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I know some of you have been looking for this!  Well, here it is!  With all of the news released the past few days, it has just gotten away from me!  At least you have had some time to get your thoughts together!  Here we go!

Do you think Jacob would like to take back his (infamous and manipulative) kiss with Bella at the end of Eclipse?

Do you think Bella and Jacob will define their relationship before the wedding day?

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  1. Kia Gregory says:

    Jacob take back that kiss? HECK NO! That boy probably replays that scene over and over again in his mind, daily. I know I’ve read it more than a few times to understand Bella’s reaction and try to think what was going through Jacob’s head. Jacob, although young and sometimes immature, was definitely playing it smart when he leaned in for that moment of passion. Bella was confused at that moment, and as far as I am concerned is still confused. He kissed her to see if that was going to be the thing that made her decide to choose him over Edward.

    We all want Bella to be with Edward and Bella wants to be with Edward but she wants her Jacob to be forever in her life. That ain’t happening in the way she wants because Jacob is not strong enough emotionally for it. Heck I’m not strong emotionally for it! So I think that as far as the defining of their relationship goes, I hope that Jacob breaks it off and realizes that being friends with Bella is unhealthy and unreasonable especially since he loves her SO MUCH!

    And Kassie, give Jacob a break. That boy just has raging hormones! 😉

  2. Sarah says:

    I really do think he’ll take back his kiss. I think this because he will realize that he really doesn’t love Bella at all. I think he likes her and I think he would love to date her but I don’t think he loves her. I kind of think it was more of a first love that most people get in like high school and he still needs to find that person that he can be with forever.
    I think they won’t define their relationship before the wedding because they won’t be seeing each other. I think something bad is going to happen before the wedding and the Cullen’s will have to go some place else and a war will be going on giving no time to talk to Jacob.

  3. TwilightLuv says:

    I dont think he will take back the kiss.Jacob for me, will not give Bella up untill the day she says I Do and her heart stops beating. Like he said he will fight for her and thats one of the things that us readers love to read about, him and Edward fighting for her and in a way making fun of each other. I hope that Bella can have a wedding shower in La Push so she can have one last fun time with all her Werewolf friends. I think that it will be there that Jacob will define there relationship and make it clear to Bella that he loves her. With that said i hope that Jacob can imprint on someone so he can at least get over Bella after she leaves.I defenatly think that Jacob will be at the wedding just because he knows that it woud make bella very happy. I also think it is a possible that he burst through the church doors and and scream “I object”. I love Edward and i will be VERY mad if she dosent marry him and get turned into a vampire but i have a huge soft spot for Jacob and his imaturity.

  4. Shannon says:

    I don’t think Jake wants to take the kiss back. He wants to still fight for her but it hard when Bella is getting married to Edward. He is in love with Bella, but he has no way to win her. Jake has to watch her get married to someone else. This kiss will haunt him when he becomes an enemy to Bella, someday.

    I think that they will define their relationship before their wedding. They love each other but Bella chose Edward over Jake. She has to make a decision on whether they can still be friends even though she will become a vampire.

  5. Natascha says:

    In my opinion, Jake would never want to take the kiss back. I think it was a plus to his ego. I think he thinks that Edward may have this weird presence/spell over Bella (nothing natural… well we know that the whole vampire thing isn’t considered natural.. but maybe Jacob is under the impression that Edward has unfairly been manipulating Bella into an unrelenting love.) I think that Jacob has some crazy idea that he still has a chance. I also think (in response to the second part of the question) that Jacob will do something so irritatingly irrational to convert her love. Hopefully Bella wont give in to Jacob. (Like many others, I am also on team Edward haha)

    My Grandmother had told me once that guys think more with their dick rather than their brain. I don’t completely agree with her, but it is definitely true in some cases (i.e. Jacob Black). Therefore, my theory is that Jacob is going to do something stupid and crazy in his last attempt to get Bella, and that he will have a dramatic effect on the plot in doing so.

  6. Sierra says:

    Jacob hater right here!! Jacob is just stubborn so I would have to say no that he wouldn’t take back the kiss. As far as defining their relationship, I would say that it already has been. Bella told him her choice regardless of how he feels. If Jacob comes to the wedding though I think that he will only do it as a friend and maybe even congratulate Edward at the reception. I only hope for the best of course.

