Melissa Rosenberg, Stephen King, and Others Talk “Vampire Revival”

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Melissa Rosenberg, Stephen King, Noel Carroll, and Matt Reeves, director of Let Me In, took part in a panel at this year’s New Yorker festival where they discussed the recent rise in the popularity of vampires in literature, film, television and other branches of popular culture.  You can listen to the panel in its entirety above–just a forewarning, mature topics are discussed and there is some language.  Around minute mark 12:40, the moderator brings up the infamous “tent scene” in Eclipse and the reaction she heard in the theatre!  Also, check out minute mark 26:13, where Melissa talks about how she changed Bella’s character from book to screen.  Here’s a brief summary of the panel, from WNYC:

The panelists discussed why we would pay good money to be scared; the first movie that scared the panelists and the new role of the vampire as a hero. Melissa Rosenberg talked about what she changed when she wrote the screenplays for the Twilight series. And Joan Acocella referred to Edward as a “very serious dreamboat.” 

Go here to read more about it!  Via: Twilight Lexicon

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