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I know some of you have been looking for this!  Well, here it is!  With all of the news released the past few days, it has just gotten away from me!  At least you have had some time to get your thoughts together!  Here we go!

Do you think Jacob would like to take back his (infamous and manipulative) kiss with Bella at the end of Eclipse?

Do you think Bella and Jacob will define their relationship before the wedding day?

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  1. Mandi says:

    I don’t think that Jacob will take his kiss back…but i think that Jacob will do something so stupid that Bella will end up practically shunning him and not talking to him again…If ya can’t tell I’m team Edward. =]

  2. Courtney says:

    I don’t think Jacob will take back the kiss. In Eclipse he explains how he’d rather want her to figure out that she loved him instead of her being clueless. So I do not think he would have taken it back.

    And in my opinion, he shouldn’t of either, because EVERYONE practically has been waiting for that kiss…well I was. haha.

    And for the second question….I don’t understand…lol. Hmm..define their relationship? I think they already have in Eclipse…when she says she loves him, but not enough to run away from Edward. I’m kind of figuring out a definition for such a relationship…he isn’t her friend, but not her boyfriend. All I can say is that he is her really best, best friend. But that doesn’t even go that far. How about soul best friend? haha.

    I think that maybe Jacob might do something bad like talk to the Volturri…but I don’t know what in world might happen in Breaking Dawn concerning Jella. lol.

  3. Katelyn says:

    I really don’t think Jacob regrets the kiss. In fact, at the end of Eclipse, he tells Bella he’s happy he tried to make her stay human, even if it didn’t work.

    I also don’t think Bella will see Jacob again before her wedding.

  4. Nollie says:

    I don’t think that Jacob would have liked to take back his “infamous and manipulative” kiss with Bella. I think that he feels bad for doing it but at the same time I don’t think he would take it back. He says in Eclipse page 594: “I don’t care, either. I knew you’d forgive me and I’m glad that I did it. I’d do it again.” So clearly he states that he wouldn’t take it back that in fact that he would redo it becuase as he continues: “At least I made you see that you DO love me. That’s worth something.”

    I do not know if they will define their relationshp before the wedding. The way that Eclipse had ended I can’t conclude anything. I think that maybe they will, I hope so because I don’t want them to end of bad terms especially if something happens. But then I also feel like that even they don’t know how to define their relationship. So I’m inconclusive.

    lol btw Jella does sound like a girly way of saying “Jell-o”. My friend had been calling them “Bellop” which sounds even more funny. If their “cleb” names sound funny, is that a clue that them being together would be funny?

  5. Nollie says:

    *Bellob* I mean

  6. Krista Marie says:

    I really don’t think Jacob would take back the kiss. He did whatever it took to get her to kiss him and there is no way he would take that back. He’s so in love with Bella and he wanted her to kiss him sooooo bad that no mattet the circumstances I highly dount he would take it back….unfortunately.

    If Jacob comes back before the wedding I don’t see them defining their relationship…again. They’ve gone over it numerous times so I don’t think there is much else to say. Jacob loves Bella. Bella loves Jacob. Bella loves Edward way more than Jacob. Bella wants Jacob in her life as her best friend.

    Bedward forever…..no more jella!

  7. The Twihard says:

    I really doubt that Jacob would like to take the kiss back, he’s really stuborn.

    And I don’t think he talk to Bella before the wedding, because at the end of Eclipse, he leaves, and it doesn’t seem like he’s coming back, but I guess we’ll just have to see.

  8. Kymmie says:

    I honestly don’t believe Jacob will take back his kiss to Bella. I believe Jacob is one of those charachers in a story where they pretty much will have an undying love for their interest, and will do whatever it takes to get it. In Eclipse, Jacobs mentions how he believe’s in a natural “Human World” Bella and him are meant to be soul mates. In order to REALLY grasp this idea I believe fan’s need to read New Moon twice because after you know that Edward IS coming back, you are able to really see the loving human qualities Jacob has, without being overly enraged at him…hint hint Kassie! 😉 hehe. I really do feel for Jacob, and in a way I am with him on the NATURAL “human world” idea. I still feel like in the REAL werewolf/vampire world that they actually live in, Jacob needs to respect the fact that IN A WAY Edward has already “imprinted” on Bella due to her being his, “La Tua Cantante,” (His Singer). Because of that I believe in the end, Jacob will “accept” that Bella is with Edward, but will not regret his past actions, probably because of his stubborness.

