The Bella Cullen Project Interview

Twilight Series Theories: What is the biggest difference between you and other Twilight Bands?

The Bella Cullen Project:

Chandler: Ally, Tori and I have been best friends for a long time, so I think that chemistry really shows through our music sometimes, especially during our concerts. It really helps that we’re so comfortable with each other.

Ally – We have a more mellow sound, I guess you could say.

Tori: I think that we try to stay diplomatic on big issues in the fandom, like Edward and Jacob. We’re pretty openly “Switzerland” and though we may have personal preferences- we try to set those aside to come together for the fans.

TST: Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?


Chandler: I love Edward, and I love Bella being with Edward… I love Jacob for myself. J Haha, I love them both in different ways.

Ally – Well I am both – Team Switzerland, I guess. But I do lean more towards Jacob usually, but don’t get me wrong. I definitely love Edward too.

Tori: Well that’s ironic, ha-ha. I’m totally split- Vampwolf anyone?? 🙂

TST: How long did it take you to write “Sexy Vampire”?


Chandler: It was kind of a spontaneous moment where we were just playing around on the guitar in my room and started spouting off silly lyrics. It probably only took an hour!

Ally – Not very long actually, probably an hour or two.

Tori: One night actually! Ha-ha we kind of had a band sleepover and the words just came to us.

TST: What was it like to meet Stephenie Meyer? What did she think of your song “Sexy Vampire”?


Chandler: AMAZING. I don’t even have words to explain it. She and her publicist are definitely two of the coolest people I’ve ever met. We sang Sexy Vampire to her (awkward… J) and she told us we had beautiful voices. It was so surreal! One of the top five best moments EVER!

Ally – Meeting Stephenie Meyer was definitely cool.. We were really excited when she called us into her dressing room and we got to meet her. I felt like a bit of a dork, but it was definitely worth it! I think she liked sexy vampire but it was a little funny to be singing about Stephenie Meyer to Stephenie Meyer.

Tori: It was indescribable! She was so nice, and I was completely star struck- when we sang for her I was shaking and she just seemed so flattered and modest. It was a really amazing experience and she really loved Sexy Vampire!

TST: If you were stranded on an island, which Twilight character would you take with you? Why?


Chandler: DEFINITELY Jacob. And not just because he’s my favorite character – he knows the most about nature! It only makes sense to use that to my advantage, right?

Ally – I think I would have to take a vampire so I could get off the island (is that allowed?) I would probably take Jasper just because he’s my favorite vampire. But if the getting off of the island isn’t allowed I might take Seth I really like him for some reason he seems like such fun!

Tori: Alice!! She would keep me super amused I’m sure, plus she could tell when we’d be rescued.

TST: What did you think of Breaking Dawn?


Chandler: I thought it was amazing! It was definitely the best way she could have ended such a huge series – it left me totally happy and at peace about where the story went. THE PERFECT ENDING.

Ally – I liked it. I am planning on reading it again when I get a chance, though the first time through was a little shocking for me. I kind of felt like she was breaking the rules (when doesn’t she? ha-ha), but I definitely enjoyed it A LOT.

Tori: It blew my mind! After I read Eclipse I thought “What could Stephenie POSSIBLY do after that?” and of course her imagination is far better than mine. 😛 I was just gobsmacked! Plus it played perfectly into my theory that the twilight series is just one big metaphor for…. I’m sorry, nerd alert!! 😛 I won’t bore you.

TST: How will Breaking Dawn affect your music?


Chandler: A lot! Eclipse and Breaking Dawn were so different – and since Breaking Dawn was generally happier, I think a lot of our new songs will be more upbeat.

Ally – I have no idea. I haven’t gotten to write a lot since I read Breaking Dawn. I’ve been so busy. I think the Jacob perspective will be an interesting spin. We’ve never just written from Bella’s point of view, but I feel like she’s easier to write since we read her feelings. Also I feel like there were so many twists and turns that we have 600000000 things we could write about. I just don’t know where to start.

Tori: Ooooh! It will DEFINITELY affect our music! How I’m not sure yet, but it will be in the mix.

