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We are going to start working on Post-Breaking Dawn Speculations!  We want to get your ideas on what you think will happen to the Vamps, Wolves, and Humans after BD!  We are hoping to start discussing your thoughts on the show soon!  To leave your comments, click HERE!

Are you a fan and “supporter” of the Twilight Series? Do you “speculate” constantly about what will happen in future books?

Well, you are amongst friends here! Leave us your latest and craziest speculations, and we just might read them on the show! We will have fun discussing your theory, and let you know what we think about it! You can post your theory on this page for others to read, or send them to

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  1. Brinean (Bruh-Neen) says:

    Hey Kallie and Kassie,
    I have a few supporter speculations and questions and I wanted to share them with you!
    Do you think Leah can imprint? Being the first known female werewolf/shapeshifter could she not have the ablity to imprint?
    Also wouldn’t it be funny if Mike fell in love with Leah and Leah were to imprint on Mike so Leah tells Mike about the wolves and vampires leading Mike to find out about Bella becoming a vampire.
    Adding to that thought who do you think Jessica would end up with if Mike were to end up with Leah?
    Thanks for read my answers!


    • Angela says:

      I don’t believe Leah can have children.
      Imprinting is to secure the packs lineage. With Clearwater heritage, you would think she would make stronger puppies than Emily. However, Sam still imprinted on Emily. I think Leah was right in BD when she tells Jacob that she is broken. In addition, because she can shift, her body can no longer carry a child. Her body temp too high and she can potentially shift uncontrollably.

      I dont see Jessica and Mike staying in Forks, the go to college and become part of the Greek system.
      Angela and Eric do stay in Forks and run the local paper. They pop out a few boring human babies 🙂

  2. Sydnei says:

    I was wondering what you think might happen if a werewolve was bitten by a vampire? Would they turn – part wolf/vampire? Or just die?

    • RoseMarie says:

      Well in the fourth book when Bella attacks Jacob and Seth gets in the middle, Seth says that it would have just sucked had Bella bitten him. Later you find out that it is because vampire venom to a shifter is just that venom and would kill said shifter. so in answer to your question the werewolf/sifter would just die. 🙁

  3. charlene says:

    Hey guys
    Ive two supporter speculations.
    1 what would happen to Charlie and the wolf pack if the Cullen were to leave? Would they go with them. In BD Charlie was getting pretty comfortable with Leahs mum and i wondered if they did get married would she tell Charlie about the vampires and the wolves, and if so would he stay there or live with the Cullens
    2 Will Bella let Charlie die when he get older and watch him die slowly or turn him into a vampire??

    charlene xoxo

  4. jessdavies says:

    i want stephine meyer to write another because she left too many things unexplained leaving alot of questions unanswered. but what i would like to see in the next book is renesme(sorry if this is spelt wrong) and jacob have a son which is human, vampire and werewolf! leah imprints on him proving my theorie that a werewolf imprints on a close friend/relative of the one they fall inlove with. so as people have been thinking leah was inlove with jacob she imprints on his son, also jacob was in love with bella but imprints on renesme bellas daughter, another is sam loved leah and imprinted on her cusin emily? what do you think?
    i really like your podcast:)
    jess davies liverpool, england

  5. mandi says:

    i want to know what happens to a volturi and the love and life of renessmee and jacob there needs to be another book she didnt end Breaking Dawn very well at all i think……….

    • RoseMarie says:

      Well i personally think that it would be great if Stephine were to write another book after BD but with the words “The End” writen on the last page that is not going to happen. Unlike what J.K. Rowling did with her last book leaving it open just in case she wanted to go back and write some more Stephine ended it so as to leave us all guessing what is to go on. Unless she finds a way around her “The End”, there will be NO OTHER BOOK 🙁 🙁 🙁

  6. Helena says:

    Eu adorava uma continuação…

    mais sobre Bella Vamp
    mais sobre Jake e Nessie…
    mais sobre o pai de Bella..
    mais sobre sobre Os pais Vampiros de Edward…
    dava para fazer muita coisa ainda !!!

    Helena -Lisbon Portugal

  7. Amesmk1 says:

    I think that years down the line, when Renesmee is nearly grown (5-6 years!), someone is going to kidnap her! Will it be the other 1/2 human hybrid from BD, or not?! The Cullens will have to beg the Volturi for their help – Demitri who is the best tracker, when they can’t find her. The Volturis condition that they help will be that Bella (and possibly Jacob?) has to stay with them, while Demitri and the rest of the Cullens go on the search, much to Felix and Aros delight! Who has really taken Renesmee, and what will happen to them??? All good fun!

