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Next week we will be reading several of your speculations on the show!  We wanted to ask a question that pertains to the highly anticipated book, and includes your opinions, so here goes…

If you could learn ONE thing about Breaking Dawn, even though you couldn’t read the whole book until August 2nd, what would that ONE thing be? Why?

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  1. Liz says:

    ooh! I guess I responded sort of obvious..

    I’m nervous for the wedding, as I really don’t want it to get interrupted. In Harry Potter(another relation..) that just didn’t work.
    Also,what Edward is going to tell Bella in 100 years..if that would be played into the story, it was something about appriciating the answer by then with the wedding. I hope Bella gets real excited for the wedding..I would be!

    Also, once(if) she develops a bond with blood, I’d like to know what they tell her if she “dies” or just never visits. Or even if she will visit some day..and if they would ever mention about her having kids..

    you know what would be funny? If vampires (like carlisle) would adopt homeless children to raise.. It wouldn’t work out, but its interesting to try to imagine it..
    and if it would work out if you weren’t immune to human blood.

    Oh! If Jacob will ever get over Bella..and who will he imprint on? it’s the only way he can get over her.

    This is all stuff everyone mentions probably..I have yet to skim over the comments..
    But I deffinitly don’t want to be told. The whole books were told to me (I asked for it though..) and I wasn’t surprised by any of it, though I did enjoy it just as much as I would have anyway..hah
    All I wish is that the book would come out sooner :p
    I know I shouldn’t read the first chapter for Breaking Dawn, because I’ll go nuts, but I won’t be able to resist.

    This is long, and I’m rambling.

    “bound and restricted..I try to give you up, but I’m addicted” (Muse!)

  2. Sarah says:

    Its a total tie for me.
    I really want to know what Bella’s power is going to be (If she turns into a vampire though its too painfully obvious that she will. I mean really “The last installment of the Twilight saga with take your breath away” come on) and I also want to know who Jacob imprints on. I want to know if its the whole jangela thing or if its going to be jeah (I really do hope its Jangela!!!).
    Oh oh I also want to know what happens at the wedding, wait no I don’t that’d totally ruin the book for me. Anyywayy, something else I really want to know is if there is ANY way Edward could become a human, cause that’d rock and it’d be a major potato flip in the book. I mean Stephanie needs to get more J.K Rowling in the fact of predictability, it seems like we can just guess what is going to happen in the next book while with JKR its like so unpredictable.

  3. CoCo says:

    I’m very excited to read Breaking Dawn and can’t wait for it to come out. I’m most interested to see what happens with Jacob. I like him because he was such a good friend to Bella in New Moon but I despise him in Eclipse! Edward is my favorite character and the thought of him being hurt is a sad one. I want to know if Jake will imprint and finally leave Bella and Edward alone. I’m afraid Bella might mess stuff up with Edward over Jacob or leave him all together. That is definitely my greatest fear. I want Bella and Edward to be together-no matter what.

  4. Stephanie says:

    i really want to know what Bella’s talent will be because then we can speculate about what she will do with said talent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Cassie says:

    Even though there’s soooooooooo much i want to know i think the biggest one would be if Bella is turned into a vampire.
    the 2nd would have to be if jacob imprints
    i’m so excited i can’t wait!!!!!!

  6. KassieGirl says:

    If I could find out anything about Breaking Dawn it would be to find out if Bella turns into a vampire. Probably because if she did get turned then she would probably get married to Edward, and both would live. I don’t any of the Cullens would turn Bella if Edward died, it would be just cruel. Though I would like to find out if Jacob ever leaves Bella and Edward alone, he needs to find a cute girl that’s not named Bella (or Isabella for that matter).

  7. Silly says:

    Nothing. The reason why is because in twilight so many little things influence on one another. Because of that I don’t want anything told to me. I usally am that kind of person who dosen’t care about spoliers but i love this book too much to get any information at all from the final book in the series. I’m also that kind of person who really looks in detail about a little things. So that’s why I don’t want anything told because i probaly figure out 5 different things with just one. Ialso what everything in the book to be one big SURPRISE!!!!

  8. Callie says:

    I think if I could find out one thing about Breaking Dawn now, it would be whether Bella becomes a vampire or not. It wouldn’t really ruin the story for me unless I found out the resons behind it or how it happened or the circumstances in which it happened. I really don’t want the book spoiled (I am not a peeker!) but this would keep me on my toes until august. Unless I died waiting…

  9. Ashley says:

    i wouldnt wanna know anything because then it would ruin any surprise and that would so suck balls. im not even gonna be online at all from the day it comes out until imdone with it just so i dont find any spoilers.

