Kellan Lutz ~ Emmett

Kellan Lutz was born March 15, 1985, in North Dakota. After graduating from high school, he considered applying to college where he would pursue a career in chemical engineering; he also considered becoming a Navy seal; however the call of performing was much stronger so he moved to Los Angeles despite the lack of support from his parents. Kellan also left six brothers and a sister behind. He worked non stop from the moment he arrived in the city, landing several high end modeling roles, including the cover of Abercrombie and Fitch’s 2004 summer catalogue and various Levi’s ads. He eventually proved to his family that he had made the correct choice and they couldn’t be happier for him now.

Kellan has been seen in TV spots such as, “the Bold and the Beautiful”, ” Model Citizens”, “CSI New York”, “Six Feet Under”, “Summerland”, and most recently a small appearance on the hit show “Heroes”. All these roles helped jump start his career and gained him more fame, which soon led to roles in HBO’s series ” The Comeback” and hit movies such as ” Stick It” and Accepted”. As well as a lead part in Hillary Duff’s video ” With Love”, in which he plays her love/lust interest. He has recently wrapped filming on “TWILIGHT” the movie; based on the hit Vampire novel by Stephenie Meyer, in which he will be playing Emmett Cullen, the fun loving older brother.

Emmett McCarty was born in Tennessee in 1915. Not much is known of his human life; although, it is assumed that he had at some point or another led a fairly immoral life. When telling Bella about his human death and turning into a vampire he says “I’d had a little too much fun in my twenty years, so I wasn’t surprised by the fires of hell”.

His human life came to an end in 1935 when he was attacked by a grizzly bear. Thinking he was about to die, and slipping into unconsciousness, Emmett was saved from the clutches of the death by Rosalie Hale. With his curly hair and dimples, though grimacing in pain, he reminded her of her friend’s baby son, and with that image in mind, she was unable to let the bear take his life.

Though resentful of immortal life herself, she made the decision to be selfish and asked Carlisle to change Emmett for her. Since that time, Emmett has mostly lived with Rosalie and the rest of the Cullen’s, though sometimes they do live separately as a married couple. To please his wife, Emmett has married Rosalie many times.

He currently resides in Fork’s, Washington, with the rest of the family; the rest of town assume he has gone off to college. Though he sticks to their vegetarian lifestyle now, Emmett has had a few slip ups in the past, two of which were his very own singers. Other than those mistakes, he seems to be handling the diet pretty well at present. Given his ‘death’ it is no surprise that Emmett has a preference for hunting grizzly bears.


  1. Strife (2009) (pre-production) (rumored) …. Jagger
  2. Twilight (2008/I) (completed) …. Emmett Cullen
  3. “90210” …. George Evans (2 episodes, 2008)
    The Jet Set (2008) TV episode …. George Evans
    We’re Not in Kansas Anymore (2008) TV episode …. George Evans
  4. “Generation Kill” …. Cpl. Jason Lilley (7 episodes, 2008)
    Bomb in the Garden (2008) TV episode …. Cpl. Jason Lilley
    Stay Frosty (2008) TV episode …. Cpl. Jason Lilley
    A Burning Dog (2008) TV episode …. Cpl. Jason Lilley
    Combat Jack (2008) TV episode …. Cpl. Jason Lilley
    Screwby (2008) TV episode …. Cpl. Jason Lilley
    (2 more)
  5. Deep Winter (2008) …. Mark Rider
  6. Prom Night (2008) …. Rick Leland
  7. “Heroes” …. Andy (1 episode, 2007)
    … aka Heroes: Villains (USA: promotional title)
    Chapter Twenty ‘Five Years Gone’ (2007) TV episode …. Andy
  8. “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” …. Chris Mullins (1 episode, 2007)
    … aka CSI: Las Vegas (South Africa: English title: informal alternative title) (USA: syndication title)
    … aka C.S.I. (USA: short title)
    … aka CSI: Weekends (USA: promotional title)
    … aka Experts, Les (Canada: French title)
    Empty Eyes (2007) TV episode …. Chris Mullins
  9. Ghosts of Goldfield (2007) (V) …. Chad
  10. Accepted (2006) …. Dwayne
  11. Stick It (2006) …. Frank
    … aka Rebell in Turnschuhen (Germany)
  12. “The Comeback” …. Chris MacNess (8 episodes, 2005)
    Valerie Does Another Classic Leno (2005) TV episode …. Chris MacNess
    Valerie Stands Out on the Red Carpet (2005) TV episode …. Chris MacNess
    Valerie Hangs with the Cool Kids (2005) TV episode …. Chris MacNess
    Valerie Saves the Show (2005) TV episode …. Chris MacNess
    Valerie Stands up for Aunt Sassy (2005) TV episode …. Chris MacNess
    (3 more)
  13. “Summerland” …. Fordie (2 episodes, 2005)
    Safe House (2005) TV episode …. Fordie
    Space Between Us (2005) TV episode …. Fordie
  14. “Six Feet Under” …. Critter (1 episode, 2005)
    Hold My Hand (2005) TV episode …. Critter
  15. “CSI: NY” …. Alex Hopper (1 episode, 2005)
    Tri-Borough (2005) TV episode …. Alex Hopper
  16. “The Bold and the Beautiful” …. Rob (2 episodes, 2004)
    … aka Belleza y poder (USA: Spanish title)
    Episode #1.4409 (2004) TV episode …. Rob
    Episode #1.4225 (2004) TV episode …. Rob

Kellan Lutz
The Collective
9100 Wilshire Boulevard
Suite 700 West
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

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  1. Kate says:

    I love Emmett!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    He is so hot
    im going to be His girlfriend for the summer sultist

  2. Ksu says:

    Я очень люблю Келлана (Эмметта)!!! Он просто супер! Я считаю, что он лучше всех! Даже лучше Роберта! I LOVE YOU!!!

  3. adriana says:

    is the address on here correct?

  4. Aliaia says:

    Emmett is so hot.

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