  7. Brit says:

    First off, I love Bedward!!!!!! Too Funny.

    Would Jacob take the kiss back if he could, I think not. He wanted to force Bella to see what he so passionately felt and saw between them. For her to accept that she loved him in return is what he had been dreaming about. NO WAY WOULD HE EVER TAKE THAT BACK!

    Will they define their relationship before the wedding day, I do not think so. Jacob left in Eclipse turning into a wolf and running as far away from the wedding as possible. And knowing how Stephenie writes I think that we must look at the unresolved issues first.
    There are two things that still remain a wrench in the gears. The Volturi now know Bella was not changed right away, they only know a date has been set, and the Danli clan want revenge for the two faced Laurent. More then likely there will be something with those two forces that either stops the wedding or causes things to move faster. Making it a must that The Cullens and the werewolves team up again and let Jacob see that Bella is a team Edward girl. Plus, lets get real why anyone would want a Mr. Bingley when they can have a Mr. Darcey is mind blowing to me. (Pride and Prejudice reference)

    Still love the show!!!!

  8. Kate says:

    When Jacob and Bella are talking about imprinting, Bella asks him if it will ever happen to him. He says no, because Bella is all that he can see. Now I don’t think he imprinted on Bella, but if he does imprint I think he will still hold onto feelings for Bella. Sam still has feelings for Leah, even though he is not in love with her.

  9. Kat says:

    No I don’t think he’ll take back his kiss because it was at that moment that he finely got her to realized that she loved him. He has too much pride for that.
    But I think that he will instead to something drastic. Yes he did run off at the end of Eclipse and most likely he will not show up at the wedding, but what if he does and he threatens Bella that he will try to kill himself? Or what if he takes someone hostage like Charlie until she comes back to him?

    Where they stand in their relationship right now is pretty clear, but just like always he could once again do something without thinking, and it could be that this one last attempt is over the line (as in limits/measures).

  10. emilyann says:

    i do not think that jacob will take back his kiss because i truley believe that he loves her and wouldnt take it back for anything and he never would forget her. he will be willing to do any thing for her even if it means to leave her alone like in the last chapter in eclipse.

    i think that she will try to make it less hard on jacob and try to have him under stand her point of vuew because she loves jacob but she is in love with edward.

  11. Morgan says:

    Well as much as Jacob might regreat the kiss I think in a way he actually liked the kiss. But however I do think Edward understands how much Jacob cares for Bella(Tho at times it may not seem like it). But Edward said that he left Bella Jacob was there to pick her up and help her though it so I think it did leave a speical place in Bella’s heart.

    As for the 2nd question I think that Jacob and Bella might try and define the realtionship. But I do think that Jacob and the rest of his family might try to resolve the feud between Werewolf and Vampire.

  12. Ashley says:

    no i do not think he wants to take that back at all….the dog…(pun intended hehe) i think they will because they…have to….if they dont before the wedding…well everything is kinda ….screwed.

  13. Laura says:

    HECK NO!!! He took his chance and got what he wanted. I don’t think Jacob has ANY regrets at all!

    I’m not too sure about Bella and Jacob resolving their differences before the wedding. Sometimes things don’t get resolved as neatly as we would like. I truly think that the resolution will ONLY come with Jacob finding his own true happiness.

  14. Kate says:

    I truly don’t think that Jacob would take back the kiss that he and Bella shared at the end of Eclipse. It was his last attempt to win her over, and I think he sees it as a type of closure: the best man won. And as much as I hate to admit it, it was essential that Bella find out for herself that she loves Jacob. If she hadn’t, then she wouldn’t have been able to make the right decision to give him and the life they could have had together up in order to stay with Edward.