    As far as the “THEORIES” go…. This is where I make life complicated. When I say that, “I believe Jacob is going to have an undying love for Bella,” I LITERALLY mean it. I don’t believe Rose is going to die saving Bella, rather than I think Jacob is going to die saving Bella. I feel like the whole story wouldn’t end right if we had this HUGE love triangle throughout the four books and then at the end, he just says, “Ok, I can’t have Bella so I’m gonna have Angela…” That just doesn’t flow right to me. Having a “Romeo & Juliet” or “Titanic” tragedy for Jacob sounds more romantic, so instead of hating him at the end, we would ironically be thankful for his love.

  9. Laura says:

    Because Bella has admitted that it was this kiss that made her realize that she was in love with Jacob I don’t think he would ever want to take it back. It was so vitally important to him that she become aware of her feelings for him before becoming a vampire that he would never regret the actions he was forced to take to accomplish this. As painful as it is for him, because essentially he was told that she knew he was her human soul mate and had seen the wonderful life they would’ve had together but was still choosing Edward, he knows he would forever regret not kissing her if it meant she’d never realized how much more than friendship their relationship really was.
    In terms of defining their relationship I think there really isn’t anywhere to go unless someone’s feelings on the subject change drastically. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jacob showed up one final time to beg her to reconsider but personally I hope he grows up enough to understand that she’s made her decision. They’re both obviously still miserable and I don’t think not being a part of each other’s lives is going to work for them but I think a pre-wedding confrontation would just cause them both more pain and hopefully they both realize that. Bella finally fully understands what she’s giving up to be with Edward (which I don’t think she did pre-Eclipse) but she has made her decision and Jacob should respect that, especially if he loves her the way he says he does.

  10. Chiara says:

    I don’t kow if he would like to take the kiss back because , maybe it hurts him too much to even thik about and wished it never happend because it was the closest he had ever come to bella . But it also could be that he doesn^t regret anything and is glad that he atleast had kissed her.

    And for the second questionI have no idea not even the slightest theorie… how disapointing = (

    lots of love …me

  11. Janet says:

    I don’t think Jacob would take back his kiss unless he were to imprint and grow a bit more. I could see him in the future (if he has matured) regretting how manipulative he was to Bella during this time. That’s the only way I could ever see Jacob taking back the kiss. Even then I think it’s pretty unlikely.

  12. Janet says:

    I fogot to answer the second question. Yes, because I think their relationship was defined at the end of Eclipse. They’re not going to be anything more then friends. Below is a quote from Stephenie about this:

    “This is what’s surprising; it surprises me because as an author you think that you make yourself very clear, and then you find out that you’re totally obtuse all the time, and um, I thought that I was very clear at the end, but then I’ve seen a lot of speculation online. “In the next book, if Bella and Jacob get together, then…” I thought that ship had sailed. *laughter* I dunno, so apparently there was more mystery than I thought. But no, Bella definitely made a very firm decision at the end of Eclipse.”

  13. Leyla says:

    I don’t think Jacob would take back the kiss. He was in love with her and he is to nice of a guy to do that to her. I think Jacob already made up his mind at the end of Eclipse. He decided to run instead of fight. Which in my mind makes him at little bit of a coward. Don’t get me wrong, but he is not what she is looking for and she will only look at him in a really romantic way if Edward were to die. However, she would probably join Edward among the dead if she was faced with that choice!!!

  14. Rynn says:

    I don’t think if Jacob could take back the kiss, that he would at all. He may have not imprinted on Bella, but she was his first love, and in alot of ways if Bella were to be turned into a vampire it’s all Jacob will really have left of the Bella he knew. I think he realizes that in his heart of hearts the kiss was only for his own benefit and hasn’t changed Bella’s mind in the least.

