A Chat with Kellan Lutz…

After a light day of filming, Kellan Lutz who is playing Emmett Cullen in Twilight, met me for a casual chat. I was jotting down a few last-minute questions when Kellan entered the lobby of the hotel. It just took a smile and hug to calm my anxious nerves. It is one thing to do an interview over the phone or computer, but meeting face-to-face is a whole new can of worms to me. Kellan was in a great mood, it was just one more day until he was off to be with friends and family for the Easter weekend. We immediately sat down and started chatting about the Twilight Series! I was not sure how long I had Kellan for, and I wanted to get as many questions answered as possible. He confirmed that he has read all of the books, and really liked them. Kellan was not much of a reader growing up in North Dakota, but while filming Generation Kill in Africa last year he became a fan of John Grisham novels. He also read a book by John Eldredge called Wild at Heart: Discovering a Life of Passion, Freedom, and Adventure that he said, “Changed his perspective on life!” Being in Africa for several months filming took its toll on this family oriented guy, and when he was first offered the roll of Emmett he turned it down so that he could spend some time at home. It was about a month after filming Generation Kill that Kellan was encouraged to take another look at Twilight by his agent. I asked Kellan what his favorite scene in the Twilight Series is and he referred to a scene that was an outtake on Stephenie Meyer’s website. My guess is that he was referring to a piece cut from the original epilogue called Emmett and the Bear. When I asked Kellan what he believed Emmett’s role in his family was, he quickly responded, “Protector.” I agreed, and we discussed the strength and presence Emmett had in the confrontation with James, Laurent and Victoria. There were a few questions I asked Kellan about Emmett and Rosalie’s relationship, and how he saw it from Emmett’s perspective. These were done over email before I knew we would be meeting, so I will be posting them when our next podcast comes out about Rosalie and Emmett (Rosamett)! Since our podcasts are all about theories, I did ask for one from Kellan, but he kindly declined answering the question, since he already knows some stuff from the next book! We moved on to questions about filming in the Portland area, and Kellan says he loves being there. He is always looking up to the mountains, wishing he could be snowboarding. Kellan is very athletic and loves football, and has been boxing for five years! We talked a little about sports, but I was treading water to keep up…luckily my husband loves sports, I must be picking up ESPN subconsciously! Kellan’s nickname in his family is “Krazy Kellan,” he likes to try new things. I was pleasantly surprised to learn of his love for chemical engineering. Although, he took a detour into modeling and acting, Kellan still loves to try and figure out how things work. He would invent things, with one of his brothers that has similar interests, if he had the resources and time. Kellan said he was a mama’s boy growing up. His mother was not too excited about Kellan going to LA to pursue acting, but was, and is completely supportive. Kellan took his mother to the premiere of Stick It in 2006, and described her as looking “Beautiful!” I must have glanced at my watch five times, trying to figure out if I would have enough time to ask a few more questions about the sets and cast. Kellan reassured me that he had the time, and I proceeded. When I asked about his favorite things to film thus far, Kellan mentioned that he loved filming the fighting scenes and really enjoyed being in a rig doing stunts. There hasn’t been anything too hard for him to film, and his double has told him that he doesn’t have to do everything. Kellan’s double has even started doing some things for other cast members because Kellan likes to try everything. Twilight has a very young cast, and I asked how everyone is getting along. Kellan said that it is one of the best he has worked with. He really enjoys working with everyone. We discussed how every member of the Cullen family was important to the story and that it just wouldn’t be the same if one was left out. I was curious which role Kellan would enjoy playing other than Emmett, and he said he would enjoy the challenge of playing Edward. The emotional range of Edward appeals to Kellan, and it is the challenges that he looks for when choosing a role. The lobby was becoming a little rowdy at this point, and I was expecting to wrap up our conversation, when Kellan asked if I would like to walk to Starbucks and hang out a little more. (I was flattered and floored! Who knew I was such great company?) Having been in town for one day, I knew where to get my favorite green tea. As we walked up to the closest Starbucks we realized there was no where to sit, and opted to head to another location a few blocks away. I asked Kellan if he had any other interests, or if he did any volunteer work. He mentioned working with kids, and going on mission trips through his church. We wandered around downtown, and finally found a second Starbucks. Kellan was quite the gentleman treating me to my favorite drink. When the order came out wrong he tried the strange concoction, and actually enjoyed it! We got our drinks and headed outside to sit down, but it was raining. Across the street, there were some tables and chairs under the shelter of a building’s ledge, and we chose to hang out there. Kellan was so easygoing and we just talked about everything. His views on life are very mature, and we talked about his past and his passions. Kellan is very happy in his life. He enjoys living in California with his four roommates and his dog Kola. Kellan’s dog is a multi-colored, mixed breed, and he hates having to be away from him while filming. Kellan does want to be married one day, but knows that he wants to wait a few more years. He would love to have a little Kellan one day. Maybe even a Kellanette? Kellan said he looks forward to teaching his kids things, like throwing a football. After an hour and a half, Kellan and I started our walk back to the hotel. We talked a little about my experience from the previous day, when I was able to watch some of the filming. We also talked about how much Kellan was looking forward to being home for the weekend. When we arrived back in the lobby we asked a hotel employee to take our picture. Then I went out on a limb and asked if he would write a short note to my sister Kassie. Kellan took the time to write a note, and draw a little cartoon. We hugged goodbye, and I thanked him profusely for the opportunity to hang out!

