Question of the Week…Rosalie & Emmett (Rosamett)

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This week’s question has is everything to do with Emmett and Rosalie!

Do you (personally) like Rosalie?  Why do you think Emmett loves Rosalie so much?

Send us your answers, and we will go over some of them on the show next week!

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  1. Laura says:

    When I first read Twilight, I really didn’t have that have a real strong opinion of Rosalie. I did at first think she was a little jealous that Edward had chosen Bella over her but found out that is not the reason; she just doesn’t like Bella’s choice to become a vampire. Once I read the other books, I actually felt a little sorry for her. Being a vampire has been the hardest for Rosalie and it was not something she probably really wanted.

    About why Emmett loves Rosalie, that is how to say. Stephenie never really goes into that much depth about why but it might have something to do with how beautiful she is and that she is the one that saved him from being mauled by the bear. Also, like Stephenie has said, their relationship is more physical so she probably has that sort of power over him. Can’t wait to find out more though!

  2. Amy says:

    I don’t “hate” Rosalie but she’s not a favorite by any stretch of the imagination. She’s like one of those people you have in your life that you can’t just ignore, so you politely put up with them. I don’t know why she can’t come to grips with the idea of Bella becoming a vampire and let it go. It really has nothing to do with Rosalie’s life. In fact, since Edward irritates her so much she’s likely to see much less of him once he and Bella can go off and do their thing. She needs to accept in this one single instance, it’s not about her.

    Emmett’s affection for Roslie: he doesn’t exactly live in the deep end of the pool, if you know what I mean. He’s not as self-absorbed as she is, but I think they’re just at the right level for each other. I also wonder how much of it is loyalty for saving his life. He was being eaten by a bear. Rosalie could’ve taken care of the bear just fine and have Emmett for her own little meal, but instead she saw something in him from her human life (Vera’s little Henry) that resonated so deeply that she needed to save him to keep with her forever. He’s apparently happy with her and I don’t think he’s ever griped about the vampire lifestyle. So, he’s likely happy that he still has some type of existance. Rosalie’s attitude never really seems to bother him, he’s so easy going and loves her and lets her love him. As said in the book, he’s just what she needed and vice versa.

  3. Callie says:

    Well, I have to say that I had absolutly no opoinion whatsoever about Rosalie until she told her story in Eclipse. Now, I feel really bad for her about the whole vamire thing. I still think it’s silly of her to still be so hostle to Bella, though.

    Now Emmett liking her. For Rosalie, being a vampire is only bearable because she has Emmett there for her. I think he reconizes this and it only makes him love her more. Also, Rosalie is absolutly gorgous! ; )

  4. Katelyn says:

    Personnally, I think Rosalie is fine(well, maybe a little too self-absorbed…). She just has a hard time dealing with all the vampire stuff.Emmett loves her for what she really is, because Rosalie isn’t always selfish or mean.

  5. Shannon says:

    At first, when I read the first book, I didn’t like her. When I heard her story, I started to warm up to her. I read her Lexicon page and found out she is from my hometown, Rochester, NY.

    I feel that Emmett really loves her in his own way.

  6. Katie says:

    First off i would like to say that I am in love with ya’lls podcast! I am a new subscriber on iTunes and I love every second of it!
    Now back to the question. I do like Rosalie in a way, and I can understand why she is jealous of Bella. She never wanted to be a vampire and she didn’t have the best of a human life. Sure she is pretty but she is a little conceded also.
    2 question: I do believe that Emmett knows a different side of her, a side which is warm and kind. Plus, Emmett is really awesome! And can love her for who she is and except her!

  7. Gabriel says:

    I honestly think Rosalie is pretty cool. Not someone I personally would pursue…but she is cool. She comes off as very high-maintenance. She is probably the most regretful of all the vampires…easily. And when you read her story in see why.

    As for Emmets feelings…my opinion is…If a woman saved me from death, I would naturally feel drawn to her. The strength she demonstrated probably wooed Emmett. It is mainly physical as SM stated. And Rosalie is old-fashioned in the sense that she doesnt complain or cause too much uproar in terms of their relationship. That allows Emmett to be himself more (which is almost totally opposite of Rosalie’s personality). Throw in that she is gorgoues and he is a big buff guy and they are like a hollywood couple. it just makes sense like brad pitt and angelina jolie. nothing in common really, but they both…um…have certain talents that the other likes…alot. like a star football player always goes out and gets a swimsuit model for girlfriend…know what i mean?

  8. Michaela says:

    To be honest, at first, I didn’t care for Rosalie very much, especially the way she was so cold to Bella, but after hearing her story about how she was turned and reading about her reasons why she thinks Bella should stay human, I have more empathy towards Rosalie. I think Bella does too. Her comment in the book suggests that. I don’t think Rosalie and Bella will ever have a bond like she does with Alice but perhaps they can have more of a peaceful coexistence.

    I think Emmett and Rosalie’s relationship is the real thing. He loves her because of her beauty and they have a connection that one else could understand except for maybe Alice or Jasper.

