Twilight Series Theories on the Twilight Movie Set

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I know what you are thinking…”How on earth?” 

Well, I am happy to report that we were invited to visit the Twilight movie set last week, and had a great time!  If you click on the “Movie Set Visit” picture above, it will take you to photos, write-ups, and even a silly set commentary.  Kassie and I will be talking all about the movie, and the set visit on our next podcast, it will be posted early next week!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Shelly A. says:

    That’s really great that you ladies were invited to the set! I hope you two have fun. I will be looking foreword to the podcast on this. 🙂 Have a great weekend! *Hugs*

  2. Sarah says:

    Wow! That’s so cool! I hope you two had fun! I can’t wait till the next podcast!

    Oooooh, I envy you soso much!

  3. Jo says:

    Oh my goodness. Can a girl never go to sleep without some super Twilight news appearing on the net??? Looks like you had fun!!

  4. Silly says:

    omg that is sooo cool !!! which set was it?

  5. nollie says:


  6. Anne says:


  7. Laura says:

    I’m glad that the petition paid off for you to go visit the set! Thanks for the pictures as well 🙂

  8. When I heard the podcast it sounded like there was no hope of TST getting on the set. :o(

    I’m so happy it worked out!!!! YAYYEEEE!

  9. Chelsea says:

    🙂 you ladies are so lucky 🙂 you have no idea how much I envy you! thanks so much kallie…i felt super special!!! 😀 🙂 😛

  10. Kallie says:

    aha i have no idea how you restrained yourself into not spilling that you went! you guys are so sneeky.

  11. jen says:

    Thats so great! I am so happy for you both, and hope you had a lovely time!!! I can’t wait to heat about it

  12. Miriam says:

    Just when I thought that the website, the podcasts, and all the information yous guys gathered was enough, I WAS WRONG!! Yous guys do it again!!..sigh….
    Kallie-very lucky lady.
    Kallie-got to meet Robert
    Kallie-got to be on set
    Kallie-got to see how part of a movie was shot
    Kallie-got see a beutiful forest
    Kallie-got to see Kristen
    Kallie-got to meet the Director
    Kallie-got great insides on Twilight
    Kallie-Yes, she did it again…

    Kallie and Kassie-Made the cooliest Twilght website
    Kallie and Kassie-With only the best Information
    Kallie and Kassie-Thank you!

    Kallie and Kassie-The reason I get in trouble during classes for using the computer, when I am not supposed to, and cheking out your website..just so you know, lol.

  13. Twifanatic Amanda says:

    You guys actually got to go! That’s so great! I bed it was cause of that awesome petition muaha, I totally signed it, I cannot wait to hear how it went!

  14. Nikita says:

    Omg I got goosebumps when I read this. Congratulations your one lucky lady.

  15. Jessica says:

    oh my gosh that is so cool! You are so lucky to have gone! I really really hope that they make more movies, then Tina and I could go sneak on the set! Wouldn’t that be fun? I can’t wait to hear all about it on the next podcast!

  16. Chelsea says:

    I think we should set up a petition for the next THREE movies lol

    and if we do, I think my name should TOTALLY be on it lol i’d totally come from AK with you ladies! 😀

    but truly, thanks for all the insight and Kallie thanks so much for the emails 😀 I look forward to continuing our chatting!

    yay for Twilight Series Theories!!

    Kassie/Kallie–fantabulous to the nth power!!

  17. Halle says:

    Oh my gosh! I am so happy for you guys. This is going to be the best podcast EVER! I only wish I could go with you sigh………. my mom almost had a stroke when I asked her if we could go to Kalama, Washington for spring break. Well, hope you guys have fun!!!
    Cant Wait,

  18. Halle says:

    K I didn’t know where to post this but, I am making an informational website about twilight. Its for school and I want to take it a step further. Im calling it The Twilight Corner. I want to tell eeveryone that Im am computer challenged( they seem to hate me for some reason) so it might take some time. It wont be the greatest thing in the world not as great as twilightseriestheories but it will ok and maybe more if I can figure it out.

  19. Halle says:

    AHHHHHH!!!!!! I saw Kallie with Robert Pattinson. Go to His Golden and look in their gallery!!!! YES Yes Yes Yes!!!!!!!!!! I am soooo jealous!!!!! Go Look now everyone and see our triumphant hero in all her glory (actually his too)

  20. Katie says:

    YES!! I’m so glad you guys finally made it!!! I’m so jealous too, but in a very good way! 🙂

  21. Kelly says:

    AAHHH!!! im so happy for you!!!

  22. Kelly says:

    AAHHH!!! im so happy for you!!!!

  23. Faith says:

    thats soo awesome…u guys r soo lucky! =D
    CAN’T WAIT for the podcast!!!! >.<

  24. Carmen Amon says:

    omg omg i just found out that the twilight teaser is going to be showed during the speedracer movie!!!
    and i cant help but jump up and down and scream!!!
    i love jacob black!!!

  25. Steph says:

    I have just recently started to read the Twilight series, and I have already fallen in love. I have already re-read my favorite parts, which was almost the entire book, well the parts with Edward at least, and now I have decided to re-read the entire series again. I read them all in a week, and now I only, I say only because I long for more, have the lonely three books to hold me up until Breaking Dawn. I do not mind the wait so much as I mind the thought, i do not want to say fact because that sounds too final, that this next book will be the last in the series. I have all but lost my sanity, which will leave me soon, waiting for what seems to be “the end”. I am only 15, if this series ends, what will I do for the rest of my life? It would be like Edward leaving Bella, which left the feeling of emptiness in me when I read New Moon, I don’t want to live like that. What is life without Edward and Bella’s love story? It would just not feel right…so my conclusion is, why end the series now, with ONLY FOUR books? Harry Potter fans got SEVEN! In my opinion, Twilight kicks Harry Potter’s butt! It would be against our constitution, cruel and unusual punishment, to end the series at four books! I look forward to Midnight Sun, but that is just a retelling of what we already read, but don’t take it the wrong way, I will thoroughly enjoy reading it, but I want to know more of Bella and Edward’s story…hopefully there will be more to tell…? Well I guess that’s all, finally.

  26. Erin says:

    Wow look at you ladies! I’ve been in the hospital for a little less than a week and you guys have taken over the world! Hope it was a great experience

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