TST: How did you guys get started? Also was it one person or a friend thing?


Ally – well I read the books first and I got Tori and Chandler to read them, but it was Tori that actually had the idea to start the band and so then we asked Chandler if she wanted to do it with us and it was kind of born from there.

TST: How did you become famous?


Chandler: I don’t know about being famous (J) but I know most of our success came from the fact that the Twilight fandom is so enormous. It was like we were a music act that automatically had a fan base just because of what we sing about!

Ally – Are we really famous yet? I think that’s the real question, but why we got all the publicity was because the books were so popular and it’s an interesting way to express how we feel about them. Also Twilight has such a big fan base with all these great websites – it helps us people find us and helps our band grow.

Tori: Famous? Really? We get that title now? Wow! Now what was the question?

TST: You inspired people to read Twilight. How does that make you feel?


Chandler: It’s amazing! It feels so great to know that you influence someone that way through music.

Ally – Definitely one of the coolest things to hear is that we inspired someone to read the books. I always thought that fans of the books would find us through the books, so I think it’s really exciting that we can help some people find the books.

TST: How long until your album goes national?


Ally – I think it’s about as national as its going to get right now. You can buy it online at our website and iTunes, so obviously you can buy it from anywhere (even internationally).

TST: What do you think of the other fandom’s VS. The Twilight fandom?


Chandler: I think most of that comparison is between Harry Potter and Twilight – I just try to ignore it, because I don’t understand it. They are two completely different series – why should one fandom feel annoyed by the other’s success. It just doesn’t add up to me.

Ally – I think that we should all be friends I know it sounds stupid to say, but why can’t the fandoms be friends? I mean we all share in a love of something and sometimes a very intense love. I think we should be supportive of others and stop the fandoms vs. fandoms and just accept each other.

Tori: I think that you can’t really compare (let’s just throw something random out there….hmmm) Harry Potter and Twilight. They’re too different. Apples and Oranges. (no pun intended this time.:D) Why can’t we all just be friends???

TST: Besides the books, what makes you different from WizRock bands?


Chandler: The majority of Vamprock songs are more emotional and acoustic than Wizrock. I love the harder, upbeat sound Wizrock has, but naturally a Twilight fanband is going to be more acoustic.

Ally – I’m really not sure. The main thing that is different are the books. Wizrock is really where we got the idea to do a Twilight band from.

Tori: I think most Wizrock bands are a little more rock-and-roll-ish.. We tend to be a little more chill. Lots of acoustic.

TST: Are you going to release another album?


Chandler: I hope so! We’ve been doing some writing and I hope the new songs can be put to a CD… we’ll see!

Ally – It’s really all up in the air at this point. I’m hoping to be able to do another, but we just don’t know yet.

Tori: Maaaaaybe! We’ll keep it under wraps for now.

TST: What was it like when your popularity really shot off and you saw your names on all of the fan sites?


Chandler: It was so surreal. I remember the first time we saw our band’s name on the Twilight Lexicon news page… We pretty much freaked out.

Ally – I think we were all shocked and really excited, I know I was. We’ve only been doing this for a year and a half (almost) and it’s definitely been a whirlwind experience but really exciting!

Tori: Oh wow! I think the first time we got on the Twilight Lexicon was when everything really hit me. I’m pretty sure I screamed. Yeah I did, Chan and Al can attest to that. 🙂

TST: Who, behind the scenes, really helped make you guys what you are today?


Chandler: Our families and friends have always been very supportive. From Day 1 they’ve been behind us 100%, helping us out, especially as things got bigger and more difficult to handle.

Ally – I think our moms definitely helped us a ton and all of our families. They are constantly helping us out with every little thing from scheduling to copyrights to helping us get ready for shows. They are amazing!

Tori: Well our parents ESPECIALLY! They have been so supportive of us and it’s so much fun to see them set up our equipment. 🙂 Just kidding!!!

TST: What is your favorite Twilight Saga book?


