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Next week we will be reading several of your speculations on the show!  We wanted to ask a question that pertains to the highly anticipated book, and includes your opinions, so here goes…

If you could learn ONE thing about Breaking Dawn, even though you couldn’t read the whole book until August 2nd, what would that ONE thing be? Why?

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  1. Jackqulyn says:

    If there was one think I could no it would be how Charlie is at the end. Even though he is a minor character you can tell a lot about whats going on in the book with how he feels. If at the end he is sad but happy you can assume that Bella is alive even if she didn’t make the decisions that Charlie had wanted. I don’t think even if Bella turned that she could just up and leave him like her mother did. This would lead me to believe if he were in mourning or deeply sadden that she was dead or catatonic because Edward was dead. So even though he is a minor character I think that were he is at in the end of the book would be a great indicator to the mood of which the book had gone.

  2. Janet says:

    I would guess that a lot of people will say something like If Bella becomes a vampire or if Bella and Edward both live and end up together. But for me those are questions that I only want answered by reading the book. The one thing I would want to know is if Jacob imprints. I would really hate it if the series ends with Bella and Edward together but Jacob still lusting after Bella. I need him to find someone good to imprint on. 🙂

  3. Adrienne says:

    I wouldn’t want to know anything too major as it would ruin the book for me. But I think I would want to know who the battle is between in the end. I really want to know if it’s going to be vamps vs. werewolves, Cullens vs. Volturi, etc. It would bring about all these new theories that we could talk about and it would get everyone revved up about the potential deaths. Of course I wouldn’t want to know who wins or dies, because that would also spoil it. We can all start making more theories on May 31st when the special edition of Eclipse comes out. We’ll have a little more insight and be able to pick out clues from the whopping 20 or so pages we’ll be given from the first chapter of Breaking Dawn. Now I’m all excited! I can’t wait!!!

  4. Tina says:

    oooh golly. so many things to choose from.
    i think i’d want to know about the wedding, not if the voturi or whoever interupt it or not, but like, decorations and stuff…
    kinda weird i know, but i think that knowing how Alice made the wedding happen or look would be a nice little detail to know that wouldn’t spoil the story at all but it’d be sooo fun to visualize!
    I’m also a total romantic so i love weddings and whatnot 🙂

  5. Krystal says:

    If I could learn one thing about Breaking Dawn in advance I think I would like to know if Bella and Edward end up getting married. While becoming a vampire, and thus giving up all ties to the human world, would seem like the ultimate sacrifice for most people, this does not seem to be the case with Bella. She is ready to give up her mortal self so willingly, in a binding, eternal contract, but she is so reluctant to give her hand in marriage to the one she loves. If things go according to plan and Bella marries Edward, then it seems we will really know that she has no doubts whatsoever in her mind about her future and the life she chooses for herself. There have been theories about Bella having second thoughts about her mortality and realizing what she must give up, but if this marriage does go on as planned, I think that she would be at peace with her decision to start her new life.

  6. AmanDazzle(Amanda) says:

    Love triangles and imprinting/ vampire tranformations aside, I would like to know if any important characters die in the ending of this epic series. My reason for this question is so that I can prepare myself before reading the book with a huge box of tissues and my mother’s shoulder to cry on (Hi Mom!). I have this feeling in the pit of my stomach, that this book will cause an emotional rollercoaster similar to the one I experienced when Edward left Bella in New Moon. Bring it on, I’m ready ! 🙂

  7. Nollie says:

    Trying to be original on this Q of the week is rather hard. We know very little about the book, that I just can’t say the one thing that I would like to know. I could say that I would want to know about if Bella is turned and like what leads up to the event. I could say that I would want to know if the wedding happens. I would like to know if Jacob does imprint and who he imprints on. And there are so many other things that I wish I could know but I know that majority of the people will want to know those things so I don’t want to be repeative, lol I like to be original (or as original as I can to my crazy self). Anyways! Just the fact I that can’t seem to pick that ONE thing that I would want to know is what makes the wait for Breaking Dawn so bittersweet; that it will be a well worth wait (though nerve racking at the same time). But I bet you…as SOON as the book cover is released at end of May along with the first chapter…so many more questions will be brought up.

    Lol anyways, I’m rambling…at least I feel like it. I have classes in the morning but I had to stop and answer the question. With that, I shall close.


  8. Erin says:

    The one thing that I would want to know about Breaking Dawn would be probably something that would be really surprising so it could lead to more theories and would allow for more topic discussions than Bella turning, the wedding, or the Volturi visit. Im not sure what it could be, but something that would allow for us readers to get some sort of idea of an event or location during breaking dawn to help us make out what is going to happen.