Well, that is it! There are a few more Q&A that I am saving for our next podcast about Emmett and Rosalie! Check it out, along with the podcast about the trip to learn a little more about Kellan!

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  1. Brenna Gentry says:

    Listen your soo lucky. Im a big fan of Twilight. Ive seen the movie 18 times! I love Kellan Lutz and im a big fan. I wish i could meet him but i live in a small town in Missouri. I really wish i could go to California to meet him but i dont have any money. But your so lucky im very jealous.

  2. molly says:

    OMG! your so lucky! i would love to meet kellan lutz!!!! im so jealous 🙂 thats so awesome!!! you are very very lucky!!!!!! this is the kind of thing that makes me wish i lived close enough (or had enough money) to go to portland and watch them film twilight (or i wish i could have watched them film since its january 09)! so yup. im extremely jealous (not in the bad way like im not gunna attempt to hurt you in anyway)!!!! haha. i think its funny that you say you ordered iced tea because thats what you do in texas, because my aunt lives in texas and she is like obsessed with iced tea! thats all she drinks!!!

    • jasmine denunzio love kellan says:

      dude i love kellan i love him an im in love with him he rocks at emmet kullen an i would do any thing to meet him so i beat out every one who likes him i mean did you see him adopt that dog awwwwwwwwwwwww he an he are so cute anyway got jamm in skool c ya peace

      jasmine denunziolove kellan

      p.s . love you kellan

  3. klockinwalkinbocken says:

    I LOVE KELLAN LUTZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE TWILIGHT !!! I LOVE EMMETT!!!! I REALLY LOVE KELLAN LUTZ!!! note to Kellan: You are the ONE for me! call me:8239457 Bye honey! 🙂 WE BELONG TOGETHER 4EVUH!

  4. KellansWifeyy! says:




  5. klockinwalkinbocken says:

    excuse me deary, but you are sadly mistaken- it is your misfortune to have be so deluded as to have thought that kellan is YOUR husband, as we are clearly married. He has just released a comment to People magazine describing the details of our love and how happy I make him. kay thanx bye 😉

  6. KellansWifeyy! says:

    Ohh. It’s gon be lik3 dat. iighttt? well i hate to tell you that Kellan just released it to M magizine that he was proposing to me! how could he do dat if he was married to me?? OHH! And just to let you know I make him happy EVERY NIGHT.

    I hope you get bit by Jacob.
    thanks for your congratulations in my recent proposal! <3

  7. klockinwalkinbocken says:

    WOW. I will be reporting that comment to the police, as it offensive and threatening. And, young lady, I DO NOT like what you are insinuating to and about me. If you honestly expect me to believe that YOU please him every night, when he is ab-viously in MY bed, then you are delusional! And Jacob is going be our best man, although to be honest, he has bitten me before- that hickey was on my neck for weeks! Also, M magazine is nowhere near as truthful and honest as People. People’s motto is: “Truth, Honesty, Entertain”, which means that they tell the truth to entertain. Our relationship is entertaining. SO THERE! try to make people believe more of your lies NOW!

