A Fake Book Cover for Breaking Dawn!

Apr 25th, 2008 | By | Category: Book News

It was brought to my attention that there is a fake cover for Breaking Dawn out in circulation!  (Thanks Chelsea!)  So, I am posting a link to it, so that you know it is not ‘for realz’!


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  1. Kia Gregory says:

    THANKS for the Consumer Tip!

  2. Git 'r Done! (Amy) says:

    Blech, that cover is just not…appealing. The others are pretty and graceful, I think. The broken mirror thing is just a little too morbid, even for a vampire book!

  3. staci s. says:

    ewww…no i hope that that isnt the real cover….i dont like it very much…and did anyone happen to read the excerpt right beside it…is that fake too?

    Love the podcasts girls!!

  4. Chelsea says:

    I know it’s really morbid! But I do like the layout and if someone wasn’t trying to pass it for ‘legit’ it might be some super awesome fan art…but the LIES! ah 🙁

    BUT! I’m still totally stoked for the actual one coming May 31!

  5. Jennifer B says:

    Don’t egg me… but the excerpt on the side sounds like SM writing style…

    I hope not, Jacob better not have hurt Edward. My mom and I were talking last night before I saw this and we think Jacob will attack Edward and Bella will get in the way and get hurt….


  6. Gabby says:

    You can tell is isnt real beacause it said Jacob hurt Edward like that could ever happen. Jacob wouldnt do that to Bella and Edward could handle himself. And its not even a cover that makes sense.

  7. JennniferB says:

    Jacob can hurt Edward with his thoughts…he has done it before.

  8. Amber says:

    Wow, thanks for the tip, I might have thought it was for real. That’s the 2nd fake cover I’ve seen so far. But… do we know if the “Jacob what did you do to Edward?” thing isn’t real too or is it a possibility?

  9. Amber says:

    I kind of agree with Jen B….

  10. Ashley says:

    i kinda like it….but it does not go with the rest and would be kinda ….like…off

  11. The Twihard says:

    Is that excerpt on the side real or did they make it up? Because if it’s real, NOOO, poor Edward, what did Jacob do?

    I agree with Ashley, it doesn’t go with the other books.

    Great cover though, I don’t like the broken mirror, but I can tell the person that made that put a lot of thought and effort into it!

  12. Jordan says:

    Noooooo..if i find out something happens to Edward because of Jacob…i mean the excerpt can’t be real right?

  13. kristin says:

    that cover looks really fake…
    the excerpt beside it is really intense. i love it even if that is fake also

  14. kae says:

    Yea, i agree it sounds like her. however, the cover looks like a japanese story kind of drawing.
    it would make sense in the last book. Jacob snapped, even after he said he wouldnt. Think about it, its finally gunna hit him. Bellas going, i think this COULD happen.

  15. Jenny!!!!! says:

    Even if it’s fake it looks pretty cool!!

    It looks dark and mysterious.

  16. Katelyn says:

    Yah, but i hope Jacob doesn’t wreak Bella’s wedding, I mean I kinda would like to see her get changed into a vampire. But I bet Jacob tries to wreak everything for Edward.

  17. Katelyn says:

    I wonder if Bella will have to choose between Edward and Jacob again.? I’m going crazy waiting for Breaking Dawn.. Ohmygawd lol.

  18. Shay says:

    You never know it could be real. But I agree that it isn’t graceful and gentle like the other three books. But isn’t there always a possibility of it being genuine??

  19. Katelyn says:

    The book comes out on my birthday lol
    Its got me in suspense.
    I hope Bella stays with Edward tho.. i really do

  20. Edwards lover says:

    Umm…could we get aclose up of the cover it was kind of difficult to read. But thank you sooo much for giving me a taste, I’ve been dying not being able to read the next one. I wonder how i’ll live when it’s over. does anyone know if there will be more than one new one? I heard about midnight sun which was supposed to be edwards thoughts in twilight!!!!! 🙂

  21. Christi says:

    So.. i was thinking this book cover is the most realistic so far but the cover is messy. I was thinking that because people seem to think its a mirror that is broken, that if it was real, maybe its a sign that bella is a vampire and cant bare to look at herself in the miror because of her red eyes and what she has become. maybe she attacked a human and cant bear to look at herself. idk im just being stupid.

    and the other part about jacob hurting edward if that is true maybe jacob could be thinking about the conversation he had with bella at the end of eclipse how she loved him and how she saw there life and all that stuff. maybe he put doubt in edward after all and edward is really heart.. idk because obviously they wouldnt fight and if they did they would both try really hard to stop. but then again maybe jacob loses control and rips edward up a little bit.. not like that could heppen.. idk it seems far fetched..

    there sure is alot of freaking out and speculation about 1 book cover that may or may not be real! haha

  22. Jessie says:

    i just saw something.. maybe im just paranoid but this cover is totally different from all the other hardcopy covers!!! the covers for new moon and eclips are red on the inside with white writing.. at the bottum right corner is says in the uk price is $12.99 it is not $12.99 ok? its like $25.99 and the price on her new moon and eclips is on the left inside flap and it doesnt even say U.K on it is says canada price and United States price and they dont even have a picture of her like they supposed to ont he right inside flap.. soo umm i think this is pretty good evidence that this book cover is not real cause i think that the books would be consistent not different on the last book.

  23. Edward's lil' wifey says:

    if something happens to Edward Cullen, I don’t know what I’ll do…
    poor Bella :[[

  24. Edwards lover says:

    If Edward dies i don’t know how i will live. Yes, I know hes fictional but I just cant imagen a fictional world with out him.

  25. Edwards lover says:

    Whats ups up with the chick that can’t spell eclipse?

  26. Edward's lil' wifey says:

    well gee I don’t know, what’s up with the girl who put two ups???

  27. Edwards lover says:

    okay maybe i’m retarded for saying up twice.

  28. Edwards lover says:


  29. Edwards lover says:

    you know i have mental problems!

  30. Edward's lil' wifey says:

    Baylee, you’ll never love edward as muchas me.

    that will never change.

  31. Edwards lover says:

    Okay i know this isn’t a chat site but we both know you will never appriciate edward like i do!

  32. Edward's lil' wifey says:

    believe what you want…..

    he loves me more


  33. Edwards lover says:

    No hard feelings jessie i have problems 🙂

  34. Edwards lover says:


  35. Amy says:

    From Meyer’s other books within the twilight series all the covers are simple, plan and to the point. There is no way that would be the cover of Breaking Dawn. It’s just not Meyer’s taste.

  36. Anonymus says:

    Umm,? okay weeellll…
    for thoes of you that are freaking out about the cover of “Breaking Dawn,” well just to let you know; IT’S NOT REAL…so no worries people(:
    on eclipse i bought the special edition and it has a poster that came with it of the cover for Breaking Dawn.

    Oh and for “Edwards Lover” and “Edward’s lil’ wifey” well i think you guys should just shut up because Edward loves neither of you…he loves Bella and ony Bella if he was going to have the Vultori kill him because he didn’t want to be without Bella…NOT YOU.

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