Christopher Heyerdahl ~ Marcus

More info about Christopher will be posted soon!

21 Comments to “Christopher Heyerdahl ~ Marcus”

  1. Lizzy! says:

    omg this guy lookz like rlly freaky! he will be such an awesome guy to play this part!!! lmao!

  2. Maraíza says:

    wow…I like marcus volturi xD

  3. Marcus lookes older than the others. Hes bald.

  4. Nikki says:

    Oh My God!!! He is like freaky he ,fits perfect to play Marcus

  5. lorii says:

    OMG !! this guy looks freaky!! jajajaja he is perfect to play Marcus !! LOL

  6. Jenna says:


  7. jsksold says:

    EWWWWWW THIZ GUY AS A VOLTURI MEMBER!!!!!! HE suKZ!!!!! WAT LmAO PuT hIm In NEW moON!!! yALL SUK!!! nEw mooN Iz GunnA be mEssEd Up NOw Cuz OF Diz GUY!

  8. Rosalie says:

    Arent vampires soupposed to be pretty i mean OMG i guess we will only see him like once or twice i hope.

  9. sierra says:

    mmm…idk?? he looks more like a caius to me…

  10. Caius Volturi says:

    die englische stimme ist voll gruselig! und sau geil! aber die deutsche stimme ist nicht so gut
    the english voice is quite horrible! but total terrific! but the german voice isn’t as good as the english voice…

  11. Bob says:

    Yeah, I really thought he was Caius.

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  13. Anna Begum says:

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  15. Mason Adams says:

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  20. Wet Saw says:

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