    If by some hopeful miracle Stephenie Meyer doesn’t kill Jacob in the end of the book (my own personal fear) that hopefully she will find someone for him to imprint on to. And if that is the case Bella will only become a distant memory.

    I don’t see how they can really, once she is turned there is no truning back and grey fuzzy lines to blur. She’ll really become his enemy and there is no going back once your a vampire! So I honestly can’t see any relationship defining in a positive way going on before the wedding.

  15. Callie says:

    First of all, I just have to say that I hate Jacob Black almost as much as I love Edward (that’s a lot). And no, I don’t think he would take back thatt kiss. To him, it’s like “she kissed me back and I made edward made! cool!” so there really isn’t anything that would make him want to take it back. Even the way it changed Bella’s life was in his favor so no regret there.

    As far as their relationship is concerned, I don’t really think it will get any more defined (before the wedding) than it already is. The actual wedding and the many conditions behind it will definatley make it clear that Bella belongs really and truely to Edward. Also, I think that Jacob will imprint on someone and he will be in a situation like Sam. He will still love Bella but not anything like this person. Both these events will change their relationship a great deal by making them seperate because they now completely belong to someone else (YES!).

  16. Benny says:

    I don’t think Jacob will take back his kiss. He is to proud of it.
    For the second part I have to look up the word Define lol. I think they might do that. but then again, you never know. I am wishing no, because I really dislike Jacob’s character and LOVE Edwards character, so I guess I am bias when it comes to this question. I say NO lol Bella and Edward are going to get married before, Jacob can come back in the book 🙂

  17. Kathy says:

    Ok for the first question : No I don’t think he would take it back! First of all he tried everything he could think of to make sure she knew that she loved him in attempts to “save her life”. He knows this and plus he is a teenage boy/werewolf with hormones and I personally think he was quite pleased with it regardless of the out come. On the second question. When it comes to defining their relationship before the wedding I think to a certain extent they will. At the end of Eclispe he tells her that he’s going to be good and quit playing the games. I think he will come back and attempt to be a friend and just a friend but it’ll be hard on him. My personal theory is that Jacob will get over emotional right after the wedding (because you know she’s going to say goodbye to him before edward changes her!) and he will change into a werewolf and end up hurting her so bad that it could be deadly and Jacob ends carrying her to the Cullens house (which I think is against the treaty but of course he doesn’t care because BELLA’S BLEEDING TO DEATH!) and begging Edward to change her. I think that would be the biggest sacrifice Jacob could ever make ! Also he could realize that he is not perfect and that he is just as capable of hurting her as Edward is and in that realization gaining respect for Edward and finally completely understanding! Maybe I’ve thought about this way to much! But oh well there it is ! By the way Cally and Cassy ~ YOU GUYS ROCK!!! Bye

  18. Stacey M. says:

    No, Jacob DOES NOT requet the second kiss with Bella. I think he is kicking his self that he didn’t kiss her a heck of a lot sooner. He also stated that the second kiss should have been there first kiss. If Bella never jumped off that cliff and didn’t have to run and rescue Edward…they might have had the opertunity to have that truely amazing first kiss. But, had Edward stayed away, it still would have taken Bella just as long to realize that she loved Jacob. Aside from that she still would have given up her last breathe to be with Edward. It is just like Bella had said to Jacob when he was recovering from the fight….that Sam would not change anything to be with Emily and he never had a say in falling in love with her.

    Bella and Edwards relationship is as close to imprinting as you can get. You don’t choose who you fall in love with….your heart does. In Bella’s case her heart will always belong to Edward…long after it stops beating.

    As far as it goes to “kiss and make-up” I believe they will. Jake and Bella are notorious for fighting/disagreeing and then making up. They are best friends and practically family. They love each other far too much to ever stop talking to each other. As fast as Bella gets mad at him, she forgives him that much faster.

    Because Stephenie Meyer is a romantic I hope that in Breaking Dawn Jacob will end up happy with someone who is not Bella. Once Bella becomes a vampire her and Jacob will continue to be friends. If Bella can fall passionately in love with a vamipire then she can remain best friends with a werewolf.

    For the record…I am an Edward Cullen fan all the way. But I do have a special place inside for Jacob. Afterall, he is a pup and does have some growing up to do. Everyone loves a cute little puppy.

