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Also to finish off, if you can please message me on Facebook or tweet me on Twitter! Please let me know! I would gratefully appreciate it! Thank you soooo much! We’ll do anything to see you! We love you! 😀 <3
With Love,
Your #1 Fans,
Madeleine and Kalyx

By: Kalyx Alanna Mon, 15 Aug 2011 16:34:59 +0000 Dear BooBoo Stewart,

I have this best friend of mine and she is in COMPLETE love with you! She is sooo psyched about Breaking Dawn 1! She loves how kind, sweet, and good looking you are! She is the biggest fan you will EVER meet and know about her name is Madeleine and would do anything to have a visit from you! I would just like to ask you one favor and this time ONLY can you please come visit myself and Madeleine in person? Were very chill with celebs so it won’t be awkward and such. This would mean the universe to me and her!