Solomon Trimble ~ Sam

Solomon Trimble was destined to be involved in film. The Mescalero Apache and Lakota heritage actor began his career in the creative arts at age three. He has been involved in theater and dance in some form or another. Solomon has been a member of a Native American drumming group, a Native American traditional grass dance group and has studied dance, tap and ballet.

Solomon recently graduated with the class of 2008 from Portland State University. He received a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics and minored in Philosophy. Before accepting the role of Sam Uley, he was a teacher for both elementary and high school school-aged students.

On playing Sam Uley in the movie Twilight, Solomon feels very blessed to have the opportunity. With his Native American roots and his connections to Quilyute tribe members, Solomon is adamant about bringing authenticity to the Wolf Pack. He has read the entire Stephenie Meyer series, including Breaking Dawn. In a recent interview, he says he went through all emotions while reading, laughing, crying, frustration and he was pleased with the way the series ended. Solomon hopes that he will be given the opportunity to continue to portray Sam Uley if the movies continue to be filmed.


  1. Twilight (2008/I) (completed) …. Sam Uley

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  1. Jennifer says:

    sucks he didn’t make it past the first film because the once independent film got so hollywood that they wanted some big hunk with mass sex appeal.

  2. quoshon says:

    i konow he thinks he can run everybody:0

  3. Yanna Black says:

    i wish he could continue twilight no everyone continue twilight we need the thrills ,chills, and a lot of romance

  4. Erika Jaimes says:

    I think that thats really disappointing. Especially for my family. I just found out that im related to him. He’s my dad’s cousin, or my grandma’s nephew. so that makes him my second cousin. no lie. but still, i think he really should have done the other movies. oh well, twilights lost.

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