    As for whether or not Bella and Jake will define their relationship before the wedding day, I can only speculate. It more or less needs to be done before the wedding, because otherwise it will be a loose end flapping in the breeze. 😀 I just think that it will be hard at first for Jacob to let go of the thought of human Bella and embrace Vamp Bella, because his natural instinct will be to kill her. Yes, both Bella and Jake love each other, but Bella loves Edward more deeply and she needs Jake to really understand that that’s how it’s going to be. And In order for Jacob and Bella to have any kind of relationship, no matter how tense at first, both Jacob and Edward (but Jake especially) need to reconcile their feelings that they’re “mortal enemies” and realize that there are ways that they can both be a part of Bella’s life with minimal to no conflict. I just have no cluse yet as to what those ways are. Lol. 😉

  15. Mary ALICE says:

    Jacob? taking back his kiss??!??! hahah! NO WAY! that just would not be jake at all! in fact, i’m guessing that if he would be able to do it again, he definiately would. He said that he had done everything he could do get Bella, but it just didn’t work, so i don’t think he would feel ashamed of his kiss.

    as for the wedding, i believe that something big is going to happen, but it’s not going to be Bella defining her relationship to jacob. I think that jacob changed at the end of Eclipse, and so if they do meet up again at the wedding, it’s going to be verrrrry emotional.

  16. Kelsey says:

    No way! He’s been waiting to kiss Bella since New Moon. So I highly doubt he would take that kiss back!

    Yes. ‘Jella’ isn’t over yet. Because at the end of Eclipse Jake makes the comment of “waiting in the wings” for Bella – until her heart stops beating. And then Bella asks him about the next time they’ll see each other and his reply is “I’ll think it through and get back to you.”
    So yep…something is going to happen between Jacob and Bella, right around her wedding day, I’d say. Jacob is too stubborn to give up just like that.

  17. Sophia says:

    I don’t think that jake will take the kiss back, it wouldn’t really be worth it.

    I personally think Jake will gatecrash the wedding or something and try to stop it from happening! That would be so cool!

  18. Bellalicia says:

    I don’t think that Jacob would take the kiss back if he could. It finally opened Bella’s eyes to the love that she had for him. He would be insane to want to take that back. We all don’t really care for how he manipulated to get the kiss, but at least it’s a closed chapter and Bella knows more now than ever that Edward is the one for her.

    Defining their relationship, I think that it has already been defined at the end of Eclipse. They both know now that Bella has made her decision. Edward made a very good point in saying that Jacob might not always be there for Bella, if he ever does imprint he won’t be able to stay with her. The better man one. I do hope that Jacob and Bella can somehow work out staying friends. There will definately be some kind of confrontation before the wedding……..I just hope that Jake is mature enough not to take it to a violent place.


  19. Wendy says:

    Jacob is a teenage boy. No matter how mature he has grown to look like, his brain and emotional level still operate as any other teenage boys would. I think he believes it was the only way he could get Bella to realize what he thought was the truth, that she loved him. Jacob’s patiences, what little he has, had run out. And waiting for Bella to make this discovery on her own was not an option Jacob was willing to do. Fear that Edwards presence was blinding her to what, Jacob thought, was the truth also helped drive Jacob to make the decision to manipulate Bella into the kiss I don’t think Jacob will ever regret ‘playing’ Bella like that. It was a last desperate effort to have her see things clearly. And it accomplished exactly what he was trying to do. I do believe that Jacob was fooling himself into thinking that when Bella did discover her true feeling for Jacob she would come running to him and leave Edward behind. And I think every reader can’t deny that Jacob has truly had his heart obliterated by Bella’s choice because of this notion. I think Jacob will continue to torture himself with the knowledge that they love each other, but that she loves Edward more. I don’t think he will ever wish that he had not done it. He may tell her that, but I don’t think he would really mean it. But that is a personal theory!!
    To the second point. I guess I feel that Jacob and Bella have already defined how they feel their relationship should proceed. At least in concept. It becomes a matter of if they stay true to it. Can they, or more likely Jacob, stay with in the boundaries.
    Just a note to reference last weeks podcast. Jacob may show up at the wedding. I seriously doubt the Volturi will. At least not in the capacity to start a fight. Keep in mind that there will be humans at this wedding. Ones that have not idea that Vampires exist. They tend to shy away from exposure. But yet another personal theory!!
    I must also say that the first time I was reading Jacob TAKING a kiss from Bella, I was ready to punch him in the mouth myself!! Or at least throw my book across the room. I really liked him up until that point. After that I really went through a stage of Jacob-dislike, to put it in rated G !! But as the series progressed I was reminded that he is just a teenage boy and he is allowed to make mistakes because that is how you learn and gain experience. I don’t like that he did it, and I think about that part of his character as I read about him. I don’t forget that he did it, but I guess I can forgive it. But he NEEDS TO STOP DOING IT!!!! Even if Bella did kiss him back once. Bella and Edward forever! 🙂

