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  1. Rhett Meeks says:

    I just came across your website today and thought you may be interested in some Twilight Entertainment!
    I am 17 and live in Florida. I love the Twilight series and like you was a bit depressed when it was over. I have read the series over again just to remain connected to the Cullens! However, that still was not enough, so I began writing a fanfiction that basically picks up where breaking dawn left off, sort of.
    Read it! I hope you enjoy it. I just created my blog today and posted it to the internet because all my friends LOVE what I’ve written so far and can’t wait for me to finish the book. It’s called Meridian Moon….. for reason’s only to those who read!
    Pass it along… it’s just one more thing for all of us out here who LOVE the Cullens!
    Take care,

    • edward maniac says:

      oh my god.. plz plz send me the link.. would love to read

    • victoria says:

      so cool!, i also want the link. i was also i bit depressed after reading the whole series and then i read alot of fanfics from but i can’t get enough of them. please send it to me. you can also try for free it’s amazing. i’ll be waiting for the link!

    • victoria says:

      so cool!, i also want the link. i was also i bit depressed after reading the whole series and then i read alot of fanfics from but i can’t get enough of them. please send it to me. you can also try for free it’s amazing. i’ll be waiting for the link!

  2. Emma says:

    I’ve haven’t ended the twilight series but I know I will be SO sad when I do. PLEASE tell me the name of your site!!!

  3. Cookies MSMOT(my schools most obsessd twilighter) says:

    Rhett wats ur blog name? i LUV fanfics and i ADORE twilight so i rlly want to read ur fic!!!

  4. Lizzie says:

    How will ya’ll pick the fanfiction? What website will ya’ll go to?

  5. Marci (major obsessed) says:


  6. Sydney Clearwater (OBSESSED!!!) says:

    hey everyone, i’m writing a FanFic about Seth (Clearwater) imprinting and i wanna know if anyone wants to read it.
    it’s on my blog and all of my friends who have read it have said they were addicted and they really liked it so i hope some of you wanna read it.
    i’m 13 and if you really hate it, tell me, leave comments, don’t go easy on me just because of my age, please.

  7. Volturi Addict says:

    @Sydney : where’s your blog, i would love to read your fanfic. Just finished reading breaking dawn two days ago, now i am craving for more stories… 🙂

  8. Sidonie Clearwater says:

    my blog’s at
    let me know if you like it 🙂

    • Shaiane says:

      Please realize your audeince is not always looking for for such graphic blood guts !!Your movie Inglorious Basterds , for instance, is an example of vivid, shocking, totally awful, can’t watch this movie ,hand over mouth,production !!Yes, obviously you do have a captive audeince, and yes have made huge amounts of money, BUT in my books, you are condoning crueltyand contributing by way of films in teaching impressionable people that our society needs this !!! .Huh ??!,I know you have high intelligence ( mentioned on t.v ) why on earth do you make films of this type?What about taking on a challenge and make worthwhile, decent movies, for ALL responsible movie go-ers?? I really liked Pulp Fiction perhaps you could really call it CLEVER.Movies used to be pure entertainment (and I love movies), but the type Quentin you seem to be making, will not make ME, pay to see them. .I know plenty of people who feel the same way I doRegards,Ali ReynoldsSouth Australia

  9. Tiffany C. says:

    Is there going to be a twilight poetry contest? i think that would be amazing! its kinda fanfiction, just not in story form…well i guess it could be…haha. but i think it would be awesome, nontheless!

  10. gabby says:

    I know what imprinting is, but just to be 110% sure. Anyone want to elaborate for me?

  11. gabby says:

    omg i read sidonie’s fanfic and it was awesome. The writing is really good and the characters personality is spot on. it’s funny and i like it a lot. Write more and post it, you definitely have a reader here.

  12. Sidonie Clearwater says:

    omg thanks sooooo sooooo sooooooo much gabby!
    that’s awesome!
    i will definitely try to write more soon.
    it means a lot ot me to know that people like my writing.
    thanks again!

    anyways… i DO think they should have a twilight poem contest. that would be AWESOMEEEEEE!