  9. Lindsay says:

    I like Rosalie, just because really. She’s a good character, and all good characters have their positives and negatives- her negatives just seem to dominate the positives. What i don’t get about her though, is why she has a problem coming to terms with Bella’s and Edward’s love. I mean I get she thinks she’s so beautiful that every man should want her or be attracted, but she should understand why Bella wants to be a vampire and why Edward wants her to for himself. It’s so they can be together for eternity. Didn’t Rosalie want Emmet changed so she could have him? Even though he was dying and she saved him, she still wanted him for herself. She should be able to see why Edward and Bella want the whole vampire thing then too. Bella being in danger as often as she is, it’s almost like Edward doing her a favor by changing her- kinda, and not to mention their love. So i think Rosalie should be a little more understanding.

    Emmet loves her cause she saved him, she’s beautiful, and she’s probably not as harsh around him as she seems to be with everyone else. He definately sees a lovable side to her no one else does. He’s probably her only weakness.

  10. Stacey M. says:

    Well I never liked or disliked Rosalie. It is just that there wasn’t enough of her given to me. I knew her story would be told and when it was I was able to form a better opinion of her. As a mother myself I can’t imagine going through life without having my son. Her life long dream NEVER came true. She wanted a child to love all her own. Yes she was a selfish person in her human life, but when her best friend had her little baby she knew that her looks or money could never buy her the love that a little boy all her own could give her. Personally I feel that she saw how happy and perfect Vera’s life was and she connected that beautiful curly black hair little boy to Vera’s happiness.

    So, that brings me to the point where she found Emmett mauled and clinging to life. I think that as soon as she saw his face she was reminded of little Henry (I think that was his name) and the last happy/loving memory before she became a vampire. Personally, I think a deep loving and maybe even mother like instinct kicked in and she would do anything to save him…by giving him life that wasn’t human life. I feel that it was an instant love for her….seeing Emmett.

    For Emmett I think he gets her deeper than any of us can describe. They seem to be a private couple and perhaps there is an unspoken bond between that doesn’t need to be addressed. Because we don’t know Emmett’s background very well we can only speculate what he might be feeling or thinking. But Rosalie does something for him….gives him something he never had and knows he needs.

    I can’t wait to listen to the podcast! It has become another new favorite obsession!

  11. Starrie says:

    Emmett’s a jock, and what else could a jock want than the hottest girlfriend around? 🙂 Emmett says whatever is on his mind and doesn’t sensor/edit his thoughts. Rosalie has little on her mind other than herself and, to Emmett, it probably comes across as a similar way of viewing the world so he feels a connection to her.

    We haven’t gotten an in-depth look at Emmett but we have Rosalie. She’s very high-maintenance and self absorbed. In life it seems to me that self-absorbed people tend to have relationships with people that feed into that obsession with them – they add fuel to the fire so to speak. I picture Emmett as someone who enjoys indulging with Rosalie in her self-obsession. 🙂

  12. Amy says:

    Stacie M, your second paragraph was exactly what I was trying to get at! Especially about the mother instinct kicking in. You said it perfectly!

  13. Stacey M. says:

    Thanks Amy!

    I deeply feel it was almost a mother type instinct. Even though she is resentful of the fact that she is a vampire and didn’t choose to become immortal….A mother will do anything to have her child next to her all the days of her life. Yes, Emmett isn’t her child but seeing him reminds her of the need and desire she always wanted in having a boy (or girl) of her own. She claimed him as his her own and the feelings obviously were returned by Emmett.

    I don’t think this is a typical jock/cheerleader vanity love. You have to know what is really deep inside Rosalie to understand her and Emmetts unbreakable bond.

  14. Nancy says:

    I thought that Rosalie was initially upset with Bella because she brought danger to the Cullen family, but in Eclipse, her resentment of Bella is much better explained. I didn’t have a strong dislike for her before Eclipse, since I assumed a future book would explain Rosalie’s reaction toward Bella. I think that in Breaking Dawn, Rosalie and Bella will become closer.

    Meyer seems to imply that every vampire has his own True Love, and that for Rosalie, Emmett is it.

  15. Brit says:

    I am not sure how I feel about Rosalie. In the first book I looked at her as a protective sibling.I could understand her reactions to Bella. In New Moon after reading the out takes about how she tracked down Edward and called him. To tell him that Bella was dead. I could not stand her. Then when I heard her story in the Eclipse I realized that she is alot like Bella she wants what she wants and does not like it if she does not get her way. But in real life who really doesn’t like it when our ideas and feelings are ignored.
    I can understand her. She is a ground force that helps to prople the books.

    As for Emmett. Once again after reading the outtakes on Stephenie’s website. I think that he was drawn to Rosalie, like Bella was to Edward. I mean it did not hurt that she saved his life and all. Plus I love how Emmett is able to complete understand how Bella feels about becoming a vampire and being part of Edwards world. He was willing to … well in Emmett’s words “Hell’s not so bad if you get to keep an angel with you.”

    There are my thoughts. Plus I just started listening to your podcasts. Love the show. keep up the great work.

  16. Katie says:

    Though I don’t personally like Rosalie, it is only because of her distaste for Bella’s choices. She has good intentions (at least in her own mind) in warning Bella not to become a vampire, and is trying to look out for her.

    I can tell that Rosalie does not act that way with her family. Sure, she is selfish and narcissistic, but there have to be some redeeming qualities, or the Cullens wouldn’t accept her like they do. Even Edward, though he is by far the most distant from her nowadays, comes to her defense on occasion.

    I’m sure that Emmett loves her, not only because she saved him and is his angel, but also because of who she is. The fact that we don’t get to see her loveable side in the books doesn’t mean there isn’t a loveable side at all.


