Isle Esme House Featured in “Architectural Digest”

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Architectural Digest has a fantastic article about Casa em Paraty, which was used as the location for Isle Esme. 

Halfway between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, off the BR-101 highway, lies a corner of Brazil bounded by forested mountains that edge their way down to the sea. The Saco do Mamanguá, a tropical fjord, cuts between the mainland and the peninsula of Juatinga, where ridges approaching 1,600 feet frame a narrow bay; this pristine spot is where businessman Ícaro Fernandes, his wife, Cristina, and their five children, ranging in age from three to 24, come to trade life in the urban jungle of São Paulo for waterskiing and dolphin-watching. On weekends, the clan braves São Paulo’s notorious traffic to make the nearly three-hour drive to the colonial town of Paraty, where they hop onto a speedboat for the short ride to their beachfront home.

Fernandes and his family got to know Saco do Mamanguá in 2001, when they visited friends who owned a house in the area, and they eventually decided to buy a 99-acre property on one of the inlet’s loveliest beaches. Fernandes, a real-estate developer who also owns a food-import business, had long admired the work of Brazilian architects Bernardes + Jacobsen, lauded for their imaginative tropical-modern houses. So he called on the firm—now headed by Thiago Bernardes, son of the late Claudio Bernardes and grandson of Sergio Bernardes (1919–2002), and Paulo Jacobsen, partner to all three generations—to design his family’s retreat.

They go into detail about why the house is situated where it is, how the design of the house makes the most of its location, and how they incorporated sustainable materials into its construction.  To read the rest go here!  Also, Architectural Digest has a great slideshow that shows off the entire house.  Go here to see those pictures.

Photo Credit: Iain Kemp

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    I am From Brazil that what makes me a way much bigger fan of twilight now!

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