  19. kelly says:

    Question 1: no i think that opened up the exact relasionship that he wanted with her even thought it hurt her and hasnt turned out in his favor.

    Question 2: I have feeling that they wont…that bella will put it off or jacob will stay away from her so that she wont change her mind…deep down hes knows that Bella and Edward belong togather and thats why hes says he wants to just be friends.

  20. Kathy says:

    I also like Kymmie’s theory about a tragedy . I completely understand what you mean . So I guess what I’m saying is that he almost kills her and then later. (After the Bella changes) Sacrificing his life in order to save her because one he loves her no matter what she is human or vampire and Two because he’s in a way redeeming himself. Awesome I love it!!!! Ok no more commiting Promise!

  21. Katie Bug says:

    I think that Jacob would never think about taking back his kiss with Bella. He says in Eclipse that even though it hurts, it is better to know how she feels about it and know that it’s not enough than it would be to go on wondering what could have been. Jacob needed to know that Bella was in love with him, and even though it doesn’t change anything between Bella and Edward, I think that he will cherish the kiss at the end of Eclipse and that it will always be one of his happier memories.

    As for defining their relationship.. I’m not sure they could if they tried. I would love for Jacob to be Bella’s Man of Honor (even though I would hate taking the privilege from Alice), but I doubt that they will get that far. I think that Bella and Jacob will definitely have to talk about their relationship before the wedding – possibly because Jacob gets himself into some trouble and needs Bella’s help, forcing them to reunite – but I don’t know if it’s really possible to categorize how their relationship works.

    Katie Bug 🙂

  22. Emily says:

    No Jacob would never take back that kiss if his life depended on it because, he knows that Bella and Edward will always be together for eternity so it was nice to have his one moment with her. But on the other hand he also knows that Edward
    and bella are much more than just an average couple their lives would not be worth living if each other died. He is also constantly reminded of how hurt bella was when Edward left. He could never compare to Edward in bella’s mind. I do think that bella and Jacob will have to define their relationship but with both agree that it would be better if they where just friends. After all jacob has not imprinted on anyone yet.

  23. Chelsea says:

    In all honesty, I don’t think Jacob will want to take back the kiss he and Bella shared during Eclipse. It was this kiss that made it so obvious that Bella has two loves in her life. Knowing that with that kiss, he gave Bella the option of being with him and not Edward, is probably why Jacob and her kissed in the first place.

    Defining their relationship, I think is a harder question. I don’t think they will necessarily ‘define’ their relationship but I do think that there will be some kind of issue that has to be resolved. I think that even if Jacob DOES IMPRINT ON another girl, there will always be that “what should have been” (as Jakob refers to it). I think it’s a matter of, can Bella stay happy with Edward after she’s turned?

  24. Hannah says:

    I do not think that jacob would take back his kiss. He was not fighting fair to begin with. I think he felt like he had to do anything he could to make Bella lean in his favor. He was a jerk but he did love her and I don’t think he would take anything back that might have made a difference. plus, he just seems like one of those no regrets-type.

    And to the 2nd one. I think that they will define their realtionship before the wedding. Knowing Bella she will want to try too hard to make things right. She can’t give up Jacob that easily as we have already read. She is one of those people who want to make everyone happy and hate it if someone is not happy on her account. So I think she will try to talk to him and they wil be friends.

  25. Callista says:

    No he does not regret kissing her at all. Even Edward said he would have done it anyway, even if she had not asked him to. It was his last great attempt to win her over. He had nothing left but that moment and he almost succeeded. He can’t regret trying and that was a pretty nice try:)

    I think their relationship has already been defined. At the end of Eclipse it is their goodbye and somewhat closure. I think Jacob will be back no doubt but maybe with someone else with him:) I don’t know why but I have this feeling Jacob may be present @ the time Bella changes. I just keep seeing this vision in my head of Bella laying on the ground dying( from what I don’t know). Then I see Edward leaning over her w/terror in his eyes as shes slipping away and then Jacob is there. He sees her dying and screams at Edward to change her….to save her. Edward may be hesitant but I think he will do it .Jacob makes sure he stops biting her before he kills her and then maybe that will be the final goodbye for Jacob and Bella.

