Supporter’s Speculations ~ Post-Breaking Dawn

This is a page for you to post all of your theories about what might happen in the Twilight Series after Breaking Dawn!  This would include speculations about the futures of any of the characters that have been introduced in the last four books.  We are ready to read about what you think is going to happen to them all!

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  1. Karli says:

    No Nahuel. More Jacob and Renesmae please.

  2. Rebekah says:

    Here’s my “Supporter Specuuulaaaation” (love that voice Kassie!)
    I think that after Stephenie has a good long break from Twilight that she’ll write a book from Alice’s perspective. It would be so cool to see how Alice experiences her visions. I think the book would be based way into the future, like after Charlie, Rene, Angela and all are dead so that new human characters could be brought in. It would also be great if Freaky Fred could cross paths wtih the Cullens too.
    But first, before any other new Twilight books come out I’m hoping just like everyone else that Midnight Sun will get finished so we can put that baby to rest. Then maybe as an extra treat we’ll get New Moon from Edward’s perspective too.

    • ktir says:

      I agree, can’t wait for midnight sun but maybe there could also be a book using Edward’s perspective for New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn…especially in New Moon wherein he tried to let Bella have a normal life

    • jreed says:

      I agree!! Please, please Ms. Steph – more Alice and Jasper in the future. Please, can only come from you.

    • I completely agree. I love Alice and Jasper. Only, I would actually love to know the Alice before the Vampire. I wonder if her human self was less bouncy and enjoyable. It would be interesting to learn more about her history. The book could end with her becoming a vampire and not remembering anything. OR if Stephenie Meyer was able to write an Alice book that you have recommended, I would love Alice’s past found out. After all, that’s one of the biggest mysteries in the world. Also, the Volturi will have to lose big time if it was a book set in the distant future.

  3. Megan says:

    I don’t have a supporters speculations for Breaking Dawn but just a thought about Twilight. If Edward wasn’t there to save her she would have died. So when Bella becomes a vamp and dies later it’s ok because she lived with her/his family longer than she would have if he didnt exist. So Edward doesn’t have to feel so much guilt.
    Just wanted to see what you thought.

    Love You Ladies!

    -Megan Charleston, SC
    30 yrs old

  4. pooja says:

    I think meyer should write whole series in Edward’s perspective. I’m longing to read Edward’s views when he confesses his love to Bella, when he left her and so on and so forth.

  5. Annette Black says:

    Finish Midnight Sun…

  6. Shannon says:

    I really, really hope that she finishes her Midnight Sun draft on her website and then hopefully get it published. I would love for her to write the rest of the books from his point of view, because I absolutely loved reading it on her website!!!

  7. Karen says:

    i also hope she will finish Midnight Sun. But I wish it would be his thoughts about Breaking Dawn more than the others. He is so quiet in this book. He keeps everything inside about Bella and the baby.

  8. Nickler says:

    i so agree…finish Midnight Sun. I would love to hear the stroy from Edwards perspective…..I sooooooo love Edward Cullen

  9. Hannah says:

    my supporter speculation is that…(okay it’s more like wishful thinking) Stephenie will bring out midnight sun, wait a while then hopefully bring out New moon in Alice AND Edward’s POV. I also hope she brings out a follow on from Breaking dawn about Jake and Nessie’s relationship growing that includes life in the wolf pack more 😉 again more wishful thinking 😛

    • Pamela Burnette says:

      In Breaking Dawn, it was alluded to that the Volturi needed to be taken out of power, why not make that happen in another sequel? Something like they try to make the Edward, Renesme, and Alice join them and it unites many Vampires to rally and stop them once and for all, would be a nice way to tie up those loose ends…

      • Melissa says:

        I really like that idea! I say finish Midnight Sun…then continue the Twilight Saga…We barely got to know Bella as a to continue the saga would give us more of Bella and Edward mixed with the future of the volturri and Renesme and Jacob. Gosh there are so many different ways the story could go..

        • jessica says:

          i totally agree with u. have been thinking the same exact thing since i finished the books. so hope she lets us know more bout bella as a vampire and lets us go deeper into jacob and renesme’s relationship. Gosh wish i could crawl and live inher books!

