It Will Truly Be A Breaking Dawn!

May 19th, 2008 | By | Category: Book News


One of our listeners, and new friends, has an inquiring mind!  Her curiosity has brought some new information regarding Breaking Dawn to our attention!  We asked her to share her finding, and this is what she wrote… 


Since February 7th we have been counting down the exact number of days until the release of Breaking Dawn. When I learned the date I rushed to my calendar to circle August 2nd.  “Why August 2nd,” I had wondered? Looking at my calendar, I soon discovered why… August 1st happens to be an exciting night for all of us Twilighters… Following the usual time of Twilight, there happens to be a New Moon and a total solar Eclipse, making the morning after: Breaking Dawn! Coincidence that August 2nd was chosen? I think not. After my exciting discovery, I waited to see if any fan sites posted this piece of news. And waited, and waited… Either Stephenie or her publishers must have chosen the release date for this reason, so why hadn’t the press release included anything about this? Three months later, it didn’t seem like anyone was going to be commenting on the release date. So I decided to write to Kassie and Kallie about my discovery. Surely I’m not the only one to have noticed the awesome pick for the release date?  


~ Reported by Nicole from Seattle, WA



REMINDER!  I am so excited about Nicole’s findings, and I am so proud that she is one of our listeners!  This new information makes me even more excited about Breaking Dawn!  Don’t forget, on May 31st (two weeks) a Special Edition of Eclipse will be released with the first chapter of Breaking Dawn!

56 Comments to “It Will Truly Be A Breaking Dawn!”

  1. B-Day girl says:

    HEY Christy guess what that is my birthday 2 so i am so happy best B-Day in the world!!!!

  2. Guschtl says:

    Please excuse me if my English is bad! I’m German!
    What do you think about the film?
    Are you mad about the film footage which is previously released or do you like it?
    Do yo think it’s better than the book?

    Does anybody knows when it releases in Germany?

  3. I love edward:) says:

    Wow is all i have to say. i own all the books and “breaking dawn” is coming out on …..wait for it………AUGUST second!!!! Yay!!!
    The movie is going to come to theaters next year but i might get to see it befor then!!!!!!

    I just wish i could have a guy like edward im my life:) and im determand to find him!!!. even if i have to mke him read the whole book to know how edward fells and acts. i would just die!!!!!!

  4. Lanndis D. says:

    I totally agree with you -I love edward:)- I so want a relationship like Edward and Bella! Even if I have to go through the dangers that she does I don’t care I need to find my perfect Edward! But I’m to young now but in a few years…

  5. Jasmine says:

    OMG lanndis!!! u came on the site sweet!! isn’t it awsome!!!! i kno that you’ll be hooked now!!!! i expect to talk to you on the theories page;lol!!!! c ya at school!!!

    Jasmine ( <3 team Edward <3)

  6. Kels. says:

    Hey everyone! You okay?
    Youl all probably be appalled but i only found out bout the twilight saga bout 2 weeks ago! Ive read the 3 since and preorded the BD. Cant wait. Ive got all my friends into them lol. That release day is a MASSIVE coincidence. Almost too perfect! Whats everyones theories for BD?x

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