We Are Not Grouchy Today…

May 26th, 2008 | By | Category: Book News, Movie News

Days Until Eclipse Special Edition is Released!

To keep you from feeling grouchy today (and going over and over what might happen in the 1st chapter of Breaking Dawn) we are going to encourage you to send some email to Oprah and Ellen!  This is an effort being headed up by some TwilightMoms, and we know that ALL of the Twilight fans will want to help with the efforts being made to get Stephenie Meyer and the cast of Twilight on these two shows!  So, send an email asking these two ladies in daytime television to have our favorite peeps on their show!   Here are the links…

oprah_show_logo.jpg  ellenlogo.gif

 *You can use the Comment Section to tell everyone who you most want to dance with Ellen!  If it were up to me?… Kassie!  No really… she can dance!  LOL!

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8 Comments to “We Are Not Grouchy Today…”

  1. kirsty 15 Scotland says:

    I think it should Be Ashley Greene so we can see if shes as good a dancer as alice:D

  2. kymesha says:

    I agree. Ashley Greene.

  3. Kate says:

    I second that! Or third? I don’t know! xD

  4. staci s. says:

    haha…ashley would be good i think…i just cant wait for the shows come on…!!

  5. Veronica says:

    i thought it came out saturday but the lady at Borders called me at like 1030 this morning and i was sleeping said it was there and i could come and get i about FLEW out the door lol the first chapter is HILARIOUS and the cover left me with a BUNCH of questions i have no idea what it could mean i cant wait till everyone else gets it so i can hear what all of you think.
    BUH BYE o and by the way i love you guys

  6. Veronica says:

    i mean ECLIPSE!!!!! special edition

  7. Alexandra Landers says:

    YAY! So did i! Do you live in the UK? I can’t wait to discuss it! The cover? It leaves so many things to theorize about, Kallie Kassie your gonna have so much fun with Support of Speculations! =]

  8. Veronica says:

    No i live in California, and yes they are definitely gonna have a fun time talking about it i can’t wait did you get the Team Edward and Team Jacob things you can iron onto a shirt ? who are you going for ?

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