  26. Katie S. says:

    I dont think he would because he knows that the was the last “romantic” thing he will experience since she is getting married. Since all Jacob wants is to be with Bella he probably feels like this is sorta a goodbye.

    Second question: I think they will define their relationship, yes, on the wedding day or a couple days before. Callista, I have never seen it that way but now i agree 100% with your prediction. It seems very reasonable and it sounds like your thinking like Stephanie!

  27. Kymmie says:


    Awesome Theory!

    I have been theorising that ALMOST to the same extent! I have always felt like Edward will keep to his word regarding her remaining a human, UNTIL a battle breaks out where she is fatally wounded…then thats when Edward will fall to Bella’s wishes and “turn” her to save her… BUT the whole theory of having Jacob bringing her to Edward to save her by “turning” her scenario…BRILLIANT!… What irony! He’s going to have to turn to his ENEMY to change his “Love” into his natural enemy just to keep her alive!!! WOW! BUT thats where i stick to my other theory… Jacob, out of anger that she was wounded by another, may cause him to fight without thinking, and thats where he is going to be killed… either to save her life or out of revenge. what irony!

  28. Emily says:

    If Jacob could take back anything…I don’t think it would be that kiss. That kiss was letting Jacob know how Bella’s mind is really set to go with Edward. I think if he could take back anything I think it would be, not being with Bella when she jumped off the cliff because if she didn’t go alone I don’t think anything would happen. Or at least…he would hope so.

    I really don’t think there will be much difineing of Jacob’s and Bella’s relationship. Why? Well first off I think their relationship has already been defined. At the end of Eclipse it is their goodbye. I also don’t think Jacob or Bella has the heart to see each other again. They know how they feel about each other and I think it would just hurt both of them even more to see each other. But that doesn’t mean I don’t think he’ll show up in “Breaking Dawn” because there is no doubt in my mind that he’ll do something with Edward, like trying to save Bella.

  29. Mary says:

    I dont think he’ll take back his kiss, he’ll just use that to try to get Bella to leave Edward. If he were to take back something, i think it would be making Bella so upset and angry that she punched him and broke her hand.

    I dont think Bella will ever admit to anyone that part of her wants to be with Jacob for the rest of her life. Compare Jacob to Edward, and who would you pick? The guy that makes you so mad you punch him and break your hand, or the guy that climbs in your window at night, and wont leave your side, and who would never make you choose between him, and someone else? i think that you would choose the second one, and obviously Bella did too, so no, i dont think their relationship will be defined, i think that they will remain friends, until Bella is changed [oh yes, she will be!], and then they’ll lose contact, because Bella will be a vampire, and Jacob is a werewolf, natural enemies cannot be friends.

  30. alice cullen says:

    I don’t care personaly. Just get jacob out of the story and I don’t care if that means he must love someone eles or he must died. bella and jacob should be freinds not a couple because both are rash and don’t think. Edward thinks for Bella. Jacob is crazy about her and never would take it back. He would love to hold it over Edward. Do you think Bella and Jacob will define their relationship before the wedding day? yes I do because my thought is jacob will do somthing rash to stop the wedding. now back to what i said before without jacob i the stroy bella would stop procrastinting and marry edward

  31. alice cullen says:


    now back to what i said before without jacob i the stroy bella would stop procrastinting and marry edward

    now back to what i said before without jacob i think the story would be much better. bella would stop procrastinting and marry edward.

  32. Danielle says:

    Q1 – No, he’d never take it back….for all the reasons stated by everyone else.
    Q2 – I don’t know about anyone else, but I thought it was pretty clear at the end of Eclipse that Jacob made a decision to phase permanent. It hurt him too much to deal with the wedding as a human and the only way he can escape the intrusion of the pack’s mind is by distancing himself from them as a wolf. He ran away and i don’t think he’ll be coming back anytime soon…not for the wedding anyway. My theory is that the next time Bella and Jacob meet, it will be as vamp and wolf…somewhere far away from Forks. I think it would be cool if Bella ends up saving Jacob…from the Denali clan…or Irina at least.