          • Robin Stapelfeld says:

            I agree with you Jessica, I would really love to read about Bella as a vamp and Jake and Nessie have much more to tell us!
            I believe with the introduction of so many vamps around the world that I would be very sad if Meyers didn’t publish some side books about the vamp families that witnessed to the Volturi for Bella and Edward. We would also get back stories on Alice, Carlisle and the rest when each of their stories were written, I have faith in Meyers that she will keep the books coming as long as we are reading. :<))

          • mariah says:

            i think she should make a book about what happens next. make a book of bella as a vampire have the first part be about edward and bella, then renesmee and jake, then edward and bella agin! i really want to no what happens…and i think there should ne a little vampire werewolf running around… ( hint hint) even though edward will ripe his head off i think renesmmee should stop ageing at 18 and so should jake! (:

      • Melissa says:

        All of us have been “loyal” Twilight fans…I think it is very unfair that we have to literally beg Stephenie Meyer to finish Midnight Sun or even a Twilight continuation.. Granted it is her right to choose not to finish either one, but as my Grandma always said ‘Never forget where you came from and how you got to where you are today” the truth is… it was her loyal “fans” that made her a millionaire.

    • Annie C. says:

      I like the idea of Edward and Alice POV for new moon!

  10. Jackeline` says:

    Sooo my supporters speculation (like a lot of people, I LIVE for the moment Kassie says that, I just laugh OUT LOUD!), is that she’s gonna finish Midnight Sun and maybe the rest of the series from Edwards perspective. I’ve been dying to know what he feels when he left her and when he was trying to deliver reneesme and practically going insane. And how cool is it to hear things? I know he doesn’t gossip but it must be SO interesting to hear what Jacob is thinking, oh and HOW insane it would be to try and decode Bella’s emotions and thoughts. I really hope she does books from Edward and Alice’s perspective; maybe even Jasper’s. She could try doing one from Jacob’s although he’s not in twilight a lot, but it’d be nice to get a bit of background on his life BEFORE werewolves… Anyway…… thats it…………

  11. Beth says:

    I’d love to see the story continued with Nessie as an adult, and how her relationship with Jacob changes as she moves from child into woman. I’d also love to explore Leah a little more as the only female werewolf. It would definitely be interesting if she were to finally imprint on someone- Nahuel perhaps. Would definitely make for an interesting family tree

  12. Ashley says:

    I would love to see Jasper’s backstory. Starting while he was human. I think his backstory is amazing! 🙂

  13. cela whitney says:

    i would love a story of edwards life from the time esme joined the family to the end of new moon.

  14. Catharine says:

    I would love it if she would do the books in different POV Twilight of course from Edwards (Midnight Sun) Then do New Moon from Jaspers POV because that would just fe flipping awsome to read what was really in his head when he tried to attack Bella and then how he feels about everything that takes place after that one moment, Then Eclipse from either Carlisle or Esme or both that would be sweeetttt. And last Breaking Dawn from Alice she sees a completely different world while that is going on at the Cullens. Plus she is connected to them so we would also get to see what kind of visions she was getting from home. I really don’t want any Jacob Renesme books its just still wrong for me I thought imprinting was supposed to make the pack stronger and the natural enemy of the pack is the Vampire, so how is supposed to work anyway. Edward should have killed Jacob right then, Bella would have forgiven him. But none of this is supporter speculations it’s hopes and dreams, best we can hope for is that some day after she has written another awsome series she will revisit the World of the Cullens and give us Midnight Sun. and when she decideds to do that I will read it and probably the entire series again. For the 1000th time by then.
    Thanks Ladies
    Love love, kiss kiss

  15. Mr. Anonymous says:

    Why not throw a Vampire-Werewolf hybrid into the mix? Worked for Underworld..

  16. Mark says:

    I would love a continuation of breaking dawn, because as some said earlier up in the comments we barely got to know vampire bella. it would be so great if she could do that!

  17. Bethany says:

    Hey ladies I just recently.. like this week, discovered your podcast and I completely LoVe ittttt…. you girls make me laugh…ahhh (sigh) it makes my day go by so much faster at work and I really do look forward to listening to you! I love when Kassie sings supporter speculation ahhh AMAZING haha anyways I am a huge fan of Twilight and never really looked into alot of things that you guys have talked about on the show… I had some questions about New Moon but umm errr I forgot them at work yesss I jotted down questions at work does that make you a bad influence on me lol just kidding well anyways when I go back to work on Monday I will be sure to bring the questions home lol….I do remember one of the questions but I’m not sure if you have answered it in previous podcasts I hope not and if so I am SoRrY but anyways it says in New Moon that Bella was never used to alot of money being that her mom raised her on a Kindergarten teachers salary and I was just curious as to why it never went in depth about why she left being a teacher and as I realize that Renee gets remarried and all and probably does need to work but it never explained this out that I know of… Hope to hear back!
    Love the show and Twilight and Edward and well you girls
    from BethanyCullen

  18. Bethany says:

    Sorry its not really a speculation just a question just was hoping you could answer!

