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This page is for you to post your ideas for what you think might happen after the end of “The Host.”

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  1. NATALIA says:

    I am reading the book at the moment , almonst at the end. I like the book. I have read here that lots of people would like to have the continuation of the story, I think I would like it oo. But it seems that it takes such a long time for Stephanie to do so. I mean this book was released in 2008., now is 2010 and we are going to 2011. Where is the continuation?
    I do not want to hope that there will be something more ‘cos then I become impatient.
    The same is about Twilight. I would like to read more but I am not sure there will be.

  2. madison says:

    I just finished The Host and I loved it. I really think Stephanie should right a prequel to the book. It would be very interesting to find out more about Melanie and her past before Wanderer, from her point of view. Or maybe, she could right from Jared or Ian’s point of view, it would give good insight on their lives before the “invasion” had become known to the humans.

    • lexie says:

      I really liked madisons idea.
      i am a real fan of the book and would love a prequel in IAN’S point of view. He is the best character in the book.
      Also just to put it out there Internet Movie Database has put it out there that there will be a movie made from THE HOST. apparently it is in pre-production. They say that IAN O’shea will be played by IAN Somerhalder (or Damon from Vampire Diaries).

  3. paige says:

    i believe they should do a book about something drastic happening to each of the surviving pockets of human resistance, like when wanda joined that pocket.

  4. Kairi Grace says:

    Hey Steph,
    How do U like the idea of re-writing host from Ian’s perpective???

  5. Miscelle Biggs says:

    Hey Steph
    My question is not about the Host. Just wondering if you will be writing a 5th installment to the twilight series. We have so many questions about what the future holds for the cullen family, Renesmee,Jacob etc…

  6. KIM Shaw says:

    how can you ind movies in full screen hate wide sceen?

  7. Brenda Berteau says:

    This message is for Stephanie Meyers, if at all possible for her to view…. I am a 58 year old (making 59 in November). I just wanted you to know how much you have impacted the entire world with your series of “The Twilight Saga”. Most of the series involves people at all walks of life (at different times) as in my case. As it will be in the times of others at this persent time. I do not want to have this end now. I would love to have you take the lives of the actors (characters) into a further venture of live. Each individually if at all possible. Do you even have the slightist idea of how you have impacted the entire world. You have reached out to the most impossible reader and grabbed them into your reach. Most impressive… Thank you so much for your efforts… Brenda

    • Donna D. says:

      I am so glad to read that I am not the only 50+ person totally enamored with “The Twilight Saga”. I am happily married woman with 3 great kids, but I am totally over-the-top with all of Stephanie’s writtings. Stephanie’s writtings pull you in and make the characters come alive. I feel like the Cullens and the wolves are my personal friends! I am thrilled, Brenda, to see that I am not alone in this “crazy” adventure!

      • James says:

        I am 57, male, and I enjoy reading. My daughter suggested I read Twilight. The description of Bella was very similiar to my daughter; she was the same age and even looked like her, so I thought why not and I read the book. I was amazed at how entertaining it was, so I read the rest of the books, then I read The Host. I loved it and even read it again. Stephenie Meyers has a special magic and I cannot explain the impact her writing has on me. I certainly hope she continues to write. I would love to read more of her books.

  8. erlinda says:

    is it true that Ian somerhalder is playing Jared in The host ???? 😀

  9. Amanda says:

    Steph I just want more books! I don’t care if it’s Host Twilight or something new anything you put out is amazing and Im going through withdrawels ! I read the Host then the 4 twilight books in 4 days! I bounced 2 checks just to get the twilight books I was so hooked (don’t tell the police on me!)