  33. Emily says:

    “I don’t care either. I knew you would forgive me, and i am glad i did it and i would do it again. At least I have that much. At least I made you see that you do love.”-JAcob Black

  34. Laura says:

    I don’t think Jacob would take back his kiss with Bella, ever. He doesn’t look like the type of guy that has regrets when it comes to his actions, unless those actions involve hurting her. I think he remembers that moment as the moment when Bella finally let go and responded to his feelings, and I don’t think he’ll ever forget it.

    As for the defining of their relationship, i’m not sure if something will happen, but I really hope so. There really hasn’t been any closure when it comes to their relationship and I don’t think it’s really fair to Edward if they leave it like that. I hope there is a moment for a final goodbye, probably right before the wedding.

  35. Taryn says:

    I do not believe that Jacob would take back the kiss at the end of Eclipse. Yes, Jacob knows that he manipulated the situation, but that doesn’t really matter because he got Bella to admit that there was something more. The kiss means that he will always have a deeper place in Bella’s heart. That he was something more than just a friend. The kiss will be a reminder of what they had, and what they could have had.

    I believe that the relationship between Bella and Jacob. It will be one of those moments right before she walks down the aisle. Like a goodbye, its been great being friends kind of thing.

  36. Jessi says:

    No. I don’t think that jacob would ever regret or take back that kiss he gave to bella. As he said himself “this should have been are first kiss”. Although i do think that if there was no kiss it would have made the choice for bella much easier. I do think that for that reason Jacob might consider having that regret because he also doesn’t what bella to have to choose either.

    Yes. I do because I believe that they are such good friends that the last thing they want for each other is to be upset with one another. In the beginning of eclipse she couldn’t stand having the memory of Jacob’s upset face. I also do believe that there can still be one way that bella can still see jacob when she is vampire.

  37. Paola says:

    I really don’t think that he is going to take this kiss back, it was his way of showing Bella what other possibilities were available to her so not way he is going to take it back.
    I don’t think that they need a DTR (define the relationship) talk it has already been done, when she went to visit him at the end of eclipse she made her decision, now is just a matter whether he can let go and move on. Hopefully he can and maybe even find a soul mate. I’m not a Jacob hater but he is not the one for Bella, I would love to see him end up happily imprinting on someone else.

  38. Lora says:

    I don’t think Jacob would take back the kiss after getting such great results. I think that he may have a temper moment and say something along the line’s of how he regreted ever having fell in love with her, but then he would get over it and apologize. But he feels soo strongly for Bella, no matter what she may become, and will always be proud that he was able to get that kiss.

    I dont think they’ll define their relationship until the very end of Breaking Dawn, well after Bella is transformed. Stephenie would probably want there to be a more conflict of interests for all the characters.

  39. Tess says:

    #1 – I’m just going to give a simple no. I don’t have the energy to explain my views on that one. And, I think its safe to at least mention that I’m on Kassie’s side when it comes to the Jacob Issue.

    #2 – Closure of the shaky relationship Bella and Jacob have is a necessity before Bella can eternally bind herself to Edward. Despite my personal opinion on Jacob, he was (is) an important part of Bella’s life and I don’t think she would ever be fully comfortable with the idea of being with Edward without Jacob’s (very) loose acceptance of it. Jacob was there when Edward was not, a fact many of us like to overlook since it showed a huge flaw in the ‘flawless’ Edward. At least a mild acknowledgment of the wedding by Jacob will have to happen BEFORE the wedding; it is necessary for the future happiness of Bella and Edward – well, at least as it is going to get, all other issues devoid.

    Lastly: Bedward 😉

  40. Chelsie says:

    I definitly don’ t think Jacob regrets it. He was like a little kid that had just got an extra cookie when Bella kissed him. I really hope they don’t see each other before the wedding. I like Jake but I’m Team Edward all the way. Jake seems like he’s just going after Bella because she keeps rejecting him. He’s having more fun chasing her then actually caring if she is alright.