    P.S. I love your podcasts & I just subscribed on iTunes! 😀

  17. Kallie says:

    Well, like a lot of others, I didn’t like Rosalie in the first book. I just thought she was one of those people (and we’ve all met at least one) who just doesn’t like others because they think they’re better than everyone else. Rosalie met all the criteria. But then again I was wayy too obsessed with Edward to even think twice about her. Stephenie Meyer hardly gave her dialogue compared to everyone else, it was more of a physical presence than anything. Her hard feelings for Bella were well known, but like all opinions, harsh ones are always more dominant.

    Then finally we heard her story.

    She didn’t get the marriage she dreamed of, the house, the family, the social life. The supposed love of her life left her to die. Now that she’s a vampire she won’t ever get that chance back. I don’t really believe that all of her hatred in the first book was based solely on jelousy. Obviously she was jelous of her being human, and also a bit because of her and Edward. But sometimes I think that she was so full of hate towards Bella because she wanted to turn Bella away from what she was beginning to love because she knew what would ultimately happen to her. She didn’t want Bella to not have what she couldn’t.
    I think that we’ve only seen one side of Rosalie. She showed a little bit of herself when she was telling Bella about her life before she turned. I think she’s a little more compassionate than we all think she is. She’s like a book that we’re all judging when we haven’t even read the story.

    Now Emmet… I also think he’s a little more dimensional than what’s being told in the story. I think that knowing how difficult it was for Rosalie to not kill him while saving him has a certain appeal… I mean who wouldn’t appreciate that? Although from what we’ve seen of them both, I do think they compliment each other really well. Just like you were talking about the balance Jasper and Alice have, for someone to be together for eternity they have to have that balance. Emmet has his strength, but Rosalie is very strong with her opinions. And I think Rosalie’s seriousness is balanced with Emmet’s comedic personality. She can keep him in check while he can make her lighten up. We haven’t seen really any of their intimate time together, the only think I can recall is when Emmet was trying to reason with her about Bella.

    I honestly didn’t think I could write this much. I adore your podcasts by the way! I think they’ll keep me sane until august. 🙂

  18. Amber says:

    I am confused towards Rosalie. I personally think shes genuine. In her own way that is. She thinks highly of herself, that bothers me, but I understood why after her story. I’m only confused though because I don’t think that she’s being far to Bella about, possibly, disliking her more if she turns into a vampire. It was said that Rosalie only mourns for the Cullen’s. If one of them is hurt thats all that matters to her. I feel that Edward, of course, would be devasted if he ever lost Bella. We all know that. If Edward is happy, why not she? But then again it was said that Edward doesn’t want Bella to be a vampire for herself. And that might have a little influence of her feelings for Bella. Because that would make Edward unhappy because of that choice to leave her human life behind. Maybe I’m wrong.?
    But Rosalie has her reasons for things. Some aren’t right, but I do understand her and think she’d actually be a cool girlfriend give or take a few things.

    Now Emmett. This is tough. Rosalie is hard-headed. We all know, and it does kinda confuse me why he would love Rose. But wouldn’t you love someone who is beautiful, and saved your life? Rose doesn’t like being a vampire, but Emmett takes anything he can have, because he has a second chance. He makes the best of it. Sort of like Edward or Esme. Emmett has a second chance to love, and live. I think that’s why he loves Rosalie. If Rose cares about someone, it means only good things from her part. It’s a tough thing. Ask Bella!

    Haha..thanks for listening!

  19. Jamie says:

    I think Emmett likes Rosalie because they fit so well. She saved his life for one, and Emmett is kind of go with the flow and Rosalie is a little high maintence so those type mesh well! Atleat I think so anyways. They have a love that most find hard to believe, but it works for them!

  20. alice cullen says:

    I do not like rose at all and if any vampire were to die I would not morn her passing as much as any others. she is a self-absorbed, self-centered, stuck up selfish person. she is being totally unfair to bella and edward just because she did not want to be what she is. she sees bella who wants yo be a vampire and thinks of herself as normal. I think she might betray them to the voltorie (sorry about spelling) in breaking dawn.
    Emmett loves her and i can’t see why. Emmett is my favorit and if she does betray them emmett will be hurt the most. but then again emmett could make rose not completly hate bellas choice if she changes. rose hate the danger bella brings and bellas choice to be a vampire, not bella herself.

  21. Steph says:

    My opinion keeps changing on her. I’ve realised that some people might not like her because her and Bella have a clash of personalities and with the story coming from Bella’s point of view, it’s inevitible that you’d think ‘oh, she’s not nice’ etc, since Bella’s description and opinion on her isn’t so high. However, I adore Emmett, and the fact that he loves her so much and is willing to do anything to make her happy makes me think there’s got to be something behind that hard front she puts on for Bella. If the story were to come from his point of view, I’m pretty sure she’d probably be my favourite person 😉

  22. Cait says:

    Rosalie is actually one of my favorite characters. I think one really has to have an open mind to like her. She appears to be a cold-hearted person, but once you hear her story there’s a lot more to her than what appears on the surface.

    As for her relationship with Emmett, I think they’re perfect for each other. Rosalie needs someone who practically worships the ground she steps on, and that’s what he does. As mentioned quite a few times above, their relationship is more physical, but that doesn’t make it any less mutual than other couples in the book.

