervous at first and then relaxed, calm and almost smiling… ( They said in many interviews that it was difficult to make this scene because all three were laughing, they had to return to Canada to film it again, and I could see why ). I didn’t like it, I wanted to see that tension between them, and the love both of them share for Bella.

I also did not like Kristen’s acting in this movie, she had the same face all the movie, like a mask ! And as someone said I could not see either ” that” chemistry between Edward and Bella. Rob was “less” Edward, he was not that “tormented soul” with the amazing “tormented faces” of desire and thoughts. Taylor was good, but I also missed the way he looked into Bella’s eyes in New Moon, looking for something. In the book they are always talking and laughing and I pictured it like Jake giving Bella that look and she always trying to avoid his eyes, afraid of finding something. In the book they were always at the beach, there are no conversations at the beach in the movie … Well they almost have no conversations, just some brief moments which do not cover their situation at all.

I know many people loved the movie,but I expected Eclipse to be better than the others because they had a big budget make the movie, the actors should be more into the characters and the story, and the acting should be better now they are more experienced. After all I keep loving the book, it is my favorite ! 🙂
Team Jacob!

By: Luna Fri, 02 Jul 2010 01:46:19 +0000 Yes Team edward 🙂

By: Patty Thu, 01 Jul 2010 23:04:02 +0000 Come on people!!! The movie will not be just like the book- word for word!! Seems like you are just looking for things …The movie was EXCELLENT just enjoy it!!! It had alot more than what I thought it would have and I absolutely loved it!!! David did a awesome job!! My favorite book and now my favorite movie!!!

By: Sporkfairy Thu, 01 Jul 2010 22:19:56 +0000 Josiah – I couldn’t agree with you more about Bree. What a disappointment over that part! They wasted an opportunity to show the danger of the newborn to Bella and how the Cullens were protecting Bella even from one who had surrendured. Bree was just standing next to Jasper, not 6 feet from Bella. I was looking forward to Bree on the ground near the newborn bonfire, digging her hands strongly into the ground to try to keep from going at Bella. There wasn’t even as much on her as the original Eclipse book, much less insight from the novella. Bummer.

Loved the Jasper backstory, though. They did a decent job on that.

By: Kim Thu, 01 Jul 2010 21:12:47 +0000 I agree with you Mae, I noticed that Jasper’s accent too lol, he never had that before this movie. I do think it would have been a good idea for him to have an accent from the beggining, but bringing it into the third movie was inconsistent and just added to the list of things they could have done better. I also thought Kristen’s acting was kind of flat in this movie. She seemed to have done a much better job in the first two movies.

By: Mae Thu, 01 Jul 2010 20:24:59 +0000 I agree with Kim 100%!! She took the words right out of my mouth!

I thought some of the scenes & conversations were ‘choppy’. Couple of minor things that bothered me were the attention to details they seemed to miss out on. When Edward & Bella were laying in her bed, the camera pulls out and shows their reflection in the mirror…Edward does not have a reflection…hello?! One minute Edward is ‘sparkling’ and the next he’s not….no consistency. Minor, I know, but bothersome non-the-less.

Given the success of the movies and the books, I feel they could have done a better job with the makeup and effects. The makeup was still quite ‘thick & white’ for the Cullens. Their eyebrows were so dark with makeup it looked poorly in my opinion.

I also agree with Abyyyyy! & Kelly Smith about leaving out the reason for the heart bracelet that Edward gave Bella. The scene portrayed him just as a jealous boyfriend. The explanation would have been great.

I enjoyed Jasper’s and Rosalie’s stories about their past. However, the close up of Rosalie, she looked so “fake” to me; with the makeup and wig lines. Given the talent in the show…I feel the makeup could have been so much better!

Kristen was ‘kinda flat’ in this movie to me. Not enough emotion for being torn between two hot guys; not to mention the Volturi are coming & Victoria is out to kill her!!

Jacob didn’t show enough emotion when he kissed Bella and in the scene where she demanded him to kiss her before the fight. Where was the excitement and passion there?

I LOVED: the “talk” with Charlie, Jasper’s Texan accent & calling Alice ma’am (funny how he didn’t have the accent in the previous movies), Edward’s proposal to Bella & Alice in general. I just love her character!

I know you can only put so much into a movie given script and time line restraints. However, I believe they should have made the movie a bit longer to fit in some of the important scenes from the book that made it the sensation that it is.

I have read all the books and read them again before the movie releases. I have friends who haven’t read a single one. Upon the ending of each show, they have so many questions. I tell them the same thing, the books answer all your questions. But….that depends on the viewer and the fan. While I love the books, I love the movies too. I’m a fan through and through.
I will definitely watch Breaking Dawn. I hope they do it justice. There’s a lot of information to put into the story line of the movie.

Eclipse is still a great show!! Just wanted to state my ‘views’ on the movie as these ‘little’ details makes the story.

Team Jacob!! 😀

By: Kim Thu, 01 Jul 2010 18:40:35 +0000 I have to say that I was actually disappointed when I saw the movie. I feel that the movie was rushed, the transitions from scene to scene was somewhat choppy, and that the converstations amongst the charactors were totally strange and different from the way they are said in the book. I think that the movie did a decent job of portraying Jasper’s and Rosalie’s stories as well as the tent scene, however, the morning after they camped was completely screwed up. I thought it was stupid the way they had Edward initiate the “ten best nights” scene. It is actually a really funny moment in the book when Jacob says to Edward, “I said it wasn’t the best nights sleep I ever had, not that it wasn’t the best night of my life.” and then Edward replies, “Well, If I had been in your place last night it wouldn’t have made the ten BEST nights of my life, dream about that!” or something along those lines. This is what sparks Bella’s curiousity which leads her to ask Edward, when she thinks Jacob is gone, what his ten best nights were. Also, Jacob was in his wolf form when he heard, not human. I also felt that it just made Bella look like a complete B*tch when she asks Jacob to kiss her, because they left out the part where he says to her, “You could ask me.” In the book Bella is manipulated by Jacob into kissing him, it is not until after the kiss begins that she realizes that she is in love with Jacob. In the movie when Jacob goes to leave and says maybe he’ll allow himself to be killed, Bella askes him to kiss her. The way the movie did this scene did not make sense and I felt it would have been better if they stuck to the original way it was written. I think I need to see the movie again, maybe I will like it better the second time, but for the first time I watched it I was not impressed. I understand that movies cannot be the same as the book, but overall I feel they would have been better off with less scenes and more detailed conversations within those scenes. I feel the charactors personalities and development were completely lost in the third movie because it was so rushed to try to fit everything. It’s a good thing they are making the 4th book into 2 movies!!

By: Marisa Thu, 01 Jul 2010 16:12:32 +0000 Craaaaaaaaaaap! After reading all the comments, I can no longer see the movie. Thanks a heap, guys. No, I’m just joshin’. I’ll see it next week or the week after. Man, I’m just a bad Twilight fan. I saw “Toy Story 3” last night instead. It was very good, by the way. I just prefer to be in a theater without screaming girls. Therefore, I did not see “Eclipse.” Last year was awful. I seriously wanted to punch the loud girls right next to me for being so damn loud. I can’t tolerate it. So I find it’s best to just wait a week or two for me to see the movie.

By: Erlinda Thu, 01 Jul 2010 09:11:02 +0000 TEAM JACOB ALL THE WAY!!! EVEN MY GUY FRIEND SEYS SO LOL … can wait!!!! hehe the stills were awesome and the trailer and i wannna see it in IMAX !!!!!!!!!!!!