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Edward Cullen or Jacob Black (duhh lots of originality right?)
I have not read The Vampire Diaries books but I Love the tv show and I do love Damon Salvatore. I didn’t really like him in the first season so much because he really was an jerk. But ever since about a couple episodes from the before the season 1 finale he started to grow on me and now I love him.
Jake Ely from The Phantom Stallion series was the first fictional character I loved and I still do.
This may seem immature but from Another Cinderella story movie (don’t know if we only mean fictional spouse from books) Drew Seeley plays Joey Parker who as much as I tried not to…. I absolutely Love him.
And finally from The Hunger Games, Gale Hawthorne. He had me from when Katniss and him shared the bread before the reaping. Every person I know that read the series likes Peeta better but to me Gale always had your back wasn’t afraid to voice his opinion and was a much stronger person then Peeta ever was. Do I think Suzanne Collins really butchered his character at some points in Mockingjay. Yah….. But I will always love him, and in my mind he came back for Katniss just like he always did. And I mine as well say it. The man with the snares is much hotter then Bread Boy.