Exclusive: ‘Twilight’ Filmmakers Hope To Shoot Sequels Simultaneously

May 13th, 2008 | By | Category: Movie News


You heard it right!  This is an answer to many of the fans’ prayers! 

“It’s been discussed,” producer Greg Mooradian revealed to MTV News recently. “I can’t tell you we’re at that place yet, but it’s definitely been discussed.”

Here’s your Twilight Tuesday question of the week, gang: Would you like to see the sequels filmed at the same time, or would you rather have everyone take a few years off to catch their breath in-between movies?

To read more, and/or answer their question on the MTV Movie Blog, click HERE!

15 Comments to “Exclusive: ‘Twilight’ Filmmakers Hope To Shoot Sequels Simultaneously”

  1. Sasha says:

    they should totally do it now!!!! NOW NOW NOW

  2. Paige says:

    I definitely think they should film them at the same time! They would just be too amazing! Although that does worry me a bit that they might rush the script writing…

    P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBERT PATTINSON! I can’t believe there isn’t an announcement on here yet! =P

  3. Lisa aka Twihard Mom says:

    No way…no breaks.

  4. Elaine says:

    Yep, Happy Birthday to Rob!!

    Being late to the books, I can barely wait for the first movie. OK so film them back to back, it’s good for continuity and then release then over a couple of years.

  5. Alexandra Landers says:

    I think they should have 2 directors. Then:

    – As one director and the set of editors are editing Twilight.. The other director can begin to film New Moon.
    – When Twilight is finished, that can be released and the directors can swap round, with Catherine directing Eclipse whilst the other director edits New Moon.
    – New Moon is released and then the other director can edit the scenes that Catherine has filmed.. Consequently making Eclipse come out in record time!

    And, the best part…. ALL MOVIES COME OUT LITERALLY BACK TO BACK! With no long waiting time… BLISS <3

  6. Alice says:

    What if we wanted to audition for New Moon/Eclispe?? how would that work???

  7. Alexandra Landers says:

    Easy. For New Moon they would just use the same actors as they did Twilight but whilst they were filming it, they would hold auditions for Eclipse. Get my drift?

  8. Jo says:

    So long as the actors could get in the right mindset for given scenes, then I would be down with that. The tones of New Moon and Eclipse are pretty different, and although I have faith in the actors, it would be confusing filming random scenes out of sequence in story and emotion. I also recall someone on the cast of Pirates of the Caribbean saying they didn’t know the whole story until they saw it, and I wouldn’t want that for the Twilight Saga. I can see how it would be beneficial to film all at once because it would lessen the effects of aging (look at David Boreanez as Angel) and would possibly be more cost-efficient (no idea), but I wouldn’t favour it for those reasons. I only ask that the characters be well developed for the scenes, and filming at once seems like it would take it’s toll on everyone involved.

  9. CoCo says:


  10. Alice says:

    but what about the other new characters that are introduced in New Moon? would they hold auditions for those?

  11. Jessica loves Edward says:

    Well, I think either one would work fine. if they film them simultaneously, the actors won’t look very different (in age), but I guess make up could always cover that up (I wouldn’t know for sure). But anyway, if they do film them simultaneously, then there will be breaks in between when they are in theaters, so it probably wouldn’t matter.

  12. Lila says:

    If they do it then I will be eternally grateful.

  13. Tina says:

    I think its a good idea. it makes sense, actors don’t age, sets can be re-used.
    I do think it wouldn’t be a good idea if the actors were at risk of getting confused by shooting all sorts of scenes everywhere and not knowing what’s going on!
    Alice- about auditions, they’ll probably have auditions just like they did for Twilight, but probably for both movies at once… not that i know or anything, that’s just my guess 🙂

  14. Cydnie says:

    I wanted to audition for either bree, leah or maria and co but do you think the auditions would be held in america? Also how would they audition peps if it is simultainously?
    If anyone replys i would be extremely grateful. <3

  15. kat abruzzese says:

    hmmm.. the thing is you don’t want to take too long, then the characters are ALL aged (kinda like in Harry Potter) and the thing is… vampires hardly age… er they Do but like… thousands of years or so.
    So you should do them at the same time. I guess.
    Oh, and if you are looking for auditioning for new roles, please let us know!!!
    I’m sure that there are others ( and me) that would die to a part of this amazing film 😀

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