  8. valerie lawrence says:

    I think you should just ask Stephenie yourselves when you get to meet her at the junket!!! who cares what we think, right? get the real answer staright from the horses mouth. “stephenie, what is your speculation post breaking dawn?”
    Wow! You guys are so lucky to get to ask her whatever you want!!!! and please find out about Midnight Sun!!!!! Pleeeze!!!


    • stephen shea says:

      no don’t ask she said she would not finish midnight sun until she though all the buzz had gone down

  9. Chessie says:

    I’m kind of a new listener, so if these have already been said or discussed, then sorry! But would Renesmee be able to conceive children? Because she is technically half a vampire, and so would her body be ‘stuck in time’ like Rosalie’s and every other female vampire?

    Also, if Edward wants Bella’s blood so much that he wants to kill her, how does he cope every month when Bella has her period?

    Just wondering what you guys think!
    Love the podcast!


    • Hkins says:

      Stephenie Meyer mentioned in a press junket that Bella’s monthly period doesn’t bother Edward as it is dead blood. Not fresh blood that is running through her veins.

      She also stated never say never in regards to writing another Twilight installment. I’m hoping that is a good sign that we might just be given a little more later on.

    • Angela says:

      Her body is not stuck in time cause she grew from a baby to an adult. She can have children because Jacob imprinted on her. Imprinting is in effect to make bigger and stronger wolves.

  10. Melissa C. says:

    I’m kinda worried that, anytime in the future, Stephenie will write another book. I’ve been so engrossed with Breaking Dawn lately (re-reading, reading fanfic, taking notes, etc) that I’m scared that if she publishes another book, the world that I created in my head based off of the clues from the last book will crumble. I believe, from what my mind has came up with, that

    1) Nessie will never be able to have children with Jake (I’ve been over this a lot and I have concluded that it will not happen)
    2) Nessie will have another love interest, but it will be more of a friend-loves-best-friend-but-Nessie-doesn’t-love-back relationship like with Bella and Jacob
    3) That love interest will be close to the coven (Perhaps Seth or Nahuel?)
    4) Leah will not imprint and she will have free will (It will make up for the whole LeahxSamxEmily love fiasco)
    5) Charlie will get married to Sue and she will have the right to tell him the truth about the vampires
    6) The Children of the Moon will play a big role (A war between the shifters/Volturi and Were?)

    So, yeah, this is what I think will happen in the post-BD world.

  11. carol says:

    ive seen all the films and im on the seconed book, but im confused, surely jacob imprinting on bellas daughter just means hes gonna be protective of her and not going to wanna date her as she will only be a baby??? and hes alot older???

    am i missing something? or do i need to keep reading????

  12. Sophia Cullen says:

    After reading Breaking Dawn and The short Second Life of Bree Tanner, I believe that Reneesme and Jacob will marry and have three children. Michael, Angelica, and Tasha who were half vampire-half humans like their mother. When Billy finds out that Jacob had married a “cold one” he exiled Jacob and family from LaPush. Meanwhile in Vancouver, Freaky Fred had received news that Bree and Diego had been killed in the battle he planned to avenge them. He turned three people into newborns. After a hunting trip Bella, Edward, and Reneesme come home to find Jacob had been bitten and was in excruciating pain from the venom that was now racing threw his veins. Bella looks at the newborns standing in front of the bloody Jacob and find Mike, Jessica, and Angela as vampires. Bella, Alice, and Jasper run and detach Mike and Jessica limb from limb and burn them. Carlisle and Esme found Angela different. Like Bree, Angela didn’t want to fight and wanted a second chance. The two “adopted” Angela. Bella hated the thought of Jacob going through all of the pain, and stabbed Jacob numerous times like Edward had to Bella. Now the Cullens consisted of Carlisle; Esme; Bella; Edward; Renessme; Michael; Angelica; Tasha; Rosalie; Emmett; Alice; Jasper; Jacob; and Angela. A few short months later and Angela had fallen in love with Benjamin from the Egyptian coven. The two were married and Benjamin left the Egyptian coven to be with his love and the two lived out the rest of eternity with the Cullens. Marcus found out that Aro had killed Didyme. Marcus and Ciaus supported Stephan and Vladimir and the foursome overthrow Aro and take over the Volturi! And everyone lives happily ever after.

    As a joke for Edward, on their second honeymoon, Bella takes Edward to Antarctica to eat penguins! Haha!

    I LOVE your pod cast! Keep up the good work!

