Twilight London Premiere

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  1. Kelly says:

    kristens eyes were sorta freaky! very cool though!

  2. Jamie says:

    far away the eyes are cool, but only when she’s not smiling…love the dress though 🙂

  3. Alice says:

    she doesnt look like she’s happy to be there…

  4. CULLEN says:

    what’s with rob’s posse in white in the backround??? did everyone but the actors wear white or something????

  5. Sarah says:

    kristen is wearing a much better dress than the US premiere, but her hair looks kinda…bad XD

    love the makeup though<3

  6. Tia says:

    Ok i so was there here are some answer, the people in the white behing them were just leading them down the black carpet, not Rob’s posse one bit, Kristen dress was way bettter, she was freezeinshe took her coat off to show off the beautiful dress, and went into the theatre, as a crowd member we began chanting her name, then robs then they tooks picks tog….it was awesome the best thing i have ever experienced…i dont think it was that she didnt want to be there i think u jus kinda get tired of the same old thing, like they dont actually stay for the whole move, they left about 15-20 minutes after it started….

  7. Rachel Cullen says:

    what is with Rob’s entreage and why are they all dressed in all white?

  8. Katie says:

    I love Kirstens dress!

  9. Katie says:


  10. Sam says:

    OMG! the most amazing premiere ever!
    kristen was soooo pretty, and rob looked so bewildered at all these girls crushing each other just for an autograph.
    the most painful experience of my life… i lost my bag, and everything in it. everyone was soo desperate to see Rob that the people at the front (erm… me) got crushed and soooo cold.
    but dare i say i would do it 100 times over just to see Robs croocked smile… HELL YEAH!

    im sorry to the people who didn’t get to go… but there really wasn’t any space anyway! and you wouldn’t have seen him only the people in the first to rows saw or got autographs from Kristen and Rob. Btw only the director, Kristen and Rob were there.

  11. […] Tonight was the premiere of Twilight in London and here is the first article of from the black (yes, black) carpet! You can see more images in our gallery. […]

  12. RainyForks says:

    The people in white are supposed to be the Cullens! Because the real actors (Ashley Greene, Kellan Lutz etc) weren’t there! How rubbish is that?

  13. Elliot says:

    4th row, 3rd pic: Cute!!! *squeals*

  14. Jasmine says:

    Why was it just Kristen,Rob and Catherine there?!?!? Why wasn’t the other cast members there too??

  15. Ash says:

    I was there! YAY
    they looked rather hot! :D:D

  16. Krysta says:

    Kristen and Robert make a great couple actually

  17. Vic says:

    Where did she bought that dress?

  18. aliesha says:

    nearly all the pictures of Kristen have her head chopped off!!!! what a bummer! i heart kristen and rob as a couple, as actors and as inderviduals ahhh *squeals* eeek! haha! but recently rob got all his gorgeous hair chopped off! it doesn’t reallt look very good any more 😛 bummer! i luv’d his hair, it was G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S. oh and i love jacob and emmette and alice and esme and carlisle and jasper and i HATE jessica!!! she mean! orite cya edward&bella/twilight lovers <3<3<3<3

  19. Hollz says:


  20. Michelle says:

    his hair looks strange. I dont know, he puts it aside, not messy in this pics
    But they are still beautiful

  21. Brenda says:

    OMG they need to just date already!!!!! Everyone knows it and we know they know that too…..
    Kristen and Rob are just meant to be, theres just something about them when there together.
    They make each other happy whenever their with each other or when their at site.

  22. Brooke says:

    OME! i wanna date Rob-Edward! Though couse i am not a celeb i think Kristen is good for him too though i dont like Cathrine Hardwicks dress

  23. dali says:

    i dont know why kristen and rob hair always look kinda…dirty… well…rob also likes sexy… but kristen.. im not sure, she is very pretty but she would look better if she brush or fix her hair

  24. sophie and kimberley says:

    we both think twilight is mint and we loooooooove edward collins and he is so hot hes a vampier so he is cold love you edward love kimberley and sophie twilight rocks

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