  9. ATF says:

    I would have to say the thing I’m dying to know is if the wedding goes off without a hitch. No interruptions from the Volturi, no Jacob Black screwing things up, everything goes right.

    For once, I would love Bella and Edward have a moment or two of normalcy. So much happens to these two people that really I just have to cheer for them to actually make it in the end. The wedding is the capstone to their relationship, regardless of what Bella feels about getting married young, I recall her saying that she would basically do anything for Edward if they are together forever. She hems and haws so much about the wedding but I really think that deep down, if it means that she gets to be with Edward, that is all that matters to her.

    Of course, the added bonus is to see if they can have another “normal” or “human” moment if you will, if they are able to “solidify” their relationship on their wedding night. That is another key moment for them, even if it doesn’t work out they way that Bella may hope, at least they “tried.”

    I honestly would feel robbed of the chance to see a happy ending, even if it doesn’t mean that the book ends with a true happy ending (meaning Bella isn’t turned or someone dies, which is unlikely but you never know). So there ya go… that’s all I want to know and am DYING to find out!

    ~Ashley (but I go by ATF)

  10. Twifanatic Amanda says:

    AHHH! This is such a hard question. I would want to know what happens to Jacob at the end (even though I hate his guts), because if I asked how Bella and Edward were then there could be any number of different scenarios. I just want them to be together but they could be together in many different ways that would not encompass the question of whether they are actually ‘together’. All I really want to know is if Jake finds someone else, because if he does and gets over Bella and leaves her alone I will be extremly happy!

  11. Chelsea says:

    I agree with’s really difficult to be original in what I want to see because it’s such an open ended question. I’d have to say that if I could learn one thing about Breaking Dawn before reading, I’d like to learn:
    If the conversation between Bella and Charlie and Edward ever really happened and what exactly was said! As well as if Bella actually goes to Alaska!
    I know that’s small but I think that learning anything tremendously big about the book will detract from my reading! I like to be surprised with books…I also think that something small in the book is a really good tell of something BIG in the book 🙂 my other part of reasoning is that if she goes to Alaska in Breaking Dawn then I might have some chance to possible persuade some filming here for the movie! (if there is one hehe)
    😀 😛 🙂
    I’m rambling as well…it’s nice to take a break from my three finals to talk about something that I actually enjoy! Your podcast and site make life a little less stressful for me because I always smile so thanks for that! 😀

    Have a wonderful podcast ladies! Good luck reading through all these answers, they all seem amazing and very thought out! Woo Twilight Series Theories Twi-hard Twilighters lol

    Tons o’ love!

  12. Kelley says:

    I definitley want to know who Jacob imprints on. That way he can leave me and Edward…I mean Bella and Edward alone…haha jk. (kind of)

    omg…Im in highschool all over again. Except this time the guy isnt real. I may have a

  13. Kelley says:

    On a more serious note…
    I just want to read the darn book already!

  14. Gabriel says:

    from a guys perspective…i would want to know if we will see any of tanya and the denali family. i think it would be a bit cool to have her come in and make bella be the one to sweat a little bit. a little competition. we all know what edward and jacob has gone through. i think she deserves a little taste of that.

    either that or i would also like to know the last sentence of the book, or the last word anyway. just off the top of my head, twilights last word was ‘throat’ and eclipses last word was ‘eternity’ unless you count the epilogue from jacobs point of view. new moon’s escapes me…isnt it like ‘side’ or something. knowing the last word would make for some cool discussion i think.

  15. Chelsea says:

    Oooh ! I really like it Gabriel! Making Bella sweat a bit for her indecision with Jacob and Edward (how dare she make Edward sad!) and I hadn’t even thought about the last word! 🙂

    Now i’m off to go find the last word in all the books 🙂

  16. Gabriel says:

    thanks chelsea, i think some killer ideas would come through if we knew the final word of the series. would be pretty cool.

    like in the harry potter series, for the longest time the final word was ‘scar’ and people spent like a solid year discussing it. too bad it diddnt make it like that in the final piece.

  17. ashley says:

    since everyone will say stuff about Bedward (which I love) I’ll pick something else.