  10. Jessie says:

    I dont think I would want to know anything until I could read it. I want to know how stephanie writes everything and I want to be able to read everything at once. Im just ready for the books to be out!

  11. Jenny!!!!! says:

    I need one question answered and one answer only. This will determine whether or not this book will be awsome or not.

    WILL Jasper Hale, kill everone in the series (Expect for Alice of course) and rule the intire world with his Jasperness.

    LMAO LMAO LMAO XD!!!!!!!

    (think about it)

  12. Kylie says:

    i wouldn’t to ruin anything so when i actually read the whole book i won’t already know what’s going to happen. so probably something like what the bridesmaid’s dresses look like or how alice made the wedding spectacular is what i would read about.

  13. Anne says:

    “I mean Stephanie needs to get more J.K Rowling in the fact of predictability, it seems like we can just guess what is going to happen in the next book while with JKR its like so unpredictable.”


  14. Chelsea says:

    LOL Jenny!!! that was freaking awesome!
    You’re right…if he wanted to…he could totally rule the world! Just set their emotions to agreeable and he’s set!!

  15. Jessica says:

    Hmm…I really am not sure…I guess want I would really want to know is the circumstances surrounding Bella’s becoming a vampire. We all know that there is going to be some climax to the story, something that goes wrong, and I think, knowing Bella and Edward’s relationship that Bella’s transformation moment would be a good time to throw in the plot twist. So I’m curious…

  16. Gina says:

    There are two things I am DYING to know:
    -Will Jacob finally imprint and get over Bella?
    -What will Bella’s vampire ability be? You know she’ll have one, but there is no obvious clue as to what she’ll be like as a vampire.

    To all you people who want to know if she’ll become a vampire, I can pretty much guarantee that she will. Stephenie knows she will have some seriously angry fans if Bella doesn’t turn. There are also too many bad things that would happen in the book.

  17. Lauren says:

    I would love to know about Edward and Bella being “close” with each other. Assuming the wedding goes off smoothly at some point in the book, I would love to know what happens. It doesn’t need to be too graphic, but Edward has been so worried about endangering Bella while she is still a fragile human, that I need to know how their wedding night goes. I want to know how Edward thinks and acts, and if Bella can manage to keep breathing while he is bringing “dazzle me” to a whole new level.

  18. Esther P. says:

    UGH ladies you got me stuck between a tie…

    I want to know what the process would be like for Bella when she turns into a vampire. (thats IF she is gonna be turned… which I am totally suspecting will happen!)
    why? because I want to read her reaction to the VAMP-poison and I want to read Edward’s response to her reaction to the poison.


    I am wondering if they will have …(dare is say it)
    SEX in the book… (ugh i feel pervy…)
    why? … well who doesn’t want to see if Edward and Bella get it on?

  19. Elizabeth says:

    In all actuality, I can’t really say what I want to know about Breaking Dawn. Because all of things I want to know( i.e What Bella’s ‘talent’ is, how the wedding goes, who the fight is between, etc.) is really major stuff. If I knew something as important as that, it would really spoil the book, and not make the wait worth its while. I think someone might shoot me for saying this, but I don’t want to know anything from Breaking Dawn. It would spoil the wait. I’m not saying I don’t want to read the first chapter(because when I was first reading Twilight and New Moon I read the first chapter for the next book, which really doesn’t give away that much) I just don’t want to know anything about the book. Because with Stephenie, she tends to make all the major little tidbits right smack in the middle of the book, or right near the end of the book. In Twilight, she had romance start between Bella and Edward near the middle of the book. In New Moon, Alice came back, which I wasn’t expecting at all(I knew someone would come back, I was just figuring it would be Edward). In Eclipse . . well a lot of things(ehem*nudge*)happened, but they were all edging towards the middle and end of the book. Bella’s doubts about her feelings about Jacob, Edward proposing to her, the fact that she was trying to seduce a vampire, blah, blah, etc. So if I knew anything worth knowing, it would just give way too much away of the internal plots and conflicts and would just completely spoil the book; for me in any case.

  20. Jess B. says:

    I’m afraid that if I were to find out anything major, it would make the anticipation so much worse. I guess if there were some minor detail I’d want to know about it would be how Bella’s parents react to the news about the engagement. We already know from the epilogue of Eclipse that the wedding invitations went out, so I guess knowing how the parents react wouldn’t give away too much information. I honestly don’t want to know the fates of Bella, Edward, Jacob, or any of the other mythical creatures because it would take away from some of the excitement of being able to find out what happens as I can read the book.

  21. Cindy says:

    I would want to know what happens to Jacob. And, is there a possibility that the story will continue — maybe go into detail about the other Cullen vampires’ history and relationships…..

