‘Twilight’ Countdown: Stephenie Meyer talks about the film’s twist ending

Nov 19th, 2008 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Movie News

The L.A. Times has an interview with Stephenie Meyer here!

Do you think Taylor Lautner can continue playing Jacob, who’s supposed to appear to be in his 20s in the next movie?

Taylor is a phenomenal actor and such an amazing person. He’s so grown-up it kills me. I’d love to see him have a chance at playing older Jacob. I do think it’s a stretch though. It’s hard because he’s young looking. But he’s really good. It’s not my call and, I have to say, I’m glad it’s not

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16 Comments to “‘Twilight’ Countdown: Stephenie Meyer talks about the film’s twist ending”

  1. Samie says:

    i think he can pull it off!

  2. Jacki says:

    i agree! ^^

  3. Tiffany says:

    Um….Twist ending?!?
    Is this something thats been discussed in the fandom already cuz I haven’t heard anything about it, i dont think.
    Just one more thing to be excited about.
    OME, ONE MORE DAY!!!!!!!!!

  4. Cherise says:

    I think he is way to young looking to play Jacob when he switches to the older werewolf boy. They need to switch to Steven Strait when Bella sees Jacob for the first time since the movie, after he starts avoiding her. Taylor can play Jacob til then with long hair. Then when she goes to Jacob’s house and sees him for the first time in such a long time she barely recognizes him anyway and it should be Steven Strait with short hair. He and Taylor look enough alike they could pull it off.

  5. Amber says:

    I’m so for Taylor continuing through as Jacob. It will DEFINITELY be a stretch, but even though he isn’t my Jacob, I can’t imagine anyone else playing him now. xD

  6. Jessica says:

    I would have to agree with Cherise….I think that Steven Strait would play a great older Jacob….don’t get me wrong I love Taylor….but he is way to young 🙁

  7. Jena says:

    I say keep Taylor as Jacob. The guy looks nothing like what they have him costumed as in the first movie. I think that they can find a way to age him up a bit. I figure the much harder puzzle will be figuriing out how to create Renesmee (I still hate that name!).

  8. Ann says:

    OMG.. yeah i agree with you Cherise, Steven Strait should be the next Jacob.. the older Jacob.. Don’t get mad at me Team Jacob, i have nothing against Taylor but New Moon and so with the other 3 books describes Jacob as someone whose basically taller, older, and pretty much bigger than the average 20year-old boy.. And i think Steven and Kristen will also look nice together, it’ll be a great love triangle for the 3 of them: Rob, Kristen and Steven – kinda intriguing huh.. One more thing, Steven has a great body.. Grrr ü Check him out in his movie, The Covenant ( He’s sexy )

  9. sarah L says:

    WOW!!! Twist ending?!?! Ok im now freaking out with excitement!!!!!!

  10. Amy Git r Done says:


  11. Gabby says:

    Taylor is cute he will be able to pull of Jake. Give him stilts if you have to.

  12. Shteff! says:

    They can’t change him because so many fans have formed around Taylor already. It would cause a downfall in viewings of Newmoon when they produce that…:-(

  13. joanne says:

    Plzz let jacob stay!!!

  14. Jen says:

    New Jacob please I don’t like him very much. What twist ending I saw it maybe I missed that part of the movie?

  15. RJ says:

    I say keep Taylor as Jake, because I think he makes an awesome Jacob. And New Moon is scheduled to come out in 2010, right? So who knows, the boy might actually look perfect. I think changing Jacob to another actor might lose consistency and stuff. And Taylor said in interviews that he’s beefing up for the role and all, I think he’ll be perfect for Jacob in the rest of the movies! Go Taylor! 😀

  16. Emmett's Girl says:

    After watching the movie last night, I think Taylor can do it.

    Yeah he’s sixteen but if they start filming next year, I’m guessing he’ll already look so much older. Just look at how much Daniel Radcliffe as changed as the HP movies have progressed. Remember, Jacob looks older, but he doesn’t really act older, you know?

    I have to admit, I wasn’t sure about him before I saw the movie, but now I think Taylor can do it. I was impressed. If they do change it up, I’m all for Steven Strait, but Taylor did such a good job I think he deserves a shot at the sequels.

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