  20. Jamie says:

    I highly doubt Jacob would want to take back his kiss. He was so conniving when he did it, I am fairly sure he meant every single second of it. Jacob was such a brat to have put Bella in the position he did. I understand that he loves her, but he needs to understand she loves someone else more than him! About defining their relationship, I’m not certain if they ever will. What are they anyways? I mean they love each other, one more than the other, and one is getting married. I believe that Bella would love to stay friends with Jacob but I think she needs to let him go find someone that can give him all he needs. Like Leah! Lol! I can’t wait to hear what Kallie has to say about this Podcast!!

  21. Josie says:

    No way would Jacob take back that kiss!
    But I wonder if he knows that by kissing her he’s only making things harder for her. The first time he kissed her, it was clear Bella didn’t want it.
    But after Jacob’s manipulating to get her to ask him to kiss her (which then leads onto her realising she does love him), Jacob might have thought he is only making things harder for her.
    No matter how brief that thought might be.
    He knows how much she loves Edward, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know how hard Bella’s decision is. Now matter how much Jacob wants her to be with him.
    Also, he says, “that should have been our first kiss”. (?)So he wouldn’t take that kiss back, but if he could go back in time and change things so the first kiss he gave her was more romantic, he would.

    Will Jacob talk to Bella before the wedding in a last attempt to get her to leave Edward and be with him? It’s too predictable. But… I think that they will see each other and talk, but come to a decision that Jacob was to let Bella go through with it. Jacob promises not to cause any trouble, but ends up speaking up during the ceremony because he can’t take being silent and letting Bella throw her life away.
    That’s my theory (even though I really hope that Stephenie doesn’t make it look like something out of a soap opera).

  22. Kate says:

    I actually kind of think jacob will take back the kiss, after a while anyways. For me when reading the books it seemed like he was almost forcing the relationship with Bella. I mean come on people he said he was going to kill himself if she didn’t love him thats saying something. I think he just needs her away to clear his mind and Angela to conveniently walk over then he can really realize what its like to be in love with someone and how he shouldn’t force it out of them.
    Oh my god wouldn’t it be crazy if Jacob was just playing like he loved bella to get close to the vampires to infiltrate them??
    Anyway on to the next question, hmm define their relationship? Hasn’t that been done? I think he might define that he no longer is in in in in love with her and he’s moved on to someone else, oh god wouldn’t that be amazing, though I doubt it will happen in the beginning. Maybe in the end just to make it a good story in all other parts.

  23. Kiko says:

    I highly doubt that Jacob would take back his kiss with Bella. Yes, we all want to smack him over the head, but he is a teenage boy, and they tend to do stupid things. Jacob wouldn’t just walk away, knowing that Bella would never know that she loves him. Maybe he thinks that the kiss will change things, or at least fully inform Bella before she is changed and married.

    I do not think that they will take their relationship any farther. Yes, Jacob is obviously in pain, but Bella settled this in Eclipse. He knows they can only be friends, and even though it tears him apart, he can’t change it. Also, Bella doesn’t want to hurt Jacob. She loves him, but not enough, compared to Edward. New Moon is an example, and I doubt she would have returned to a state of normality if Edward hadn’t returned. In all, I think that Eclipse summed up the romantic feelings, and they should just try and move on from that point. It will be hard, but Bella has to get used to leaving people behind.

  24. Adrienne says:

    I do not think that Jacob will take his kiss back. I believe he is going to fight for Bella until the very day she says ‘I do’ to Edward. The kiss was something that, yes, Edward fans hated, but was necessary. If they had not kissed, Bella would still be asking herself ‘what if?’ It is better that she kissed him and got it over with than have that curiosity dangling over her.

    Jacob is not one to back down. I’m sure he’s going to try and do something to woo her but Bella will fight against his wishes. I’m pretty sure Jake will imprint in the last book because Stephenie Meyer likes him too much to just let him fail in love.

    I think Bella’s choice of Edward over him has been clearly stated in Eclipse but it may be reiterated in Breaking Dawn. I’d rather they just hug and be friends than to have to go through that dreadful kiss again… or he could just run away and stay away forever (that one’s for you Kassie).