Chandler: Oh, no! Don’t do that to me!!! I can’t choose… Umm… My favorite was… Twilipse Moondawn. That was a great book. J

Ally – It changes daily right now, though I would say Eclipse. It just depends on what mood I am in to read certain parts of the different books

Tori – I’m a really big fan of Eclipse. The emotion in that book is so intense because it’s kind of the conflict that you know has been building up since the beginning of the series

TST: How/where do you write your music?


Chandler: If I’m writing alone, I’m usually in my room so my family doesn’t have to hear me. Haha. If we’re writing together, it’s usually in one of our living rooms in the open. J

Ally – I write in a lot of different places, anywhere from one of our houses at a sleepover to school to in the car. I just write anywhere I get inspired, but it usually has to be a fairly quiet and calm environment (not counting sleepovers of course).

Tori – I normally write in my room, but sometimes I venture outside, I like a change of scenery occasionally.

TST: Who is your biggest musical inspiration? Why?


Chandler: Right now, I’m really digging Demi Lovato. She was the opening act for my favorite band’s concert that I went to during the summer, and ever since then I’ve been in complete awe of her. Not only is she incredibly talented as a musician and performer, but her songs are so real. When you’re listening to one of the songs she wrote, you can see what she was feeling. It takes a real artist to put that much emotion into all of their songs like that, especially when you’re on stage in front of thousands of screaming girls.

Ally – Gosh I don’t know. I have a lot of bands that inspire me, but Queen is definitely a big one. I grew up listening to them and I love them (most people hate them or love them), but I don’t think our music sounds anything like theirs. I think I learned more about songwriting and the fact that being abstract is okay. I learned more of that than style of music.

Tori – Tilly and The Wall. Whenever I listen to their music I just feel this connection and it makes me want to be a better and more developed musician.

TST: What is it like going back to school with fans of your music?


Chandler: It’s so awesome! I love it! It’s so cool when people come up to you during school and say “Aren’t you in The Bella Cullen Project?” I just can’t believe it’s become this big.

Ally – I think it’s cool but also kind of weird. We’ll just be eating lunch or sitting in class and someone will come up to us and be like “Are you guys in The Bella Cullen Project?” “Oh my gosh, are you the Bella Cullen Project” and then tell us how they love us or Twilight. It’s flattering, but I never know what to say except for thanks.

Tori – It’s so cool! A little weird, but definitely fun! Some of my teachers actually read Twilight and I find myself having conversations with them about the books. 🙂

TST: Who is your favorite Twilight character?


Chandler: Jacob. Hands down. There’s just something about him… I could see myself being his best friend if he went to my school.

Ally – Well that is definitely a hard question and if you haven’t noticed I’m not good at picking favorites, but I am thinking Seth right now. I feel like he’s so laid back and cool. I think it’s also awesome that he can be friends with vampires and not let his prejudice get in the way.

Tori – It’s so weird but…. Rosalie! It’s not that I really like her as a person, I like her as a character. She’s deep and shallow at the same time. It’s mind boggling! I live for mind boggling.

TST: What is your favorite song?


Chandler: Right now? Forget by Demi Lovato. It’s the kind of song that you can play on the guitar for an hour straight and your fingers still never get tired. It’s one of her more emotional songs, and I just love the way it was written.

Ally – I have no idea. I love too many songs.

Tori – Right now, It’s Pot Kettle Black by Tilly and the Wall. I just love them!!!

TST: What is your favorite song you wrote?


Chandler: Definitely “It’s Recreation, Not Suicide.” It’s our most upbeat song, and I just have so much fun performing it!

Ally – Wow another favorite question. Well I don’t think I have a favorite song, but I would say the most fun to perform is “Its Recreation Not Suicide.” The most fun to record was Switzerland because there were so many different components, and the most fun to write was Sexy Vampire – it’s just so silly.

Tori – I’m really attached We Don’t Need No Stinking Fangs, it’s my favorite.

Thank you, Bella Cullen Project for the interview and thank you to everyone who submitted questions!

And be sure to check out their song “Bella’s Lullaby” on this weeks podcast!

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