  8. KellansWifeyy! says:

    i will NOT stoop to your level of involving the dectives/police. I do not apprecate being talked to like a FIFTEEN year old! I do NOT like your tone of VOICE! I WILL REPORT YOU TO THE OWNERS OF THIS WEBSITE. so EAT THAT bee-atchhh!

  9. Elizabeth says:

    Wow! He seems like really sweet guy. He sounds like he really cares about his family and kids. I was thrilled to hear that he likes hiking too. Great interview!

  10. Elizabeth says:

    Woops! I made it sound like he has kids! I meant that he would be a great guy with kids!

  11. Tatiana says:

    AWWWWWWW your teddy bear

  12. Leslie says:

    OMG U R SOOOO LUCKY!!!! He is insanely hawt!!!<3 I am in love with him…and to top up the looks every interview ive read of him he always seems so sweet and genuine, like an all-american boy. AND hes read the books!!! OMG if I got to spend the day with him I would ask him sooooooooooooo many questions about himself!! OMG I am SOO Jelous of u!<3

  13. Tiffany says:

    HAHA you’re so freakin lucky. I wanna meet him so so so bad!

  14. jessica hermann says:

    you are sweed

  15. bahar says:

    hi im bahar kellan how are u i just watched twitlight and i love it you have got so many turkish fans like me i love u

  16. bahar says:

    hi im bahar how are you kellan i just watched twitlight and i love it you have got so many turkish fans like me

  17. caleigh says:

    hi i saw uon prom night u look the same

  18. Julia Edmonds says:

    aaaaawwww he is such a nice person, and a cutie, he is my teddy bear hehe jk, that was a cool experience, wish i was there

  19. maria says:

    hey im ur #1 fan and i think u r so hot i love uu!!!!!!

    • hey you just moved down to number 2 because i am his number 1 fan hahahhahhhahhhhhahhhaaaaaa you just got TOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Starr says:

    Hey, I love what he wrote. That note is very Emmett.

    P.S. Love ur piodcast, I’m happy that I just happened upon it. Luvya Gurls are the Best and my fave show on my iPod

  21. ppl says:

    omg…….he is sooooo HOT………..i would so do him!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  22. maddy says:

    i love kellan i would sell my sole 2 the devil 2 meet him

  23. Madi says:

    seriously,you guys need help!Kellan Lutz is probly VERY freaked out by most of you,becuase your just a little TOO obsessed with him!and chances are,you will NEVER even meet him…so please do yourself a huge favor and stop argueing over a movie star.sorry! :/

  24. Diana says:

    OMG!! your lucky! i wish i could meet him hes such a nice person! i wish i just could meet him so bad!!!!!!!!!!! I feel really sad when i hear about people that have met the cast because they are so lucky! i just cant believe ive never met anyone famous and I live in CAlifornia! im like always sending them fan letters! I wish i could meet him!!! And ohh I live in a small city and I found out that Justin Beiber might be going to the high school near here! Im not really a fan actually i dont even like him!!!!!!!!! but i just cant beleive it and i know where taylor lautner lives andmy moms friend has met him its like really wierd and i know people that have met robert pattinson and other twilight stars its just so unfair!!

  25. laura says:

    Your very lucky, i love twilight and i think these guys are all amazing actors i love kellan’s name so much i named my newborn baby boy after him my son kellan was also born the day after Robert Pattinson birthday lol…x

  26. sara says:

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  28. sarah says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i totally love Kellan!!!!!!!!!!!
    i live in Australia. i never get to meet any stars because of where i live and my parents dont have alot of money to fly me across the world just to try and meet a star but i totally love Twilight. I have read Breaking Dawn 54 times, eclipse 44 times, New Moon 51 times and Twilight 42 times. I have all the books and movies and i know every word so i get on my sisters nerves alot. i recite parts of the book randomly and i am a MAJOR team edward gal. I would really like to meet Nikki Reed because she has been my idol since i watched Thirteen and Minni’s First Time for the first time. i would die to meet any of them!!!!!!!!!!!

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