Taylor Lautner Updates His MySpace…

Feb 27th, 2008 | By | Category: Movie News

Taylor Lautner ~ ?

There has been a ton of speculation as to whether Taylor has been cast as Jacob in Twilight!?!?!?  Taylor has not confirmed his role, but has expressed his excitement for being cast in the film.  The following is his latest update on MySpace… http://www.myspace.com/tdl06  

NEW UPDATE Feb. 25, 2008
“I am very very happy to announce that I will be working on the film called TWILIGHT. Many of you have been asking what role I will be playing. I think it would be best for me to wait for SUMMIT ENTERTAINMENT to release the role first. I am hoping they will do so soon. Once they do then I can comment more. So please be patient…but I can’t wait. I am very excited to play this character in such an amazing book series by Stephanie Meyer.
On another topic…I just turned sixteen and got my drivers license..yayyyy!! Track just started so I have been running a lot.
I better go now but once Summit releases my role then I will comment more. I want to thank ALL of you for your support. Take care and hope you all become TWILIGHT fans.”

58 Comments to “Taylor Lautner Updates His MySpace…”

  1. Laura says:

    ooooohh I wonder who he’ll play!

  2. courtney says:

    who is taylor lautner playing???????????? i really hope that it is jacob black because he would be perfect but i heard somewhere that there is not going to be a jacob in the first one…

  3. lexi says:

    he’s really cute!! idk what they’re gonna do to make him look older……but im really mad that if he is jacob that he is NOT NATIVE AMERICAN!!!!! i know its hard to find a native american actor….but his being a native is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!!!

  4. Shan'n says:

    OMG!!! you are soooooo right! he is not even native american!!! that makes me sooo mad! couldnt they just go to the actual Quillette reservation and find some guy to play him?????? ughhhhhh!

  5. Heather says:

    He’s Jacob Black

  6. Moniee says:

    Ahhh~ I`ll be so angry if hes jacob black~!! Dx

  7. Lindsay M says:

    Regardless, he’s definitely got the talent. He’s great looking, he’s an awesome martial artist, and a fantastic actor. So I say-why not?

  8. Florinda says:

    He should play the part of Jacob Black cuzz hess Hott!!! =]]

  9. edward and i says:

    he needs to be a bit bulkier in my opinion…and have longer hair!!!!
    at first i thought that nobody could play the cullens but know i am thinking that nobody can play anybody from the twilight series in the movie!!!!!
    AHHHAHAHAHAH i can’t wait untill it comes out!

  10. Jalen says:

    i think he iz so cute!! n will b a great Jacob Black regardless if he native american or not!! most actors aint wut dey say dey iz in movies!! datz part of the acting!!! itz hiz character not himself!! bt i think diz iz gon b da greatest movie eva!!!! cnt wait 2 c it!!!!!!!!

  11. Sadie says:

    He is so hot!!!!!!!! I hate Jacob Black but I dont know if i can anymore. I love the book so much so I Really!!! hope that they dont ruin the book. But it looks really good!!!!!

  12. Liset says:

    I think this guy is Purrrrfect for the role of jacob black. He looks exactly how i pictrured him to be in the book. Im really exicted to see what the movie will turn out to be. It better not ruin the story!

  13. Kendall says:

    Yeah I think he is playing Jacob Black. Can’t wait till December!

  14. alice says:

    OMG i can’t wait till the film cums out my friends and i are like obsessed! we spent a whole lesson loking at photos and trailers behind the teachers back! how sad are we, but i’m in love with the books and i think that film will be good!

  15. candy says:

    Taylor Lautner fits the part of Jacob Black.
    i guess its a good thing he is a good actor. lucky to him in the movie.

  16. kelso says:

    Actually, he is part Native American. I forget what tribe, though.

  17. emely says:

    uhhh guey why did u pick him he’s good but he isn’t gonna look good with long hair

  18. i think hes perfect.Hes has nice abs,n hes really cute.But he sort of seems young since hes only my age.And why is his hair going 2 b 2 long?Well i did picture him as Taylor.I hope he does an awsome job.I have 2 admit that hes really adorable 4 someone who used 2 b a child star.He’ll do great as Jacob

  19. Emily says:

    He’s soooooooooooooo HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. sierra says:

    oh me goid what on earth he really is going to play jacob black i heard but he will be a good jacob i think how bout you

  21. sierra says:

    oh me god what on earth he really is going to play jacob black i heard but he will be a good jacob i think how bout you shucks made a mistake in the first

  22. maraya says:

    heyyyyyyyyy! im so glad u got the jacob role ! ive read all the books i cnt wait for the last one 2 cum out! so r u guys making movies for all the books? nywys im busy i have lots of schoolwork 2 do ! i just started high schoola nd im 14 wbu?
    nywys rock on taylor see u later aligator!!!!!!!!!