  22. Krista says:

    Sadly, I want to know everything. The books are good enough where I can know exactly what’s going to happen and still enjoy every single moment of my first-read.

    I’ve always thought that Bella is “special” in some way. She’s pale despite the Arizona sun, she can smell blood, Edward can’t hear her thoughts, etc…I’ve just had this funny feeling she CAN’T become a vampire. Then again I’m wrong 98% of the time. I’m waiting to see what parts they focus on in the movie, because those will be the things that will have to stand out 3 movies later, so can probably be a key indicator of what’s going to be brought up in Breaking Dawn.

  23. Katie says:

    I would want to know wether or not Bella remains with Edward though the book because I’m afraid that she will end up with Jacob and I definatly don’t want that. As long as I could have the peice of mind that there relationship was totally solid I would be okay.

    I also wanted to suggest that you do a podcast about the covers of all the Tliwlight series books and how they are relevant to the books; and also theorize about about Breaking Dawn’s cover.

  24. Ariel says:

    Well, I dont know if it is major, but it seems that in all the books, all the major events seem to happen after Bella injures herself. So what I would want to know is what she is going to do and how she going to injure herself, along with what will the consequences be.

  25. stacie says:

    I think the one thing I would like to know is (this is assuming bella is turned into a vamp.) what kind of special gift she will have. Through all the books she is so intuitive and has that immunity going and not to mention the fact that her dreams give her amazing insight…that has to play a part don’t you think? Anyway…who even knows if bella is actually going to become a vampire!! OMG!!…That’s it!! That is what i have to know!, forget the special vampire gift…Is bella going to be a vampire or not…..darn you stephenie!!! 🙂

  26. Abbie says:

    I think that Edward won’t change Bella. He was so stubborn about it and why would he give in? surely the book won’t be all hapilly ever after [Bedward gets married, Edward changes Bella, Jacob finds another hot girl…].

    speaking of Jacob, he wouldn’t let Bella get married now, would he? or let Edward Bite Bella. but if this happens, I’m sure it’s gonna be war time for the werewolves and the vamps [GO TEAM EDWARD].

    But if Stephenie Meyer does decide that there’ll be a wedding, I’m sure it’s in Vegas, without anyone invited.

  27. natalie says:

    i’ll keep it nice and simple

    bella must be bitten.

    after all this build up i’ll be intensely dissapointed if she remains human, and i’m sure i’m not the only one who will be.

    apart from this i think i want to know what becomes of mike, angela and the other forks high kids. i know they are all relatively minor characters but something tells me they play a more important part in the next book. particulary mike and angela… will they understand the WHOLE story by the end of breaking dawn perhaps?

  28. Emily Yeadon says:

    Hey Fellow Twilight Obsessors!

    OK. So the one thing i absolutely HAVE TO KNOW is if Bella becomes a vampire by Edward biting her. I can wait for everything else, fine, but I am going mad over the fact that I have to wait until August to find out if our beloved Bella Swan goes Cullen!

    Oh, and by the way? I totally support Team Edward.
    Sorry WolfGirls, I’m 100% VampGirl.


  29. Jane says:

    i Sooo totally agree with Esther P. I want to know if they get it on! I mean come on theres been too many false hopes in the books. I want to know. Hopefully it doesnt sound sick-ish but I really want to know!

  30. Laura says:

    Yeah I am going to add mine to all 100 of the other comments but I want to really know if Bella becomes a vampire. Don’t care about anything other than that!

  31. Synessa (Sin-knee-sa) says:

    I just wanted to say I love you guys! It is nice for my friends and I to know there are other older fans out there who have read the books multiple times! My friend told me when I passed the 15th time I should have it memorized…he lied! Anyway Thank you so much. You guys are fun!

    Everyone wants to know the hard questions:
    1) whether Bella and Edward will have eternity.
    2) who Jake imprint on (yes I am sure he will imprint on someone)
    3) Will someone die.
    I like everyone else thought of all of these but then decided I didnt want to know any of them if I couldnt know the story line it would be HORRIBLE! So without further ado the one question I wish was answered in advance is what Alec’s power (we know from the leixcon it is more potent than Jane’s and makes the guard invincible) and maybe Bella’s so we can speculate on how the final battle will end.
    Wow that was long winded sorry! 🙂

  32. Liz says:

    First off, I just want to say that I did not read all the posts above me. I’m sure what I want to know has been asked by someone else, but I don’t want to look.