  10. rebecca says:

    i’v read all the twilight books more than once and tryed to read bree tanner but its too contradicting how she’s afaird of being “burned” and a red head vamp who has teleapathic abilitlys thou edward isn’t described as a red head in twilight. i’v also read host and i want to know if there be more installments of the series and of the twilight saga and i want to know if the whole book of midnight sun will come out because i dont like to wait for so long for books come out since it’s been like three years since the last installment of the twilight came out and breaking dawn only gave more questions to surface up like wants gonna happen to renesmee and jacob nd his pack and the question of him being a shapeshifter not a pure werewolf

  11. Clair says:

    I loved this book a lot and i do not have the bad feelings towards Jared that most ppl have (sorry guys).I belive that he hit an alien and not mel to him it was just an alien who had taken over the body of the woman he loved so much.Only we know that mel was inside there.

    Ok so i would love it if this story was to continue i would love to know that Ian and Wanda had a happy life together.I would also love to know if they kept trying to save ppl like they did mel ??

  12. LinaZaes says:

    Oh my god! it is true? O.O
    The host will be movie? please tell me: yes!!!

  13. Emma says:

    On an interview with Stephenie Meyer and MTV regarding both “Twilight and “The Host” that if she were to continue writing for “The Host”, she would write two more, “The Soul” and “The Seeker”. And, it has already been speculated that Stephenie is worling on “The Soul” for release in 2012. 🙂 So I guess we will have to wait and see/

    Here is the article for that interview

  14. brooke says:

    lol im getting into the book, but the beginning is so hard to get through. very hard to understand at times :/

    • Melissa says:

      Yes I agree with you…it took me weeks to finally get into the book…unlike Twilight where I was immediatley hooked.

  15. Disney says:

    I have read the book many times and I think that Jenson Ackles and Sophia Bush should play the two main characters…I can really imagine them playing the two roles amazingly! (:

  16. Angela says:

    I’ve read the book loads of times. I hope the next series would be coming soon.
    I like IAN The best from all the Characters. maybe the reason is He love wanda even she is in somebody else body :)).
    Hope this series last a Life time.

  17. Cassie says:

    I’ve read the book and it is very good (of course it would have to be, since Steph wrote it) and the ending made me think that there should be a second book or even third, so fingers crossed :). Also I agree with Angela, I love IAN.

  18. Melissa says:

    Yes…IAN is something special for Wanda…Loved the storyline…but a continuation? I am not sure..well o.k..maybe I could see it…the humans finally win back the human race and conquer the aliens….maybe…now with Twilight there are so many different directions it could go…the possiblilities are endless…I say go with the continuation of the Twilight Saga first and foremost…the host later…..much later.

  19. Melissa says:

    Another thing I noticed is how much the comments on alot of the fan websites have began to decline significantly. Stephenie…please give your fans what they deserve..Midnight Sun. Renew our faith that you will come through for us.

  20. Michelle says:

    Just finished watching the HOST movie, it was a HORRIBLE movie!….nothing can relpace the Twilight Saga and our vampires.I dont know why Stephenie is trying so hard to fight her fans…we dont want ANYMORE host sequels or aliens…STRICTLY VAMPIRES! PLEASE STEPHENIE GIVE US WHAT WE DESERVE…MIDNIGHT SUN AND A TWILIGHT SEQUEL.

  21. Melissa says:

    Just read about “the storytellers” Stephenie’s fetal attempt at appeasing her fans with nonsense. She knows her fans will not support ANY of future projects, until…she gives her fans what they deserve..a Twilight continuation. So she tries to throw us a bone with the storytellers..short stories written by others shown on Facebook. about characters that were mentioned in the Illustrated Guide, but not the actual Twilight Saga characters we have grown to love…SORRY STEPHENIE..THIS WILL NOT DO IT.

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  24. Judy says:

    Just got done viewing the Twilight Storytellers short films…to be brutally honest, I am not impressed. How can Stephenie Meyer think it is ok to replace our beloved characters with new actors and actresses? Alice, Carlisle, Esme? NO! It seems she will do anything to avoid giving the fans what they really want…and that is Midnight Sun or a Twilight add on book..Jacob and Renesme’s future would be a great start at a new book…it just get so frustrating that we gave her all of our support and made her soooo much money…but she cant give us anything in return….I know i am not the only one that feels this way…that is why the movie The Host did not do well at all, her fans are tired

  25. Cheyanne says:

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