    • xxbookwormxx says:

      your story rocked it was hillarious i actually fell of my bed reading it. my mum came and asked what the noise was coz this happened at like 2 in the morning. i couldn’t stop readding i read your other ones as well

  13. gabby says:

    sidonie have you started writing more? i can’t wait till another one comes out, cause it was so good.

  14. Hannah says:

    Hey guys!

    Since this is the fan fiction page, I would like to recommend some stuff for you!

    First, is ‘Moved’ by Miss Vampire Freak a.k.a me! I’m only a beginner, but I have ten chapters so far and over 150 reviews. I’ve had people say that they love my story so much that they read it everyday just to make them feel connected to the Cullens. I’m not trying to be big headed, but I am very pleased with my work, and it’s even persuaded some of my friends to read Twilight because they love my story. It’s set fifteen years in the future post Breaking Dawn. The Cullens have moved to Alaska for a new start and the story starts on the first day of school for the Cullen siblings. Adventure and escapades ensue!

    Second is ‘Family Therapy Cullen Style’ by vjgm. Her writing is original and so hilarious! I nearly fell off my chair laughing some of the stuff in there! Basically, Carlisle gtes fed up with everyone bickering, so they all go to family therapy sessions with Dr. Dover. The twist is that he’s as human as you and I.

    Lastly, is ‘July Fools Day?’ by TeamEdwardCullen8208. Instead of the regular April Fools Day, there is a vampire version! This results in Bella being kidnapped, Edward having his water bed popped,Jasper being thrown through the glass wall and much, much more! There is now also a sequel! Check it out!

    Please check out the stories on the links below:

    Moved –
    Family Therapy Cullen Style –
    July Fools Day? –

    Love the podcast! Please check out the stories!

    Love, Hannah xxx

  15. Danny says:

    I really think they should make the twilight poem constest, I’m in for that!!

  16. Rosemary says:

    imprinting is when a werewolf meets thier soulmate by looking him/her in the eyes and getting all the strings cut from the universe and then new ginourmous cables tied to that person. Like jacob and renesmee ome can you believe that?? but anyway you will always be there for that one person….always.

  17. Rosaly says:

    I’m in love with all the twilight series books! I’m just hoping they continue with the movies…
    I heard that “New Moon” will come out December 2009. Does anybody know if its true??

    Also, I’m reading “The Host”, will there be a second novel?

  18. Linda says:

    Love you website

  19. Ashlynn says:

    Love the website and podcast!

  20. Rhonda says:

    hey fellow twilight lovers!

    First, i wana say that the twilight series is the best series ever. I would be totally lost if i didn’t read the books lol.

    Second, i wana also say that i’m in the process of writing a 5th book. I think that i’m a terrible writer but my friends seem to think that im rly good. I takes place 13 years after breaking dawn and is about Renesme and the Volturi.

    And third, i want to say that EVERYONE needs to stay connected to the Cullen’s in one way or another. So follow your dreams and the Cullen family.

    And with that i’m out!


  21. Rhonda says:

    hey sidonie.
    i read ur story and it was rly good.
    proly better than i could do lol…well when talking about seth.
    at the biginning it could’ve took a lil’ longer for her to get used to the idea that seth is a werewolf.
    but other than that, it’s terrific.
    i to am writing a book that takes place after breaking dawn and centers around renesme.
    if you would like to keep talking you can e-mail me at
    anyone else can e-mail me to.

    May peace and edward be with you.

  22. Edwards little lamb says:

    You guys ROCK.

    lovee the sitee !!!!!

  23. alex says:
    Hey guys! i don’t know how many people actually read this but could you go read my story?? please? it’s about what would have happened if Edward had bitten Bella on her first day of school. It’s my first fanfiction 🙂
    Thanks and love you guys.
    if you do read it, could you review?

  24. Kelsy says:

    hey guys, love the website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    & the interesting comments
    twilight is life<3
    LOVE YA’LL!! =]

  25. Alanna says:

    Hey just thought Id recomend some fanfics i read resently.
    Foregin Hottie by Humaax3
    Missing Peices of a Puzzle by Mayface
    They are both all-human stories. I absoulutly love them! I also have an account on that site. My pen name is AlannaCullen24 but I have not writen anything. I just read and review the stories. I have a poll on my profile there so if you could take it I would greatly appreciate your input.

