Breaking Dawn Tour Kicks Off in Atlanta and We’ve Got Pics & Vids!

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Last night, the Breaking Dawn Part 1 Cast and Concert Tour kicked off in Atlanta at the Buckhead Theatre and I was there reppin’ TST! It was such a fun night fill with all kinds of Twi-goodness and a few unexpected moments:

  • To start off, I have to send a HUGE thank you to Summit for getting us access to this fantastic show!
  • Servers were walking around with trays full of hors d’oeuvres such as crab cakes, candied apples, and other delicacies. Fance-ay! The decor at the theatre was wedding-themed and so of course, it was gorgeous.
  • Various booths were set up where fans could pick out a Breaking Dawn poster to take home with them; get glittery Twilight-themed tattoos; and have their picture taken with wedding veils or cute signs that said things like:  “Team Edward”,”I <3 Bella”, etc…


  • Before the show started, passes to advance screenings were given away, and one lucky fan won a $200 gift certificate from Alfred Angelo Bridal, the makers of Bella’s wedding dress replica. Breaking Dawn TV spots and other previews were shown during which time I covered my eyes and ears because I’m staying as spoiler-free as possible!
  • We were able to meet and greet the cast that were there: Ashley Greene, Nikki Reed, Charlie Bewley, and Jackson Rathbone! The photo hasn’t come in yet otherwise it’d be inserted right HERE. 😉
  • Christina Perri opened the show with “Jar of Hearts”, “Arms”, and “A Thousand Years”. She is incredible live and her voice is smooth like buttah! I can now say I am a fan of hers, especially after finally hearing “A Thousand Years”. It’s *lit-trally* the sweetest song I’ve ever heard. And I heard it for the first time last night! haha!


  • After that, the cast did a Q&A with fans, and here are a few pics and videos from that:


The rest of the photos are in this slideshow:

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2 Comments to “Breaking Dawn Tour Kicks Off in Atlanta and We’ve Got Pics & Vids!”

  1. Krystal says:

    Great pics, Stef! Sounds like you had an awesome time 🙂

    • Stefanie says:

      Thank ya. I had so. Much. Fun. You should’ve seen the looks on our faces when my friend and I found out we’d get to take a photo with Nikki and all them. It was a lot like this :-O You would’ve also probably been laughing at me as I hummed with eyes closed and my fingers in my ears during the sneak peeks. 😉

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