    So, here it is.
    I want to know if Jacob imprints. Now, I like Jake, really. He’s funny. Most of the time anyway. He started getting annoyed. And I am totally Team Edward. BUT, I want Jacob to be happy. And if Jake is happy, Bella is happy. If Bella’s happy, Edward is happy. And he’s all that matters.
    No, just kidding. Jake and Bella.
    So I’d want to know if Jake imprints to make everyone’s life a little easier.

    P.S. I love your podcast!

  33. Liv says:

    I would like to know if Jake imprints and who he imprints on. All I want is for him to be happy, I really hope he imprints on Angela. Now some people might think that that is impossible because Jake saw Angela at the beach, BUT Jake wasn’t a wolf yet so there is still the chance of Jake imprinting on her. I don’t think that who he imprints on will be a new character. I think that the person who he imprints on is someone who we’re gonna be like “OHHH I NEVER thought of that!” (but in a good way :])
    Actually, I don’t think I would want to know these facts before hand. I would rather wait and be excited and theorize about who Jake’s gonna imprint on. I would like to find out if Tanya is a major player in the next book. I think she is going to get a bigger introduction.

    Oh and people, you don’t have to say that you are Team Edward. We can already tell by the one million “I love edwards”. I personally prefer werewolves ♥ I always root for the underDOGS.
    Sorry Kallie and Kassie about a comment that I made about the Jacob bashing. I was kinda venting and I shouldn’t have. I am going to continue listening to your show and I will try to remind you guys when you get TOO into your vampire bashing. Other than that, I really l ike your podcast. Keep up the good work!!

    P.S- Do you guys ever have live shows? That would be awesome!!!!

  34. Liv says:

    Personally, I really don’t want Bella to change into a vampire. I am (sadly :[) getting tired of Edward. I find him to be boring, not romantic and am getting really exhausted from his conversations with Bella and her addiction to him really bugs me. I loved him in Twilight, didn’t really care in New Moon since he was barely in it, and disliked him in Eclipse. It is obvious that Bella will choose Edward because like 90% of fans would KILL stephenie if she didn’t (which doesn’t look to good for me). I really hope to see A LOT of Jacob in the next books. People hate him and think he is immature, but I think that he adds a lot to the story. So many of the edward lovers (i like ed, don’t get me wrong♥) just say Jake is a distraction and really really annoying. I don’t understand that view but I understand that it is an opnion. You guys gotta think of it in a literary point of view sometimes, not a literal.

  35. Liv says:

    *getting really exhausted OF

    not from. sorry

  36. Evalyn says:

    First off this is a really really hard question. There are so many questions I have that I want answerd but I can limit my list. My question is if Bella and Edward get married? Because after they get married Bella is “supposed” to be turned into a vampire and I would like to read about her experice becoming a vampire. Also it gives me hope that Jacob won’t be with Bella and he can just go away and find another girl.

  37. Bethany says:

    I honestly don’t want to know anything until I read the book, because I don’t like spoilers. There are questions that I would like to be answered right now of course but I love the suspense of waiting for them to be answered better. The biggest question I would like to have answered would be, does anybody die? I really hope that nobody dies because that would make me sad and it would feel like a part of the book died if one of the characters died. On that note I guess I wouldn’t want that question answered until I read the book so I guess I’m just going to have to wait four months. 🙁

  38. EdBellafan says:

    EDWARD + BELLA??????????
    In the meaning of what they talk about in the last chapter in Eclipse! (I am not going to actually write it)

  39. Jessica says:

    Oh… Gosh what a hard question!!! But I have to say….

    Does Edward turn Bella into a vampire??? This question has been haunting me forever! I am sooo anxious for Breaking Dawn! But I really really hope that the answer is yes!!! BITE HER EDWARD!!!

  40. Ana kristal says:

    OMG!!! If I could know anything about the book?? humm… there is so many things i would like to know like if Bella becomes a vapire, or if jacob finds someone alse that is not Bella, or if the Volturies are going to try to kill Bella, or if the warewolfs are going to end up the Cullens team, but the most thing that I would like to know is if Bella and Edward survived until the end, and if they will get married and loved for ever?! hahaha i guess i have so many question in my mind that i just can’t give up on desiding what, anyway i think i just stick to the theories because all of this makes me crazy not knowing what is going to happen. I think that everyone will be pleased with the results of the book because Stephenie is a very created writer that will makes fall in love all over agein with this amazing series. Thanks for doing the podcast because with out it i would probably get bored when i go to the gym, hahahah!!!! LOVE YOU AND KEEP BRINGING MORE GREAT THINGS!!!!:D

  41. Rina says:

    The one thing I would LOVE to know in Breaking Dawn would have to be.. Do Edward and Bella get married? Several people have been debating whether or not they think they will and I’d love to have that question answered! I would love it if they DID get married!!! =) And I would be crushed if they didn’t…then I probably wouldn’t want to find out!