  19. Bethany says:

    Hey gals I’m back finally okay here is a long list of my questions…
    1 I wonder if when Bella is changed into a vampire if you can still see her bite mark that James gave her like you can Jaspers since vampires are supposed to appear perfect.
    2 Can Renesmee have a baby since she is half vamp and half human..and if so what would it be since Jacob is a wolf.
    3 How did Rosalie keep from Emmitt when she found him after being attacked by by the bear. I know she hasnt tasted blood before BUT in Breaking Dawn when Bellas is having Renesmee, Rosalie smells Bellas blood and goes into a frenzy.
    4 How does Carlisle miss so many days of work…I know the kids miss alot of school when their is sunny days so wouldnt Carlisle have to miss alot also since he works in a hospital with windows and on sunny days if he walked by a window the sun would show what he really is.
    5 Do you ever wonder what the parents of the Cullin kids went thru? I mean I know Edwards parents died but what about the rest of them.
    6 I wonder how they will do the wolves scene in Breaking Dawn I know you all talked about the cheesy factor if they actually talked BUT in Breaking Dawn it should be explained that Sam is not the true alpha and it would be nice to see the conflict between them about the Cullins and Bella.
    7 OK Edward cant read Bellas mind but he can hear her heart beating as said in New Moon and Jasper can read her emotions so why did Edward get so upset about Jacob.
    8 Since the wolves can be with humans and eventually they start aging again what I;m trying to say is like Quil stops aging for Clare till she gets of age. Then since Renesmee stops aging when shes like 16 or whatever in vamp years then wouldnt Jacob die eventually since he has to start aging again.
    9 Since Renesmee is half vampire why wouldnt Jacob stink to her like he does to the rest of the vampires.

    OKay girls I think this is all I have I know I didnt explain in details alot of this but if you have any questions about what I mean then I will explain. Again I love you gals your hilarious and amazing please get back with me!

  20. I wrote a fan fiction on what I think will happen after breaking dawn. Its called After SunSet. Here is where you can read it :

  21. Jeremy Brewer says:

    I think the actor who played Edward is very awkward. Especially for biting is pillow during sex? Was it painful or is he just a virgin or something? This movie is another chick flick. I prefer Harry Potter over any if these!

  22. Bethany says:

    Hey Kassie Hey Kallie!

    Here is my supporter specualaaaaaation (did you read that in Kassies voice?)

    I really really really DON’T want Stephanie to write another book following the current story line. Yes it would be nice to find out about what happens to Nessie and Jake but I just feel the Breaking Dawn was the creme da la creme. Writing another book may ruin that perfect ending. It would be like making a Friends movie, the ending of the last series was fantastic and they should leave it at that instead of risking ruining it by going 20 years later or whatever. I would like to leave the “20 years later” part to my imagination.
    If Stephanie did write another book following the current plot then I’d love to see Nessie and Jake fight an epic battle with the Cullens, maybe even losing one of them? If that were to happen I’d want it to be Rosalie. Not because I hate Rosalie, I mean I love her, no, because I’d love to see Nessie more vulnerable. Rosalie would take the shot instead of Nessie (because in Rosalies eyes Nessie is as much her daughter as she is Bellas daughter) and Nessie would end up feeling extremely guilty and therefore becoming weaker. As we know Nessies power is to communicate images to people so if Nessie isn’t as strong as usual she may send off her feeling to the wrong vampires who may take this as an advantage to attack the Cullens and their friends. This, of course, is where Jake comes in. He is going to be Super Jake. He and the Cullens along with Nessie will fight WITH the Volturi against these rouge vampires who are extremely powerful. Can we lose Jane here? I really loathe Jane 🙁 How DARE she order Brees death!!!
    If Stephanie was to write from another characters perspective I’d love her to finish Midnight Sun or for her to write from the perspective of Victoria. I just find her a very interesting character.

    So there it is, sorry it’s soooooo long! Love you guys and your podcasts <3

    Bethany 🙂

  23. Reesa says:

    I agree. I would love to see her finish Midnight Sun and even continue with Edward’s point of view in the rest of the series. New Moon would be interesting since he is pretty much out of the picture in this book. I don’t really think we need a series from Alices point of view since Edward reads everyones minds but if she choose to write one I would still read it.