  13. Charlene says:

    I think that SM should write a book about Maria/Jasper/Alice. I would also like to see how Bella fairs as a Vampire, ie, what she does in life like school etc. Expecially since Edward is so cultured and has been to school so many times holding multiple graduate degrees. It would be a shame for Bella to do nothing and want nothing but Sex.

    I would also like to see the Volturi overthrown. Maybe by the Russian Vampires who were defeated centuries before and maybe with the help of the Cullens and Tanyas Clan in Alaska. That would make for good drama.

    For some reason I dont really care about Jacob and Resnesme. I am sorry, I just dont. I hate that Jacob has to be around so much now and that he cant stand to be away from the baby. I also think it is going to be sick for them to be together considering she will stop aging at 6 and he is 16. That is going to look nasty. I did not like that part of the book.

    I would also like to see more of Edward and Bellas life together now that she has crossed over. He was so worried that she would hate him and it would be nice to see some of that happy ending.

    • disappointed says:

      She won’t stop aging at 6 years developmentally, she will actually be 17 when she stops aging it just takes 6 human years. If you had read that bit of the book it would have explained Jacob has no romantic feelings for her and won’t until she is fully developed and thus his equal maturity since Jacob stops aging because of the shapeshifting.

  14. #1 Twifan says:

    Renesmee can’t have children because she is half vampire so her re-productive system is frozen in time.

    It would be good to see Leah imprint on Edward, that would be interesting.

    I also think it would be good if Bella had an affair with Carlisle.

  15. Jade says:

    Wow… Some very interesting speculations…

    I have just found this and I have a few things I would like to add… Firstly although I would love more to the story, but I think the ending was amazing, the last pages where Bella opened her mind for Edward was so awesome…

    Renesme can grow and develop so I would assume she could carry children, I would like to note to Charlene that Renesme grows at an abnormal speed so in 6 years she would become an adult, she will not stop aging at 6 years.

    Now that I have cleard that up…

    I think Charlie and Sue will end up together…

    Whilst reading BD I actually wanted Jacob and Leah to fall in love the normal way but now that, that can’t happen due to Jacob’s imprinting.. I would like Leah to fall in love with someone else the normal way… I guess to kind of show that love can happen without magic.

    There was mention about a fights and dramas with the Volturi, but I think Aro should get sick of living for power and ask Carlisle if he can join his family, then Marcus and Ciaus fall apart without Aro there and the Volturi fold making the Cullens the most powerful vampires, and everyone respects them and things are peaceful, even in the south….

  16. Stephanie says:

    Jade, i really liked your theories, but there was something i was wondering about the character of the vampires in general. i just finished reading about Bree Tanner and although she was a human biting vampire, there was something in her character that knew it was wrong. so i guess what i’m wondering is… the vampires that are sadistic and evil… was that part of their characters as humans? like specifically Jane and her twin brother…. i’m interested in how they became vampires. who turned them and why, what time (century) did they live in and what were their characters like as humans. could it be that, like most humans, they have a mixture of both good AND bad or were they bad people who, after becoming immortal, became drunk with power and amazed at their own beauty, talents, and abilities as vampires? time will only tell if stephenie decides to write about the individual characters and their histories or not. wouldn’t it be interesting to somehow have the wonder twins somehow overthrow Aro and Co and THEY become ‘the law’ of the immortal land…. stay tuned, i suppose…

  17. SomeGirl says:

    What will happen after Breaking Dawn?
    Well, obviously, Bella and Edward will continue to go to high-school and blend in; their daughter and Jacob will be together; no-one will die… that’s about it… I don’t think anything terribly important will happen…
    Whilst reading BD, I had my speculations about what would happen, and I wasn’t wrong – so I guess that my speculation on life after BD will be correct: as uneventful as the book.
    I only read Twilight and BD, and I prefered Twilight.
    Why is BD being made into a two-part movie? I can’t really remember it. Was it that long? Did that much happen?

    • ROBSTENLVR says:

      well reminding you that they’ve both graduated from high school and i doubt they can take care of renesmee, and go to high school. They’ll probably be like rosalie and emmet and not go to school. Plus BD is 754 pages w/ 4 HUGE pinpoints in it (SPOILER: imprinting, Volturi war, Wedding, and Renesmee.) So yes it should be a two parter so they leave absolutely nothing out. and at some point they have to die (like charlie so someone will die.) While i’m on the subjest of Charlie if Edward and Bella go back to school?

      • ROBSTENLVR says:

        i ment while i’m on the subject of charlie wouldn’t he get suspisious if edward and bella go back 2 school?