  23. Anna says:

    I think that, although on the surface Rosalie can seem a bit (ok, QUITE a bit) stand-offish, she is given too much of a hard time by fans. Now I don’t think I would say I oculd be “friends” with her, but I can truthfully say I don’t hate her.
    Her relationship with Emmett is another story. Emmet himself is one of my favorite Cullens (my favorite being Alice). He is more of the kind of guy I like, he knows how to make you laugh, even if you want to hit him when he does it. He is also the perfect foil to Rosalie’s character, her’s being so serious and uninviting to most. But one thing I would like to find out more about this couple is how they got past that rather obvious difference in character and attitude to the point they are at today.

  24. Anna says:

    *edit* sorry, I meant in my first sentence to say “…I think she is given too much of hard time by fans.”

  25. Anna says:

    Edit #2: sorry, I must be tired, but “could,” not “oculd.”

  26. Mollie says:

    I have always been so torn between whether or not I like Rosalie’s character. She seems so overly rude and pigheaded but throughout the book S. Meyer shows us this side to Rosalie that shows she cares so much about her family that you can’t help but understand, especially when she is telling her story in eclipse and she is talking about how much she wants a husband and baby and then what her fiancee does to her is so awful so it kinda evens out the rotten attitude she seems to have and how self absorbed she is. I think Emmett loves her so much because she loves him so much, how much she loves all of her family. That’s all she wanted after all is a family to adore her so she probally treats Emmett so good.

  27. Ana says:

    I don`t personally like her, but i kind of understand her personality; i mean when Carlisle make her a vampire she was taken away the chance to remain human, she didn`t even had an opportunity to say no; she kind of had a good life, so she must angry that she has to live in anonymity that no one can appreciate her and praise her as people did when she was human.
    I think that Emmett loves her so much first of all, because she save him from a secure death, than she is really beautiful and maybe he knows her better than most, well except for Edward of course, maybe he understands how she feels about a vampire life, or maybe he is too innocent to realize how shallow she is! XD

  28. Stacey M. says:

    Well I just wanted to add one more thing to my two previous comments. I think one of the reasons that Emmett adores Rose so much is because HE KNEWS her human and vampire story. He knows how horribly treated she was by her fiance and what was done to her. As self centered as she was she is like so many of us. She wanted to be loved and litterally put on a pedastil.

    Personally I feel that she was betrayed by the person who was suppose to love, honor, and cherish her. Because she wasn’t…she was saved and made into a vampire. She had no choice on the betrayal and or the fact that she became a vampire.

    I feel because Emmett is greatful that Rosalie saved his life…he embraces the fact that he is a vampire and realizes not only does he love his Rose but he can also give her ONE of the two things she has always wanted. Undying love and support.

    I really feel there is more to Rosalie and we really have look at her with an open mind. I think the reason she seems so rude to others around her because she does infact have some insecurities of her own. She isn’t comfortable in her vampire skin as she was in her human skin. Perhaps in her eyes she is a monster and couldn’t imagine how anyone would want to be one as well. That is why she chooses not to get too close to Bella.

  29. xbitterswitx says:

    i really like rosalie. although there are times that she would get on your nerves. i admire her in eclipse cause she explained to bella how she thinks and gave her her story. i also admire her knowing that she never tasted human blood before, we know how hard it is for vampires since their instinct tells them to drink more blood.

    i honestly think deep inside she likes bella. the only thing she doesnt like about bella is her desire to be one of them. on eclipse we get to see a vulnerable side of her.. she tells us how she would love to have a family with emmet but that is already impossobe for them to happen.

    i just though of this.. in midnight sun if stephenie meyer were to kill one of her vampires i think it would be rosalie. i thought of this because rosalie wants her freedom from thirst..and the only way she could get that is by dying… i’ll feel bad for emmet also…so i hope nobody dies in the whole series.

    • Duane says:

      It is Impossible cause now Emmett wants to kill Jacob for Imprinting on his wife good riddance I think he teased Jacob
      at that party she was wearing a blood red dress and black heels what does that tell you ? He started It and the
      wolfpack was going to finish It no matter what She , Jacob , and Nessie plus the rest of the wolfpack won. Bella
      sacrificed her life for Rosalie to come back to life yes she did. If you notice Rosalies eyes In Breaking Dawn part 2
      their human not vampire I noticed that Nessie would beome her and Jacobs baby then they can start their own pack.
      They both have It In their blood but Reneesme would be a wolf pup hybrid / vampire Its makes them stronger being
      half and half. Not sure If the girl can have kids or not something tells me yes and Rosalie can with Jacob they did
      have a relationship ended up falling head over heels with him. Emmett did not like It and could not do It any more or Rosalie that’s why he left her she thought he was coming back and got to the point to say goodbye to Emmett. They
      were not soulmates Jacob and her were I am happy for both of you deserve each other would of been nice to see
      you 2 In a love scene. How many times did Jacob kiss Bella ? A couple times why didn’t we get to see kissing
      between you and Rosalie ? Was not In the movie why ? She was not happy with her and Emmetts marriage Jacob
      found happiness by pissing her off he told her that If you read Jacobs Imprint you will see It go to Wattpad that’s where
      Its at. If you want to know what goes on behind closed doors with her and Emmett read Innocent and Betrayed next would be Betrayed and Innocent I do believe. There Is a misunderstanding she did not leave Emmett he left her while
      he was gone Edward called Jacob told him I have not seen my sister happy like this because of his unexpected absence
      left a note and said don’t try to find me or follow me. If your reading this Emmett I don’t feel sorry for you never loved
      her or touched her but who did ? That’s right Jacob he made her feel special adored her admitted that he wanted to
      be with her forever then asked her out on a date was his turn to patrol soon so he made It the following night. Rosalie
      accepted Bella got angry at her said what gives you the right to date Jacob ? Some words were said either Carlisle or Esme told her to go home and don’t come back until you apologize to my daughter. Rosalie and Emmett were on a
      break tells Jacob that she thinks that she lost Emmett for good then he tells her I am not here because of Bella I am
      here because of you my Imprint. He explains It to her finds It romantic to see where this could end up she thought he
      did not like her with them being enemies was able to talk to her with Edward was knocking her looks Jacob didn’t like
      It and went outside with her. When It came to their date Jacob asked Carlisle and Esme If he could take their daughter
      out on a date they said yes Rosalie took Jacobs hand went to a movie together. He didn’t have to ask for permission
      but he did that’s being a gentle men I could see why she would choose to be with Jacob rather than Emmett. From
      what I read Emmett cheated on Rosalie 46 times In and out of their vows found It out on her own smart girl I would
      of got rid of him a long time ago once a cheater always a cheater can’t trust them. You did the right thing and went
      back to Jacob now both of you have Reneesme to take care of plus raise. I liked the part when you got In Emmetts
      face and told him about your and his marriage wished you never did marry Into the Cullen family and him they
      started It all the wolfpack did not. Before you were a wolf If I were you I would of killed him why would a wolf save
      a vampire ? The pack kills vampires there was no bear attack that you saved Emmett from It was a lie to protect
      your brother Sam , lover Jacob , rest of your friends. Including Leah and Seth you cared about them there was no
      hatetred were trying to get you and Jacob back with each other this goes for you to Rosalie If your reading It they
      were helping broke away to help Jacob yes they did maybe you did not know It but they were. When Bella was
      going through the pregnancy there was a protection detail Seth and Leah would stay outside but Jacob check to
      see how Bella was making out. What I don’t understand Is why Edward took It bad when he Imprinted on their
      baby but Emmett did not care ? He was cool about it Leah was behind him Seth was there to then Jacob had to
      heal come running out of the house to phase back In wolf form . Brother and sister were already In wolf form
      Jacob had no choice him and Edward agreed the pack was coming for Bella. Edward said to Jacob their not
      going to touch her.

  30. Brooke says:

    I personally like Rosalie because even though she is nasty as heck to Bella, She protects Bella and eventually turns into a “friend” to Bella.

    She also is very trusting of a person, once they earn her trust. She told Bella her story and that doesn’t seen like something she or anyone talks about with fond remembrance. She seems like she doesn’t want to be hurt because of a mistake or someone to be hurt because of her family. To me that is one of the reasons she steers clear of Bella is to not hurt her.

    I also think that she wants Bella to know everything she is getting into if she becomes a vampire. She tells her what it is like during the change or rather gives some more insight to it then Bella orginally got.

  31. Brooke says:

    I just wanted to add that Emmett seems to be a very easy going fun loving guy. Rosalie seems to be the opposite. I think that the relationship that they have is evenly balanced. Emmett would just as well jump off a cliff into an ocean of newborns in the middle of a tornado, hurricane and forest fire combined, as Rosalie is to sit at home and just study lessons and be a quiet person.

    But Emmett keeps Rosalie smiling and having a bit of fun every now and again just as she is keeping him safe and not doing so many random, stupid, and dangerous things.
    THat is all!!! BYE!!

  32. amanda says:

    At first, I didn’t like Rosalie that much because she is the person everyone wants to be, especially Bella, and she’s self centered, rude, and she doesn’t even know Bella, yet she glares at her and totally hates her. Then, I realized what she’s been through, and I can sympathize and understand her view point. To me, she’s still not even close to ranking up there with everyone else, but I like her a little bit more.

    I think Rosalie and Emmet love each other so much because they are total opposites. I’ve notices that opposites attract, and people who are totally alike can’t stand eachother. Plus, Emmet is Rosalie’s last thread to hanging on to her former life (little Henry), and Rosalie is Emmet’s angel. She saved him, she’s beautiful, and she’s exactly what Edward is to Bella. Even though their relationship is more physical, there is something very deep and strong between them.

  33. Daena says:

    Rosalie is there to remind us, as readers, in a very real way that not everyone’s life experience is the same. There are some people who get stuck, who would not choose. She is Bella’s foil. We see her as an opposing reflection. I think she is also there to remind us that what Bella is choosing might not be the best thing for her. That it will be difficult and dangerous. That she might not even like it. She and Jacob encompass the alternative, what else Bella could choose, and without them what would be the point of carrying on the book so long. Her changing to a vampire would almost be a mut point. So, in so many words, I like Rosalie because I see her importance within the story structure. As a character, I feel that Rosalie has a great deal of knowledge and understanding to bring to Bella and her experiences, a voice of discent to make her think about her actions.
    I feel that Emmett loves Rosalie because of her past. She is someone to be protected and probably enjoys someone to look after her when no one would in her human life. He has a strength that her human husband lacked. A knight in shining armour thing. He also, as someone has said, feels lucky that he chose her out of everyone else to be her mate. There is something to be said about being chosen as the one by someone like Rosalie who could have chosen anyone at any time in human history.