  41. Erin says:

    Ok so I’m pretty much convinced that Jacob has no intention of taking the kiss back. He said he knew Bella would forgive him but I think if he could he might have considered taking back the way he went about doing it. I think for that much he feels sorry but other than that he knew he did what he had to do to make her realize that she was in fact in love with him.

    In reguards to your second question I believe that their relationship has already been defined in the most minimal way. If the relationship needs to be defined anymore than that I believe Jacob would have to be the one to initiate that. In my opinion Bella grew into a whole new level of maturity towards the end of Eclipse. She was able to admit to herself that she is definitely in love with two people but also know that there is a difference in the way that she loves them. She also realize that the struggle that she was having with trying to force Edward and Jacob together wasn’t what she was after that what she was really trying to do was force the 2 parts of herself together (who she is when she’s with Edward and who she is when she’s with Jacob) But most importantly I think she’s learning self-sacrifice. She wants to do what’s best for Jacob without her needs being a part of the equation. That no matter how noble her reasons maybe she just can’t inflict herself on someone to make herself feel better, because in the end she may do more harm than good. So I think she’s gonna leave the ball in Jacob’s court so to speak. She would want to define this relationship more in depth because it must be painful for her but she wants Jacob to make that decision so she won’t hurt him again.

    Wow! Sorry it’s so long winded I’m an English major I can’t help it 🙂

  42. McKell says:

    I think Jacob and Bella have a very deep connection, however not like the connection Bella and Edward have, Edward is her true love and there is not much Jacob can do about that, however, Edward can’t bite Bella because of the treaty with the Quilutes, if they bite a human, than the treaty will be broken and so one of the Cullens won’t be the ones to bite Bella. It will be the Voultrui if anyone i think, but i think instead of Bella becoming a vampire, Edward, should SOMEHOW become mortal. am not sure how but i don’t think it will be as easy as everyone says… but i also don’t think Edward could handle being “Mortal” without his super-speed and mind reading abilities, he isn’t exactly Edward anymore, but he would have lovely green eyes… the only problem with that is then Jacob could rip him to shreds and we wouldn’t want that because Edward is the best little stud muffin in the world 😀 So to make it short, Edward should be mortal, so Jacob can’t hold it over his head that hes better, and jacob should die cause hes messing up my fantasies!

  43. McKell says:

    oh yess and i forgot…. BEDWARD ALL THE WAY! 😀

  44. reba says:

    No he wouldn’t take the kiss back. Why would he? Now he knows she knows what he’s known all along.
    I don’t believe they would have brought up the imprinting think so much unless they plan to use it to break up Bella and Edward. Stephenie said in an interview Jacob isn’t going to die, so there goes that. That wasn’t what I wanted to hear at all. I like the idea of him dying to protect her. She needs to be there so his last words to her could be something like, “I’ll never regret loving you.” And she can move on fully without always wondering about him. Leaving him alive worries me. Maybe Edward will die (gasp!!) instead, so she can stay a mortal. My soul hurts to think of it. I don’t see her becoming a vampire at all, and it breaks my heart.

  45. Meg says:

    At this stage in Jacob’s emotional growth and maturity, that kiss is the action that proves Bella loves him too. I don’t think he would take it back if he could. He might feel a little guilty about how he went about getting it, but with such ammunition to throw in Edward’s face, how could he take it back? He is infatuated with Bella and he went to extremes to get that kiss. When a person goes to such a huge length to get something they want, they don’t usually want to take that back.

    As for Bella and Jacob’s relationship, I doubt anything much will be resolved before the wedding. Bella marrying Edward makes their relationship permanent and I doubt Jacob even wants to consider that. He’s in a lot of pain and avoiding the whole affair would be best for him… However, we all know Jacob’s personality and I do have a feeling he will give a whole new definition to the term “wedding crasher”…

  46. Jo says:

    What do you mean by “define their relationship”? I know you don’t mean it to imply deepening their romantic relationship, but any sort of “relationship defining” seems off limits to me if Bella is engaged. I certainly don’t think Jacob will be sitting on the side lines waiting for Bella to get hitched to his natural enemy, and what fun would it be if he did for us readers anyway!? But for Bella to hang out with Jacob as much as she does in New Moon or even Eclipse seems inappropriate given their history. I do believe that even if Edward was uncomfortable with it, he wouldn’t stop Bella from seeing Jacob if she wanted to, though. That still doesn’t make it right for Bella to do so, in my opinion.