  42. Halle says:

    I am going to go along with what I sent to Kallie. Charlie, I hope, will find out about the wolves. It will make the book that more interesting. Or just somebody else finds out, outside their tight little bubble. Other than that, I don’t want to know anything else, I want it to be exciting and special when I read it. I have waited how many months, and if it gets me the best read of life, then I can wait a while longer. The only problem is that when the first chapter comes out I will analyze it and read it over and over and over and over……………….

  43. Bekah says:

    The nne thing I would like to learn about Breaking Dawn? Oh, it’s so hard to decide. It would probably come down to these two: Who Jacob will imprint on, if he imprints at all in Breaking Dawn, and what role does the Volturi have in Breaking Dawn, if they have one at all. If Jacob imprints, I really wonder who it will be. Obviously it has to be someone who can relate to Jacob in some way, but I do also wonder how it will affect his already semi-broken friendship with Bella. Will it affect it even more negatively, because Bella may get jealous (after all, she does love Jacob in a way), or will it mend their friendship to a certain degree, because Jacob won’t be constantly on Bella about choosing him over Edward? There is still the matter of the whole Werewold/Vampire situation with the “You can’t be friends with both” thing.

    The Volturi have to be involved in this story somewhere, but the question is, where? I am dying to know what is going to happen with the Volturi and with Bella still being human. I know that the Cullens are planning to change Bella after the wedding, but what if something comes up that postpones it? Say Bella, her being accident-prone, slips on a wet floor and breaks her arm after the wedding? Obviously Carlisle would help fix her up, but what if the Volturi drop in then, and see her still human? Would a big battle break out between the Cullens and the Volturi? I think I’m getting too carried away with this, but that’s just my way of thinking, I suppose.

    Great job with the podcast, you are doing great! 😀

  44. Bekah says:

    Oops. XD I meant *one in the first sentence.

  45. Alexis says:

    Truthfully, the only thing I really want to know about Breaking Dawn, is will Bella become a vampire?

  46. vanessa says:

    I wonder if Bella will have the chance to choose between Edward and Jacob. Maybe she is going to die and then there will be no choices to be made, at least on who would be the “chosen one” matter.
    I know it is sad, but i really believe stephenie won’t give us a “happily ever after” ending.

  47. Sarah says:

    Hard question! I might have to say the title of the last chapter~
    I wouldn’t want to be spoiled with a major plot but I think the title of the last chapter could indicate the happy or a sad ending.

    (not relating to the Question of the Week.. but people previously asked if you were going to do a live show.. I think you should! It’d be really cool if people could call in and stuff.. pleaseplease consider it~ Keep up the great work ladies!)

  48. Alexandra Landers says:

    Hey there!

    This question of the week is a toughie, there are so many things to choose from and it’s really hard to think of something original! But, i would like to know, that when (or IF!) Bella turns into a vampire what her secrect talent would be. I mean, in Eclipse, Alice hinted that it may be something to do with her mind as no one can reach her there, she is safe from Aro, Edward’s and Jane’s talents… It will be really intresting to see what Stephenie puts it as, seeing as she has already used up the basic ones: Thought reading, future telling, feeling editior, pain illusions etc. Maybe she will be able to stop humans being infulenced by Vampire attacks? Who knows, but it would be superly dooperly cool to find out! =]

  49. Alexandra Landers says:

    It’s me again!

    I have just read the other posts to this question and some of them are about the Volturi. Looking back on the story of Eclipse, Alice tells the Volturi that the date is set and that they might come to visit them… I really don’t think they will be the main problem in Breaking Dawn. I mean, sure, they might show but i think the Cullens (and Bella) will go visit Volterra to show Aro what Bella’s talent is… He was really curiuos of that part in New Moon!

    Also, with the imprinting thing, I highely doubt Jake will imprint on Angela. For one, Ang is with Ben.

    OOO! I have just thought of something else that i would like to know, in Eclipse Edward mentions that Emily should, according to lineage, be part of the pack. I want to know if she turns!!!!!! It would be so cool if she did, then the pack would have 11 ! =]

    Can’t wait for this weeks podcast, hope you guys have fun at the Host signing!

  50. My question would be:

    On which page does Bella wake up as a vampire? (I just want the page NUMBER)

    Then I would know that she had been bitten, and how soon in the story (the book is supposed to be about 800 pages). I’m really curious about how much we get to see of vampire Bella.

    Did I mention that I’m pretty confident she will be changed? 🙂


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