  26. Rhett Meeks says:

    hey, thanks Stacey!
    sorry I haven’t checked this website since I put up that comment disguessing how I was writting a fanfiction.
    Yeah, right now I’m finishing up chapter 19. The “book” is going a lot better than I thought it would – seriously. I look at it as not your typical fanfiction. I’ve developed a story line – continuing Steph Meyers own work. (Like I would ever change anything that amazing woman wrote)
    Only thing is, I’m major TEAM EDWARD. Only, in a very very very straight way. So it’s not like I changed it to where Edward falls for a dude, or leaves Bella for a man – or Jacob for that matter. (I HATE it when people write like that)
    I would never change anything is the Twilight Sage storyline, so my fanfiction (or ‘my continuation’ as I prefer) is more of putting myself into the story line. Like on my blog, I state that I’m making things happen that I WISHED could happen in the original story line. But in my point of view.
    I’ve recieved many good comments about it, inspiring me to actually continue with two more stories after this one. And this one (Meridian Moon) is near to a close. I will reveal that. 🙂
    So, check it out! The blog site
    That should take you to my page, if not… copy and paste Stacey’s site address that she posted before me onto your address bar. If it doesn’t work, leave another comment on this page – and I PROMISE I will check this page every time I turn on my laptop.
    I really hope you enjoy my blog. When I finish this story I plan on getting started on Book 2 in a matter of a week. After Christmas, I’m going to have a lot of free time…. seriously… a lot! So I will be on my laptop, writting like a mad man….

  27. Rhett Meeks says:

    sorry for the really long comment

  28. Sarah says:

    The first thing i’m going to say is Happy Birthday Stephenie Meyer. I’m going to be honest I’m 17. I’m a girl and I am now one of Twilight #1 fan. I never hear of twilight before i saw the trailer maybe in the beginning of 2008. Don’t know it was a book. Just saw the trailer and said “I’M GOING TO SEE THAT.” Then like two monther before the movie comes out my best friend is like you know twilight is a book right. I said noway she said yea they are and “I have the twilight series.” I said all of them she said yes. Better than Harry gay Potter. Come on Harry Potter is a gay ass book. Reading about wizard. That suck. Ok back on twilight: my friend hate Harry Potter as much as i do. She said “Twilight kicks Harry Potter ass anyday.” I start to read them and fell in love with twilight. Come on Stephenie Meyer is Awesome. NO ONE would have made this up. Vampire not eating humans but animals. Walking doing the day. Fell in love with humans. I love Stephenie Meyer. The best author Ever!! One more thing I Love Robert Pattinson!! Team Edward!!!

    • jessica says:

      Have To Put This Harry Potter DOES NOT SUCK….
      Did You No Rowling Took YEARS Making That Book!(Books)(Each One 2 Years First One 5…)
      Mayer Took MONTHS……(A Few Years Mabye To Make All The Book’s
      But I Like Both The Same Im Not Takeing Sides I Just Think That There Good

  29. Jasmine says:

    MISS VAMPIRE FREAK- HOW COULD YOU?!?!? WHY DID YOU STOP MOVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVED IT!!!!!!!! I FEEL LIKE CRYING NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! 😛 😛 😛


    Jazz (Team Cullen!)

  30. Mia says:

    where are all ur blogs, no-one is saying where!

    fanfics rule!

  31. Olivia Golden says:

    just wanted to let every1 know;
    I found the most amazing fanfiction EVER!!!
    its called the Healer!!!
    please please read it you will love it!!!

  32. Kasha says:

    I saw above that someone asked about “New Moon” coming out- it is SUPPOSED to make its debut 20 November 2009… and “Eclipse” is already slated to be out mid- to late- June 2010! But so far, no plans have been made to turn “Breaking Dawn” into a movie. I’m not sure I can handle seeing only 3 of the 4 books as movies…. they HAVE to show the new, improved (non-breakable) Bella and Renesmee- I mean, if I can’t have Edward, I at least want to see what beautiful babies he makes! LOL So I think we all need to petition Stephanie to make sure that “Breaking Dawn” gets it’s movie chance!

