Nikki Reed ~ Rosalie

Not many people can say that they wrote a successful script that was produced and released before they finished high school. Not many people can say they have had success as writer, producer and actor all before hitting their 20s. But Nikki Reed can!

Born Nicole Houston Reed, Nikki did just that with the help of film director Catherine Hardwicke in 2003. As a teenager, Nikki had no desires to become an actress. But her filmography boasts 9 movie roles (including those that are in post-production) and a handful of television roles as well.

One of those movie roles is her portrayal of Rosalie Hale, in the much-anticipated release of the book turned film, Twilight. In numerous articles done by MTV and various Twilight fan sites, Meeting up with Twilight director and personal friend, Catherine Hardwicke again, Nikki is surprised and happily overwhelmed by the fan support of the film. She has read the Twilight series and is looking forward to continuing her portrayal of Rosalie Hale, if the subsequent films are produced.

In an interview done by, Nikki says, “My biggest fear going into this was Rosalie coming off as a one dimensional character, being that there just wasn’t enough time in the first film to go into all of the Cullen’s ‘history’. I didn’t want people to see her as a bully, I wanted them to see her as a sister, who wants to protect her family.”


  1. Privileged (2008) (post-production) …. Lauren Carrington
  2. Last Day of Summer (2008) (post-production) …. Stefanie
  3. Twilight (2008/I) (completed) …. Rosalie Hale
  4. Chain Letter (2008) (completed)
  5. Familiar Strangers (2008) (completed) …. Allison
  6. “Reaper” …. Andi (1 episode, 2007)
    Pilot (2007) TV episode (scenes deleted) …. Andi
  7. Cherry Crush (2007) …. Shay Bettencourt
  8. “Justice” …. Molly Larusa (1 episode, 2006)
    Addicts (2006) TV episode …. Molly Larusa
  9. Mini’s First Time (2006) …. Minerva ‘Mini’ Droggs
  10. “The O.C.” …. Sadie Campbell (6 episodes, 2006)
    The Day After Tomorrow (2006) TV episode …. Sadie Campbell
    The Secrets and Lies (2006) TV episode …. Sadie Campbell
    The Undertow (2006) TV episode …. Sadie Campbell
    The Journey (2006) TV episode …. Sadie Campbell
    The Road Warrior (2006) TV episode …. Sadie Campbell
    (1 more)
  11. American Gun (2005) …. Tally
  12. Lords of Dogtown (2005) …. Kathy Alva
    … aka American Knights (Philippines: English title)
    … aka Dogtown Boys (Germany)
  13. Man of God (2005) …. Zane Berg
  14. Thirteen (2003) …. Evie Zamo

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  1. mary says:

    süper in the word

  2. Andrea Reyes says:

    She is beautiful and clever!!! Good Thoughts for her!

  3. jenna says:

    nikki reed is so beautiful when ever i see twilight or any other twilight saga im always her

  4. isabella says:

    i love everyone from twilight but nikki is soooooo pretty

  5. Jess says:

    Nikki Reed is very beautiful, you don’t see a classic like her now a days lol, but i have seen her play many different roles in movies or short stories (tv episodes) and in this she really brings out her charater. When i read the books i imagined Rosalie looking alot different, i knew vampires were beautiful in the book, but i didn’t think that they would have someone like Nikki play in this twilight movie. Nikki you are breath-taking, you really brought out Rosealies charater and her classic beauty. NIKKI REED IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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