  25. Ashley says:

    Jacob and Rosalie are very similar characters in the sense that they both are completely bull-headed and stubborn. We see how relucant Jacob is to speak to Bella at the beginning, when he doesn’t forever her for taking Edward back. Jacob’s first kiss is slightly less manipulative than the second, but he doesn’t apologize for it. In fact, he is sorry Bella has hurt her hand, but does not apologize for the experience to ‘kiss’ her. This is proof that, even if it means giving up his friendship to Bella, he isn’t going to take back his actions. He’s extremely stubborn and isn’t going to back down. It’s both a positive and negative trait. In this case, its negative because its hurting him even more.

    For the second question, I actually have a theory. I think that Bella is going to visit Jacob one final time before her change. It could be before or after the wedding. I’m a strong believer in the ‘Bella gets changed because there’s an emergency’. Just like in Eclipse, Bella will be caught in emotion, except this time she will get in an accident because of it. I can see Bella easily hitting a tree. Thus she has to be immediately changed into a vampire or face death. I think Bella and Jacob need a final ‘good-bye’ and this is why Bella will be so emotional. In Eclipse it was mostly Bella admitting she actually loved Jacob, without saying goodbye. Also, this could be before or after the wedding, as Bella still doesn’t know Jacob was invited to the wedding.

    Love the show!

  26. Kyliegh says:

    I don’t think Jake will take the kiss back he enjoyed it to much and he wanted to prove to bella that she loved him to. I also think in breaking dawn bella and jake will tie some lose ends maybe right before the wedding or in the middle of the wedding jake will go off! i’m just glad that bella picked edward!

  27. Sophie says:

    There is no way with the way Jacob likes bella that he will take back his infamous kiss! I dont think that bella will allow the relationship to develop any further from were it was left. But since Stephenie Meyer loves to have a bit of conflict is the book the relationship might progress to make Bella’s final decision before the wedding a bit more difficult.

  28. Laurie says:

    It is not within Jacob to take back the kiss that was a step closer to what he hoped he could have. It raised doubt and he knows that and I think a small part of him is still hoping for that little spot he has in Bella’s heart to grow.
    I’m working on a fanfic that will have Jacob see the love and devotion that Edward and Bella have for each other in a time of extreme stress and peril at the hands the royal family. He will concede to Edward and beg him to save Bella and admit he wants her as a friend anyway he can have her.

  29. Andrea says:

    I too don’t think Jacob will take back his kiss.

    I’m still sitting on the fence in what will happen in Breaking Dawn when it comes to Bella & Jacobs relationship. I do think he’s gonna continue to try and sway her from becoming a vampire though and tick her off again.

  30. Chelsea says:

    I don’t think Jacob would take it back, not by a mile. I think he does truly regret causing her pain, but in his eyes, if he hurts her by making her realize the truth, it will be much worse than if she’s turned into a vampire. And he’s always plagued by the thought of what will happen to Bella if Edward decides to leave again after she’s changed. It’s gotta hurt, knowing that the love of your life is willing to throw hers away for a guy who obviously isn’t taking very good care of her.

    I’m Team Switzerland!!!!

    I don’t think all the questions will be resolved before the wedding. I have this glorious vision of Jacob ruining the wedding, at least temporarily. I think Bella will just choose to ignore their relationship until the last minute. I’m looking forward to what happens. I’m sure it’ll be epic!

  31. Miriam says:

    ….sigh…Jacob, Jacob, Jacob…

    Well I highly doubt that he will take it back he enjoyed toooo much.
    Which brings another question do you think BELLA WOULD TAKE IT BACK???
    Hmmm…thats hard…I..cant think…. In some ways she might but then again it was what she needed to make her decision about loving Jacob and what should be done because of it.

    Would they define their relantionship by the wedding?.. I think that Jacob is going to send Bella some kind of note telling her that he is going away and do all this dumb things..like he always does…which will make Bella run after him and put another strain on her relantionship and the wedding.

    And thats my anwer.

  32. haileybean says:

    I don’t think he’d take it back because at the end of it he said that the kiss the shared should have been their first kiss. I don’t think he has any regrets or feels ashamed for what he did. Often I forget he’s 16 when I get mad at him for what he does, and then I remember. He’s 16 its his first love. He’s going to do anything to make Bella his. Even if its via manipulation.