  24. Titania says:

    I’d love back stories on the Cullens AND the Volturi, a quartet on each.

    I’d also like a book on the guard told from Renata’s or Jane’s POV) you know Michael Sheen tried to convince Stephenie to write a whole book on Aro … if enough of us want one, then maybe after Midnight Sun finally gets released 🙂

    I’d also like to see the Volturi learn to use their power wisely to govern (not so much rule) the vampire world, but never to lose their prestige and formidable presence – this will help them gain respect, not fear and people like Garret (who despise the Volturi because of their abuse of power, even though ones like him are not enemies of the Volturi, but if the Volturi used their power wisely, then those like Garret would come to respect them) I don’t think the only reason Aro didn’t want to fight in Breaking Dawn was that he got cold feet 😉 and I believe Carlisle can help the Volturi do this without losing their majesty, prestige and beauty and love of beautiful fine arts and music, and of course Aro definitely keeping his gorgeous, peppy, childlike wonder which makes him so unique & adorable 😉

  25. i think that they are gnna be a lot of chemistry between jacob and Renesmee and like so much action fustration and drama camnt wait 2 see movie n read he book

  26. Carolin says:

    I have a supporter speculation about Leah. At the moment I am re-reading Breaking Dawn before I go see the movie (on saturday, can’t wait. Have to go all the way to Berlin to see it in English, I’m German btw). And the speculation is about something Jacob says to Leah.
    After all the dangers are banned, she will calm down and do the yoga thing like she wants to. After a few years, she will actually start aging, and with that process, her ‘menopause’ will be over. Then she’ll imprint on a really cute guy, have loads of babies and live happily ever after. Of course she’ll have to find a quiet spot to live, where no vampire will ever go… She wouldn’t want her children to go through what she’d had to go through with the whole shapeshifter thing.

  27. Riley says:

    Kallie & Kassie,

    I was talking with my Mom and we were a bit confused on how Bella got pregnant. We thought that vampires only had venom in their bodies but Edward had to have semen if she got pregnant. What do you think?

    P.S. Kassie, will you adopt me?

  28. Melissa says:

    Why are we still waiting on Midnight Sun? All of the movies have been made regarding the Twilight Saga….dont we at least deserve a bone? Come on Stephenie…you are a brilliant writer, give your fans something back…we have been waiting a long time, almost four years, for the completion of this book. We have been patient and supportive and most importantly, loyal. I know you will not disappoint us…
    Happy New Year!

  29. Tessa says:

    What are the chances of any of the actors returning to play their perspective roles?

    I don’t think I can watch any new movies without the origianl cast. I have been spoiled (vamped) by Robert Pattinson! 🙂 But if new stories are written, I can always picture the original actors.

  30. Cynthia says:

    I am expecting a few spin offs, becuase we are so in love with the characters.
    Opportunity: Jacob and Renessme
    Oppportunity:Quil and the young girl Imprint as she grows into womanhood
    Opportunity: the interaction from the QUILLETTES and the CULLENS now that JACOB and RENESSME are intertwined
    *what disoutes arise, what rules are broken, at what cost —– what price fo they all pay fro this?
    Someone important on both ends are going to die…..
    their always a fall before a rise.
    I would like to see a dispute within the VOULTIRRI. jane is really the head of them… something needs to change.. or just allow her to rule.
    I would like to see Vultourri submit to the CULLENS once their family unit is strnger with bella and Reenesme
    OPPORTUNITY: Charlie knows whats going on- MAYBE tap into that more…
    OPPORTUNITY: Jessica the school friend as a NEW BORN
    it would be crazy.

  31. Dshorty says:

    It would be nice to see the twilight series keep going it is a great story and great movies. I hope to see more.

  32. jenny says:

    As much as I would like to read the rest of Midnight Sun, or more books about the future Cullen clan, I have the feeling that Stephenie is pretty much done writing about Vampires. She has said herself that she’s pretty sick of them right now. Also, if the series continues and several years from now the fans want new movies, I really don’t think the entire cast would return (I think Rob and Kristen are ready to move on with their careers now), and it would be heartbreaking to see another set of actors thrown in to try and play the characters they personified so well.
    That being said, I think she liked the chance to write from the werewolves perspective in BD, so perhaps she will write a book about the Queliutes. I think Leah sounds like the kind of character that Stephenie would love to expand upon. She left her story totally open, and perhaps that’s for a reason. We still need to find out how she finally moves on from Sam and whether she can imprint or have children. I think these things will all happen to her, but somewhere outside of the res.I think Leah’s sarcasm would make for a very entertaining perspective, and her inward struggle would provide a dramatic and rewarding character arc similar to Bella’s. I’m not saying there won’t be any more vampires in SM’s future, but perhaps she (like many of us) grew to like the werewolves more by the end of Breaking Dawn. I think a book about the wolves would be a great continuation of the story.

