Here is a new page that will be exploring the new Twilight Trends! On this page we will be posting Twilight Clothes, Apparel, and any other random Twilight stuff you can wear! I’m going to announce that if you have Twilight outfits that you bought or better yet made, send a picture of them to and we will post them on this page so everyone can see and admire them! Have fun everyone! Note: To find out more about these items just click the picture!

Hey there everyone, New Moon is coming! So I thought today I would feature some great “New Moon” Trends as well as feature a great shop on Etsy! So without any further ado I will tell you a little bit about it 🙂

Her Shop is called “Fallen Hearts” and its full of Twilight jewelry any twilight girl will go crazy for. “Fallen Hearts” Is a handmade jewelry shop run by Desiree with the help of her three cats and Japanese Chin dog, actually the dog doesn’t help all that much. Most of her creations these days are inspired by the Twilight Saga so expect to find lots of jewelry with extra romance, mystery, drama, and Dazzle. Fallen hearts has over 120 different Bracelets, Necklaces, earrings, rings and other accessories inspired by the Twilight Saga. She also loves to do custom work, and is always up to create a special one of a kind piece of jewelry! Remember, if you want to know more about the item click the picture!

This is Renesmees’ Locket and is her best seller since releasing it earlier this year 🙂

And here is one of my personal favorites cause I love werewolves! A Jacob Necklace!

And show every one you’ve been bitten by the Twilight Bug with this beautiful necklace!

And Desiree also did a wonderful job recreating Bellas Bracelet. 

And I also would like to show you a beautiful Twilight Charm Bracelet you can find at “Fallen hearts”. 

There is so much more at her store ( and I think you should all go check it out! Its a wonderful place to find some unique twilight jewelry!

So here are some more trends that are all available for purchase, also I have spotted shirts at stores such as Rue 21, Wet seal, and of course Hot topic, and I have seen kiosks full of merch, so keep your eyes open the next time your shopping. 

And I can’t resist to feature some shirts that are available for purchase from and


So now if you have decided to read along, I want to tell you about Essence of Twilight, My lovely cousin gave me the Edward scented lip gloss, lotion and body spray. It smells REALLY good, I was pleasantly surprised. Usually I wouldn’t by something like that before smelling it, but you have my satisfaction if you need it. Here are links to their

As always guys, send me your latest trends and tips on sites!

124 Comments to “Trends”

  1. rockerpeepsels says:

    btw, the person who wrote before me, is STUPID!!!! Twilight is amazing, and there is NOTHING you can do about it!

  2. jenny says:


  3. Makenzie says:

    Hey Kell. :] Just wanted to drop in to see if you had updated your pride and joy yet. It looks like you haven’t, because you called me a few weeks ago telling me to buy the dog clothes for my dog. :] GET TO IT, WOMAN!! :]

    Love ya lots. LVOE! LVOE! See ya tomorrow. Come live with me for Christmas break. :]


  4. twilightluvr says:

    i luv twilight i want all of it

  5. lariza says:

    luv it. I WANT IT ALL!

  6. Aurora says:

    i wont the alice button and her family crest!!!!!!!ALICE KICKS ASS!!

  7. Rikki says:

    Those Chuck Taylors are by far the hottest shoes EVER> i think ill buy me some. or hand paint my own. XDXDXD

  8. Lacretia says:

    All these things are way cute!! i especially love the converse!

  9. Carly says:

    Rikki – amen, honey


  10. Namula Moonshine says:

    I want those

  11. lariza says:

    i luv it but we can’t get it in Australia 🙁

  12. team jacob 101 says:

    i no im team jacob but i wouldnt wear a top that says it, i think thats going a bit fay. i would however wear the charm braclets

  13. team jacob 101 says:

    and also i 2 live in australia so i cant get them either which might make getting them more difficult
    what part of aus r u from lariza?

  14. AbbyCullen says:
    They have Bella’s engagment ring!

  15. forevertwilightobsessed says:

    hey i really, really, wish you guys would update it more often!!

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  17. anna ramos says:

    I dont only want the jewelry but i also want EDWARD!!!! ( AND JACOB OF COURSE )

  18. edward girl says:

    i want everything lol peace love edward

  19. I want it all…the jewelry, actors, shirts, everything!!!

  20. megha says:

    i really love this …………………….i really 2 want this……..i am a big fan of this twilight products

    • Kiersten says:

      All of those things are AMAZING!! im a huge fan of twilight. cant wait for breaking dawn!(: but its sad that its the last 1):

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