Peter Facinelli: the wedding “looks very magical”

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Peter Facinelli recently spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the filming of the wedding scenes and what we can expect them to look like:

Anything you can tease to us about it? I hear the wedding scene is grand.
The wedding scene, first of all, was really beautiful. The way the set was decorated, the way they lit it. It’s in the backyard of the Cullen house, and they utilized the space really well. For us as actors, it was hard because it was raining the whole time we shot, but you’ll never see it on film. For us, it was raining and muddy, but on film, it will look beautiful. In the baseball sequence [from the first movie], it rained the whole time, but you can’t tell.

How did you magically stay dry?
It’s very difficult. I remember the first day [on the first film], we were in the midst of shooting, and they said [to the director Catherine Hardwicke], ‘”What do you want to do Catherine?” So they started passing out baseball hats to anyone whose hair looked too wet. It was movie magic; you never see it. It has to rain really hard for it to read on film.

Give me a visual tease of the wedding, for the wedding geeks, like yours truly.
It looks very magical. It was a real treat to be able to watch the two of them get married. It was a longtime coming, this wedding. It didn’t disappoint me when we shot it, so I think it will be magical.

Read the rest at Entertainment Weekly, Peter also talks about how the whole Breaking Dawn filming experience has been a “whirlwind”.  My favorite bit of this interview is where Peter says it was a treat seeing Edward and Bella get married. Such a sweet thing to say, and it’s made me even more excited to finally see it!

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