  47. Jasmine P says:

    1) I don’t believe Jacob regrets anything he did to persuade Bella that he is the right one for her. All his efforts to get in the way of Bella and Edward were only made because Jacob very much loves her. No one wants to see the one they love die, which is what will happen if Bella stays with Edward. To Jacob, kissing Bella was his last resort in convincing her that she does love him romantically. He wanted Bella to see the option of choosing him over Edward. I think it would kill Jacob to know Bella turns into a vampire before ever realizing she could have stayed alive, had kids, and matured into old age with him. On a lighter note, Jacob also wanted Bella to kiss him back, unlike the last time when she responded with a punch in the face. : )

    2) I believe one of Eclipse’s main points was to clear up Jacob and Bella’s relationship. In New Moon, Bella was so depressed that she clung on to Jacob and became his “girlfriend”, even though she didn’t realize it. She continued this act with him even after Edward returned. It wasn’t until their kiss at the campsite that Bella realized she did love Jacob, and part of the cloudiness of their relationship cleared. The remaining loose ends were tied when Bella said goodbye to Jacob in his room. In this one conversation, they finally voiced what the true problem of their love triangle was: Bella loves both Edward and Jacob, but her love for Jacob simply isn’t as strong as her love for Edward is. In the end, she will always choose Edward over him, no matter what Jacob offers her. Jacob realized this, and accepted the unfortunate situation by promising no more interference. I don’t think there is anything else to resolve in Jella’s relationship. Any interaction before the wedding will most likely be awkward, but not like in Eclipse. Of course, Jacob will be sad for himself (and Bella), upset towards the situation, and maybe a little angry at Edward, but I don’t think he will be confrontational. As for Bella, I think she will almost break down at the mere sight of him, because seeing Jacob only reminds her of how much pain she has caused other people. That’s why she didn’t invite him to the wedding. I hope it doesn’t get ruined because Jacob decides to “pop in”. Edward and Bella deserve a drama-free ceremony. : ]

    Hope that helps!

  48. Rina says:

    I do not think Jacob regrets this kiss to Bella in the end of Eclipse. Jacob is the kind of guy who keeps moving forward and never looks back to see if he made a mistake. He’s also the kind of person who likes to get what HE wants and if he gets it, that’s good enough for him. He does care for Bella (obviously) so he might apologize once he realizes she had to kiss him to save his life.
    I think that Jacob and Bella’s relationship will be clarified before the wedding. She’ll try to make him realize she likes him- but Edward is always first! =) He won’t like it, but he’ll have to except it. I think their friendship will get stronger while their romantic-relationship will start to wither. More for Bella, not so much for Jacob. It’s hard for me to write on Jacob seeing as I disagree with everything he does. And he’s…not my favorite character…

  49. gabby says:

    1.Jacob would never take back his kiss it just isnt him.

    2.Bella and Jacob already no where the stand and there relationship is defined she loves Edward more and could never live with out him even if she was with Jacob.

    p.s i really cant stand Jacob and honestly hope he stays a werewolf forever but i have a bad feeling he will try to ruin the wedding.

  50. Jourdan says:

    Well it said right before the battle in Eclipse that he wished that the last kiss that they had was their first. I don’t think he would take it back per say but I think that he would switch it with another. As much I dislike Jacob, I really think that since he loves Bella he wouldn’t want to take the kiss back because it might be the only kiss he has from her. (Hopefully.)

    Bella might try to define their relationship before the wedding but I think that either Jacob won’t listen or he won’t want to accept it. If Jacob tried to kiss Bella before the wedding then maybe Edward might get angry or something and she will have to deal with it. I think really its Bella’s own fault for loving two people, love triangles are usually not very successful. Bella will have a hard time drawing a line between Edward and Jacob sooner or later. Though when Bella becomes a vampire to stay with Edward forever, her and Jacob might not even have a relationship at all or it will might be a love hate relationship afterwards.

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