Breaking Dawn Release in Australia…

May 27th, 2008 | By | Category: Book News


Hi there!  I have had a few listeners send emails to me asking about the release date for Breaking Dawn in Australia…

Well, I got word today from Stephenie’s publicists, Elizabeth…

“Breaking Dawn will be on-sale in Australia on August 4th.  Summit has not announced the dates for the movie outside the US – they know the fans are anxious, so hopefully we’ll have more information on that shortly.”

I hope this puts you all at ease!  We will let you know as soon as we find out about the movie release date!

18 Comments to “Breaking Dawn Release in Australia…”

  1. Annelise says:


    I can’t wait for Breaking Dawn to come out here. But I wish us Australians could get some lovin’ from Stephanie. She has never toured here!

    You guys rock!


  2. em s says:

    lol we only have 2 wait 2 days more. i was going 2 go crazy if we had to wait lyk ages!!
    thanks for finding that out for us!!!!!

  3. Grace says:


    I NEEDED that info..

    Cant Wait!


  4. SoPhIe says:

    i have pre orded my book and i live in AUS i was told to pick it up at 7:00 on august 2nd

  5. Lulu Cullen says:

    Wow! ^^^^ Really, Sophie? That’s incredibly awesome! Where did you pre order it from???

    I am so annoyed about the movie coming out a whole MONTH later than America. It’s sooo not fair. And I agree – Stephenie should totally tour in Australia!!



  6. Lala says:

    omg im soo excited!! thnx for the info! im soo glad we dnt have to wait that long from US!!!!
    and i cnt wait for the moviie or midnight sun!
    ive read the first chapter for both of the books and its really good!

    love Lala

  7. hehe says:

    but its actually comin out on 2:01 pm
    on 2nd of aug

    but i love twilight
    totally on edward’s team

    i can’t wait any longer


  8. Maddi says:

    OMG I have been waiting so long i can’t believe it is finally coming!

  9. skallayus says:

    yah did u know that the movie comes out here in Aus on the 9th of jan
    lyk thats 27 daiis after america

  10. ahhhh, edward (yea, i wish) says:


    im sooo excited about the book coming out. I cant say ive been a fan long but a friend got me hooked and now i cant put the books down. Cant wait for the new one, btw, lala, where did you get the first chapters of hte books, i would LOVE to read them!!!!

  11. aussie-pwincess says:

    that totally suxs because thats a school day. i mean i will be up and awake to go get it, but its just annoying

  12. Kath says:

    Yeah how gay is that, its on a school day
    i was thinking of buying the book in the morning
    and taking the day off school to read it
    but im not allowed
    so that means ill have to go pick it
    up after school.. omg im gonna be so anxious

  13. tan says:

    where can you pre order the book??

  14. hello:) says:

    the movie is out in australia on the 8th of jan.
    i checked with the cinema people.
    thats like forever its so sad.

  15. Sarah says:

    hey everyone, there is a petition for the release date of Dec 12th
    WE NEED TO SET THIS STRAIGHT!!! Im talking to the organiser of this petition its wonderful. There is currently 13147 signatures PLEASE WE NEED YOUR HELP

  16. Vampire Air says:

    Awesome but it’s unfortunate that it’ll be released two days later than America.
    Hopefully people won’t spoil it for those who haven’t read it yet.

  17. Hello says:

    I can’t wait for the release!

  18. Kristy says:

    Omg!!! That’s tomorrow!!! *dances around* lol!
    i wished it came out on the 2nd though. But I’m not complaining. xD


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