    I love Jacob, he gets alot of flak which is annoying but anyways, I wanna know who he ends up with. I really really want him and Leah to be together. it doesn’t have to be from imprinting. and who’s to say if she hasn’t imprinted on him. we only know certain things because the books are through Bella’s point of view. and she doesn’t know everything that goes on.

    so yeah. I want to know if Jacob/Leah will end up together. I mean come on the whole Biblical connotations of their names, speaks volumes at least to me. 😀

    and love the podcast.

  18. McKenzie says:

    Avoiding an essay that is due tomorrow to write this but I really want to know how Bella and Edward, specifically Edward deal with the three day period of her change. There is no doubt in my mind that she won’t be. No offence intended upon Jacob who I immensely like but this idea of Bella becoming a vampire has been implanted into our minds ever since the beginning. Reading and seeing a change first hand and the affects it will have upon Edward who will be with her will be amazing to read. It sounds very bleak and slightly off-putting but that’s definitely something I’ve been thinking about. It’d be so intense to be with those two at a time like that, specially if we get to see it from Edwards perspective but then maybe I’m hoping for too much. ;-P

    You guys are so much fun to listen to and even with last week’s hour long show I could have listened for another hour longer.

    All the best.

  19. Lisa says:

    There are so many things I want to know, but if I had to choose one, then I would want to know that Bella and Edward get their happy ending. I can handle anything and everything in between, even if it has my stomach is in knots and I am on the edge of my seat, the whole time I reading. I just want those two to be together. I think we will get that, but you just never know.

  20. Katie S. says:

    My question of course would be if Edward and Bella actually end up together forever(that includes being vampire) And why? Well thats all i am worrying about now!

  21. Nery says:

    My question of course would be : Does it have a Happy Ending for Edward and Bella?

  22. Lisa aka Twihard Mom says:

    Does Bella become a vampire? All I need to know.

  23. Anne says:

    i would want to know that if Jacob does imprint on someone, if it would be on a girl or a boy! lol just kidding! but seriously i would love to know what happens between bella and jacob. I dislike Jacob as much as you Kassie, but i would want to know how bella and jacob’s relationship stands so i won’t have to worry about Bella and Edward, even though i don’t really think they will split up, because after all they are the heart and soul of the seires!

  24. The Twihard says:

    I DON’T want to know if Bella will be a vampire or not, that would ruin the whole book. What I would like to know is. . . if Bella and Edward get married. I want to know if something may, or may not happen to the wedding.

  25. The Twihard says:

    IDEA!!!! What if Tanya and the rest of the Denali family come to Forks and Jacob imprints on one of them.

    My sister totally freaked me out with the idea, and she’s the writer!! :O

  26. Julie says:

    I guess I’d want to know if everyone was still in one piece. It would break my heart if anyone died (or died again in the cullens’ case). I know that we’ve gotten off so lucky since we haven’t lost any of the good guys just yet but…I have a feeling that we won’t be so lucky when it comes to Breaking Dawn.

    I’d also want to know if Bella and Edward actually got married. I don’t care if their big wedding is ruined, as long as those two tie the knot in some way, I’ll be a cool cucumber.

  27. Jessica says:

    Hi, im Jessica and im a new listener to your podcast and i have to say you girls are hilarious, i could have the worst day but i come here and you girls make all my worries and complaints go away, so thanks you for that.

    but yeah enough sucking up, lol

    If i could no one thing about Breaking Dawn it would be what Bella’s power will be when she gets turned into a vampire, because it could be so many things like maybe she could protect herself and others from vampire powers or maybe because she has dreams that come true like she dreamed Edward was a vampire in Twilight before she new he was a vampire and in that same dream she dreamed about Jacob turning into a warewolf before he knew he was a wearwolf so maybe she will have a power simular to Alice’s power but maybe see people for what they really are like seeing if that person is good or bad before anyone else, but ok im done boring you with my little theory here.

    You girls rock

  28. Alice says:

    I totally feel fine about everything that may/may not happen except:
    JACOB!!!!! Who will he imprint on? I honestly don’t care unless the book starts sounding a bit like fan fiction. Just not Angela, Lauren, or Tanya, please.
    But since Lauren is not supposed to show up in the movies, Stephanie probably would have had to clear that, so Lauren is most likely out. Thank god!
    Love the podcast!!!

  29. Kathleen says:

    Of course everyone wants to know if Bella & Edward stay together,& hopefully ( PLEASE DONT CRUSH US STEPHANIE!) have a happier ending than Romeo & Juliet. But I’d only like to find that out by the suspance of reading it myself. Its hard to say which one thing I’d like to know ahead of time without giving too much away before I’ve read it. But I guess a subtle thing I’d like to know is how they broke the news to her parents & how they reacted. Also as far as the movie goes,I wonder if they will let you hear what Edward hears in his mind with all the thoughts of people around him. I think that would be pretty cool. Not saying all the time but in certain scenes like in the cafeteria. like a little Midnight Sun preview / momment.

