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New Moon Exclusives from your favorite fansites!

This week we are bringing you pictures from the trip to Vancouver we made a few months ago!  You can check out our podcast to hear all about the set visit, too!  We will be providing interviews from the set throughout the month of August on each Friday!  Make sure to check back each week to get more juicy details from our trip!

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Bella’s House & Cars

Jacob’s House

Woods, Water & School Locations

Movie Theater Pics

2 Comments to “Fansite Fridays”

  1. Jessica says:

    These are very cool pictures! I love it. I just had to share that while i was looking at these slideshows my 4 year old daughter came over and asked me if i was looking at pictures of my Twilight friends. LOL!! I thought that was cute and wanted to share. Love the pics! -Jessica

  2. Valeria says:

    Hello, Stefani! Somehow oddish we all begin this letter. In Russia there is a site, devoted your creation, and we decided you to write a letter, hoping that you will read him, and can even and will send an answer! ) At first, we want to say of you large gratitude! We read your books without stops, and some of us read them not once! Thank you…Books true delightful, all senses and emotions are described, what Bella thinks about, and from it small ants on the back of bezhat. A heart goes away to the heels, and when it forgets to breathe.. We to itself talk: «not forget to breathe!» and simultaneously with a heroine begin again to breathe in air.Thank you vam,stephenie Meyer ! Enormous! For those emotions which we get from your books, for that love with which you write books.. Thank you!
    Probably, very much such letters come you, but here not simply words of gratitude, but also request, entreaty. All like a «Sun of midnight» and we all with pleasure wait continuation. We hope that it will go out soon, and similarly we want to ask you to write all saga on behalf of Edvarda. In fact it so keenly, to look at identical situations by stranger eyes.Bella thought one, Edvard other, it very keenly, to remember as Bella thought at this juncture, and reaction of Edvarda and his ideas. Here in any way it is other impossible to describe! We all understand perfectly. That very offensively it was you, when took away on an universal review 5 book, as early as an unready variant, but they are chic!
    We all with impatience wait continuation of history, more precisely than history by the eyes of Edvarda.

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