Twilight Movie Trailer?

Apr 26th, 2008 | By | Category: Movie News

ANOTHER TREAT!  Screenshots and transcript anyone?  Click here! 

The official teaser trailer of “Twilight” will premiere online the first week of May, and will debut on the big screen attached to “Speed Racer”, which comes out on May 9th.

Source: Summit Entertainment via

(Thanks to Chelsea for finding this!)

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  1. Katelyn says:

    0_0 omg!! I can’t wait for that to happen…but too bad i dont want to see speed racer because it looks stupid from what the originall anime was….

  2. Lila says:

    I died when I read that heading. Homg.
    I might die of impatience before it even comes out.

  3. kaity says:

    hold on i need to change pants…ok i am back SCREAM!! ok, i was not looking forward to seeing speed racer ,but now i’m going!

  4. Chelsea says:

    same here…speed racer will get lots of money from twilight fans lol

  5. Jennifer S says:

    Joy so much joy OMG…Think I am going to speed racer now just for the trailer lol….I can’t wait lol….

  6. Bernadette says:

    OMG OMG OMG!!! I was going to see speed racer for well… speed racer but now I am going for the preview!!! O _O I can not wait!! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! I am hyperventilating with this news… that is sad

  7. The Twihard says:



  8. Janet says:

    There are screencaps from the teaser circulating on blogs as well. If you search hard enough you can find them.

  9. Chelsea says:

    I found those too but was asked to keep it hush hush…the girl that posted them could lose her job if the ‘big wigs’ find them and figure it was her or the other person that saw the teaser…

    If we could, wait until it’s released then post those caps! Thanks! I’d hate for her to lose her job for keeping us in the loop!!

  10. Marci Johansen says:

    I was not looking forward to seeing speed racer. But now i will definitely go with by boys just to see the commercial. I will be the one in the back of the theater screaming and hyperventalating………….
    how are we going to make it until December.

  11. Melissa says:

    Hey, a more detailed description was made by the girl than the one that is posted on the link.

    Here it is!!!

    ::::::spoiler don’t read further if you don’t want to know:::::

    A scene fades in, deep in the forest. Bella’s standing with her back to Edward, with Edward a few feet behind her.

    Bella : How old are you?
    Edward (voice almost a whisper): 17

    The camera pans around and focuses in on her face, which is full of shock and a bit of fear, her eyes cut to him as if she wants to turn and face him but doesn’t quite have the courage.

    Bella: How long have you been 17?

    Cuts to a clip of Edward crouched, as if hunting. A quick sequence of a deer running, trees and leaves flying past follows and ends as a figure rushes from the left and pounces the deer. Cut back to Edward, still behind Bella but a little closer than before.

    Edward: Awhile.

    The words “When you can live forever” come onto the screen.

    A figure seems to fly through the air among the tree tops before the scene cuts to Jasper, talking to Edward over the hood of a car.

    Jasper: This is wrong, Edward. She’s not one of us.

    Cut to Edward, looking intense as his fingers grip the car top. Then a brief scene comes up, firelight-type glow with Edward leaning in towards Bella, her mouth slightly opened. Fade back to black. (I’d put in the screencap for this, but it really isn’t good enough quality to see what’s going on…)

    The words “what do you live for” come onto the screen.

    Bella’s putting something in her backpack, which is laid on the hood of her truck. She glances over, and we see Edward watching her from across the parking lot, next to his Volvo.

    Horns honk, and the van races in out of control. We hear screeching brakes and the camera cuts to Bella in time for us to see Edward swoop in and pull her down to the ground. The van slams towards them, and Edward’s hand leaves a huge impression in the metal where he stops it. Bella looks up at him confused and shocked, and a look of sheer panic floods over Edward’s face.

    The words “From the world wide bestsellers” come onto the screen.

    Cut to a scene in (I’m assuming) Bella’s room. Bella faces Edward, her back to the windows overlooking a forest.

    Bella: I’m not scared of you.

    Edward leans in a tiny bit closer.

    Edward: You really shouldn’t have said that.

    They stare at one another for a moment, and the corners of Edward’s lips quirk up in a mischievous and sly smile that’s almost a smirk before he tosses her arms over his shoulders, swings her onto his back and leaps out of the window.

  12. Stephanie says:

    I can’t wait either!!! I wasn’t planning on seeing Speedracer, but now…I am sooo going:D I saw the 3 screen caps and saved them…they are absolutley amazing! If anyone wants to see them I don’t mind e-mailing them to you, but like someone said before please don’t post them on any websites:)

  13. Stephanie says:

    Oops I forgot to put my e-mail…lol🙂

  14. Chelsea says:

    The lexion has decided to not post any news on this because it was found and posted illegally…I’m not sure how I feel about it but…I dunno…

  15. Melanie says:

    you guys should probably take down the link to this post..
    the person who posted that those screen caps did it illegally…
    and i don’t want you guys to have to get in trouble..

    just be careful

  16. Christie Ann says:

    OMG… can’t wait… for it… I… ehr… don’t know…


  17. Janet says:

    I wouldn’t feel bad about posting stuff about the trailer. I realize things like this leak and I don’t think it is inappropriate for you to comment on them. Our fandom is pretty connected and these things will spread regardless of whether the big news sites post about it or not. I understand that things leak and as the fans we want to know when there are leaks and as long as you aren’t the ones releasing things illegally I don’t think it is a big deal if you point us in the direction of sites that do. Just my opinion. 🙂

  18. EMMETT-ROSALE says:

    My email is can you please send me the trailer caps. much appreciated. I wasn’t in any way shape or form going to waste my money on speed racer but since the Twilight Trailer will be aired i will so waste my money for a very good cause. can’t wait until december!!!!!! btw, i am prob one of the few guys out there that have read all the twilight books and is a die-hard fan

  19. Krystal says:

    OMG I cant wait for the movie twilight to come out. I can only see it if I get a good report card. So I probly wont be able to see it.

  20. kiann says:

    ok, so the movie comes out in 9 day and im going!
    well today in my computers class my friend and i were speeking about edward and the robert who plays him
    and she told me that there is a contest, were you get put in to a thing to win a day in newyourk with robert AKA edward fucking cullen and i almost fell out of my chair. a hole day in new york with edward CULLEN hello you would have to be completly and totaly insane to not want to do that! so im sining up for it i dont know about you!!!

    twilight #1 fan

  21. HEY a lot of my friends are saying that TWILIGHT is a realy cheasy movie what do you guys think? my friend Shannon cant even read the books because it has vampires in it and her mom is conspiering us to never be normal,but,I bring her my book of Twilight to school and she gets to read it there but if she brought it home we might as well be in the books as two girls who got cuts all over them,in volteria,wearing a sighn that says “EAT ME” on it,which would probily had been writen in blood…………………………..You know, I am most likely to be Roberts #876,2674,6765,35th fan and I am realy amazed by the actors becase if they make a mistake they will here about it in tomorrows people magizine.I dont know about you but i would probliy die of imbaressment if i were Robert, becase the whoole world sees him and i cant even stand in front of the class and tell them about the historie of jefferson county for 5 minutes without running out of the class room beat red): maybe thats why my mom says that i am not the type for actingWell, anyone who sees this will have to e- mail me at BI! I am so proud of stephanie meyer she is a great writer.(: (; (;( : (: (: (: (:

  22. hatim khawaldeh says:

    i went to watch blz til me

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