Let’s be a great “Host”…

Feb 24th, 2008 | By | Category: Book News

It has been announced that Stephenie Meyer will be doing a signing tour for her upcoming book The Host, this May!  The tour will begin May 6th, and run through the month in Minneapolis, Kansas City, Houston, Dallas, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Denver, Portland, Los Angeles and San Diego.  The specific dates of the tour will be released the week of March 30th, so stay tuned in.  These are ticketed events, so you will want to get your spot reserved ASAP!  We also know that there will not be an extensive book tour with the release of Breaking Dawn, so let’s all go to this tour and support Stephenie!

 The Host

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  1. kassia says:

    No one comes to poor Canada! We’re neighbours, yet we are always forgotten about.

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