    Love your podcast & thanks for all your Twilight news!

  30. Jena says:

    I know there is no hope that we will ever find out what happens to any of the major characters prior to the book, so I am curious if some of the minor questions get answered. I will be disappointed if they are not!

    Does Mike Newton ever give up?

    Do Angela and Ben end up together?

    Do Sam and Emily get married? (I think that this may be a chapter in the book, entitled wedding, to confuse all of us!)

    What happens to Leah Clearwater?

    I can think of millions more! I just want to see all of the loose ends tied up.

    I LOVE the pod cast and look farward to it every week! Keep singing Kassie!


  31. devadasi7 says:

    ok, i thought at first that i wanted to know jessica and lauren’s reactions to getting the wedding invitations. i just hate those 2 girls so much!!!

    but, after reading some of the comments, i think i would like to know the last word or sentence, just like with harry potter. it was so much fun to speculate what would happen in deathly hallows with that one word. i think the last few words would be great!!

  32. Laura says:

    The one thing that I would want to know about Breaking Dawn would be whose point of view the book would be in, whoever it may be would give a major hint on which way the story will go.

    I would also want to know if Jacob will get a happy ending, even though I’m Team Edward Jacob deserves to be happy. Whether or not he imprints doesn’t really bother me as long as he is happy.

    And finally if there were any character deaths. I don’t think I could stand it if the Cullens or Bella died!!!!

  33. Maria says:

    One thing i want to know about breaking dawn is…. EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but if i had to choose onr thing it would be when bella is a vampire, if she has a special talent and what it is.

  34. Abi says:

    I know that there are people who want to read the book now and would give near anything to have it. I personally am a HUGE twilight fan but i dont count my self as one of those people (I like the excitment of waiting). However if there was one thing that I could know right now it would have to be that everyone lives. I wouldn’t want to know who actually dies (If any) but I really just have to know that every character makes it through. It makes me sound sappy but i couldn’t bear it if anyone died…except maybe Mike Newton…I wouldn’t really care if he died. I’m a hardcore Edward fan but if Jacob died I think I would still be upset…..Maybe……

    Love the podcast keep it up!!!

  35. Hannah says:

    I’m trying not to go for the obvious here in saying that i would want to know whether there is any way in which a vampire can become human. Personally, I really, really hope that there isn’t because I think it would take away from the escapism of the books, so I’d want to know if there was just so that i could prepare myself! I definately don’t want to know whether Bella will become a vampire or not, because I think thats going to be a main theme in the book and I want it to be a surprise. Just attempting to think outside the box a little… 🙂
    Love the podcast, your awesome!!

  36. Sasha says:

    I am a HUGE team Switerland fan. So I think that if I could know ONE thing it would be “Does Edward end up with Bella, and if so, what happens to Jacob, or vice versa?” That is what I would ask. Becuase I think that question has been nawing on my brain since the last book came out. Why would I want to know that ONE thing? Well, because, it has been bugging me. If I know who she ends up with, and what happens to the other guy, then I would be fine.

    LOVE the site!!!!

  37. Scarletto009 says:

    Just ONE thing?! That’s a toughie but I’ll keep it simple.

    I want to know if Bella and Edward get their happily ever after. If they don’t, I’m throwing my book in the garbage.


  38. Alex says:

    Whoa, I really have no idea what I’m expecting…but, I would really like to know if Bella stays with Edward for eternity. I HOPE!

  39. Gina says:

    First of all, I love your introduction Kassie to Supporter Speculation!!! It cracks me up! The one thing, well actually two, because I can’t choose, would be if Bella becomes a vampire and also do they make love before she becomes one which is her request. I think Edward will do anything for her, but I don’t know if he is stronger enough to not bite her! So I was thinking that maybe this happens: They get married, then he tries to give her what she wants and he ends up biting her and she becomes a vampire before he really planned it to happen! Wouldn’t that be wild!

  40. Krista Marie says:

    This is a very hard question ladies!! If I could learn one thing it would simply be to know if Edward and Bella end up together….because if they don’t there is no way I could read it. I’d probably die and I don’t really want to sooo….thats what I would want to know. Short and simple.

