Krys Ivory ~ Embry

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10 Comments to “Krys Ivory ~ Embry”

  1. Embry_Lover says:

    Omgz this page needs to go up quicker!!! They should have kept Krys playing Embry! He was so hot!!!!

  2. channelview's_bella says:

    i so agree!!!!!

  3. ariana says:

    i soooo agree…. He looks so sweet!! And i’d kill for a guy like him!! He is so cute!! And he looks like he has a great loving personality…. Ooh i wish i could be able to talk to him!!:p

  4. Lucinda says:

    I know right!!! He’s cute,hot,and sexy all at the same time

  5. Yanna Black says:

    ya i prefer him and Seth their REALLY HOT !

  6. Christina says:

    I know krys in person (: we had a thing for awhile haha
    he would of played in the other movies but got made fun of. And yes he has an amazing personality (:

  7. poop says:

    Krys has every std in the book, but if you guys wanna bang him, He’s addicted to sex and will def bang you. Just come to salem

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