The Cullen Home…

Mar 11th, 2008 | By | Category: Movie News

Cullen House?

The TMInsiders, from Twilight Moms, have just posted pics of the ‘Cullen’ home supposedly being used in the movie Twilight!  They are not sure if exterior shots or interior shots will be used…we will just have to wait and see!  You can see a few mor pics in the Gallery or go to Twilight Moms!

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18 Comments to “The Cullen Home…”

  1. Kimi G says:

    This house is a dream. It is perfect for the Cullen’s house.

  2. Anne says:

    i thought it was supposed to be a 3 story ‘white’ mansion?

  3. sarah says:

    WHAT GIVES!?! its ment to be white!!!

  4. Brianna says:


  5. Aleks says:

    ye i thought it was ment to be white
    wat gives ?!?
    oh well but the house is cool
    in one of the trailors in thr movie you can see a part os the house
    just so you know

  6. IIII . says:

    Wow, i love the books <33
    All i can think about is ; Twilight,
    Edward is só sexy, en Jacob to, its perfect :’D

    Love it <333

  7. IIII . says:

    & Renesmee, i love her to , she’s so sweet in the book 😀

  8. alicia jacques says:

    i thought the cullens house was white. and old. and a mansion?

  9. Hailey Beesley says:

    I am sorry… but i agree with all the people above who said that its SPOSED TO BE WHITE!!!!! i am so excited for this movie… but, people really need to get things straight..

  10. Jessah says:

    yea i have to agree, it needs to be white,
    im super excited for the movie…..but it seems like they are getting quite a things wrong…maybe the people working on the movie should have read the books.

  11. shelby says:

    this is horribly horrobly upsetting. i REALLY hope this isnt the 3 story white mansion from the book

  12. Samantha says:

    People people…not everything is ever the way it is portrayed in a book. The wood frame structure fits in well with the location that is an amazing house. Plus they’re white and sparkly you’d think they’d want some contrast to what they live in. Amazing house!

  13. kiann says:

    i love the movie omg its ganna be so frikken amazing!!

  14. twilight- says:

    where is this house? in forks, washington?
    it looks so cool but it isn’t white 🙁

  15. Shannon says:

    Yeah. But have fun trying to find an OLD, WHITE Mansion in the Pacific Northwest in the woods. The only ones that are worth looking at are near Seattle.

    This is a real reflection of the PNW. The oldest building are 1700s or so, and even those don’t fit the description of the ‘Cullen’ house… Especially being more realistic for the area of Forks/Hoquim/La Push – Realistic in the way that this kind of building being tucked up in the Olympic Mountains, and in a portion of Washington that isn’t Lavish (Seattle, Mercer Island and Bainbridge Island are about it when it comes to Lavish).

    Take it from someone that live in Washington State, and has spend most of my time driving around this god-forsaken state to find something to do.

  16. erio vignali says:

    what the fuck isnt it supposta be wite?!!!1!!!!!!?

  17. Cait says:

    it may not be the same as the book at all but i still love it…. think it fits in better with the area. i want that house. lol

  18. Delilah says:

    OMG!!!! i’m a HUGE twilighter and i love their house

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