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Alright, listeners…we need you to answer the Question of the Week!  This week we will be using your answers to help us with next week’s podcast!

Do you think Bella should, or will, be turned into a vampire in Breaking Dawn? Explain.

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  1. I had a thought the other day. What if in breaking Dawn Bella has some freak accident and she needs like a blood transfusion and she gets it from Jacob. Then Edward changes her like at the end of the book and she is like half vampire half wolf. She is still warm, she can blush, something like that.. How interesting would that be??


  2. Jamie says:

    I think she will and should be changed into a Vampire. Bella is so clumsy and so in love with Edward that if she doesn’t change I believe she won’t make it another couple of years. With her history she is a magnet for freak accidents and Edward can’t always be there, though he is doing a good job so far. I would be totally disappointed if she didn’t too. I feel like she will change and her and Jacob get into an argument and Edward has to take Jacob out or something along those lines.

  3. Callie says:

    I whole-heartedly think that Bella should become a vampire (and will).Think about it, a love like Edward and Bella’s deserves to be around forever. We already know that Edward can’t join her as a mortal so she has to join him as an imortal. Plus, there is also the issue of as Bella said “being equal. A man and a woman have to be somewhat equal. One can’t just keep saving the other”. I’m Bella became a vampire, she would be able to save him and he would have to save her a whole lot less. And yes, I will admit it, I am completely in love/obsessed with Edward and I really don’t like Jacob very much and if she became a vampire, he would have no claim on her at all.

  4. Gabby says:

    i think she will become a vampire because if not there will be a lot of unhappy twilight fans. Dont forget she would haveto or the royal vampire family will kill her so either way she’ll have to die, but hopeful she becomes a vampire which i think she will.

  5. Lisa says:

    I agree with Callie that Edward and Bella will have to become more equal but I think (hope) that Edward will become mortal rather than Bella becoming a vampire.

  6. Joanne Maria says:

    I PRAY she will.. Her and Edward belong together, forever. Since, as far as we know, Vamps cannot be turned back into Humans, than Bella needs to change. That whole scenario with her getting older as a Human and staying with Edward as a 17 year old is too wierd and I truly do not think either one of them would be truly happy in that situation.

  7. Aimee says:

    I hope she turns into a vampire already!!! I think she and Eward belong together. But I am afraid we’ll have to wait for another book and I don’t want that! I want her to be all vampy already!!!

  8. Amy says:

    I don’t have any deep reasons for hoping Bella to be changed, other than they’ve been alluding to it for three books. Git ‘r done! Going through the transformation along with Bella would be an amazing experience. We’d finally get to see what it’s like to *be* a vampire, not just the third person witness we already know. Finally, she’s completely and totally committed herself to Edward–they’ll both be happiest when they’re undead together for eternity. She’s been warned, she’s weighed the consequences, she’s made the choice. BITE BITE BITE!

  9. Shay says:

    I’m torn between two options here. In my eyes, if Bella becomes a vampire both she and Edward will be truely happy, but Jacob on the other hand will be absolutely heartbroken and so angry that he’d probably either kill Edward, or stay a wolf forever so he won’t have to deal with so much pain.

  10. Katelyn says:

    Well…I think Bella will become a vampire, because she accepted to marry Edward if he changes her, and at the end of Eclipse, she’s going to tell Charlie they’re getting married. So, I think she will.

  11. Lisa says:

    I think Bella should become a vampire because she is really stubborn on this issuse and is willing to make that sacrifice in order to be with Edward. So whether it’s Carlisle or Edward that’s going to turn her into a vampire she is going to make sure it’s going to happen.

  12. Laura says:

    She had better is all I can say!! I have read that Stephenie likes to have “Happy Endings” so I hope that means she will become a vampire.

  13. Caro says:

    I think she will
    and one of her powers would probably have to do with perspetive[sp?] cause in the book[ecilpse I think] many of them point out how perpestive she is and if you notice she is!
    so I think your right
    cause perpestive has to do with looking into someone else
    so I think when she’s around a vampire she would be able to use their power
    and with jacob I think she would be able to read the packs mind also
    haha I hope I’m close.