    OK, enough ranting for now… LOL

  33. Rachel says:

    you must must must read this fanfiction its called parenting skills 101 😉 it is 32 chapters of hillarity

  34. Jasmine says:

    Heatwave is a MUST read!!! It’s 39 Chapters long and it’s set after Eclipse but before Breaking Dawn. It’s a story of what could have happened after the war and if there were no more troubles! It’s really good!

    Jazz (Team Cullen!)

  35. One of my all time favorites I read is Sacrifices by Enthralled. The story takes place many years after New Moon and Edward never heard that Bella had jumped and thought she died and they never got back together that year (basically no Eclipse or Breaking Dawn) This story is is not finished and the author gives reason why in the last chapter. I’m holding out because it is toally amazing.

  36. Cassie says:

    I love fan fic. I like reading combinations of cross overs of twilight and harry potter i am reading a totally pointless story. i also read another one.

    LINKS =

  37. Elaine says:

    Hey guys, I just read this fanfic called “Life After Forks” that could totally be book 5 !!!!!!
    It follows the life of the Cullens 4 years after breaking dawn, returning back to high school yet again.
    The story is filled with the familys’ hopes, fears, and revelations that will make you have tears of joy and sadness all at once (i know i did!)
    It’s from the POV of Bella mostly… but sometimes Edward, Renesmee, Jacob and more.
    PLEASE read! It’s sooooooooooooo worth it!

  38. Madz=] says:

    I can’t belileve no one else could think of this! I was surprised to find no other fanfic like mine. please check it out =]

  39. TaraLovesTwilight says:

    I have a really good fan-fiction. But it is very hardcore, so unless you are over 18 and have an adults consent, don’t read it
    here it is
    The story is called Wide Awake, and it has a really good plot.

  40. Jessii x]] says:

    Hey I Fell Stupid For Asking This But Where Is The FanFiction??
    i Cant Find Your Story ANYWERE Ive Been Looking And If You Do Like Writing Fanfiction Or Know Where To Find Good Storys I Would LOVE One About Seth Impinting……
    Lol And Mabye The Girl He Impints On Could Be Called Jess (So Not My Name…..)
    Im A Bad Liyer But Have To Be Blunt
    YAY Lol You All Prob Think Im Wearid Now So Anyway Thanks…….Jess (Still Not My Name) 😀

  41. Horatio says:

    I guess you can say I am a late bloomer to the “Twilight Saga” phenomenon. After watching the first movie, a week after it premiered in theaters, I went out and purchased the first book. I quickly read it, which is unusual for me, and immediately went out and purchased the remaining three books as a single transaction. After reading “New Moon,” “Eclipse” and “Breaking Dawn” with equal rapidity, I promptly went online and began a search for the publication date of the fifth book. To my surprise, I soon learned that there was to be no fifth book. I was disappointed. I felt that the saga was incomplete. Being a want-to-be scriptwriter, with several unproduced copyrighted screenplays collecting digital dust inside my computer, I began to entertain my own storylines for a fifth book to the “Twilight Saga.” Shortly after “New Moon” came out in theaters, I committed myself to writing my first fan-fiction.

    I entitled my story “Crescent Moon” and posted it at the below site on the 31st of May 2010. I hope you will take the time to read my vision of a fifth book to the “Twilight Saga.” The reviews, so far, have been sparse, but good.