  23. maraya says:

    opps i fogot 2 say somethin! it dosent matter where ur from or how old u r or how u look !just be urself and do ur best !
    im supporting u all the way and i think ud do great playing jacob so good luck 2 u!

  24. Jasmine says:

    yea…he’s playing jacob. and he does have potowatomi indian in him…not a lot…but some.

  25. Margaret says:

    OMG taylor is soo cute. he is really HOT. Im like his biggest fan 4lyf!!!!!

  26. Anaïs says:

    Taylor Lautner in Jacob Black !
    I confess that this surprised me !
    It is necessary to say that I did not imagine such a cute Jacob !
    Anyway, congratulations ! I hope to see visits us my blog which I makes for Twilight ! Especially that of Taylor.

    Anaïs. One fan French!

  27. sydnee says:

    im so happy hes jacob black!
    hes gorgeous!

  28. chrystie says:

    That is soooooooo! cool that he is jacob black. Im really glad i would not have picked a better person.
    He is super cute! The hair for the movie really bugs me but, what can you do Jacob has long hair in the movie
    Thank god! he cuts it in New moon!

  29. seneca says:

    umm ya he is native american u would kno that if u people were real fans duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Charline says:

    MediaBlvd> What is your background?

    Taylor> I’m mostly French, Dutch and German. I’m not really sure where I get the dark, tan skin from. It just kind of happened.

    funny 8 months after he claims he found out he was part NA on his moms side while preparing for the role, he changes his story after filming is complete and goes back to being JUST French Dutch and German…this is an interview from Oct 20th 20008.
    Such a liar!

  31. itzel says:

    hey your hot go to my myspace at that e-mail on top.hope you can go on mine. i will be looking foward for your message at my myspace

  32. Amy Hill says:

    Taylor , you did a wonderful job being Jacob Black. I can’t wait till New moon comes out because your a really good actor. I’m excited to see what the werewolves will look like. It’s a pleasure saying something. Love Amy

    P.S. I really like you , plus were only 3 yrs. apart. I’m 13! =D

  33. Lakeshia says:

    hey Taylor I have ur real cell number so I’ll call you on Moday kay Taylor?

  34. Lakeshia says:

    Hey I what to see your Twlight movie someday I will see it n I now when your B-day is it’s Feb 11 it’s that cool mine is Aug 3 I wish you a HappyB-Day later on.

  35. Lakeshia says:

    Hey Taylor so what are you doing now were you live is it fun there cuz I’m so bored in J_Ville

  36. Lakeshia says:

    Hey you are my number 1# fan n I like you alot Taylor are you allowed to come down to JacksonVille to meet your fans?

  37. Lakeshia says:

    do you have a Girlfriend Taylor?well I’m gonig to see ur Movie pretty soon kay.

  38. Lakeshia says:

    Hey I well call you on Monday Will you be myBoyfriend Taylor?

  39. Lakeshia says:

    Hey Taylor so what do you do on your time oop’s I mean on daily bases do you go out with your freind’s sometime’s are you going to put these comments on your Myspace Taylor? are u Tay?

  40. Lakeshia says:

    I’ll TTYL Taylor.

  41. Lakeshia says:

    I’m so Happy that I’m talking to you for real Taylor! not playing with you J/k LOL

  42. Lakeshia says:

    Hey Taylor how’s it going?

  43. Lakeshia says:

    Sup Taylor what’s been up with you?

  44. Lakeshia says:

    Hey Taylor Love ur pixz.

  45. Lakeshia says:

    Hey Hott! Taylor when are you gonna be 19 yet?

  46. Cheyana says:

    I loved the movie! It was the best movie I’ve ever seen!! Taylor did a good job playing Jacob Black. It was just like I imagined it. Is he gonna, if they make other movies, play in them? I hope so!! Great movie!!!

  47. Stacia says:

    You played really good in Twilight as Jacob Black.
    cabt wait for the next movie to come out!!

  48. Veronica says:

    omg i love u!!!

    ur soo hawt!!

    i love ur role as jacob!


    ♥ me

  49. Sexy says:

    I soooo want to have sex w/ him!!

  50. cheyenne says:

    hey!!!!jacob its chey if u dont know then o well anyway HII!! also if i didnt tell u that waz an awesome movie twilight :3 ok then bye!!:3 XD <3

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