Jasper & Alice (Jalice) ~ Week #11

Mar 20th, 2008 | By | Category: Podcasts

This week we talk about Jasper and Alice!  We discuss their past, present and future!  The music this week is Last Chance for Love by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.  Enjoy!

10 Comments to “Jasper & Alice (Jalice) ~ Week #11”

  1. Amy says:

    Girls, when I found the Jalice (love it!) podcast was up I literally started bouncing in my seat and flapping my hands like an over-excited toddler. I had been checking several times a day hoping it was posted. Your little chats and discussions make my day!

  2. Janara says:

    I loved listening to your theories on Bella and Jasper & Alice. You are all very fun and funny. Thanks for doing your podcasts.

  3. Stacey M. says:

    I feel the same way as the two previous posts. I wish so badly that I could sit down and chat with you all. I am so happy to know that there are other people (especially married and with children) like me. My husband likes to joke and say that I am a desperate housewife in love with fictional characters.

  4. Amber says:

    Where can I find my vampire name?

  5. Terri says:

    Yes i like to know where i find my vampire name.

  6. Becky says:

    I love you guys soooo much! My friend and I just discovered your podcasts today and we listened to a ton of them. You guys are great and a lot of your opinions and theories are really close to ours. So keep it up guys!

  7. Isabelle says:

    Wow, I have to say that I stayed up last night until 3 in the morning (when I should’ve gone to bed because the next day I had to go to college 😛 ) just to listen to this awesome podcast about Jasper and Alice. I personally love the relationship between them two. I also understand now the little known facts that I didn’t pick up very well from the book, and getting information from Stephenie Meyer. Thanks so much for this, I’m hoping to hear more of the other podcasts! 😀

  8. Janet says:

    This may be really stupid but if Alice couldn’t remember anything about her life before or becoming a vampire then how did she even know what her name was when she woke up after changing? I’ve always wondered about that and also why does she go by Alice and not Mary. hmmm.

    I especially liked the ending song on this podcast. Who picks the music? And how do you find such good songs?

  9. Kymmie says:

    hahaha… this was a great podcast… lol… I also have to add that i went onto google and typed in,” Whats my Vampire Name?” and the first site i entered my name, Kymberly Kirby, in I received, “Rosalind Tussaund!” hahaha I was sooo excited that i got Rosalind… and then not 1 min later you tell Kallie your names are Rosalind also… hahahah pretty funny! lol..

  10. Mila says:

    I think that Jasper was taken by surprise when Bella got cut……..so I think he is woking on his instict to drink blood (Human blood)

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