  33. Lorraine says:

    Hi. I’d like to see the story continue with Jacob and Rensemee, perhaps starting just before she becomes fully matured, or the equivalent of 18. That way we can see bits of the Cullens and the Quilete tribe members showing how life has changed being so closely intertwined together,, where they are, etc. I’m particularly interested in knowing what Bella, Edward, Alice, and all choose for their college major/career. While I think the story of Jacob and Renesmee would be a unique love story, I also agree with Jenny’s July 8th post about writing from Leah’s viewpoint. Both would be fascinating to me and both could be done, just like part of Breaking Dawn was from Jacob’s viewpoint.

  34. Mary says:

    If you aren’t excited about doing your podcast then DON’T DO IT!!!!!!! More often than not kassie seems sooooo in interested and unengaged!!!! Kallie carries the whole show and kassie yawns the whole time. Maybe it should be Kallie and Lindsey because at least she participates in the discussion!!!!

  35. Natalie says:

    This is obviously just a theory but I think it could be possible that Stephenie Meyer has plans to write another book after Breaking Dawn. There are a few reasons why:
    1) In press junkets for Breaking Dawn Part 2, when asked if she would ever continue Twilight, she replied that she might someday. To me this is a HUGE step considering a few years ago Stephenie wouldn’t even consider writing more Twilight.
    2) Also, in the book there is a small bit between Edward and Siobhan (I think?) where they both discuss how the Volturi “won’t forgive what happened here” and then there is speculation about how they may come back in the future. I believe that Stephenie put this in here to leave it open ended for herself, so if she ever wanted to come back (or maybe she always had plans to come back), she easily could. To me, just because it says The End, doesn’t necessarily mean anything. To me it’s more a The End for right now than anything. Also, in the movie Breaking Dawn Part 2, this same comment about how the Volturi won’t forgive what happened here is made by some of the Romanian vampires. Being that Stephenie Meyer was a producer for this film and essentially has all say on what goes on, wouldn’t she have taken out these comments from the movie if she believed she wouldn’t ever write more? Just something to ponder.

    Not to mention the fact that it seems as though the end of the Twilight Saga (films, books, and otherwise) appears to be hitting Stephenie Meyer pretty hard. Makes me wonder if she will write more not wanting it to end. Once again, just something to think about.

    As far as actual directions in which a sequel to Breaking Dawn could actually go, I think there is SO much to explore. One thing that I would love to see would be more Vamp!Bella. I couldn’t get enough of her in the book or the movie. Also, I believe there’s always gonna be some sort of conflict with the Volturi possibly wanting some of the Cullen family’s talents. There’s just SO much Stephenie could expand on, in my honest opinion.

  36. Kelly says:

    They did such a great job casting all the vampire covens that I wanted to see more of them and see how they all came together. Another interesting story that Stephenie Meyer could explore further is the Volturi history, that could make for some fascinating story lines. There are so many options for her to tell more stories if she didn’t want to focus on Edward and Bella anymore. Of course I would love to see Jacob and Renesmee’s love story play out in book form some day. So much storyline to choose from, she probably doesn’t know where to start first. The one disconcerting comment she has made is that she doesn’t want to write about that world for at least 5 years….but at least she hasn’t said never.

  37. Melissa says:

    Please give us Midnight Sun…we have been so loyal to you and the Twilight Saga….ITS TIME TO GIVE BACK!

  38. MELISSA says:

    Stephenie…we have supported you through all of your books and movies, now please give us what we deserve as loyal fans….MIDNIIGHT SUN

  39. Lauren Joyner says:

    I think a new vampire will be added to the Cullen Family. She will more gorgeous than Rosalie. Stronger than Emmett. Better with seeing visions than Alice. Better mind reader then Edward. Better then Jasper. And she MURDERS Jacob, Bella, and Renesmee. She also has a trotter stare (Better than Jane)
    PS: it is me!!!!!!!!
    Love Lauren

    You guys are awesome

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