  34. Halle says:

    I really did not like Rosalie at first. The comment she made to Edward when they are in the house when james is hunting her. “why should I!?” really wasn’t nice. Now I have a profound respect for her. I think her story is one of the saddest because of the things her sub concious wanted yet she never knew she wanted. Though yes, I think she is self conceited and I think that she should maybe not be so angry with Bella with her choice considering a big part of that is that she wants Bella to think about kids. Isnt that a moot point anyway considering she wants to be with Edward for the rest of his and her existence, doesnt that mean she cant have kids? Edward already is a vampire. Anyway so to make a long story short, I feel that Rosalie makes a good point but should not be as harsh as she is to Bella.

    As for Rosalie and Emmet. I can honestly say that Emmet trully loves her and she loves him. A few points from Eclipse. When emmet and Jasper track Bella’s “visitor” Rosalie is intensley waiting for him to come back. Plus before the wolf pack comes in the equation of destroying the vampire army, Emmet wants to go to Seattle and she hisses which leads me to believe she was no happier about Emmet going to Seattle as Bella was about Edward and possibly for the same reasons. I think that their love is special though I cant say if it is as strong as Edward and Bella’s or Alice and Jasper’s because frankly, Stephenie Meyer has not gone into much detail about them( I hope she will in Breaking Dawn).

  35. Meghan says:

    I never understood Rosalie’s hostility towards Bella in the first book, and because of that I didn’t like her. But when I heard her story in Eclipse I felt so bad for her. She was forced into this life that she never wanted and was unable to have kids or live a human life. I’m so glad she found and saved Emmett. I think that they live in their own world together and have a real love towards one another

  36. Halle says:

    Stacy M. I read your paragraph and it is beautiful. Kudos to you. I have something to add to the motherly instinct. I am not dissing Emmet and Rosalie at all with this. I love the characters as if they were my own. But Rosalie is stabbing herself in the back with the fact that she is with Emmet. This is just me thinking but I wonder if she is reminded about what she couldn’t have every time she sees Emmet and that is why she can’t let go. Lets face it. All of us have had dreams that are never going to be reality. All of us have let go of those ( I have in my case) on occasions and yes, her’s is a harder one than most people’s but, I feel sad for her that she is always constantly reminded of what she can’t have. Her story is very hard to understand and I really hope we get some more insight on that!

  37. Julie says:

    In her own way, Rosalie is looking out for Bella. She wants her to move on, live a full life, and to be happy, but without being a vampire.

    But at the same time, she could be very jealous of Bella. Bella is obviously special, who knows what kind of powers she’ll have if she ever turns into a vampire. This may sound a little silly but she could also feel territorial because she’s the beautiful one. I know, I know they’re all freaking gorgeous but that’s her thing. She was the pretty one when she was alive, and now she’s the pretty one when she’s dead. A lot of the guys in town like Bella and find her very attractive, but imagine how she’ll look once she’s turned!

    But also, if Bella is turned by Edward, I kind of got the impression that they would take off on their own. But maybe not.

    Oh, here is another strange thing that just came to me. Obviously, we all know that Bella is a danger magnet. Trouble follows her wherever she goes. Maybe this is Rosalie’s way of keeping her own family safe. By keeping Bella out and away from Edward, the Cullen clan can life almost normal lives.

    Now, I think Emmett loves Rosalie simply because she saved him. He’s not a dumb guy, but he’s definitely not brilliant. Emmett is the big muscle-y, footballer dude and she is his glorious trophy.

  38. Julie says:

    It’s the vanity and egocentrism that I personally, unfortuantly, can relate too.

  39. Kelsey says:

    When I first read Twilight, my favorite character was Rosalie. I don’t know why, but I think it was either her name (So pretty) or the fact that Rosalie herself was so like… Me. I’m so… Cold sometimes. I know it sounds completely terrible, but I can be really mean, and I think it was a slight relief for a character not to really be the “Victim” or the antagonist, but a nice-mean person? Does that make sense? But then in Eclipse, when she had a really big part (when she told her story) I fell even more in love with her. Since I was little, I always wanted a baby. Now, I’m still a teen, but I could totally sympathize with her want for a baby, and how it was totally ripped from her grasp.

    Emmett loves Rosalie because she’s Rosalie! Haha, and because she saved his life. Emmett and Rosalie balance each other out. Rosalie is serious and holds in *most* of her feelings. Emmett is playful and blunt. I could go into more detail, but I think I’ll let you ponder it. =D

  40. Chelsie says:

    I think Rosalie and Emmett need each other, just like Jasper and Alice. I think Emmett knows that Rosalie is conceited but she loves him so he ignores that. They complete the missing part in each others lives. Emmett makes Rosalie happy even though she hates being a vampire. We don’t know what goes on behind the closed doors with these two. Hopefully Edward’s version of Twilight will share more with us.