  41. Janelle says:

    When I think about Breaking Dawn there are so many questions I would want to ask, the obvious being is Bella turned, does Jacob inprint etc. However if I was limited to one question….after a lot of consideration, I think I would ask, how big of a role do the Volturi play in the novel, especially Caius. In New Moon we learn of Aro and Marcus’ gifts; so I think Caius’ gift will emerge in Breaking Dawn. I’m curious to what it is and if it is key to the plot.

  42. Sherrie says:

    I would want to know if Edward ever realizes his ability to do good as something other than just his love for Bella. Will he recognize that his efforts mean more than just trying to make up for who he believes he and the rest of the Cullens are (like the humanity he doesn’t believe he possesses or maybe even the ability to have a soul after all how else could he be who he is?

  43. Cat says:

    I think Bella will become a vampire, so my question isn’t *if* she will become one, but how she will react once she is one. We know from Carlisle and Rosalie that it is possible for a newborn vampire to choose not to bite humans, and with Bella’s aversion to blood, and her conscious choice to become a vampire, I’m really curious to see if it will be easier for her to control herself as far as her diet is concerned. And what about the physical aspects – she has always been so clumsy – how will that be affected?

  44. Kallie says:

    Gahh you evil sisters!
    I can’t pick one.. I actually don’t think I want to know anything about this book until I’m curled up on a blanket in my backyard enveloped into it. I hate spoilers. Although… I mean if I HAD to choose something.. it would probably be knowing that Bella stopped being so incredibly stupid and realized that she has to be with Edward and stop messing around with Jacob.. because I definitely think he’s coming back and Bella will give in to him..once again. I just want to make sure she’s with Edward in the end.

    Ok and maybe just one more… I want to make sure that Charlie is okay. It seems like he needs bella more than he lets on, and I do like him. I hope Bella doesn’t sever ties with him just because she’s not human anymore.

  45. gabby says:

    i want to know about her and edward together forever as vampires, in the first year at least.

  46. Lora says:

    The main thing that I’ve been wanting to know since I finished Eclipse way back in August is: How does the whole scene with Bella and Edward making love turn out???? I’m dying to know!

  47. Elissa says:

    Okay, although some people may think that i am just CRAZY for wanting to know this cause it could give away the entire book….i think that one of the MAIN things that i want to know is if Edward and Bella end up together..I KNOW I KNOW..ruin the whole thing right?..well not for me! haha..i wouldnt want any details just a yes or no..cause one of my biggest fears with this book is that they dont end up together and that would just upset me so much! there are NEVER happy endings in love stories and it would make me SO happy if they ended up together and make me even MORE excited to read it!….i also agree with Lora , just above me haha..i really want to know how the love scene turns out..but i dont think i would want any details cause i would want to just read that with the entire book! haah..and i also just read Scarletto009’s repsonse and i agree COMPLETELY haha..i would just disregard the fourth book ENTIRELY and pretend it ended with Eclipse hahah ..i guess other people want to know if they are together forever of not as well! good to know im not alone! haha

    good job guys! love the podcast!

  48. VampShelby : } says:

    In the books Wuthering Heights is mentioned alot. I pesonally love that book. I would like to know if the ending in that story has any ties with this story. I think paralelling those to plot lines would be amazing : }

  49. Shalimar says:

    I want to know what Bella will be like as a vampire. I wonder how much her powers will be increased and if they will help her adjust to a different lifestyle. She already has a very powerful mind and is immune to Edward’s mind reading and to the Volturi’s mind manipulations. We can already assume that this ability will only become stronger. But she is still
    very worried about loosing herself when she becomes a vampire. She knows that her first year will be difficult, but Edward assures her that he would not let anything bad happen. She will still be Bella and they will be together. I also want to know if her aversion to blood now will help her resist blood later or if that will not matter. It just seems like the powers and abilities that she posses as a human will only help her be a better “vegetarian” when she is changed. This way she won’t necessarily have to give up the company of Charlie, Rene, and Jacob.

  50. Liz says:

    That Bella will definitly become a vampire(with no second thoughts, regrets etc) which will lead Edward and Bella to live romantically and perfectly forever(:

    too good to be true?

    Personally, I think JK Rowling’s ending to the seventh harry potter book sucked! So, I’m hoping this will be good.
    I have no doubts at all, I love all the books, every single thing(I can barely ever stop smiling or laughing while reading) even the stuff I say that I “hate” (addressing the make out scene between bella and jacob..)

    I shouldn’t say I’m hoping. I’m just slightly nervous and hella curious as to what all is going to happen..

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