Twilight Set Visit

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  1. Kelly says:


  2. Marci Johansen says:

    You guys are so lucky. I wish I could be there.

  3. Mellie says:

    sweeeet! I’m so glad you got to go, thanks for sharing all of this 🙂

  4. Katie says:

    Those are so awesome!!

  5. Faith says:

    aww u guys r soo lucky XD
    awesome pics..thxs ^-^

    need to see the rest!

  6. twilunatic says:

    yay!! “edward’ is wearing a tan leather jacket just like the book says he does. its great that they are making this close to the book!

  7. Maria says:

    awesome! its so cool u got to go to the set. my whole family lives in oregon so i might get to see some of the characters this summer

  8. Bella says:

    Aww… you can’t see Kristen on the scene…

    and I find this very intresting, but the moon is in the shape of a heart….. wow….. ^^

  9. PalBokEe says:

    I feel so lucky that i live in Portland. ^__^
    Oh the rain really needs to stop, the crew needs to film here.+_+
    They’re working so hard on this movie. I appreciate that completely. Starting to have more compassion towards Robert now. ^__^ Also a great thing that they’re sticking to the book more. Super excited for the movie to come out!! Thank you very much for the pictures. ^___^

  10. Joan says:

    Thanks for sharing!

  11. jess says:

    nice pics!


  12. Katya says:

    Hey these pictures are awesome! also the others of the set… I was wondering… because i would really REALLY love to make some icon out of them…. if i could post them and credit you for the photos? if so please send me an email ^_^

  13. nic says:

    omg i cant wait….

  14. Lindsay says:

    OMG i cant wait either!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Breaking Dawn comes out a day after my B-Day!!! THE MOVIE IS GOING TO BE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Luna says:

    Dude, It’s kinda SUPPOSED to be raining!!!
    Jeez, I mean every scene I see from the movie, it’s dry as a bone…
    I know they can’t get their equipment wet, but it’s supposed to be in FORKS, for goodness sakes!!

  16. Kayla says:

    holy freakin crow! i would have like given anything to be in you guys’s shoes while getting to do this! geez, that would have been amazing. wow. i can’t wait to see the movie. i don’t know if it’ll be able to do the book justice, though. the book is the best thing on earth. holy crow. geez. why must it come out in december? why not today :(???? wa, wa, wa. sniff sniff. august for the new book, Breaking Dawn. I dont’ know if i can wait. i’m going to the party though!

  17. Mae says:

    what’s with the frat boys?
    there aren’t any frat boys in the book….

  18. Ione says:

    I love the Twilight Series!!! They are the best vampire vs. werewolf novels ever!!! I love Bella, she reminds me of myself. I like Edward, but I found myself excited that Jacob Black made his move on Bella. I really like him just as much as Edward. It’s just so complicated!!! I can’t wait to see what happens in the other novels!!! Will Bella marry Edward or will she go with Jacob?

  19. Me says:

    THAT IS SO COOL! I wish I were there! How did you guys get to do that??? Now I’m gonna pout for the rest of my life…scrach that…the rest of my existence. 🙂

  20. superfan reyreya says:

    im sooo mad that i didnt get to c them film! and i live in portland oregon…they filmed 30 mins away from where i live but i only learned that yesterday…soooo frustrated….im definitely going to canon beach this week just to embraced the fact that the greatest movie of the century(i hope) was partly filmed there… im soooo mad… and sad…*tear*…if anyone saw them film, plz tell me abt it!

  21. superfan reyreya says:

    to Me: NIIICE catch!

  22. jen says:

    u r so lucky to go on set
    i love the cast

  23. Tori says:

    superfan reyreya i know what you mean. I live 10 minutes away and my anut works at the school they used for forks high school and i didn’t even know!!!
    p.s. it doesn’t rain in portland every day were having a 5 day rain free streak!!! ( won’t say anything about the clouds though.)

  24. Peri says:


  25. Bella(i know its weird) says:

    I had a weird idea. Here it is… there are 1 vamp.that know one new about(5 years after Breaking Dawn) .Their names are Anya(can move things with her mind). Edward finds Anya hunting one day and finds her hunting(he is by himself he had a fight with Bella).He knows exactly what she was and beggs Carilsle(sorry if i misspell)to adoped her(she lived in a orphanege).When Renessme and Anya meet they become best friends.But Rosalee is convinced that Anya is the worst thing that happend to the Cullens, because she is the popular one and is always with people and she thinks its to dangorus(and she is to dangorus).Anya gets a bo.(Parker) things workout when another new vamp. and tries to go after Parker and Renessme and the rest of the Cullens are gone Anya has to save both of them she is scared that she will lose both her love and her best friend she goes to the best place she can think of(Alaska).The girl that is chasing her follows at the end when lets call her Copper is about to kill Parker and Anya and Renessme are not in any condishon to help him.Rosalee come to the rescue and distroyes Copper and finds a whole new liking to Anya.

  26. Hollz says:


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