        • Mandy says:

          I dont think there’s much else that could go on that would surprise Charlie. He already knows there’s something really weird going on with everyone, including Bellas and Nessie, he already has an inkling that they aren’t exactly human anymore. He already knows about Jacob and that he is a shape shifter and he’s on a “need to know” basis with the cullens, remember? I think post BD they tell Charlie what they are and give him a choice of if he wants to change too. Unlike Renee he is alone and it wouldnt affect anything if he changed. If Edward would have never went to the Volturi in New Moon the Volturi would have never found out that Bella knew about vampires. So why cant they just tell Charlie and give him the choice like Bella had? I think Charlie would say no and Bella and the rest of the family would just have to cope with his death.

  18. ROBSTENLVR says:

    What happens between jake and renesmee? do vamps take showers? how long do they all live? y doesn’t stephanie meyer write a fifth twilight book, and contact me when i write her fan letters about all this?? (i don’t suspect u to have an answer to the last one.)

    • Hkins says:

      The vampires don’t need to take showers because they don’t sweat or get smelly. Their hair doesn’t get oily. The only reason they would need to take a shower would be to remove surface dirt. Edward never showered when they were on their honeymoon. Instead he let Bella have ‘a human moment’.

  19. ROBSTENLVR says:

    how bout this one?? wouldn’t the volturi try to stop a vamp(Renesmee) from marrying a werewolf(Jake)??? I see another war in their future

    • Eclipse says:

      I like that, but SM would surely have to make a fight, which she said she didn’t in Breaking Dawn because she said “There would be causualties on the Volturi’s side, but that means I would have to kill oiff some ‘good’ vampires.” Or something like that anyway.

  20. twilight is my life says:

    more about Bella vamp

    more about Jake y Nessie …

    more about Bella’s father …

    more about Vampires on Parents of Edward …

    gave a lot to do yet!

  21. victoria says:

    edvard is so perfect.his so stronger handsome and fast.bella is not.

  22. Born again twifan says:

    Interesting reading above. I have to say I’m a bit late coming to the Twilight party. I din’t get all the hype before. I saw the movies 1st and thought ho-hum. Then recently I read the books ALL of them in about a week Then watched the movies again- Much better 🙂 I think the movies should come with a warning – “Don’t bother watching if you haven’t read the books”.

    That said I am now feeling like I’m missing something because I have no more to read or watch until BD1 comes out in November, so now I need more, i want to know what happens to Jake and Nessie, with her accelerated growth she will have caught up Jake in 6 years. and as Jake can halt his aging as long as chooses to be a shifter they will soon be the same age. what kind of person/Vamp does Nessie become? She breathes, sleeps, is warm and for now grows and ages, so I think her and Jake will have children – a boy and a girl. The boy will inherit Jakes shapeshifter skills and the girl Nessies Part Vamp traits.
    As for Bella and Edward while waiting for Nessie to grow up they will go to College, Jake and Nessie will go with them, Jake will mind Nessie while they are in classes.

    Really I just want to know more, I loved what I read of Midnight sun – i think that is such a great concept – the same story but from different eyes, it would be great to see New Moon and Eclipse from Jacobs eyes and /or Sam / Seth /Leah – so many options SM could head off on so many different tracks by expanding on the different threads – I just hope she’d not over the Twilight Saga and continues to pick up some of these threads.

    PS – from previous posts – I like the2nd honeymoon idea, freaky Fred follow -up, More about Tanya’s clan….. another thought what about James and Victoria’s view point – obviously James story is not a big as Victoria’s but their side of the fist 3 would all be in one book- that would be really juicy 🙂

  23. John Alex says:

    Is there going to be another part after breaking dawn?

  24. sonia says:

    i like taylor laughtner

  25. babby says:

    wow keren i like it

  26. Riley says:

    Kallie & Kassie,

    I was talking with my Mom and we were a bit confused on how did Bella got pregnant. We thought that vampires only had venom in their bodies but Edward had to have semen if she got pregnant. What do you think?

    P.S. Kassie, will you adopt me?

  27. Riley says:

    Kallie and Kassie,

    This is kind of far fetched but I was thinking, do the characters’ last names draw some sort of parallel? Bella’s maiden name is Swan and swans are all nice and pretty and innocent. Jacob’s last name, Black, has a lot of negative connotations such as evil or death. What do y’all think?

  28. You sold out on Breaking Dawn 2 for a fight sceen, a good one, but you cut out so many funny moments when Bella became a vampire. Little things like the blue dress, ripping the sides, the shoes, everyone staring at her. Jasper’s unease. Things I really miss from the book. The Host was ok. Keep trying. Maybe dream some more. Breaking Dawn 2 was my biggest disappointment. I will still buy it

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