Rob in Dallas!

Nov 11th, 2008 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Site News

Here are some pics of Rob in Dallas, TX! I want to say thanks to Amy Howe for lending us her mad photography skills! We will be posting more pics later!

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  1. Nollie says:

    1st off, glad Rob came to Dallas, even if I couldn’t be there.
    2nd off, I managed to get a chuckle seeing the Dallas police offer behind Rob.

  2. Christy Snipes says:

    I had planned on going with Monica (friend) and getting to the mall around 4 am just to be sure I could get a spot in line, thinking that was plenty early. (I only had an hour of sleep at this point).


    We got there around 3:45 and there were already about 200 people waiting in line. Or well, there wasn’t really a line, more like a big huddle of people at the underpass for the highway because we weren’t allowed on the mall property till they said so. Well because of the ordeal at the San Fransico M&G the day before (there was no order or ruling and pretty much people got crazy and had to be arrested) the cops that were “watching over us” came up with rules. No pushing or shoving, no cussing, no running, no passing the cops, no standing on the graveled part of the underpass (don’t ask) or else you would be arrested.

    Their “plan” was to take us in groups of 10 till they sold the 500 wristbands that they were allowed, at 6 am and the meet and greet would be at 6 pm. Monica and I got to almost the front of the crowd and waited there.

    Well around 30 minutes after we got there it started thunderstorming and pouring down rain. Of course I didn’t bring my umbrella and both of us were carrying our purses loaded with stuff to do while we waited including our phones, ipods, books, etc. We got completely soaked, I’m talking like looked like we just jumped into a river kind of soaked. The rain was freezing cold and the wind did NOT help.

    We waited for 2 and a half hours. They refused to let us into the COVERED parking garage for reasons I still don’t understand so of course, I’m getting sick.

    Well 5:30 rolls around and they decide to start early. Then we notice, that before they started to let us even move there was suddenly this large group of people running from the hotel to the doors to the front of the line! All of course, totally dry and happy because they didn’t come get in line like they should have outside. The cops make us wait for them and warn us again of the rules (they were really really not happy about having to be there and were very rude but hey, can you really blame them for that part?) so they blow the whistle and all of a sudden, the rules…well lets just say they didn’t matter anymore. People ran, pushed, shoved (one girl fell and almost got trampled) and all of a sudden the hundreds of people that had just gotten there (and were still freaking dry!) decided to run from the back of the group into the front. Since the cop was right infront of most of us, we couldn’t do that!

    So what ended up happening? The 500 wristbands were sold, and we didn’t get any. We waited till 6 am and right when I was ALMOST to the front of the line again they blew the whistle and said that they had reached capacity and told us to go home. Yeah….I can’t even tell you how pissed off a lot of us were. People were yelling and cussing at the cops, retailers, district managers, security guards, and pretty much anyone of authority. But, it didn’t do any good.

    So Monica and I left, soaking wet and wristbandless back home.

    Well, we had only done this really to give my friend Brianna a chance to meet Rob because she’s inlove with him lol. I would have been awesome to get to meet him myself but really this was for her more than for me.

    So we decided that even if we couldn’t meet him we at least wanted to go to the Q&A segment of the night. So I come home, change out of my soaking clothes and went straight into a hot shower then to bed. I got to sleep for about 2-3 hours and then it was time to get up and get ready to go. (Now running on 3-4 hours of sleep)

    Brianna picks me up at 3 pm (Q&A was suppose to be at 7) and we meet Monica so we can all ride together.

    We get to the mall and people are already lined up around the ice rink which is where they set up the stage. We decide to just do some shopping and see how things go. We go to Hot Topic and of course get some Twilight stuff and walk around a big. Finally at around 5ish we go to line up. We sit down and talk with some kool people and hang out. This lady came out a couple times to give us updates but the sound system was so bad no one could hear what she said, we hoped that they would get that fixed before Rob came out so we could hear his beautiful voice.

    Well, finally at around 7:30 Rob comes out and we all start screaming. At this point the line had moved up quite a bit and we had a pretty good view of the stage. He looked gorgeous of course, his was so nervous and cute. He kept running his hands through the front of his hair (what he does when he’s really really nervous) and acted so cute and shocked at all our happily screaming responses lol.

    Well, the sound system still sucked because we couldn’t understand a word of what either of them said (the lady asking the questions and Rob). After about 30 mintues or so of just watching Rob act all cute and humble it’s time to end it. He leaves after thanking everyone (that part I did catch) and we all leave the line.

    We tried to ask people if they were going to put the Q&A’s up somewhere so we could see what they said since we couldn’t hear jack crap but we never got an answer so I wouldn’t hold your breath.

    SO, if you’re planning on going to a Twilight tour M&G…beware lol. RUN! and get there really REALLY early! You’ll love it =] I know I did!

  3. J says:

    Hawt pics!!

  4. Maddy says:

    hahahh the third is priceless lol.
    rob in now one of my favorite actors and not just because of him playing edward, but with him recieving such a difficult role, he has done a Phenomenal job. and he’s so humble and modest that it makes him even more attractive:)
    i just want to give him a bear hug! he’s so cute.

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