Edward has James Against the Wall…Picture from Entertainment Weekly!

Mar 13th, 2008 | By | Category: Movie News

The next issue of Entertainment Weekly has a photo of Robert Pattinson (Edward) holding Cam Gigandet (James) against the wall!  You will want to get out and buy this issue!  Some of the forums are posting a sneek peek!


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3 Comments to “Edward has James Against the Wall…Picture from Entertainment Weekly!”

  1. Sandy says:

    The fact that food was used so that Robert could bite Cam is just hilarious! I wonder how many takes were done before they ran out of chicken…ROFLMAO!!!;)
    Nevertheless, the scene looks intense….cannot wait to see the film when it comes out in theater!

  2. Jamie says:

    This picture was interesting. I think its cool that they put the chicken on his neck to make it look more believable because he is actually biting his neck! I think this picture is from the dance studio too which is awesome!

  3. Lyssa says:

    L0L i was going crazy when I saw this pic!! this looks like is going to be a good fight scene!! =].

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