    I do not think that they will define their relationship before the wedding day. I think if they do, it will be before Bella is turned (IF she is turned). I really want him to have a happy ending. I want him with a girl he imprints on and I want him to be happy overall.

  33. Julie says:

    I don’t think he will take it back because he loves Bella and Bella loves him back and I don’t think she will take the kiss back eathier. I don’t think he will come to the wedding because who wouuld want to see the girl he loves get married. But I think he will come back later after the wedding and try and get Bella back. But I think jacob should end up with Leah Clearwater.

  34. Kayla says:

    I think Jacob does not reget his kiss that he gave Bella at the end of the story, only because he loved her more than a friend and he was trying to covince Bella the same. I also think that Jacob WILL crash the wedding only to cause more conflict between the three of them.

  35. JacciSmith says:

    Alright, I do not think that Jacob wants to take back his kiss. I think that it was sort of a closure for him. He knew it would be his last kiss with her and I think he accepted that… Until the invite. I know he KNEW it was going to happen… but I think it was all just a little too much for him to handle.

    I don’t think Jacob and Bella will define their relationship before the wedding because the first chapter of breaking dawn takes place only days before the wedding, and he still hasn’t come back yet. I think he will come back at some point in the wedding. If during the ceremony he will come in subtlely and she will notice him as she is walking out, but Edward will make her keep walking and have them talk later. If during the party afterwards, then he’ll come in all rained on and stuff, and make an accidental big enterence. Or maybe not…. I think my theory is being clouded by the fact that I don NOT want him to ruin their wedding!! lol.

  36. Angie says:

    Hello! I’ve just recently started listening, and so I’m going through all your old podcasts! This is what I have to say about Jacob and Bella. First, I’m completely peeved with Bella. She knew waaaaaay back in New Moon how Jacob felt about her. She also knew she didn’t feel that way, and I think she didn’t want to feel that way about him, yet she let him hold her hand, and have the “appearance” of being a couple. Then in Eclipse she just kept on going. She knew that it bothered Edward that she was friends with him, she also knew that Edward knew how Jacob felt about her. So instead of doing what a normal person would do, she goes out of her way to see him, and then doesn’t get upset with him when he hurts Edward, or her. I don’t know, she acted like a twit in my opinion. So anyway, as far as defining the relationship, I don’t think they can. There is too much history, and too much emotion with them. Something has to go, and if she truly wants to be happy with Edward, then she has to leave Jacob be. Also, doesn’t Jacob realize that even if Bella had chosen him, eventually he’d probably imprint on someone and leave her completely destroyed? Sure Edward would then swoop in and save the day, but honestly, how many times can you break a girl and expect her to be okay?

  37. Christy says:

    Of course Jacob doesn’t regret kissing Bella. It stated that fact in Eclipse. He knew if he didn’t do it then, then he probably would never get the chance to or have enough courage to.

    Will they define their relationship before the wedding?
    I don’t know if they can ever define it exactly. They both know how much they love each other, but it can’t go any further than a friendship if they can have that. Jacob will always want more from Bella. Bella will always choose Edward, atleast she better! I think it’s unfare to both guys if she continues to see Jacob. I hope if he does come to the wedding that he waits until afterwards to see her and wish her nothing but the best for her and Edward. Bella just wants Jacob to be happy to and not feel like it’s all her fault that he is so miserable. I hope he imprints on somebody already!

  38. Sarah says:

    you know what?! i think that jacob is the kind of stubborn boy that, when he does come back to find that bella has already married edward, he will be so jealous and freaking hormonal that, he will take it back. it will hurt bella, but it will be kind of like when he told her that he would rather her be dead than be turned into a vampire in eclipse. he is that jealous type, so he might, probably will, take it back..idk..i cant wait for the book!

  39. Becky says:

    DERRR of course jacob ment the kiss he loves bella but everyone knows he falls for someone else so NOPE hes not going to define the relationship beacuse….
    Bella Cullen + Edward Cullen = MARRIED
    Renesme Cullen + Jacob Black = Imprinted !
    FACT so obvs nothing is going to happen

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