    H.A. Jaxx

    The Cullens, post “Breaking Dawn,” juggle the complications of their new notoriety, the curiosity of Bella’s parents and the menace of an unforgiving Volturi.
    Rated: K+ – English – Supernatural/Drama – Chapters: 19 – Words: 64,345 – Reviews: 4 – Updated: 6-11-10 – Published: 5-31-10 – Edward & Bella – Complete

  42. lola says:

    wow iam going to audition for the part of renesmee good story by the way team jacob all the way

  43. kitana says:

    hi everyone I’M 14 years old i love all the book’s and have started to write some of my own . to keep to myself
    i have writing two called’

    1.) awaited sun rise ( it’s about Jacob and Renesmee ,finished )
    2.) Emma AND Embery ( still working on )

    about Emma and Embery it’s a book about a 16 year old girl who is from a tribe that was attacked by the Volturi . Emma was ordered away by her sister to warn the nearest pack . where she find’s Embery and inperint’s on him . because she can no longer here her pack she becomes a member of Jacob’s pack and kill’s alix and Jane . devastated the vulturi attacked with full force and fall. but at Emma’s surprise her old pack is there to help them . she is forced to choose . alexise ( her sister ) or Embery .
    if you like the idea of this an think I should continue comment and let me know .it’s up to you twilight fan’s


  44. Kristin•Ashley says:

    Hey everyone!
    First off I would just like to say that I agree 100% with Rhett. I don’t know you, but I’m glad I’m not the only one trying to continue the story!
    Here is what my book (Rippled Surface) is about:
    *After breaking dawn*
    The Volturi was upset and was full on ready to get what they wanted. All except one, Demetri. After the fight Demetri started thinking how close the Cullens were, and he wanted that kind of relationship for himself. So after escaping the Volturi, he searched for his perfect mate. After searching for a while he ran across a reservation off the coast of eastern Sicily. He almost instantly met the most gorgeous human woman he’d ever seen.
    Little did he know that she wasn’t human. She was a shape shifter, and he was a vampire… not good.
    Soon they meet and fall in love… did you know that shape shifters and vampires can have babies together.. yeah neither did they.
    Soon their impossible child is born, and so is a war.
    The half and half baby is born and named Aundrie Fillipelli. Soon Felix tracks Demetri down and discovers the child. After the discovery. The mother and the child go into hiding, ( Demetri being dead ). For years they live underground feeding on the small creatures that ran across their path. Soon they learn about Aundrie’s extra abilities. (She has two) Being born a shape shifter she could morph herself, but not like the tribe. She could morph herself into any living organism or vampire. She just had to know what the person or animal looked like. Her other power was to make things that weren’t there appear. One day the Volturi finds them and kills her mother, while she narrowly escapes. She travels away from Europe to Northwestern America. She then stumbles across the Cullen’s. They soon learn everything about her and want to help her. Rosalie finds her the most beautiful teenage girl ever. Rosalie wants to adopt her. So Aundrie is forced to make herself look like Rosalie and Emmett’s child. After staying with them for a while she finally meets Seth, and they imprint on each other.
    Soon the Cullens get a visit from the Volturi and they find the new addition to the family. Jane reports back to Aro about Aundrie and the war begins…

  45. Kristin•Ashley says:

    Oh and I’m not trying to steal anything from anyone.
    I’m just your everyday 15 year old twilight fan.
    Please comment and tell me what you think !!!

  46. Mia says:

    Hey I Thought that if you guys would want to look at a diffrent paring besides edward and bella you should check out my story at :

    Its kind of a crack paring with Leah and Jasper but its not about them just getting together it has a very deep plot with mature themes. This is my first Fanfiction that I have ever written and I would be so happy if you guys visted and reviewed my story

    _ Loveymia(:

  47. Kelsey Ann Brigant says:

    Here is a Nessie/Jake fanfiction I just came across recently. It’s actually well written, follows the characters from canon, and is funny, heartpounding, and fast-paced to boot. This author is really something to read and you will be addicted from the word “Go!”

    “Daylight” by Becca Austen

    • GG says:

      I just came across this the other day and was surprised to find it to be what you said and more. Unbelievably awesome. That is what this story is!! Must recommend to all!

  48. MySuperAwesomePenName says:

    Hey everybody! Just found this website, and thought I’d share a fanfic that I’m writing with you guys! It’s not finished yet, but hopefully someone will like it anyway. Basically it follows the life of Delilah, a mysterious young girl whom the Cullens take in. It’s obvious she’s not quite human, but if she’s not a vampire, then what is she? What will happen when she looks into the eyes of Forks’ residential hotheaded werewolf?

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