America Ferrera in ‘New Moon’?

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Celebuzz is reporting that America Ferrera auditioned for the role of Emily Young in New Moon! No official word yet, but here is what she reportedly had to say:

“I got to audition for New Moon today! For the role of Emily,” Crazy Days and Nights quotes the outspoken actress and snappy dresser as saying. “The casting director, you fans of the book will be glad to know, has read the books and loves them. And you can tell. His direction was spot on for the character. I loved the books. I would so love to be in the movie!!!”

Update: Celebuzz says that they misquoted the article and that it is in fact America Young who auditioned for the role.

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52 Comments to “America Ferrera in ‘New Moon’?”

  1. Roxie says:

    Wow America would be great for the role of Emily! I hope she gets it…I love her she’s such a great actress!

  2. Cedar Cullen says:

    No!!! she is not right for the roll !!!!!!!!!

  3. Lucy says:

    hmmmm idk… im leaning to no but….. idk? maybe?

  4. Carly says:

    hey, people, this is incorrect. a girl named America Young auditioned, not America Ferrera.


  5. Wray says:

    Again, Native Americans???

    America would be awesome in any role, but this movie is almost getting too big in terms of celebrities. First Dakota Fanning, now America Ferrera…well I guess no one could complain about the acting…

  6. Stephanie says:

    ummmmmm i don’t know i think America Ferrera would be better to have then Dakota Fanning to tell you the truth. but i just pictured Jane a tad bit older.

  7. Alice says:

    i love her but nooooooooooooooooooooooooo, she isnt native american, it isnt rite sorry ferrera

  8. Shteff! says:

    ……for once…
    I think she wouldn’t be to bad 🙂

  9. Madison Team Edward says:

    She’d be great

  10. Mikayla says:

    I like her… she’s quite obviously latino, but it could work…

  11. Erika Yukkie says:

    the movie wont be great if it has all the stars in it

  12. Samie says:

    wow she be awsome i can so see her playing that role! she looks like she can be a bitch..

  13. Tiffany C. says:

    oh, she’d be a great Emily! yay!

  14. Bella fan SUPREME!!! says:

    Yay! She’d be an AWESOME Emily!

  15. Insomnia says:

    I wouldnt mind, I really love her, but I bet you anything some people won’t want her because she’s not skinny (even IF they won’t admit it). I REALLY hope she get’s it. Get em girl.

  16. Alice and Bella says:

    We don’t think she’s the best choice. I’d rather they use people who aren’t as known in the movie. Plus, I don’t see her as Emily.

  17. Jessica says:

    I Love her! She’d be great!

  18. Daniel Duggan says:

    Wow! I think she’s totally perfect. she’s great in Ugly Betty, although the roles will be completly non-similar

  19. Peri says:

    shes not native american, but she would be great, I <3 ugly bettty

  20. CullenCrazy17 says:

    at first i was like But Shes Like Mexican! but thn i thought about it and i think i could c her as emily…possibilities

  21. Megan M says:

    That’s an awesome picture of her. I can totally see her playing emily.

  22. Elizabeth says:

    Ok. How about NO!!!
    What with all these well known actors auditioning for New Moon. They are going to completely steal the thunder from everyone else. It so irritating.
    Besides, America’s not even Native American. How can she play Emily? ahhh!!

  23. Brandi says:

    If you all would notice somone (Carly) mentioned that it isn’t Ferrera who auditioned it is America Young ( her she looks Native American and beautiful). I go back to what I usually say, and that is, I think the should stick with unknowns. Personally I think Ferrera is BEAUTIFUL and a great actress. BUT she isn’t Native American and she is to big a name. And a side note, IF it was Ferrera, why does she have to audition and Dakota Fanning gets offered a part??

  24. Brandi says:


  25. Jordan says:

    Love her but did they not notice one little thing….SHES LATINO!!!!!!

  26. Roz says:

    Okay if it’s America Young she will be perfect! Excatly what I would picture Emily as. If it’s indeed America Ferrera then she would not be what I would picture. Plus why whould she what a role that she will be for like 5 minutes when she is a famed star? So I hope it is America Young.