  14. Amie says:

    Yes, she should and will be turned into a vampire! First of all Edward won’t go back on his promise and neither will Bella. I also heard that Breaking Dawn was longer, and vampires process their thoughts a lot faster, so there is more information and emotion already! The only thing that would stop them would be Jacob coming to the wedding, but hopefully he will stay a dog for the rest of his life!

  15. Halle says:

    ok, i have had many thoughts on this subject. I think that Bella will be changed. I think it will be at the end of the book and yet…. I’m not so sure. In Breaking Dawn I believe we will be seeing more of the Volturi. I think Aro’s lust for power will be put into the equation and I also believe that Jane is very jealous of Bella. I think she flaunts her power and she knows that she is Aro’s favorite. I think Aros line saying that Bella’s powers are as powerful or more than Jane and Demetri. I think that those two will play a part. As much as I hate to say I think that Jacobs hatred for the vampires will drive him and the others to start a war. Its a terrible thing and I hope to God that know one dies because in my opinion the characters are like nothing I have ever felt before. They are my best friends. I read a book to go into a different world. So in summary I have a feeling Bella will be changed bringing into the process the Volturi and a vampire-werewolf war.

  16. McKell says:

    Okay i’m full of all kinds of far fetched theories so heres mine, what if the Volturi came and tried to seize Bella, and so out of burning love, the beautiful Edward asks that they take him instead of her, and somehow in the process of “death” he becomes mortal 😀 and then it would be all good except, he wouldn’t have his gifts, and super speed, maybe not as good looking, (oh what the heck he will always be a stud) and he will have GORGEOUS GREEN EYES, and him and Bella will have a cute little family, and once they have cute little babies and a cute little house, they both become vampires, and live happily ever after, except there is alot of plot holes in that, like Jacob for instance, if Edward was mortal, Jacob could rip him to shreds and eat him for breakfast, and I don’t think edward could handle being human 😛 but i LOVE him to death, i just don’t like Jacob in the slightest… he should crawl into a hole and….. well you can guess the rest 😀

  17. Cynthia says:

    My personal opinion is that Bella shouldn’t turn into a vampire. I don’t know why, but I kind of want her to stay the way she is – clumsy, and very human. She is the easiest to relate to.

    In Eclipse, Edward says that if there was any way that he could become human for Bella, then he would pay any price for it. What if there is a way? Supposedly the werewolves exist only because the vampires exist. The werewolves are supposed to exist to protect their people, but maybe there is another purpose for their existence that no one knows about yet. So, if vampire saliva is poisonous or venomous, then maybe werewolf saliva or blood is the antidote or anti-venom. This idea might be far-fetched and many might hate it, but I don’t think I’ve heard anyone else come up with it and I think its an interesting theory.

  18. Kymmie says:

    I believe that Edward will stick to his belief that Bella should stay human and persue her human life…but with him as a vampire and her as human…


    I believe that she will, OF COURSE, be attacked and be fatally injured… and to save her life Edward will have to bite her.

  19. Jenny Penny says:

    I think she will. But it won’t be how she wanted it done. I think she will be hurt almost to the point of death and edward will have no choice but to change her….that or let her die.

  20. Jolinda says:

    I think Bella will be changed. I also think that her repulsion for the scent of human blood will be enhanced. Therefore, I do not think she will have a problem with the “vegetarian” diet. I don’t think she has a problem with the scent of animal blood.
    she has no problem cooking all that meat for Charlie.

  21. alicia says:

    I don’t think Bella will be changed. Actually, like some rare others, I have the feeling that Edward is the one that will change. Why? MANY reasons. First, I think it’ll be too previsible to turn Bella into a vampire. A good writer is suposed to put some rebound in his/her book. Second, Edward said that if the was a way, HE would become mortal for her… I’m pretty sure that the whole last book of the twilight serie will be about that! Finding way to… Imagine: Bella, Edward and their two kids… Wouldn’t it be just wonderful?

    You know what? I’m great at guessing stuff… I predicted… SPOILRS FROM HARY POTTER 7… that Harry was an horcrux, that he would die but return to life, that Rogue wasn’t a bad guy and that he was in love with Lily a couple of months before the seventh book came out! So trust me when I say that Edward is the one who will be changed!!!!

  22. Kaitlin says:

    I totally think that she will because if you look on stephenie’s website they have possible covers for the books and the other possibilitie for Breaking Dawn was one where Bella had red eyes and I think that it implys that she will become a vampire

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