  41. Amelia says:

    I do not hate Rosalie, but I think she doesn’t understand Bella the way she thinks she does. The reason that she hates being a vampire is that she wants to have the human experiences of finding someone who really loves her and having children…Bella has found that in Edward. They have such a strong connection that Bella is willing to sacrifice having children to be with him forever. It frusterates me that Rosalie dislikes Bella just because of the decision she is making, but I definitely do not hate her. I think that it is a possibility that maybe vampire love is different than human love? The connections between Alice and Jasper, Emmett and Rosalie, and Esme and Carlisle seem very similar. It seems to me that they have a connection somewhat like imprinting, though not nearly as strong or bonding. It appears to me that once they meet the person they are supposed to be with, they do not really have the choice to leave them. I think that this is why Emmett and Rosalie are together.

  42. Erica says:

    I think Rosalie is jealous and vain.
    Even though she tries to help Bella, I think her real motives are about attention and everyone is so focused on Bella. But I think that her and Emmett’s relationship is real and it’s strong. They are soulmates and its obvious.

  43. Laurelyn says:

    I do not hate Rosalie, I never have. At the beginning of the books I was sortof like “What’s your deal?” but I always wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt. I knew there had to be something more than the haughty, vain girl that we saw only through the filter of Bella’s eyes. That’s because she was obviously loved by her family, and especially Emmett. They wouldn’t love her if she was as shallow as she sometimes appears. I think Rose is a very loyal person, and also very passionate although we rarely see that side of her.
    As for the Rose/Emmett relationship, I think it definetly started with a physical attraction. Rosalie saw Emmett for the first time and was attracted by his curly hair and dimples, and Emmett saw Rose and thought she was an angel! After Emmett was changed, it obviously blossomed into true love. We know that Rose was having a really hard time with her new life, and was probably very depressed. And then along comes cheery, playful, optimistic Emmett, who became like her sun. Her own source of light and joy. It is harder to see where Emmett is coming from. I think that all we can say for sure about why he loves her, is that there is something much deeper to her that we can’t really see. Emmett can see it, because she lets him, because she loves him.

  44. realxlifexbella says:

    Q.Do you (personally) like Rosalie?

    A.I don’t like her at all.I’ve read all the books and she has a valid point on why, if she had the option she wouldn’t change but….I dunno there is just something I don’t like maybe it’s the fact that’s she is so “pigheaded” because she didn’t like Bella just because Edward liked Bella and not her, even though she personally doesn’t like Edward as anything more then a brother so I’m kind of like “JEEZ!get over it ,so one guy isn’t attracted to you, It’s not like you’re not the center of the universe!” You know?

    Q.Why do you think Emmett loves Rosalie so much?

    A. I think he likes her because she saved him and she’s pretty…..I dunno maybe there is something else he sees in her but…..I don’t really see anything.She doesn’t really have that much of a personality(or so I think)and all I’ve ever really…seen of her is jealousy, “pigheadedness” and the only time I’ve ever really seen her be kind(in some way) to Bella is when she had finished telling Bella about her past and that lasted about a millisecond!

  45. Kymmie says:

    I am a fan of Rosalie. I think she can relate to any person who is looking upon someone they love as they make mistakes. At first you get the idea that she hates Bella, but later you find that the reason she is so hostile is because she, in a way, loves Bella. Why else would Rosalie be so affected by Bellas want/need to be a Vampire. Rosalie sees the life Bella could have as a human, and because Bella is “taking it for granit,” Rosalie is extremely bothered by it. I undestand how it feels to have someone i love so much not listen to my advice, and so the natural feelings that follow are anger.

    I think Emmett knows how much heart Rosalie has. Especially how much emotion she puts into the Bella & Edward situation. Emmett can see that all she wants to do is help other’s around her, such as himself. She would go through so much trouble and emotions to help Emmett, that now he has that special connection that no one else will ever have with Rosalie.

  46. Sasha says:

    Rosalie is misuderstood, people don’t like her much, and I don’t see why…I mean yeah what she did was pretty shitty, but its not that bad…everyone lived ok? ok…so get over your hate for rosalie

    sighned a not rosalie hater

    • Duane says:

      It really was not shitty what her and Jacob did they knew what the baby was that’s why those 2 were being very
      protective of It with It being a wolf pup hybrid. That’s what a wolf would do now remember Rose was a wolf then
      vampire that’s where hell broke loose the wolfpack wanted their member back and would do anything to see her
      once again. Jacob Imprinted on Rose later did It on Bellas baby he had no choice him Seth and Leah some of the
      Cullens were trying to fend off his brothers plus Sam. Jacob and Rose put their ass on the line when nobody else
      would If Bella died she would not be on the Cullens side would be with her brother Sam. So Nessie would be
      protected at all cost think of a wolf and a werewolf you could not trust a vampire that’s why Jacob Imprinted on
      Emmett to get rid of him there was no future for him. He left Rose cause he lost her to Jacob he was her angel made
      his world even better Emmett was gay he went to the Volturi and took his life Alice couldn’t see his future he was not
      In It. With the Imprinting on Nessie since Bella couldn’t have her Jacob and Rose would which makes sense she kept
      Jacob since she was his Imprint when It came time for his patrol he could come back and Rose still be able to see him
      while he was sleeping. Bella was upset cause If she couldn’t control her thirst Jacob would phase on her I don’t know If
      he would kill her or not which Rose would get the baby out of the way while he was dealing with Bella makes sense.
      Out In the wild If you touch any kind of baby animal the mother will abandon It most likely would die reason for that Is
      because you put your scent on their baby they don’t like that will leave It. Those 2 were good together Jacob and Rose
      but Edward and Bella forget It he lied too much that’s why I am for the wolfpack team Jacob / Rose plus you can add
      Jasper since he and Rose are twins there would be more wolves than vampires In the Cullen home only one that’s
      gone Is Emmett. She was not happy with him when It came to Jacob they were In separable she would dress down
      for him so she wouldn’t have to get his attention It was already there make a good couple was Emmetts Idea for her
      to find some one else that loves her and wants to be with her In this super natural world that they live In. By the way
      Emmett was not mauled by a bear Its a cover up there are no bears in the state of Tennessee she probably tried to
      kill him and couldn’t do It then they pose as husband and wife on the Cullen side was not legal neither was Bella and
      Edwards I noticed the ring was on the wrong finger. It was blocked out If you remember Rose saying what Isle there
      was no Isle cause Jacob would block It out the whole time It was Jacobs & Rose wedding a werewolf who fell In love
      with a vampire. Edward really did not love Bella as much as Rose and Jacob did at 1st It was Emmett and Rose before
      It was Jacob and Rose that’s where the damage was. He wanted his ex wife back cause It was killing him seeing her
      with Emmett couldn’t stand It so he Imprinted on him to get him out of the picture he could hurt Rose or Jacob neither
      of the 2 would have that now since they have Nessie both of them would protect her cause shes a hybrid werewolf / vampire. I don’t hate Rose she and Jacob did what needed to be done to save the family as far as betraying the
      Cullens she really didn’t If Edward / Bella / Emmett didn’t like It they can kiss their butt the wolfpack Is back together
      have more wolves and hybrids through the wolves eyes not the Cullens

      • Duane says:

        She and Jacob can start their own wolfpack In Breaking Dawn part 1 he became the lead alpha did not reach maturity until then Sam bowed down because Jacob became alpha Sam would be under him. Paul would no longer be Sams
        alpha It would be Jake and Sam 2nd In command Is Leah was Seth but Jake did not want him In the middle what was going down. Between Rose , Nessie , and Jake they can take care of It after all Seth Is Leahs brother I don’t think she wanted him to get killed that’s why Leah ended up with command. So Sam , Leah , and Jake can communicate with
        each other what their doing. Edward can read their thoughts suppose to be the excellent mind reader but Rose knows
        to they haven’t tried It on her Jacob did and It worked. Alice I do believe could see everybody and who Is going to kill who Bellas got a shield to put around the Cullens plus the wolfpack Rosalie was worried about Jacob getting killed he
        assured her that no one Is taking you away from me he was sure It. The wolfpack Is what saved both of the family at
        the end It showed Jacob , Nessie , Bella , and Edward where was Rosalie ? Shes suppose to be with Jacob and Nessie
        he did not fall In love with her from what Bill Condon said In his commentary what I think he saw was Rosalie In the center of his life now he has Nessie to protect that’s what him and his friends did to protect Bella. Bring back Rosalie now she Is back running with the wolfpack her brother Sam plus husband Jacob that’s awesome Nessie can go with them so she can understand the tribe , imprinting , plus their secret. Would of been nice to see Rosalie In wolf form I
        wonder If she would be the same color as Jacob russet I don’t know. Sam Is black but his heart Is not red Its black so
        he would take on the black line he stepped up a lot after what he did to Emily It was an accident but It happened. Just by
        hearing his dads name from her he lost It scarred her for life she was amazed by this world that they live In Sam told her everything the reason why he did not Imprint on Leah he could not tell her the tribes secrets but Emily yes. When he was going through his phase would disappear for 2 weeks hide deep In the woods had no Idea what was going on had
        to get a hold of Billy and talk to figure what the hell Is wrong with him.

  47. Jade says:

    Well, I just don’t like Rosalie. I mean, come one, give Bella a chance! I think she just needs to mind her own buisness. Rosalie took Emmett’s human life away. She didn’t mind, but nooo, when Bella wants to become a little vampire, Rose is out. I don’t like Rosalie. Period.

    I mean, Stephanie never really says why Emmett needs Rosalie, but I have a feeling that behind the scenes, Rosalie’s a really great person, a better person than Meyer characterized her as. Like she’s got more than just beauty and “pigheadedness.”

  48. Danie says:

    I must admit, I am a fan of Rose. i think that the way she treated bella wasnt exacty fair, however, I have a real soft spot for her, I think she is a little misunderstood. I think there is a lot more to Rosalie than meets the eye and you have to read and re-read most of the parragraphs about her story toget the real meaning behind them.

    As for Emmett’s feelings for her: Its quite obvious that Rosalie is a bit of a Pessimist and Emmett is an optamist (spelling?). They are complete opposits in a way, but I think that is one of the reasons behind it. If Rosalie was on her own she would be alot more depressed andnever have a laugh, but because Emmett sees the good side of everything and is always laughing, he kind of completes her and vice verser. If Emmett was on his own, he is kind of one of those people who launches into things with out thinking, but because rosalie is there she can protect him and hold him back. I think for this and many other reasons they are the perfect couple. Rosalie and Emmetts relationships and actual characters have always fasinated me so i have studied them quite hard. I wish stephanie meyer would bring out some books, just about Jalice and Rosamett, just so we can see what she really thinks of them and how she would describe ther true relationships and characters.

    By Danielle aged 12

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