  27. Melaine says:

    You people are way too gullible – do you think they’d really go for “stars” for these new roles. I would be shocked if they brought more name actors into this franchise – they don’t need them to sell it so why pay the big salary bucks they don’t have? Before you all go getting your panties in a bunch, everything should be treated as rumor until Summit confirms it.

  28. Camille says:

    I think America Ferrera is an amazing, very talented actress and would be perfect for the role of Emily. My only concern is that she looks more Hispanic than Native American, but they might be able to use makeup to modify her look a bit. I’m also keeping in mind that if she were to play the part of Emily, her face would be marred and distorted by scars, so she might not look so much like herself.

  29. Amanda says:

    actually i would like america ferrara but this america young person doesnt look like emily at all.

  30. Rebecca says:

    YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!! I love her i hope she gets the part but darn sam is kinda ugly!!!!

    Go America!!!!

  31. ANiTA says:

    OH UH??? I DON’T KNOW…..

  32. RDL says:

    Going back to Carly’s….AMERICA FERRERA DIDNT AUDITION It was someone named America Young. And to be honestly this girl seems PERFECT for Leah instead of Emily. Even though we may not see Leah in this film I think they should hold on to this girl and cast her for Leah in Eclipse.

  33. Carolyn says:

    She’s PERFECT!!

  34. Emily says:

    i think shes good
    not trying to be mean but i pictured emily to be like a super model.. really skinny
    but she could work!

  35. Erin(: says:

    I say she should be Leah not Emily.

  36. Jena says:

    At this point I am feeling bad for Solomon Trimble, the actor who protrays Sam. In his interview awhile back with TST he mentioned that the scariest part of filming future films would be the kissing Emily scene in the kitchen of New Moon. Imagine having to kiss a well known actress for your first on screen kiss. How nerve wracking!

  37. As much as i would love her to be Emily, i prefer unknowns in the Twilight series movies. any celebrities that are extremely famous will just ruin the film. And please listen, because most twilight fans are saying the exact same thing. no america ferrara, no vanessa huggens, and no gay guy from HSM! though, dakota fanning would be the perfect jane. but other than that- i would like unknowns to play the part. : )

  38. Study your history says:

    For those of you that are complaining that America is not native American, guess what ALL ppl of Hispanic heritage have Native blood in them. She might not be part of an actual american tribe but she has native blood in her. So this should not be a reason for ignorant fans to have fit over who they cast in a role as if their outcries made any difference.

  39. Cynthia from California says:

    I think she should be Leah instead of Emily. She’d be awesome!

    I also think she could pull of the Native American aspect of the character too. Hispanic people have a mixture of indigenous blood from the Americas… so maybe she can be considered part Native American!

    I’m Hispanic and I’ve been asked a few times if I was Native American. 🙂

  40. Cynthia from California says:

    Haha… I just read comment #39 after I had posted my first comment (#40). I agree!

  41. Rikki says:

    OOOHHHHH. She would be perfect for Emily. She can play that loving yet beautiful character. It would be awesome to have her play Emily.

  42. Gemma Thompson says:


  43. Alexandra says:

    I think she woul be perfect for emily or for leah, she is a great actress, so she will be able to do both. Plus who said she dosnt look native american, she is nor, but she can do the part.

  44. sou says:

    YAY I really hope she gets it! <333333333333333
    She’d make the perfect Em

  45. Barbie says:

    I totally Agree with #5 people remeber its a really crappy budget 50 million get serious half of it would go towards dakotta, which by the way isnt right for the roll for her, she is way to y0ung! but in the other hand I thnk she would play a GREAT Emily. I would be totally happy to see her playing emily =)

  46. Patty says:

    I dont believe America Ferrara is auditioning for the role of Emily… I heard from other websites that it is a girl named America Young and if it is America Young she is PERFECT for that role…. I really hope she gets it!!! Love to see new faces for this awesome story.

  47. jenna says:

    i love her in all the movies she has been in. i think she would a great choice to play emily!


  48. Jill says:

    maybe not what I pictured but they should probaly get someone not famous to play her just like leah get someone whos not famous and has some native relation with copper skin. ^_^

  49. brittany says:

    i love america she wil do great playing emily in new moon she is beautiful and she has talent i don’t care what people say she is awsome

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