This page contains links to interviews with Stephenie Meyer.

Vogue Interview– Feb. 2009

MTV Interview– Nov. 2008 “Twilight Author Stephenie Meyer Recalls Robert Pattinson Spat, Seeing Movie, The First Time.”

EW Interview– Nov. 2008 “The author shares her feelings about the movie, whether her ‘Midnight Sun’ novel is really shelves for good, and how she dealt with negative feedback to ‘Breaking Dawn.'”

Media Blvd. Magazine– Sept. 2008 “Twilight’s Author and Director Talk About Bringing the Film to Life.”

Time Magazine– Aug. 2008 “10 questions for Stephenie Meyer.”

You also can find a lengthy list of interviews here on Stephenie’s site.

The Lexicon has a great set of interviews with Stephenie in their Personal Correspondence section of their site.

13 Comments to “Interviews”

  1. young coz says:

    u are a great aurther! i love ur book!

    • tamie travis says:

      please keep writing the story about Edwards perspective !!!!!!!!!!!! my family loves your books !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. TeamJacob says:

    I want stephenie Meyer to write a book about Renesmee

  3. Trent says:

    Here is just something for fun for anyone that likes the twilight story. I had a insane dream the other night and just couldnt stop writing. I have it almost completed and will release some of it each week. I hope you all like it:)

  4. Kiersten says:

    I think you are atalented author! Im also a .writer but i dont think my stories are anything compared to yours. Im wondering if breaking dawn could use cast members. Id really like to play the part of maggie!(: Im just putting a thought out their… maybe you should write the relationship between renesmee and jacob. I dont want the twilight ceries to end!!):

  5. Courtney says:

    I like to know what Bella life would be like if she choose Jacob instead of Edward

  6. nicky snider says:

    please Stephenie write more on Edwards point of view. and more about the family. i love these stories so much that i don’t want it to end

  7. Heather Fowler says:


    I cant wait to read the other Cullens stories like Carlisle’s, Jaspers, Alices, and Esme’s, You could even go into Edwards from his dreaming of the glories of WWI to his struggle with Carlisle’s Vegitarianism, to his rebellion and return, You touched of the Romanians and thier story is intruiging, along with the politics of the vampire world. You left us with a hint of a revolution on its way, I cross my fingers that you can get excited about the Cullens and their world once more. You characters are so vibrant and real, they have become very dear to us all.

  8. sharon Gregory says:


    YOu said you were planning to finish Midnight Sun, could you give us a tentative date? Some of us havent read the leaked draft on principle, we are waiting, and its very hard. Any immediate plans for Edwards story? Please let us know.

    • Justice says:

      Properly corrected historical tereuratpme records would show global cooling since the 30s. What they are showing and recording is warming Micro climates that equal less than 1% of the global surface. They would be blind not to see all of this but it would result in less funding for their research to admit what is happening.

  9. Inaara says:

    I just love all of your books… honestly I’d never read novels until I read yours and I’d say I’m addicted to reading now.
    Midnight Sun is my favorite but I have few questions from them. Whats with Bella and Jacob reading the book and what was it, Jacob saying he broke the treaty again two days ago?
    Please do answer them…

  10. fernanda says:

    Amo la saga demasiado tanto sus libros como las películas pero quisiera saber si va haber otro libro de la saga sobre Reneesme y Jacob y si es así también quisiera saber si esq va haber también una película si Robert Pattinson y Kristen Stewart saldrán en ella

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